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30 Awesome Gift Ideas for Alcohol Enthusiasts

Go beyond showing up to the party with a bottle of wine. Instead, consider arriving with something every booze lover will enjoy. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for an alcohol enthusiast or interested in the craft of homebrewing, mixology, or a novice sommelier, this gift guide will equip you to make the perfect gift selection. We’ve selected the best alcohol gifts for a housewarming, birthday, Christmas, or other special occasion.

By Reina Esser • Published Jan 2 2023

1. Classy Shot Glass Set

Because we're adults now.

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Got a friend who has a mismatch collection of shot glasses? Treat them to a classy new set of glasses they'll be proud to pass out at their next gathering. This is a great housewarming or host gift! Be sure to get at least 4 to avoid more mismatched sets.

2. Personalized Flask

When you need one, you really need one.

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A personalized flask can last ages as long as you don't get drunk and lose it. They come in handy in so many scenarios and having one with your monogram or engraved with a kind message will show you friend or loved one that you're thoughtful and practical. Take it on the slopes, to a party, camping, or to the beach. No matter the place, they'll think of you each time they take a swig.

3. Bitters Sampler Set

Infuse cocktails with exciting flavors.

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Make cocktail hour a fun and experimental time. This sampler set of bitters by Honest John includes the following flavors: sarsaparilla, grapefruit, lavender, orange, black walnut, aromatic, lemongrass cardamom, NOLA, chocolate, and coffee + cherry. In addition to the wide array of flavors, it also has a recipe book and coasters. Add a dash to your drink to find superb combinations.

4. Simple Syrup Bottles

A bartender's dream!

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A beautiful home bar is a simple joy of life. Crafting a tasty cocktail right inside your own home with homemade tinctures and syrups at your fingertips is a feeling most bartenders and booze enthusiasts love. These bottles will perfectly accentuate any bar cart. Fill them with DIY simple syrups, infused with fruits and herbs, or keep it...simple! Sugar and water are all you need to get started.

5. Lyft Gift Card

A safe ride home is an invaluable gift!

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Give the gift of a Lyft! If you enjoy a night out on the town, you know the rideshare expenses can add up. Treat them to a gift card so they can get home safely or hop from bar to bar without worrying about the cost of a good time. Amazon makes this an easy purchase allowing you to choose any amount!

6. Rocks Glasses

A drink on the rocks is better in a rocks glass.

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Whiskey, old fashions, tequila, and beyond. Having a drink neat or on the rocks is best suited in these stylish and classic rocks glasses. Rocks glasses are also perfect for margaritas, vodka sodas, or whiskey and coke. The options are endless and having a set of 6 is great for hosting friends!

7. Craft Cocktail Compendium

200 classic and creative recipes.

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Look no further if you want to give a gift that inspires creativity and produces the most delicious cocktails. The Craft Cocktail Compendium is a wonderful book to add to the home bar. There are a million different craft cocktail books, but this one covers all the bases, sticks to the classics while incorporating variations that intrigue. It also covers the basics of making a drink and the tools needed to make it happen.

8. Tequila Earrings

Salt, shoot, lime! Yes, in that order.

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If you love tequila, you appreciate the complexity of an añejo or smooth Blanco. These stylish and playful earrings are the perfect gift for the woman who's always suggesting tequila shots.

9. Bar Cart

Level up their home décor with an elegant bar cart.

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A bar cart is a statement piece within the home that says you (mostly) know what you're doing when it comes to making a drink. This is a great gift idea for the person who keeps bottles of wine or liquor on the kitchen counter or top of the refrigerator.

10. Mini Cask

Age any liquor in just a few short weeks.

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Add aged flavor to rum, tequila, gin, wine, scotch, whiskey, and bourbon. This small American white oak cask allows you to enhance the flavor of your favorite spirits over time to create your own personal small batch spirit. It also looks great on a bar cart!

11. Coasters

Don't get caught without one under your drink.

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Spare their furniture from unsightly and irreparable rings left behind from a lingering beverage. This set of 4 olive wood coasters is a functional and affordable gift idea that makes setting a drink down on the coffee table A-OK.

12. Hangover Hoodie

Make getting dressed the next day a no-brainer.

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LOL at this unisex screen-printed hoodie by Hangover Hoodies. It's the perfect gift for laying on the couch the morning after or heading out for hair of the dog. Just add sunglasses and the hangover outfit is complete.

13. Craft Beer Brewing Kit

A fun gift for all beer lovers.

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If you're seeking the perfect gift for the craft beer lover, this one is sure to satisfy. This 1 gal. kit comes with everything you need to get the home brew operation started. Brew your own delicious pilsner, oatmeal stout, IPA or witbier.

14. Winc Wine Subscription

A gift no one will wine about ;)

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Wine lovers will enjoy the experience of selecting 4 bottles of wine to receive per month based on their preferences. Choose from a 1-3 month subscription or select your own amount.

15. Casamigos Cocktail Mixer Trio

Does George Clooney ever get it wrong?

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This best-selling trio from the award-winning label, Casa Migos, founded by George Clooney and Rande Gerber, is perfect for crafting the best tequila and mezcal cocktails. Made with fruit juice, organic agave, and cane sugar, each mix has a balanced sweetness. This trio includes the Signature Margarita Mix, Grapefruit Orange Paloma Mix, and Blackberry Basil Smash Mix. Yum, I'm thirsty just typing that.

16. Cocktail Shaker Set

All the tools required to mix legendary cocktails.

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Making due with items in the kitchen works from time to time, but for the perfect cocktail every time, a jigger, shaker, strainer, and spoon are the best gadgets you can have. Precision is key and a quality cocktail shaker is a must-have for your home bar.

17. New World Single Malt Gift Box

A whiskey gift is the best gift!

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Give the gift of discovery and adventure. Three tasting samples of single malt American whiskeys are included in this box along with a flavor guide and coasters. A delicious and informative gift!

18. Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Subscription

A monthly cocktail box delivered right to your door.

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Each month, Shaker & Spoon will deliver a box with 3 recipes, house made syrups, fresh fruit, bitters, and more. The liquor is not included, but the box supplies enough ingredients to make 12 cocktails. This is a fun gift idea for date nights or for the host who loves to try new drinks out on their friends!

19. Yeti Lowball Tumbler

For the drinker who always shows up with their own beverage.

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The Yeti 10 oz. tumbler is a great gift for that one person who always has a drink in their hand. It's size not only optimal for cocktails and wine, but is great for coffee and tea, too. They'll get to enjoy their drink by the campfire, around the pool, or on the water with this sturdy insulated tumbler.

20. Herb Garden

Fresh herbs make better cocktails.

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Whether they're a seasoned bartender, novice mixologist, or just like to play around at home, fresh herbs open up a whole new world of flavors. Infuse simple syrups or mix up a fresh mojito with this super handy indoor garden.

21. Emergency Vodka Keychain

For the overprepared drinker.

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A novelty gift that can actually prove useful is a plus in our book. People may think it's just a joke, but when you need a shot of booze, this funny little keychain sure will come in handy. You can purchase it filled with glue as pure novelty, or have the artist leave it empty for real use. We like the second option best.

22. Christmas Kitchen Towel

Christmas? More like Litmas.

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A festive dishtowel makes a wonderful and useful holiday gift. They can don it on their stocked bar cart as Christmas draws near for joyful flare.

23. Make It A Double Bar Mat

Makes clean-ups a breeze.

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A good bartender makes a mess. Make clean-ups a breeze with a stylish bar mat that makes them look like the real deal.

24. Sotally Tober Drinking Game

Because flip cup makes a mess.

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If you remember anything from the party, it will probably be from playing this ridiculous game. The cards are creative and engaging, ensuring there is no ice left to break. If you know someone who loves an activity while they sip, this is an ideal gift.

25. Gin Infusion Kit

Delighful botanicals to personalize your favorite gin.

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Gin lovers and diy types will enjoy using this infusion kit to customize their favorite type of gin. Whether you choose spices, florals, citrus flavors, or traditional botanicals, you can't go wrong with this gift. Set up a taste test with some friends to choose the tastiest one. The kit includes recipe suggestions and detailed instructions. Just add gin!

26. Liquid I.V. Hangover Cure

It's not magic, but it also kind of is.

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Liquid I.V. is the perfect gift for the life of the party. They almost always feel rough the next morning and this magical powder hydrates you faster than water along. It has electrolytes and 5 essential vitamins to refuel your body. If you've got a bachelor/bachelorette party or a drinking heavy event coming up. this stuff is key to maximizing the good times.

27. Cocktail Ice Molds

Fancy ice is more fun!

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Ice can be a key factor when it comes to making the perfect cocktail. Even a simple drink like whiskey on rocks turns into an elegant cocktail when served poured over a ice sphere or orange peel infused ice cube. Be boozy and bougie.

28. Wine Rack

Saves space and elegantly displays wine.

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This wine rack saves space by consolidating up to 8 bottles in an attractive geometric gold design. Display it on the kitchen counter or make it the center piece of a dining room buffet. This is a great gift for wine lovers.

29. Chef'n Citrus Juicer

Don't let a drop go to waste!

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Fresh margaritas, Tom Collins, screwdrivers, and more are in your future with this handy juicer. It is a nifty tool that every home bar needed.

30. Bloody Mary Cocktail Branches

No Bloody Mary is complete without several garnishes.

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Go bananas with your garnishes! Know someone who loves to pile their Bloody Mary's high? Cocktail branches to the rescue.