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43 Gift Ideas for 10 Year Old Girls

Little girls are fun to shop for. Most of them literally want everything they see. This can make it easy, yet difficult at the same time to buy the perfect gift for the princess in your life.

Rather than go broke, check out these awesome (and smart!) gift ideas. You’ll find ideas for a wide array of personalities and interests. If your girl isn’t into being an actual princess and she’s more of a tom boy don’t worry, you’ll find ideas for that as well!

By Stacey McDonald • Published Jan 2 2023

1. Friends Forever Bracelet Making Kit

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This kit is awesome for girls to learn the skills of weaving. It creates 22 friendship bracelets. Whatever her style is, she can make it happen with this kit. Not only does it allow for that practice of creativity, but it also supports the idea of friendship and gratitude. A great way for her to show the love to her entire posse. You can’t go wrong with this kit. It’s convenient and gives her a project she can complete wherever she is, due to its suitcase to store all her supplies.

2. Fujifilm Mini Instant Camera

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Let your girl play around with photography with this super fun, kid appropriate Polaroid camera. She will love having control over the camera while being able to express her creativity. Another plus is the fabulous color options for the camera. They add an upbeat, youthful vibe to the camera. You can buy this camera alone, or as a kit packed with goodies to get them started. This camera allows for controlled brighter images, really making old school Polaroid's look fancy.

3. 142-Piece Art Set

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This art set is nice choice because she is probably ready to move on up from her younger versions of art supplies. It will grow with her as she builds on her current skills and help her move to the next level. It’s got a sleek wood case to help her keep supplies organized at home and on the go. It’s got all the goodies she needs from pencils, crayons, pastels and water color painting.

4. Washable Makeup Set

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By now it’s likely that she has already gotten into Moms makeup. Remember that this is all in good fun for them. Just like the fun costumes she has dressed up in over the years, this is another “costume” for her. It’s safe, nontoxic, and washes off easily. It contains a little bit of everything from eye shadow to nail polish that will allow the glamour girl to safely experiment with makeup.

5. 2-in-1 Kick Scooter

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This scooter is the ultimate outdoor fun piece for girls. It’s an adorable scooter available in multiple colors that also has a removable seat. It has adjustable handlebars no matter what stage she is at. So, whatever her vibe is, laid back or ready to get after it, she’s all set. It’s also got flashing lights which make it next level cool and make her easier to spot in a crowd. You can count on its’ smooth ride due to its’ ability to adjust to a bumpy ride.

6. Purple Ladybugs Design Your Own Water Bottle Kit

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This silver water bottle kit comes with everything needed to decorate the water bottle. Includes pencils, stickers gemstones to and a bonus pencil case

7. DIY Dreamcatcher.

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These kits are a fun way for girls to get crafty and destroy bad dreams at the same time! It comes with a wide variety of options to put her own twist on and coordinate with her personal space. Set includes colorful ribbons, beads, a butterfly clip or metallic beads if that’s her flavor. It even includes a magazine with a guide to her dreams, sure to get her imagination flowing and intrigue her.

8. Big Bag of Science Kit

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This educational yet fun kit provides tons of fun for your future scientist. It offers more than 70 activities to really capitalize on that interest in science. It comes with a book and easy to follow instructions to help guide them through each activity frustration free. Kids will love growing a rainbow in a tube, growing jelly crystals, and making slime.

9. Youth Bike

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The perfect bike for your growing girl. It has a stylish vibe to it, ideal for her daily adventures. It’s lightweight, yet sturdy. It’s got a super soft seat to ensure she’s comfortable on her new ride. The attached basket gives it a vintage feel while providing extra storage for whatever she needs to bring along.

10. Electronic Keyboard SuperKit

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If any of the young girls in your life have expressed an interest in music of any kind, the keyboard is a great way to explore the interest and lead to other instruments in the future. It’s the ultimate starter kit at a reasonable price. Coming in hot with the stool, headphones, adjustable stand and even free songs on the corresponding app. If she falls in love, you could be signing up for lessons soon as well!

11. Fashion Angels Totes Adorable Stickers

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A sticker book with over 1000 different themed stickers. Covering a range of topics, colors and sizes.

12. Fashion Designer Kit

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If your girl loves fashion and accessories. She’ll adore this kit. She can take her own ideas and bring them to life. It comes with a mannequin and real tools. It’s got fabric samples, a sketch book, ribbons and embellishments. A legit kit that is prepped for the girl that has a serious passion for clothes. At the age of 10, you can help her out initially, but the kit will grow and become easier as she gets older.

13. Singing Machine Karaoke

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Move over Mariah. For your little performer with the big dreams, this Karaoke machine has all the bells and whistles. Its compatible with Blue Tooth, Pandora and Youtube. It’s got a speaker that has excellent sound quality. If she really wants to put on a show, there are 55 Multi-color LED lights that can set her stage presence. There’s even an app that allows for downloads of thousands of karaoke jams. She can belt her heart out and really get in the groove.

14. Girls Fishing Rod + Kit

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For the Tomboy or Daddy’s girl. This rod set is the best of both worlds, girly in pink yet ready to hang with the boys. This rod is collapsible and great for safely traveling with. With the rod, she will get her own stocked tackle box, travel bag and pink reel. Fishing is a fun sport which encourages kids to enjoy the great outdoors. Warning: You may still be required to remove the fish from the hook!

15. Kid-Friendly Telescope

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Astrology has never been so fun! This telescope is colorful, kid friendly and has neat led lights! It provides 18x and 90x magnifications of whatever stars and planets she wants a closer look at. It comes with a journal providing even more fun activities beyond the telescope. You won’t spend your time and money constantly replacing batteries for it to work, which is always a plus!

16. Mophorn Hanging Tree Tent

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This gift couldn’t be more fun! Little ladies will be delighted to use this and have their own little space to play, read a book or listen to music. Its like a hammock without the annoyance of balancing and provides a bit more privacy if needed. Max weight for this is 220 lbs, so there’s enough room for her BFF to hang in there too! It’s also portable, and easy to take down and put back up.

17. Fire Tablet: Kids Edition

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This tablet offers basically everything the adult version does but in cool colored cases for drops and spills. What’s good about this one specifically is that it’s not the newest and fanciest version. So, if it’s her first tablet you can feel better about the money invested. She will think it’s just as spectacular and it’ll allow you to evaluate how she treats new devices such as this. It offers games, videos, puzzles and other content coming from her favorite Disney and Nickelodeon channels. At your discretion, you can add other apps with even more content for her when she’s ready.

18. DIY: Knot & Bling Mermaid Tail Blanket

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You’ve probably seen those mermaid tail blankets somewhere by now. They are adorable, and girls love them. Rather than buy one that other girls have, let her make a unique version just for her. She will be able to learn a new skill in sewing and make a cozy fleece tail that she can snuggle up with at home or at her next sleepover with the girls. It includes easy to follow instructions for a stress free, fun activity.

19. Interactive Pet Toy

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Think your girl might have an interest in robotics? Give her a new pet with the option of the additional hobby! It works with an app that allows kids up to 400+ different options for sounds and 100+ lighting options. It’ll keep her occupied for hours with the amount of possibilities it has. It’s a mess free companion!

20. The Baby-Sitters Club Box Set

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For the reader in the crew, grab these classics with some modern updates. These books written by Ann M. Martin are still a hit today thanks to the stories themselves and some new graphics to really grab the attention of young readers. This set comes with 4 books, and there are many more available. They are entirely appropriate for your ten-year-old and the life stages she’s experiencing currently!

21. Babycakes Cupcake Maker

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If she loves helping in the kitchen, she will have a blast with this cupcake maker and truly enjoy her own piece of equipment. It makes 6 mini cupcakes in less than 10 minutes. It includes cupcake liners and a fork tool. You could build on that equipment with different accessories and goodies. Let her make the cupcakes for her next school party or event, she can take all the credit and she’ll love how grown up she feels.

22. Soap Making Kit

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This all-natural soap making kit is uniquely fun and safe. It’s great for them to play around with different scents, colors and shapes. They can relax in a spa like atmosphere while taking a bath using the fruits of their labor. This kit includes all they need to create the soap, including a colored book offering ideas and suggestions for guidance. They can even make soaps and give them out to their friends as gifts!

23. Magical Fun Fair Roller Coaster

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Carnival fun in 974 pieces, including 2 rides, 2 magic tricks, popcorn stall, photo booth, fabric roofed big top tent and 4 mini-figures. Hours of building and play.

24. Monopoly Gamer

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Monopoly with Nintendo’s Super Mario characters each with their own special gameplay powers. Includes Super Mario Characters, coins instead of Monopoly money and a power-up die.

25. Calvin Klein Red Party Dress

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Sleeveless red party dress, with decorative lace panels and satin sash and bow. Available in a range of sizes and colours.

26. Charm Bracelet Making Kit

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Bracelet making kit including 3 adjustable bracelets, 15 metal beads, 15 pendants, 10 rainbow beads and 8 crystal beads. Comes packaged in a colorful storage box.

27. Crayola Doodle Scent Markers

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Doodle scent markers come in a rainbow of colors and scents. All non-toxic and washable

28. Personalized Wooden Jewelry Box

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White or pink wooden jewellery box with a dancing ballerina. Double layered and can be personalized with a name inscribed in gold on the top.

29. Birthstone Charm Necklace

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Birthstone charm necklace: Delicate gold 18in chain with a birthstone pendant. The color stone varies depending on the birth month. Each item is handmade upon ordering.

30. Lily Pulitzer Mermaid Cove Pillow Case

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Vibrant underwater coral reef print pillowcase. Made from 100% organic cotton available in a standard pillow size or as a cushion cover.

31. Aofmee Bath Bomb Gift Set

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6 handcrafted bath bombs. Each one a unique shape, color and scent. Nontoxic and all-natural ingredients.

32. Sleeping Queens Card Game

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Oh no, the royals have fallen asleep! An adventure card quest to wake the sleeping royals. The player who wakes the most queens wins. For 2-5players.

33. Grow n Glow Terrarium

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Terrarium kit with everything needed to create your own mini terrarium that glows in the dark. Includes jar, stone, soil, seeds, mini-figures and stickers.

34. Harry Potter Book Set

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Harry Potter box set, the entire series of Harry Potter books all in one box set.

35. STEAM Deluxe Crystal Growing Combo Science Kit

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A fun science kit with materials to grow up to 10 crystals. Including different colors and 2 geodes, contains full instructions and materials needed.

36. Nat Geo’s Glow in the Dark Marble Run

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National Geographic’s marble run including glow in the dark pieces. In a range of sizes, each set contains all you need to build and create a range of fun marble runs.

37. Chalk of the Town T-shirt kit

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T-shirt with a chalkboard love heart on the front comes with white marker and easy to write on and wash off. Made from 100% cotton

38. Tie Dye Tracksuit

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Tie dye meets tracksuit, in a range of colors and sizes these are handmade when ordered. Personalize them with a name or initial.

39. LOL Surprise Tween Fashion Doll:

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ith street style to envy, a fashion and accessories to match the Tween fashion dolls are on every girl's list. Includes one tween doll and 15 unique accessories and surprises.

40. Ipad 2020

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Apple ipad includes 10.2in retina display, bionic chip, front and back cameras. Compatible with the apple pencil and keyboard.

41. Animal Crossing New Horizons

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Animal Crossing New Horizons, the latest in Animal Crossing gameplay. Settle down and build a new community on a remote desert island in this latest version

42. Artsy Fartsy

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The drawing game that’s fun for the whole family, nothings off limits draw, guess and giggle with this family game. Includes cards, pencils and instructions.


What do 10 year olds want for their birthday?

Anything and everything, not a helpful answer I get it but it really depends on the child. If you know them, you’ll probably have a good idea of their interest and can base your choice on that (using our handy guide). If not my top recommendations are craft or creating present, pencils, Lego or anything they can make and do.

How much money should a 10-year-old get for their birthday?

This one differs for everyone but a good rule of thumb is $20-30. Unless you are a relative in which case you may want to increase it to up to $50, don’t feel pressured to it's entirely up to you.

Is the 10th birthday a milestone?

10 is a bit of a special birthday. The first double-digit birthday. Which while a bit off to grown-up is so exciting as a kid, for the first time you get to write two numbers for your age. 10 is the start of “grown-up” for lots of kids.