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33 Useful Gifts for Rock Climbers

Looking for a great gift to give your rock climbing friend or loved one? Lucky for you, we know climbing. This gift guide has all your bases covered, whether you’re after a new piece of climbing gear, clothing, or lifestyle gifts. If you’re not sure what type of climbing they’re into (bouldering, trad climbing, sport climbing, indoor climbing, etc.) steer clear of the gift ideas that are type-specific (i.e. a boulderer doesn’t need climbing rope) and instead opt for items every climber needs like climbing salve, a crash pad, or a massage gun. We’re fairly simple athletes to please. Most of us love checking out REI for new gear or if all else fails, we can never have enough chalk! This gift guide contains great suggestions for stocking stuffers, birthday presents, valentine’s day, camping trips and beyond!

By Reina Esser • Published Jun 12 2022

1. Friction Labs Climbing Chalk

The Chunky Gorilla Grip is it!

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Every climber needs a great chalk to keep sweaty hands ready to grip anything that comes their way. Humidity, oils, rain, and sunscreen don't stand a chance against Friction Labs climbing chalk. Choose from Unicorn Dust (fine texture), Gorilla Grip (chunky texture), or Bam Bam (super chunky texture). My personal favorite is the Gorilla Grip. You can grab a big chunk out of your chalk bag or bucket and layer it on, or if you just need a touch up, there's some dust in there that won't leave hands feeling cakey. You can't go wrong with this gift. We always need chalk and this one comes in under $25, making it a perfect gift idea.

2. Alone on the Wall: Alex Honnold and the Ultimate Limits of Adventure

Memoirs of an accomplished climber.

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Everyone should become familiar with this limit-defying climber. Give Free Solo a watch and see him climb El Capitan without any gear, just his hands! Even if you don't have any interest in the sport, his achievements are an incredible testament to what humans can accomplish with dedication and perseverance. This book makes a great gift for rock climbers of all disciplines and climbing levels who want to get inside the mind of Alex Honnold and unlock wisdom, motivation, and learn the secret to managing fear.

3. Climbskin Hand Cream

Every climber's hands could use a little love.

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Caring for your hands as a climber is an extremely important factor in enjoying your climb. If you let calluses get too large, or skin gets too dry, you're prone to cuts, blistering, tears, and other avoidable injuries that will take a few weeks to heal. Your hands will inevitably become dry from the use of chalk and tough from rocks or holds. Climbskin prevents splitting and even sweat when applied 1-2 hours before climbing. After climbing, lather a bit more on clean hands to hydrate and prepare for another day of sending it. Its non-greasy formula is why it's a top pick for climbers of all types.

4. Black Diamond Crash Pad

A safety essential for outdoor bouldering!

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This crash pad is perfect for beginner boulderers who are about to venture outdoor. It is ideal for low-mid height problems and has the trusted Black Diamond durability that all outdoorsmen and women trust. Crash pads can get pricey, but we can't put a price on safety. This makes a great gift for boulderers due to its essentialness and cost.

5. Petzl GRIGRI Belay Device

Upgrade them from an ATC.

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If you care about your climber's safety, you'll buy them a GRIGRI belay device. Belaying is the act of exerting tension on a rope when someone is climbing. This means the person on the ground (the belayer) is responsible for the climber's safety. If they were to let go of the rope, the climber would fall. A GRIGRI device is great for belayers of all experience levels. It contains an assisted braking function that activates when a climber falls and has an exceptional camming mechanism that allows for smooth descents. This is the perfect gift for lead-rope or top-rope climbers who don't want to shell out $100 on this non-essential but highly convenient and safe device.

6. Black Diamond Carabiners

Perfect for belays and top rope climbing!

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Ideal for belays and top-rope climbing. These Black Diamond carabiners are many climbers' go-to carabiners and the fact they come in a multi-pack makes them a wonderful gift or stocking stuffer. Climbers need various types of carabiners and these fit the bill when it comes to versatility. Add this three-pack to any gift to make it perfect. Even boulderers can appreciate carabiners for their gear, so don't rule them out!

7. Climbing Chalk Bag

Find their perfect climbing companion!

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Choose the chalk bag that best suits your climber's spirit with 8B's wide selection of chalk bag creatures. These little monsters are very popular! (I have "Paul" the pirate). The smaller bags are best suited for top rope or lead climbing, while chalk buckets (listed below) are great for boulderers! 8B makes a few of these too. A new chalk bag will put some pep in your climber's step as they fill it with their favorite chalk. Pair this gift with some chalk by Friction Labs or Metolius for a super stellar gift!

8. Climbing Chalk Bucket

Sometimes we need BOTH bag and bucket!

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While the small chalk bag listed above is great for most types of climbing, some boulderers prefer a larger bag for dusting their hands. Bouldering is a type of climbing that does not require a harness, ropes, or carabiners. It is climbing in its most basic form and it is a ton of fun! A chalk bucket is great because you can get both hands in the bag at once and don't have to worry about making a great big mess. Whether the climber in your life prefers the gym or the legendary outdoor bouldering at Hueco Tanks, a chalk bucket is a game-changer and a great gift idea! Toss in a bag of chalk to complete the gift.

9. REI Gift Card

Leave the decision up to them!

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There is no shame in gifting some cash to spend at REI! It's a magical place with tons of climbing gear. For gear that requires a personalized fit, like climbing shoes, a gift card is an ideal gift. If they mentioned needing a new climbing rope but you're not sure what size, let them go select exactly what they need. Maybe they just have a ton of climbing gear and you're truly at a loss for what to get them. REI has climbing hold, hang boards, rope, carabiners, shoes, climbing apparel and more! You cannot go wrong with this gift.

10. Metolius Hang Board

For at home training.

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Every climber would be thrilled to receive a hang board, much less one by Metolius! Training in between climbing sessions means big improvements in technique and strength. A hang board is a great gift for the climber who wants to work hard to build finger, hand, and upper body strength at home. They can hang it above any doorway, in the garage, or a home office for pull-ups in between emails :) Scoop this awesome gift from Backcountry's website for the lowest price guarantee!

11. Backpacking Stove

Long days of outdoor climbing should involve warm tea.

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When climbing outdoors, we're usually somewhere breathtaking, albeit a little chilly. A cup of tea and a warm lunch make climbing days perfect outings. This simple backpacking stove is a great gift that is useful for hikers, too! Warm their heart and their belly with this great gift idea!

12. Backpacking Tent

When climbing meets camping.

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Climbers who travel to stunning outdoor climbing spots and enjoy hiking and camping will appreciate this gift. If their vehicle is not already retrofitted to be a camper, this backpacking tent is one of the best gifts. It is waterproof, lightweight, comfortable, and fits two adults. Pair this with the backing packing stove and your climber is ready for an awesome outdoor adventure.

13. National Parks Foundation Yosemite T-Shirt

Climbers love a comfy and neat t-shirt!

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Looks vintage, but it's brand new! This cool Yosemite t-shirt is a great gift for climbers who have all the climbing gear they need or won't give you any hints! Yosemite Valley is one of the world's greatest climbing spots. Even if they've never been, the shirt will surely be inspiration for a trip. This t-shirt will look great at the climbing gym or at the brewery.

14. Belay Glasses

Makes belaying a comfortable experience.

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When shopping for belay glasses you'll notice high price tags between $50-$125. Belay glasses are not totally necessary, but they do spare your neck some discomfort from looking up and watching your climber. At $25 and over 1,000 five star reviews, these glasses from Amazon are a hot item on our gift guide. We think great gifts are the ones rock climbers might not buy themselves because they aren't essential for the sport, and these glasses are exactly that. Gift them something they can't seem to justify shelling out on just yet, but will never want to live without, ever again.

15. Black Diamond Creek 50 Backpack

The gear pack of their dreams.

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This Black Diamond crag pack is great for the outdoor sport climber or trad climber who finds themselves will a lot of quickdraws, rope, and other climbing gear to haul to their favorite climbing destinations. This is the only bag they'll ever need at the crag. It's easy to load and unload design makes early mornings a breeze. The waterproof shell ensures all their gear stays dry when the rain rolls through.

16. Climbing Keyholder

Spice up their entryway with this creative keyholder.

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A handmade gift is a lovely choice, even if it was handmade by someone else! Not only are you supporting an artist or small business, but you're gifting your climbing lover a unique and thoughtful gift. This keyholder will look great next to any door. The climbers are actually keychains that hook into this creative mount. This is the perfect gift because it goes beyond the expected. Pretty sure they won't see this one coming!

17. Joshua Tree Throw Pillow

Something to remember the magic of JTNP!

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They'll love this considerate gift if they've had the chance to check out this magic and bizarre national park. Climbers flock to Joshua Tree to try their luck at its 8,000 climbing routes and 2,000 bouldering problems. A throw pillow with the iconic rocks, trees, and nearby dwellings will evoke fond memories each time they cuddle up to it. This is a great housewarming gift for any climber who wants to bring their love of climbing into their home!

18. Death Grip Finger Strengthener

Train hard, climb hard!

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Improving finger strength means reducing the chance of injury and increases endurance in the hands and forearm muscles. Strong hand muscles and tendons are extremely important for safe and successful r rock climbing in any discipline. The death grip finger strengthener would be a great stocking stuffer, birthday present, or gift for a beginner. They can keep these at their desk or in their car for on-the-go training.

19. Mammut Ophir 3 Slide Women's Harness

A great harness for the outdoors or the climbing gym.

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I can personally attest to the extreme comfortability of this harness. Whether you're on an alpine peak, or crushing top rope routes at the climbing gym, this harness is lightweight, adjustable, and easy to move in. Tie in point reinforcement gives you extra piece of mind when you are clipped in and the gear loops allow for quickdraws, cams, and any other gear. When gifting a harness, be sure to check the store or website's return policy just in case it doesn't fit perfectly. This one runs pretty true to size and REI has a great return policy.

20. Bouldering Club Retro Enamel Mug

Perfect for the campsite or the office.

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Climbers love a great cup of locally roasted coffee, yerba mate, or delicious loose-leaf tea. This mug shows off their love of bouldering and the retro design perfectly accompanies climbing culture. A coffee mug is always a great gift idea. Toss in some local honey, coffee, or tea to make a great gift even better.

21. Cell Phone Tripod

Look back on progress at the gym or film a sick dyno!

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This Amazon tripod makes a great addition to any climbing gym bag. It's awesome to document your climbing progress or film yourself sending a route that you've been working tirelessly on. Make them promise to send you videos of their achievements and encourage them to keep on climbing! This is a budget friendly gift idea for new climbers as they work on technique and make big progress.

22. Personalized Climber Christmas Ornament

Start a tradition and create a climbing themed tree!

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Gifting a tree ornament every year is a tradition we love. Ornaments are the perfect add-on to another present and even make a great wrapping decoration on your gift. This crag pack ornament is perfect for sport climbers who enjoy long days or weekends at the crag. This is a thoughtful gift that would be great for celebrating your first Christmas with your partner or sent in the mail to a family member that lives far away from home.

23. Metolius Rock Rings

Single point suspension training.

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Hang these portable handholds in the garage, backyard, or bring them along on a camping trip. The free-hanging holds include different grips to strengthen hands and fingers while allowing for rotation of joints. Unlike a hangboard, these can be easily moved for on the go training and variety. This is an amazing climbing gift that will be adored by any climber as they imagine the hanging possibilities!

24. Garmin inReach Mini 2 Satellite Communicator

One of the best devices for backcountry safety.

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When it comes to climbing in remote areas, it's important to keep friends and family aware of your location. Climbing is inherently dangerous and the Garmin inReach Mini 2 is a powerful satellite communicator that brings peace of mind to your climber and their your loved ones. Easily send messages or alert emergency services. The TrackBack features will route you back to your starting point the way you came should you get turned around. It also makes a great gift for hikers and folks who enjoy being beyond the reach of cell service.

25. Acupressure Massage Rings

Prevent and rehabilitate rock climbing injuries.

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Keep fingers massaged, loose, and ready for climbing with these massage rings. They are small, but mighty and make a perfect addition to a care package or gift basket! They also improve concentration, much like a fidget spinner or other sensory aids.

26. Black Diamond Icon Headlamp

Let this light guide your run, climb, or hike!

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Waterproof, dustproof, and perfect for an early morning start or late night hikes back to the car. An intuitive headlamp is necessary for night climbing and every lover of the outdoors needs a reliable one in their gear arsenal. Get this gift for a hiker who enjoys climbing, or those early morning birds who are ready to send it first thing in the morning.

27. Yosemite Valley Bouldering Guidebook

Endless insight and tips for a great trip.

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Yosemite is known for it's world class climbing and has a ton of awesome bouldering problems. If this is something that your climber would be excited to learn more about, a guidebook is an awesome place to start. Guidebooks make quick work of what would be hours surfing the web and you can take all that convenient knowledge with you for easy reference. This book gives you information on areas, problems, beta, and detailed information so your loved one has the best outdoor bouldering experience possible.

28. Massage Gun

Give tired muscles the gift of a deep tissue massage.

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After a long day of climbing, treat them to a massage gun to relieve tired muscles. This is something they will not know they needed until an amazing angel gifts it to them. Athletes of all types will appreciate the ability to get a deep tissue massage right in their home.

29. Climbing Brush

Cleans holds and rocks for the best possible grip.

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Whether your climber likes the climbing gym or the outdoors, a brush is a handy tool to keep in their chalk bag. Boulderers and sport climbers alike need a good brush to clean off excess chalk and grime from slopers, crimps, jugs and other types of holds. This is a common practice to ensure you get the best grip possible. This brush handle was made with 100% recycled ocean plastic. This is a great gift idea if you're looking for something small but useful.

30. Hyrdro Flask Water Bottle

For exceptional hydration!

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It's the age of the emotional support water bottle. You'll catch all the coolest people with theirs in tow everywhere they go. Hydro Flask stays cold, or keeps bevs warm, whatever you like! The gift of hydration cannot be given without a few awesome stickers to add to their new best friend. The wide mouth is optimal for long luxurious drinks of water and the handle on the lid means this baby is ready to go anywhere you'll take her!

31. Climbing Helmet

Multi-sport, comfortable, but most importantly, keeps your noggin' safe.

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It's highly important to protect your boulder when outdoor climbing. This climbing helmet comes highly rates and is great for mountaineering, caving, and canyoning as well! Treat them to an essential as they're getting started or replace the old helmet of a long time climber.

32. Climbing Hold Earrings

The cutest accessory for all climbers!

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These creative and cute earrings are great for everyone! They look just like miniature climbing holds and the artist makes them in many different styles and colors. There's something perfect here for every climber with pierced ears and you won't need to worry about sizes, gear info, or getting them a duplicate!

33. Kavu Rope Bag

From the trail to the bar, this bag has you covered!

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The luxury of carrying one bag around is not to be underestimated. Switching between bags means you're bound to forget something valuable when you need it most. The Kavu rope sling bag is on-brand with the sturdy rope strap and the many pockets are super useful for holding climbing tape, li[ balm, keys, etc! You could even fit climbing shoes in the main pocket along with a water bottle and some snacks. Heading straight from the gym to meet friends is no problem because this bag is also stylish and subtle. Choose from dozens of colors and patterns to find the best gift for your climber.