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30 Gift Ideas for Woodworkers

So, you want to impress the woodworker in your life with something special? The trouble is, you have no idea what to give them! Worry not, Giftology has you covered. We have compiled 30 great gift ideas that are sure to impress and prove useful to woodworkers and carpenters of all skill levels.

Woodworking is an ancient art form that is ranked as the fourth most popular hobby in America. If you think you know someone who’d greatly enjoy this hobby, these gifts might just be the push they need to give it a shot!

By Reina Esser • Published Jan 2 2023

1. Suede Shop Arpon

Stay clean while looking cool.

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It's not necessary to wear an apron while woodworking, so many beginners may put off the purchase. A woodworking pro likely has a run-down apron that would benefit from a replacement. That makes this high-quality suede apron the perfect gift.

2. Custom Wood Branding Iron

For creating personalized works of art!

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You expect a painter to sign their work of art, right? Well, this handy tool allows woodworkers to leave their mark on all of their wood projects. Customize this branding iron by choosing from one of 40 logos that captures your woodworker's style. This unique gift is sure to excite and inspire any woodworker.

3. Good Clean Fun

Misadventures in Sawdust at Offerman Woodshop

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This book by Nick Offerman offers a variety of projects for every skill level. Most may know Offerman from his role on the television series "Parks and Recreation," however Offerman is also a skilled woodworker. Whether you're in it for the story or the projects, you can't go wrong gifting this book.

4. Carpenter Pencils

Be sure they always have one within reach.

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72 might seem like overkill, but trust me, it's not. These pencils go missing all of the time and nothing is worse than reaching behind your ear and realizing you've lost your only one. The flat design of these pencils ensures they won't roll away when placed on a workbench. Pro tip: choose a neon color so they are easy to spot from across the workshop or under a pile of sawdust.

5. Rasp Set

Great for accomplishing a variety of tasks.

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This set will prove handy for shaping and carving all kinds of DIY wood projects. Whether crafting a spoon or armoire, most woodworking projects will need to utilize a high quality rasp.

6. Wood Plank Shower Curtain

When they've got every tool in the box...

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If they've got more tools than they know how to use, go for a gift that allows them to show off their hobby inside the home. This shower curtain is stylish, practical and is sure to make an impression upon opening!

7. Router Bit Set

Perfect for beginners.

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This tool can create shapes on the edge of a piece of wood. While there are endless projects that call for a router, it can be used to round the edges of a custom made cutting board or picture frame or to create shelves and signs. A router bit set can elevate the professional look of any DIY woodworking project. There are many guides online that focus on teaching beginners how to utilize this tool. It's another one of those helpful and great gifts a woodworker might not buy for themselves.

8. Hand Balm

Keeps hardworking hands smooth.

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This organic botanical blended hand balm hydrates and heals hands while leaving behind a delightful minty aroma. Be sure the woodworker in your life has "moisturize hands" on their project list. This would be a perfect Christmas gift stocking stuffer or birthday gift for the woodworker who has it all.

9. Redwing Boots

For looking the part.

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Woodworkers often have a great rugged style that compliments their craft. These classic boots are great for hours of standing and are sure to fit in the rest of their wardrobe. After all, looking at the part is half the fun!

10. Best Carpenter Coffee Mug

Can you have too many coffee mugs?

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If you're not sure what their workshop needs need a small gift that shows you care about their craft, this coffee mug is the perfect gift. When they enjoy their morning coffee or afternoon tea, they'll be reminded that you think they're the best carpenter.

11. Ear Protection

Hearing protection against noisy workshop equipment.

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You can't get your hearing back. It's extremely important to cover your ear when working with loud machinery. Even if it doesn't seem loud, the exposure over long periods of time will eventually have you yelling "WHAT?" whenever someone talks to you. Regular headphones just don't cut it. 3M Worktunes are comfortable, safe, and have Bluetooth pairing ability that allows for phone calls and playing music. Let your woodworker know you care about their safety.

12. Great Book of Woodworking Projects

Inspiration and guidance for all skill levels.

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If it has been a while since their last project or they've been feeling uninspired, this book of 50 woodworking plans is sure to do the trick. With quick projects that only take a few hours, and others that may take a weekend, this book has something for every woodworker to try.

13. Dremel Rotary Tool Kit

Recommended for carving, engraving, sanding and more!

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A Dremel is an extremely versatile power tool that comes with many different attachments. These attachments give the user the ability to saw, sand, engrave, write calligraphy, carve, and so much more. This kit from Amazon is a great gift for beginners and experts alike.

14. Irwin Quick-Grip Clamps

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These clamps are great for the woodworker who is always holding something in their mouth or often needs you to lend a hand. This set of four 6" clamps ensures they've always got the help they need.

15. Table Saw

Durable and useful — the perfect gift!

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This Dewalt carbide-tipped portable table saw delivers the power needed to make precision cuts. The compact design makes it easy to accommodate in any size workshop. Quality power tools can last decades. Give a lasting gift that will take their hobby to the next level.

16. Carhartt Vest

Stay warm while maintaining full range of motion.

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Most workshops don't have the convenience of heating. A vest provides a warm and toasty layer without inhibiting movement throughout the arms. Woodworking is mobile and sometimes requires lifting, reaching, and unique body movements to ensure precision.

17. Pocket Hole Jig

They'll know what it's for.

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Pocket holes are a fast way to join wood together. The Kreg jig is a staple tool in every woodshop that allows woodworkers to make quick work of building projects. The 720 Pro has everything they need to get started.

18. Hand Forged Chisels

Made by a woodworker, for a woodworker.

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While you can get a chisel set at many hardware stores, this is a high-quality that goes the extra mile. The special touch of giving a handcrafted gift to someone who enjoys making things themselves won't go unnoticed. Woodworkers have a great appreciation of handmade goods and the usefulness of the chisels allows them to enjoy this gift every time they pick it up.

19. Stylish Eye Protection

Fashionable and safe is a winning combination.

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Save the boring eye protection for the hardware store shelves. Eye protection is necessary. Even if large machinery and power tools aren't in use, no one wants to wind up with sawdust in their eye. Even the safest woodworker can have accidents happen and when they do, it's important they don't injure their eyes. Let them know you care about their safety while considering their style.

20. Orbital Sander

Convenient and great for beginners.

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An orbital sander can turn a scratchy and sharp creation into a work of art. Sanding is necessary for most projects to have a finished look and an orbital sander is a great introduction. Move on from palm sanding large projects. The use of a larger sander without proper experience may run the risk of ruining a beautiful creation. This sander is easy to store and changing out the sandpaper is a breeze.

21. Bucket Tool Bag

Organized chaos.

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Whether carpentry is your career or just a hobby, a great tool bag is a must. The Bucket Boss is easy to transport and makes finding your favorite screwdriver easier than rummaging around a big bag or box. Bucket not included!

22. Miter Saw

A serious saw for the serious woodworker.

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Make cuts of all angles with this Milwaukee miter saw. Doors, frames, shelves, furniture, and more! The crafting options are limitless when the workshop is equipped with a quality miter saw.

23. Shop Vac

Sawdust begone!

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Woodworking makes a mess no matter the project. Having a shop vac handy makes for quick clean-ups and a more comfortable working environment. Sawdust builds up quickly and having this vacuum conveniently tucked away is just the thing every workshop needs.

24. Types of Wood Poster

A reference chart and art, all in one.

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Sometimes art is one of those things we talk ourselves out of buying, that's why it makes a great gift. This poster also serves as a reference chart for those aiming learn what the various types of wood look like. It would look great hanging over a workbench.

25. Benchtop Planer

Get consistency every time.

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Feeding a piece of wood through a planer ensures it is the same thickness everywhere. It also gives reclaimed wood a second life and turns it project-ready. If your carpenter likes using old barn wood or is looking for a solution to help salvage their scrap pile, a planer is a great gift option.

26. Brad Nailer Kit

A top notch nail gun.

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A nail gun makes for fast and easy DIY projects. This compact and lightweight tool is easy to store in a workshop with limited space and can be used for large-scale projects or those that require a delicate touch.

27. Band Saw

Great for a variety of DIY projects.

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Another woodshop staple is a band saw. This is an excellent saw for cutting curves and irregular shapes. This tool gives hobbyists the ability to expand their DIY repertoire.

28. Wooden Hand Roller

Treat hardworking hands to a daily massage.

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Our hands often get overlooked when stretching or getting a massage. Give the gift of self-care with this beautiful beechwood hand massager.

29. Lumber Storage Rack

Maximize storage while keeping wood within reach.

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Wood can be precarious about where it's stored. Storing it in a dry place is key but it does take up a lot of space when laid across the floor or propped against a shop wall. A lumber storage rack is great for woodworkers who need an easy and quick solution that keeps their lumber in quality shape.

30. Wood Burning Pen

Great for taking a custom creation to the next level.

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Woodworking is technical and creative all at once. A wood-burning pen allows the user to doodle, stencil, or write anything imaginable into a piece of wood. This pen comes with interchangeable tips for endless creative options.