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30 Gift Ideas for Crocheters

At Giftology, we believe gift-giving can be for any reason! Is the crochet lover in your life in need of something special? If you’re unsure of where to begin, don’t spoil the surprise by asking them what they want. Whether it’s a last-minute gift for an upcoming holiday or simply because they enjoy crochet so much, each of these gifts will convey your thoughtfulness.

Check out our list of the best crochet gift ideas for crocheters of all skill levels. From beginner-friendly patterns to experts level crafters, we’ve got the perfect gift for your favorite crocheter.

By Reina Esser • Published Jan 2 2023

1. Yarn For Beginners

Perfect for a variety of crochet projects.

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If you know someone new to crochet, this pack of rainbow cotton yarn makes a great gift. The variety of solid colors makes working on beginner projects easy to follow.

2. Potted Plants Crochet Patterns

12 adorable amigurumi patterns that are suitable for beginners.

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Patterns are an easy last minute crochet gift. You can email them directly to the gift recipient and viola, you've given the gift of a ridiculously cute crochet pattern. Crochet lovers can find free patterns online, but knowing you shelled out a few dollars (albeit very few...) it means you were thinking about them!

3. KnitCrate Subscription

The gift that keeps on giving.

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KnitCrate is a monthly subscription box that delivers high-quality yarn skeins and both knitting and crochet patterns right to your door so you can craft a truly unique accessory. The box also includes promo codes and STASH Points for KnitCrate's online shop. If you know a crocheter that completes several projects a month and needs more excitement, this is a lovely crochet gift idea that keeps giving every month.

4. Crochet Storage Bag

This bag gives you the ability to crochet anywhere!

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When you love to crochet but are often distant from your workspace, this beautiful crochet bag is sure to come in handy. Take crochet with you anywhere and store multiple yarn skeins, crochet hooks, needles, books, and other accessories.

5. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Luxury headphones to keep your focus.

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Crocheting can be meditative and is a form of relaxation for many who enjoy the hobby. Gift the ability to tune out and crochet no matter the background noise or environment so they can truly focus.

6. Christmas Ornament

A splendid crochet christmas gift for the person who has everything.

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When you start to incorporate your hobby into your home decor, it really feels like it is forever a part of you. Christmas ornaments offer a reminder through the years that your love of crochet has a place of permanence in your heart.

7. Cat and Yarn Shower Curtain

Show off your love of crochet across the home.

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A cat and a yarn ball is a tale as old as time. Gifting shower curtains is fun because it is something you look at so often that might normally go unnoticed. Instead of looking at something plain and boring, give the gift of a smile every day!

8. Crochet Stitch Markers

Never lose your stitch with these adorable markers.

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A stitch marker helps crocheters identify important crochet stitches on their pattern as they work or take a break from a project. While these comes in many other styles, why not give your stitch markers a little bit of personality with a few of these planetarium designs.

9. Free People Ear Warmer

They'll appreciate the craftmanship of this beautiful ear warmer.

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While they may love to crochet, they may find themselves gifting every one of their favorite creations. Spoil them with a crocheted gift of their own. Color and stylish, this 70s inspired ear warming headband keeps you cozy and identifies you as a lover of crochet.

10. Spa Sounds Oil Diffuser

Create a calming environment.

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Aromatherapy has a soothing and effect that turns any room into a spa like experience. Crocheting is already a relaxing artform, so adding aromatherapy to the mix turn this joyful hobby into a self care moment.

11. Sterling Silver Necklace

Because not everything needs to be made of yarn.

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This unique necklace is thoughtful and timeless. Gifting jewelry is already a romantic gesture, but when its specific to someone's interests and hobbies, it becomes a treasure.

12. The Granny Square Book

A fresh take on classic technique.

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The granny square is an extremely well-known crochet pattern. It serves to teach the fundamental basics of the craft and is versatile. This book offers a number of new and exciting tutorials for using the granny square to create pillows, sweaters, vests, bags, jewelry, and more! A perfect gift for any beginner or seasoned crocheter.

13. Fabric Steamer

Block crochet on the fly.

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Blocking is a process that involves dampening a crochet project and pinning it until it dries. The goal is to relax the stitches, reveal the pattern, and get a professional look. This can take several days and requires a bit of patience. When you need to block something last minute, a fabric steamer works wonders and dries quickly.

14. Tote Bag

Easily carry crochet accessories in this funny tote.

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This tote is adorned with the eternal question that haunts every crocheter. If you're looking to gift something cheeky and that will get a laugh every time it's used, this is a wonderful gift option.

15. Bulky Yarn

An ideal weight for quickly accomplishing projects.

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Bulky yarn is a thicker and heavier than worsted weight. It allows a crocheter to speed through projects de to the size of the yarn and the needles required. It is a great material for making blankets, comfy crochet cowls, infinity scarves, pillows, and more. For bonus points, be sure to get their favorite color or add a lovely blanket pattern or scarf pattern so they can get to work using this gift.

16. Amigurumi Kit

A DIY crochet kit to create a precious doll.

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Amigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheting or knitting stuffed toys. This amigurumi kit includes everything needed to DIY this lovely forest gnome doll. It is wildly popular and kits make it easy to get started if you do not have any experience with amigurumi.

17. Rosewood Handcrafted Crochet Hooks

Stunning premium crochet hooks.

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These gorgeous handcrafted crochet hooks are a DIY within a DIY. When you need a last minute thoughtful gift fast, you can count on Amazon to deliver...literally. There will certainly be gasping when this gift is opened and you can smile proudly knowing they'll enjoy it for year to come.

18. Yarn Bowl

Know someone who could benefit from organization?

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A yarn bowl is used to help neatly keep yarn. Dirty, tangled yarn results in an unpolished project, and a yarn bowl also looks like an intentional piece of home décor. Store it on the coffee table or bookshelf to perfectly accent your home while serving a very functional purpose.

19. Yarn PopSocket

Personalize your cell phone!

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Easily identify yourself to other yarn lovers with this useful PopSocket. It gives extra support when holding your device and allows you to go hands free, which is useful when both hands are tied up in a crochet project.

20. Beanie Pattern

Gift a garment and a crochet project at the same time!

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This stylish crochet beanie hat pattern is a quick project to build confidence in your crochet ability. It is selected for advanced beginners and required some background knowledge in single crochet, half-double crochet, double-crochet, 3rd loop, back loop, and slip stitch. Even if they are not at that level yet, it is a wonderful gift to give as a goal.

21. Cozy Sweatshirt

Days spent crocheting are best spent in comfy clothes.

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This yarn lover sweatshirt is perfect for days spend working on long crochet projects. Let people know how much you enjoy crochet while staying warm and comfortable.

22. Pom Pom Maker

Don't let beautiful hats go unadorned.

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A pom pom maker has limitless crafting uses. Whether you use solely on crochet projects or try your hand at pom pom wreaths, garland, ornaments, and more, you'll certainly find a use for it. When a small amount of yarn is leftover after a project, repurpose it by making pom poms!

23. Personalized Coffee Mug

They can crochet a mug cozy to match!

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A personalized mug is an easy crochet gift idea that the crocheter in your life is sure to love. They almost certainly mug cozy laying around that will complement this gift perfectly.

24. Stitches Be Crazy Enamel Pin

There's always room for one more enamel pin.

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Enamel pins are a great stocking stuffer or simple gift idea that lets the recipient know you saw something you knew they'd love and just had to get it for them. You don't need to worry about what size someone wears or if they have room for it in their home because it can go anywhere, on anything! Pins easily add flair to a denim jacket, tote bag, backpack, or hat to share your sense of humor and interests with those around you.

25. Gold Measure Tape Bangle

A subtle and stunning piece that can be worn with everything.

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If you don't know what type if crochet workshop items someone already has or just feel too much pressure looking at all the different types of yarn, you can't go wrong with this understated bangle. It can be worn everyday with casual looks or dressed up for a date night. Most importantly, every time they look at it or receive a compliment, they'll think of you.

26. Compression Gloves

Provides relief and support while crocheting.

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Compression gloves that are comfortable enough for all day wear. These gloves keep hands warm and offer relief from hand aches and swelling. If you know someone who experiences pain when crocheting, they can get back to doing what they love when they receive these.

27. Customized Leather Tags

Gift the ability to brand custom creations.

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An artist signs their work, right? So should a crocheter! These high-end looking leather tags take a custom creation to the next level. People will think it was store bought, but when they take a closer look they'll see it was made lovingly by hand. This is a quick gift that shows you're proud of their work and they should be too!

28. Reading Light

For burning the midnight oil.

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A reading light works great for crafters who are working tirelessly to finish projects or prefer the nighttime silence. This rechargeable light rests comfortable around the neck and has different brightness levels for those hard to see stitches.

29. Funny Crochet T-Shirt

Laughter is the ultimate gift.

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What is not to love about a hilarious t-shirt? This is a fun Christmas stocking stuffer or last minute birthday gift. Amazon offer's it in a variety of colors, too!

30. Blocking Board

Take crochet projects to the next level.

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When you're new to a hobby, you might not purchase every little item that the crafting veterans say you need. You're not sure if you'll stick with it or if it's really necessary. A blocking board is one of those items that beginners might not prioritize purchasing right away but would certainly love to have. This high-quality blocking board is made with with red oak and is perfect for blocking granny squares.