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31 Gifts for Bird Lovers That Will Make Them Sing

The beautiful and fascinating hobby of birdwatching is enjoyed by over 70 million people worldwide and chances are, you likely have an avid birder in the family. Ornithologists and bird enthusiasts of all ages enjoy the activity in many different ways. Whether they enjoy traveling to exotic destinations or simply enjoy watching backyard birds around the feeder, leave the gift ideas to us! We’ve sourced the perfect bird-watching gifts for the bird lover in your life that are sure to make a big impression.

By Reina Esser • Published Jan 2 2023

1. Ferris Wheel Hummingbird Feeder

An attraction they won't want to miss!

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Over 320 species of Hummingbirds exist and each one is superbly beautiful. It is believed to be good luck when a hummingbird visits you, which is even more reason to gift this stunning bird feeder to your loved one, friend, or colleague. This Ferris wheel feeder is as whimsical as the hummingbirds that rely on it. Give you loved on a great gift and the hummingbirds some much-needed fuel and a safe resting spot. Be sure to fill it with safe sustenance for the flying jewels and refill often.

2. Hand Painted Wildflowers Bird House

A work of art even the birds will appreciate.

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providing shelter and a safe place for nesting birds means you get to witness the action! It's an amazing experience watching birds come and go, lay eggs, raise hatchlings, and take their first flight. When you gift a bird lover a birdhouse, you’re also giving them years of entertainment as they enjoy generations of bird species flock to their cozy and beautiful dwelling.

3. Sibley's Birds of North America Guide

David Sibley is basically the bird king.

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There is a rush of excitement that comes from spotting a beautiful bird. It is followed by quickly writing down a few important characteristics and flipping through a field guide to identify just who that beauty may be. A decent guide opens up a world of possibilities. The Sibley Guide to Birds, 2nd Edition is arguably the most comprehensive bird book, covering bird species across the North American continent. This book is a great gift for everyone, from beginners to experts, there’s no shortage of discoveries to be made! If you're looking for a region specific guide, we recommend checking out Sibley's extensive collection of titles.

4. Solar Bird Bath & Fountain

Perfect for the backyard bird watcher.

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Pure joy might be how some birders describe the beauty of watching their favorite backyard bird splash around in a birdbath that they filled with fresh water just for the purpose. Seeing birds use all of the amenities such as baths, feeders and houses make backyard birding so rewarding and the bird watcher in your life is sure to adore this gift. A birdbath is also an attractive garden feature for bees, butterflies, deer, and other thirsty animals. This solar fountain charges during the day and turns on at dusk to provide a lovely splash for our feathered friends. The serene babbling of the water will create a relaxing environment for your bird lover while attracting nearby birds.

5. Woodpecker Suet Feeder

Attract various types of woodpeckers to the yard!

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You know a woodpecker is nearby when you hear its signature “tonk, tonk, tonk” headbanging into a nearby dead tree. Encourage beautiful woodpeckers to venture into the backyard of a bird watcher with this suet feeder. Woodpeckers prefer three points of contact when head banging away for a meal. This means perching both feet and a prop for their tail. A feeder with a tail prop, like this one, will be more comfortable and you may see more frequent visitors.

6. Wooden Bird Puzzle

Delightfully difficult.

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Challenge the mind of the bird lover in your life with this intricate and beautiful wooden puzzle. The handcrafted wood pieces feature an Eagle, Blue Jay, Cardinal, Owl, Chickadee, Mockingbird, Duck, Grouse, Egret, Hummingbird, Woodpecker, and Robin. Not only is this jigsaw puzzle a challenging way to pass the time, but it also looks great as a piece of home décor. Leave it on the coffee table to guests to test their wits and marvel at the beauty of this gift.

7. Fowl Language Coffee Mug

Early bird gets the coffee mug!

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Bird watching during the early morning hours with a hot cup of coffee in your hands is a serene experience. Bring a little humor to the moment with this fowl language bird mug. Any birder will laugh out loud when they open this gift. It is perfectly innocent but features birds with names that any 10-year-old might snicker at. Gift this coffee mug to a tea lover or coffee fanatic with a sense of humor and you’ll land beaucoup points in their book.

8. Celestron Nature DX 8x42 Binoculars

Get a good look at this perfect gift!

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There is nothing a bird lover could need more than a pair of binoculars. This pair of Celestron nocs features 8x magnification power and 6.5 foot close focus. They come with a handy carrying case, objective lens caps, an eyepiece rain guard, a neck strap, a lens cloth, and an instruction manual. They are moderately priced as far as birding binoculars go without compromising quality. These are a great pair of binoculars for the casual birder who wants to get a closer look at their favorite birds.

9. Bird Nerd T-Shirt

Other bird nerds will flock to anyone wearing this shirt.

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Surprise your birdy friend with this "Bird Nerd" t-shirt. It will be sure to get a smile and make getting dressed for a day of birdwatching easy as (mag)pie!

10. Wind Chime

Calming chimes compliment singing birds perfectly!

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You don’t have to be outdoors to backyard birdwatch, much like you don’t have to be outdoors to enjoy the soothing sounds of a wind chime. If you know a kitchen window bird enthusiast, embrace the hobby by adding a beautiful windchime into the mix. If your loved one is unable to get outside as much as they’d like to, this is a thoughtful gift that allows them to enjoy the pleasantries of nature from their couch or kitchen table. Consider pairing it with any of the feeders on this gift guide (and maybe some birdseed, too) to make it a complete experience.

11. Rose Gold Hummingbird Necklace

Thoughtful and elegant.

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A great Mother's Day gift idea or stocking stuffer for a hummingbird lover. This necklace is sterling silver and rose gold plated. The colorful gemstones add a subtle pop of color to any look, day or night.

12. Spotting Scope

All the bells and whistles!

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A good pair of binoculars is a birding must-have, but a spotting scope with 20x to 60x magnification is will take your nature-loving adventures to the next level. This spotting scope comes with a tripod, carrying case and quick phone holder. Capture photos of spectacular sights. A tripod allows for a stable view no matter the conditions. The waterproof and fog proof design means there are no bad days to get outside and spectate

13. Nice Tits T-Shirt

Talk birdy to me!

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This shirt is sure to get some laughs at the bird blind. Everyone loves a tit, whether it be a Marsh Tit, Willow Tit, or Caspian Tit, what’s not to love? Oh yeah, we’re talking about birds! They’re active, social, and noisy, ensuring you always have something to watch and listen to. This Etsy t-shirt is a perfect present for Mother’s Day or a birthday gift for the lady bird watcher in your life. It’s cute and easily identifies them as a humorous bird lover. Having a good sense of humor is a must when being a bird watcher because sometimes you don’t see a darn thing.

14. Owl Christmas Ornament

Owl bet they'll love this gift!

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Hoot doesn’t enjoy the calming coos of an owl? Deck the halls with feathered friends this holiday season and excite a bird enthusiast with this glass-blown work of art. Perfect for a bird-themed tree or a friend who has a frequent owl visitor in their backyard.

15. Dove Coasters

Practical and budget-friendly!

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Bird-themed home décor is always a great gift, especially when it’s practical. These dove coasters don’t scream bird nerd but are colorful, fun, and on-brand for any birdwatcher! These would be a perfect stocking stuffer for a bird lover with a stylish home.

16. Nesting Balls

Whimsical and bright, like their favorite birds!

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Help neighborhood birds out with the large task of building a safe and cozy nest. These are a great gift for birders who enjoy sitting in the backyard and welcome frequent feathered visitors. This Etsy listing includes two nesting balls that are filled with wool, feathers, and other natural materials that birds will take little bits of in order to build the perfect nest. They are colorful works of art that can be refilled each spring to provide consistency for birds in your area.

17. Backyard Birdsong Guide

Perfect for birders from Eastern and Central North America.

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Get lost in the birdsongs of your backyard with this audio field guide by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. This is a unique and special gift for the beginning backyard birder in your life. If there's a Cardinal or Blue Jay they love to look at each day, this audio field guide will turn a hobby into a passion as they learn more about the birds that fill their yard.

18. Raven Hat

An iconic bird and a great gift!

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It's easy to become fascinated by ravens. Ravens are very smart birds that can imitate human speech, make toys, and use non-vocal signals to communicate. A raven hat is perfect for the bird enthusiasts who sends you tons of bird Tik Toks or enjoys interesting bird behaviors. It's a great gift that can be appreciated every day and goes well with any outfit!

19. Audubon Backyard Birds Jigsaw Puzzle

Choose from Audobon's entire puzzle collection!

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The perfect gift for either the bird lover who enjoys the solo puzzle experience or the family member who loves to work on a puzzle with the entire gang. Pour some wine or pour some tea, there is no wrong way to puzzle. This one has a beautiful scene of backyard birds perched on a log, but Amazon offers many other styles to choose from.

20. Smart Bird Feeder

Never miss a moment of the action!

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Your love bird won’t miss one minute of the action with this bird detective feeder and camera. They'll get notified whenever a hungry visitor stops by your bird feeder. Better yet, you can launch an app on your phone to get an up-close and personal experience. Invite others to tune into the camera feed to share special moments with friends and family. This bird feeder would be an absolute dream for a bird lover! They can take pictures to easily identify birds and see them in extreme detail without ever disturbing them. This gift is great for every bird watcher.

21. Outdoor Research Gloves

Keep hands warm while birding!

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Some mornings, the thought of going outside and holding binoculars seems a bit too harsh due to cold weather. Help them prepare accordingly with these midweight gloves. Early morning birdwatching is fantastic and a pair of warm gloves are a must-have for every birder. They'll keep hands warm while allowing for good dexterity to flip through pages of guides, adjust binoculars, and capture photos.

22. Audubon Bird Spotting Opoly

Turn family game night into bird trivia night.

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A birdy twist on a classic game. When you gift Audubon Bird Spotting Opoly, you'll learn bird trivia, acquire property, and collect the most bird sightings to win the game. You'll knock it out of the park with this perfect gift idea.

23. Kids Binoculars

Encourage a young bird enthusiast.

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This gift for a young birder is the ultimate gateway to exploration. Encourage their passions by supplying them with the gear necessary to fully unlock the magic of birds! This pair of binoculars comes in pink or green and includes a bird sticker book, too!

24. Parrot Print Scarf

Be as colorful as your favorite bird.

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Your loved one can bring the colorful spirit of tropical birds to any outfit with this parrot-printed scarf. When you're not sure what type of gear, books, or outdoor accessories they made need, a scarf is always a safe choice. It makes a great stocking stuffer or budget-friendly gift idea.

25. Kavu Pacific Rainforest Shirt

Relax and take in the breeze with this tropical shirt.

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The rainforest might be far from where you live, but the vibe is within reach with this colorful shirt featuring exotic birds. This shirt is a great conversation starter for any gathering and will put a big smile on the face of your tropical adventurer. This shirt is comfortable, stylish, and easy to spot in a crowd. Spice up your gift-giving!

26. Birds On A Wire Stained Glass

Enjoy birds in the window 24/7.

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Turn their home into their own bird-filled oasis with this stained glass window hanging. Choose between two different styles available on Amazon and don't forget to include a few of those window suction cups so they can hang it in their sunniest spot right away.

27. Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

No squirrels allowed!

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Does the birder in your life complain about pesky squirrels scaring off birds and eating all the seed? They're not alone. Squirrels are a nuisance for many bird-lovers and countless attempts have been made to keep them off of bird feeders. The Squirrel Buster Plus (yes, I'm for real) has 7,000 five-star reviews and has weighted shrouds that close feeding ports when a squirrel jumps on the feeder. This is a luxury gift that some bird-lovers may not be willing to shell out for, but they're so lucky to have you in their life to gift them a lifetime of peaceful backyard birding.

28. Oriole Feeder

Attract fruit loving birds to the yard with the help of this feeder.

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This feeder is perfect for the bird lover who tries their best to minimize food waste. Instead of tossing out old fruit, place it on this feeder for oriels and other birds, like robins, blue jays, and chickadees to enjoy. One side allows for oranges, apples, and grapes, while the other contains a cup for jellies, nectar, or mealworms. Yum!

29. Color Changing Bird Mug

Tea time should involve birds.

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Featuring a toucan and a cockatoo, this color-changing mug is too much fun. Fill it with your favorite warm beverage for a magnificent surprise. This mug also comes with a lid that doubles as a saucer, perfect!

30. Clay Bird Pots

This gift will have them aflutter!

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Whether they enjoy indoor or outdoor gardening, these flower pots would be well suited for succulents or miniature plants. Each pot features an adorable bird that will brighten any window sill or deck.

31. Feathered Bow Tie

Fashion advice is best taken from birds.

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Handmade in Chicago, Illinois, this feathered bowtie is a total showstopper. Turn black tie into black fly with this one-of-a-kind look. The Etsy seller features many different styles of feathered bowties, from peacock to pheasant, your loved one will be blown away by the craftsmanship and uniqueness of this gift.