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30 Gift Ideas for an Engagement

We’ve all heard of wedding gifts - things with which the happy couple can celebrate the big day and their new life together. But what about a gift to help them celebrate their engagement? After all, there are so many happy memories to be made during the engagement period, and yet a lot of work to be done too. Unique engagement gifts are the perfect way to help the engaged couple along their way to married life. That’s why we’ve compiled this thoughtful list of the very best engagement gifts available online in 2023. If you’re stuck for engagement gift ideas, you’re sure to find one that fits right here!

By Cal Bannerman • Published Jan 2 2023

1. A Bo​​​​x of Champagne

A couple classy glasses of bubbly to celebrate the engagement.

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If there is one thing that no list of anniversary gifts should be without, then surely it is a nice bottle of champagne. What better way to tell your friends or family how excited you are for them, then, than this Tattinger Brut NV champagne gift box, which includes not only a bottle of some of the world's finest bubbly, but also two champagne flutes to accompany it.

2. Friends-Themed Engagement Card

Attractively designed engagement card stylised like popular TV show 'Friends'.​

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Of course, chances are you may not be looking to splash out too much on an engagement gift. After all, If you're invited to attend the wedding day, then you'll most likely be expected to bring along a wedding gift for the newlyweds. In that case, perhaps you're perusing the internet's best engagement present gift guides hoping to find a card that no-one else you know will have come across. If so, you're in luck! This cute, attractive greeting card is stylised like the title credits of an episode of romantic US sitcom 'Friends' (which, let's face it, the engaged couple are huge fans of). Inexpensive and sold by an independent seller on Etsy, you can safely bet no-one else will be sending the couple a card like this.

3. 'I Do' Bridal Planner

Kate Spade wedding planner for the bride-to-be.​

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As the fireworks fade, and the glow of the proposal softens, it's time to get down to serious business: planning the wedding day! It takes a tremendous amount of effort to plan even the most untraditional of weddings, and whether it's the bride or groom who'll be taking on the bulk of the work, the bride-to-be will most certainly appreciate this thoughtful engagement gift. This 'I Do' wedding planner from Kate Spade has all of the prompts and templates necessary to ensure not one thing is missed out of her preparations for the occasion.

4. Meal Subscription Gift Card

Mouth-watering recipe box gift card from much-loved Gousto.​

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With all that wedding planning to do, it's not always easy for the engaged couple to stay on top of the little important things in life, like keeping themselves well-fed. One of the more unique gift ideas for soon-to-be newlyweds is to give them the gift of good eating! Gousto is renowned the world over for packaging delicious recipes and all the ingredients required to make them into one carefully-packaged subscription box, which is then delivered right to the recipient's doorstep. With this gift card from Gousto, your engaged friends or family can choose what and when they want to indulge in some easy, adventurous cooking!

5. Delicate Flowers & Lindt Chocolate

Beautiful bouquet of flowers and a scrumptious box of chocolates!​

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Why is is that we associate romance with fresh flowers and silky-smooth chocolate? Perhaps because, especially when those two things are combined, it's the closest we can get to describing just how exciting and enjoyable true love is! Here is a combination gift from Ferns 'n' Petals, which includes a bouquet of flowers in baby blue and deep pink, purple, and green, and a box of Lindt's famous Lindor milk chocolate truffles. A gift you don't have to splurge on, but which will still look (and taste!) a million dollars!

6. Personalized Engagement Ring Dish

Champagne gold trinket dish for that all-important engagement ring.​

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Once they've got that gemstone ring on their finger, bonding them to their partner in ways like never before, they're hardly ever going to want to take it off. Unfortunately, however, getting engaged doesn't mean you don't still have to wash the dishes! Daily chores can be messy, rough, and tricky, and wearing your engagement ring whilst doing them puts you at risk of losing or damaging it. This stunning champagne gold ring dish from Etsy can be personalized with the soon-to-be married couple's initials, and makes for a perfect (and safe) place for them to keep their ring when not wearing it.

7. Oak Wedding Countdown Plaque

Love-heart chalkboard countdown timer to their wedding day!

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Planning for a wedding is not always full of joy. It can be tough and your loved ones can easily find themselves losing sight of the excitement. Thankfully, that will never be the case with this hand-crafted oak plaque, featuring a heart-shaped chalkboard and chalk-on-string, with which they can count down the months, weeks, days, and even hours, to their wedding date! Personalized with a carved monogram, too, this is an inexpensive yet unique gift idea to help friends or family celebrate their engagement in style.

8. Novelty Engagement Pet Bandanas

Even pets can celebrate their humans' engagement with these bandanas!​

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Okay, we know, this may look a bit crazy, but if the engaged couple you have in mind have pets (and better yet, dogs) then you just know they will fall madly in love with these ridiculously sweet bandanas. A pack of two from Amazon, the bandanas read "My humans are getting married!" and "She said yes!" respectively. For the engaged couple who are as obsessed with their pups as they're bound to be in time with their babies (or for whom their pups are their babies) these would make a truly great gift.

9. Photo Frame & Letter Board

Minimalist picture frame combined with board for a special message.

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This Kate & Milo photo frame from Amazon is hinged to fold out from a letter board facing across from it. This means that the happy couple can frame a photo of themselves looking their very best, and then write messages to each other by slotting silver letters into the grooves of the letter board. Alternatively, of course, you could do the message-writing and the framing, and present this unique gift idea to the engaged couple already complete with photo and message - perhaps: "Mr & Mrs", or just the couple's names!. Just be aware: you have to buy the letters themselves separately!

10. Anthropologie Cake Serving Set

Exquisite gold cake knife set for the couple's wedding cake!​

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We can tell you right now, obvious as it may seem, no-one's thought of giving the soon-to-be newlyweds their very own, luxury gold cake knife and cake slice serving set to use on the big day. That's why it makes just about the perfect gift for an engagement! Anthropologie are known for being ahead of the game when it comes to style and bohemian-chic class, and this cake serving set is no exception. A gift set to die for! Let them have their cake, and eat it.

11. Stemless Wine Glass Set

Four beautiful waterfall stemless wine glasses for celebrating with.​

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An engagement is a milestone worth celebrating with some seriously good wine, but what to drink it out of? Everyone will be thinking about getting the lucky couple some wine glasses as wedding gifts, but what about all the wine they'll be drinking in the months in-between? Get ahead of the pack by gifting your loved ones these truly gorgeous stemless glasses from Anthropologie, so that they can feel extra special from start to finish.

12. Customized Return Address Stamp

Rubber stamp perfect for customizing those all-important wedding invites!​

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We've all seen those rom-com classic moments where the dopey groom forgets to mail-out the wedding invites on time. But what would surely be worse is mailing them out without a return address for the RSVPs! This unique gift idea ensures that this will never happen. What's more, it ensures that the envelopes are going to look drop-dead gorgeous! Wreathed simply in a circle of garland flowers, the engaged couple's names and address are printed in ink on the back of the envelopes with this handy rubber stamp. Hand-made by an Etsy seller, it's a great gift for wedding planners!

13. A Journal For Two

Journal and book encouraging the healthy growth of their relationship.​

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'Do One Thing Every Day Together' by Robie Rogge and Dian G. Smith is the latest addition to a hugely popular series of books inspiring adventure, growth, and self-reflection. This particular edition is geared toward couples of all sorts, and would be a perfect gift for those newly engaged. Each day in this journal may include a prompt to explore outside, to create plans, to ask each other questions, or simply to write a little something about each other. The book is designed to inspire growth and closeness between couples - something we could all use a little more of.

14. Grecian-Scented Reed Diffuser

Smell of escaping to Grecian isles brought into their home.​

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How to keep a home feeling fresh, vibrant and calming when carrying the stress of planning a wedding? A delicately-scented reed diffuser, of course! If you've never come across reed diffusers, they are bottles of, in essence, home-perfume which give off their scent slowly and over long period of time thanks to the diffusion of the smell up and through the 'reeds' standing in the bottle-necks. This particular one from Brooklyn Candle Studio carries the scent of Santorini, the most decadent of Greek Isles, and the destination of many a happy honeymoon!

15. Engagement Date Star Map

Print of the night sky on the day they got engaged.​

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We've scoured the internet, and think it would be pretty impossible to find a keepsake better at immortalizing the moment they said "yes!" than this personalized engagement gift: a map of the stars seen on their specific engagement date night. Simply choose from one of several hand-crafted styles on Etsy, pop in the couple's names, the date of their engagement, and heir postcode (or the postcode of the place they got engaged), and you'll have bought them a gift quite unlike any other (for not very much at all!)

16. Engagement Party Favor Kit

Cute popcorn "Popped the Question" favor kits for a party!​

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Why wait to the marriage itself to party when you can have a party right now! If you're the best friend of the engaged couple and have been tasked with (or have tasked yourself with) arranging the best engagement party ever, then we recommend you check out these popcorn kits from Etsy. Simple, cute, and engagement-themed, these personalized popcorn cones are the classy, unique touch you need to finish off the catering for that groom bash or bridal shower!

17. His & Hers Coffee Mugs

Set of marbled ceramic engagement-themed coffee mugs.

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A unique way to say "congrats", this His & Hers coffee mug set is handmade by an Etsy seller, and available in either 'blush' pink, grey, or as one of each. Getting engaged is all about telling the world how proud you are to be together, and how deep your affection runs. It's probably, then, that the happy couple are going to want to shout it from the rooftops, and from their coffee cups... Personalized with their soon-to-be collective surname, these coffee mugs would make an ideal addition to any engaged couple's kitchenware.

18. Blossoming Love Scrapbook

Floral scrapbook for all those engagement, wedding and honeymoon memories.

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The photo's from the proposal, the ticket stubs and receipts from that special day, RSVPs to the wedding invitations, plane tickets for the honeymoon. All of these sentimental keepsakes and more need a good home, otherwise they're destined to be lost. This 'Love is in Bloom' floral scrapbook from renowned stationers Paperchase is the perfect gift idea for any loved-up couple, but especially for those nearly-newlyweds. They can fill this book with memories to be enjoyed time and again, on cosy Sundays, and on their wedding anniversary.

19. Sentimental Neon Sign

Retro, chic, cool: immortalizing those "cuddles in the kitchen" moments.

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In any good relationship, it's the millions of little moments that help cement our love for each other. Little moments like dances in the living room, coffee at your favourite holiday café, and, of course... cuddles in the kitchen. This neon sign from Oliver Bonas is not only cool enough to level-up any couple's home-making game, it's also guaranteed to put a smile on their face whenever they turn it on. Not likely to be on their wedding registry, this gift idea is truly unique!

20. His & Hers Luggage Tags

Wedding-themed luggage tags to add an extra honeymoon spark.​

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The big day might still be months or even years away, but in between the wedding and the honeymoon there's rarely any time for the newlyweds to breathe. Gifting them something to personalize their honeymoon with as an engagement present is a great way to give them a little more time to spend looking forward to flying the nest and adventuring abroad together. These luggage tags read "The Bride" and "The Groom" in gender-neutral, yet wedding-appropriate, white and black. Their affordable too!

21. Green Velvet Jewellery Box

Stunning olive green scalloped keepsake box for their memories.​

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An engagement means many memories, trinkets, rings and keepsakes to come, and that means the engaged couple are going to need somewhere extra special to keep all those things. This velvet jewellery box from Oliver Bonas is a gorgeous, gender-neutral olive green, with space for all the keepsakes they could care to keep. Velvet means that their rings, should they need to take them off, will be kept nestled gently and safely, whilst any other keepsakes can be stored safely without bumping around against rough or hard surfaces.

22. Color-Dipped Cheese Board

Stylish kitchenware for date nights of cheese and charcuterie.​

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Just because they're engaged doesn't mean that date nights are off the table. Far from it, it just means that every night can be date night! When planning that wedding, though, every penny counts, and expensive meals out aren't quite as attractive an option. This colour-dipped resin and acacia wood cheese board makes a statement in any home, and will allow the happy couple to enjoy fine cheeses and charcuterie from the comfort of their own home!

23. Scratch-Off World Map

Adventure-tracker, holiday-planner, and inspiration to travelling couples.​

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These "scratch-off" world maps have been around for a while now, and continue to inspire modern nomads and those with wanderlust in their hearts all around the world. Getting engaged is all part of the grand adventure that is romantic love, and is often accompanied by a zealousness for world-travel. This map makes a great gift, as allows the engaged couple to plan out there honeymoon and many more future trips, whilst slowly revealing itself as their dreams are made a reality.

24. Line-Drawn Couple's Portrait

Artistic rendition of the happy couple in line-drawing.

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Some "couples art" can be so tacky, but then there are those artists who somehow manage to get it just absolutely right. This artist, found on Etsy, is one of those people. Drawing minimalist line-drawings from photo's you send in, you can have the engaged couple immortalized in a stunningly minimalist and impressively accurate illustration. Surprisingly affordable, too, the only thing to note is that if you want it framed, you'll have to buy a frame separately.

25. Glass and Iron Decanter

A classy addition to the newly-engaged couple's drinks cabinet.

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Everyone's going to be sending the couple alcohol in light of their engagement - whisky, bourbon, wine, port. But without a decanter, can they truly enjoy the booze to its full potential? Therein lies the question! If you're asking us, we say the answer is "absolutely not!" A decanter is a staple in any classy drinks cabinet, and this one from Mudpie is quite beautiful. Crafted out of glass, with a cast iron stopper, its the ideal companion to some intoxicated celebrations.

26. Ceramic Heart Engagement Keepsake

Sweet white hanging heart with customized engagement date monogram.

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We've had a look at a couple of different boxes and dishes for holding keepsakes in this gift guide, but what about the keepsakes themselves? The couple will of course have gifted each other small sentimental items which hold special meaning between them, but that doesn't mean that you can't also contribute to those keepsake boxes. This ceramic heart from Etsy can be hung up on the Christmas tree, just around the house, or kept safe somewhere special. It's simple yet striking, and is ready for engraving with the couple's initials and the date of their betrothal.

27. Romantic Floral Photo Album

Somewhere sweet for them to keep all their photographs together.

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"Together is a beautiful place to be", and in this gorgeous floral photo album is a beautiful place for photographs of the lucky couple to be preserved! Whether you'd like to just gift them the album on its own, or fill it with pictures of the soon-to-be newlyweds together, is entirely up to you! Either way, we really don't make enough use of physical photographs these days, and have forgotten along the way just how important they are to have at hand: for those rainy days when you could do with some reminding of how magical your times together have been in the past!

28. Personalized Luxury Engagement Candle

Bring a little loving, sweet-smelling light into their home.​

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No engagement present gift guides would be truly complete without the simplest, most classic and yet too-often-overlooked of gifts: the humble candle. There's little humble about this paraffin wax, handmade and personalized candle from Etsy though! It not only smells beautiful, but carries a delightful wreath design on front, minimalist and customized with the date and names of the engaged couple's engagement!

29. Personalized Calligraphy Wine Label

Wine label sticker to elevate that bottle you've bought them.​

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Sometimes it's the simplest of touches which really make or break a great gift, and going the extra mile can often make all the difference. Such is the case with this: a personalized, gold-on-white calligraphed wine label, which will cost you pennies, but turn that bottle of Merlot you've bought the happy couple into a veritable bottle of Mer-woah! (Excuse the pun.) Just choose your font colour, the label size (wine bottle or champagne), and input the couple's names and date of engagement into this Etsy seller's product page, and they'll mail you the sticker!

30. Bride to Be Giftbox

Giftbox packed full of exciting and enchanting bridal goodies.​

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Well, heck! When else in her life are you going to get the chance to absolutely shower her in goodies and treats and presents and gifts? It's called a "bridal shower" for a reason, after all! This "Bride to Be" giftbox is made by a seller on Etsy who's teamed up with a host of specialist wedding professionals to produce a box brimming with tear-jerkingly sentimental presents for the bride(s) of the engagement. You can even pick and mix from several different ideas to make the box you know your best friend, partner, sister, daughter or granddaughter will love the most.