39 Gift Ideas For Women Turning 40 Years Old

Years ago, the big 4-0 stood for over the hill and being well… old! Now days this is so not the case. 40 is the new 30 and it’s important to keep this in mind when searching for a gift that she’ll truly appreciate. Check out these gift ideas that she will love and actually use.

You can always have fun with it and purchase a gag gift but be certain that it fits with not just her personality, but the relationship you hold with her.

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Updated Aug 31 2021 Kevin Larue By Kevin Larue

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psy is a monthly subscription bag/box that will give her customized beauty products every single month. You can visit the site and get started by customizing skin tone, skin issues, favorite color and types of products. It’s perfect because she can try new sample size products that allow her to truly test it out before buying the big (sometimes expensive) beauty products.

These super plush robes by Brooklinen are made of combed, long-staple Turkish cotton. She'll feel like she's lounging in luxury every morning. The robe features an oversized fit, wide sleeve adjustable cuffs, pockets, and an adjustable tie waist.

The Away carry-on luggage is designed to be the perfect carry on suitcase. It's lightweight and fits most overhead bins. The built-in USB charger is perfect for the those busy airport lounges where all the outlets are claimed. An interior compression system and hidden laundry bag make packing easy. Plus, let's face it: it just looks great.

These clean burning Candles are plant and mineral-based with a natural wick and come in a frosted glass container. Wake is the essence of the morning ocean tide. Magic Hour is the perfume of a sunlit rose garden. Dusk is the scent of a cozy cabin in the woods, and Nightcap is a dreamy aroma of bourbon and blood orange.

No woman enjoys being solicited or bothered by unwelcome visitors. This is an amazing gift because it gives her privacy, and access to people at her front door without having to engage unless she wants to. She will be alerted immediately once there is motion, and she can chat with them through the device if she chooses. It also provides a solid piece of mind when you aren’t home at all.

This one is for the baker, the woman who loves to be in the kitchen regularly. We know what you’re thinking, it may seem wrong to push anyone into the kitchen more. But for those who genuinely love it, these stand mixers can save LOADS of time. If they don’t own one already, it’s a pricey splurge that they’ll truly appreciate.

Made of long-staple Turkish cotton in a honeycomb weave, they’re ideal for coffee on the patio or post-shower lounging.

What woman doesn’t dig feeling chic and warm simultaneously? These gloves are gorgeous, made with real leather and lined with super soft cashmere. Their available in a variety of classic shades and are made to be compatible with her touch screen devices so she can be productive and social while staying cozy.

The all mighty fit bit. A perfect gift for the woman who is truly paying attention to her body. This one is super cute with its peachy rose gold colors, giving it an extra feminine touch. But aside from its visual appeal, it can totally take her fitness game to the next level when tracking steps and providing workouts. She can also track her rest to make sure 24-7 she’s taking the best care of herself. It also stores 300 of her favorite jams to make working out easy!

Used burlap coffee sacks are a popular ingredient in DIY projects— often used in decor, gardening, apparel and furniture. The Happy Burlap provide a browsable collection of burlap coffee bags so that you can choose which ones to get her.

The Kindle Fire never goes out of a style. This is the latest model and it’s perfect for any woman regardless of her hobbies. She can read endless amounts of books, stream the web and have access to her favorite apps like Netflix and Pinterest. It provides her own space which she totally deserves, especially when the rest of the family is likely taking over every other device in the house.

You really can’t go wrong with a blown-up canvas photo of one of her favorite memories. Consider stealing some from her most recent family photos or a vacation she took. Better yet, you could purchase a package from a local photographer as well to take the image to the next level prior to printing.

Give her time and freedom with a Robot Vacuum. She can now sit back and relax and let this mighty machine do the work for her. It can clean both hardwood floors and medium length carpet. Check out the reviews on Amazon and you’ll see why this one specifically was ranked the best in 2018. It’s also super quiet, so it won’t disrupt the household while it’s hard at work!

If she loves to give to others or has an organization of any kind that is especially close to her heart, then consider a gift that receives donations from her closest friends and family so that she can give back. You know the woman she is and supporting her efforts will likely be a precious gift simply because you support what she cares for. If a party is lined up for her, this would be an amazing idea. (Don’t forget to add some cash)

This gift would be greatly appreciated by the woman that has curly, or frizzy hair. Yes, it’s pricey. But if it shaves off time and provides a salon like blowout every time it’s used, then it would appear to be totally worth it. Women rave about it in its reviews. It’s said to be the best of the best and extremely quiet compared to other blow dryers. Invest in her beauty routine!

This one is for the Wino. If she loves wine, why not give her a gift to dabble in making her own? Allow her to combine creativity with her favorite flavors, and maybe you’ll kick off a whole new hobby! Using fresh fruit, she can create the wine of her dreams in just one hour. This kit doesn’t skimp you either, making 15 1 gallon delicious and unique batches.

A beautifully written book about the fears of aging and how she can learn from others to make sure the next years go even better than the previous ones. The book is sentimental and emotional, taking a closer look at moments and what matters most. It’s sure to inspire her to live her very best life and to remember that age ain’t nothing but a number.

This simple bracelet speaks for itself. It consists of 40 tiny gold-plated beads to represent all the lovely years of her life. It’s understated and something that she can wear solo or combine with other pieces. It’s also available in Rose Gold and Silver, so choose whatever she loves most. Nickle free and suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

Kind of a gag gift, yet kind of super cute! This would be especially great for her to wear on her birthday itself with her birthday year on blast. It’s got edgy vibes and available in black or red. Listed for fans of rock concerts, but it’s great either way. If she’s got a great sense of humor, she will totally rep this on her big day and beyond.

This couldn’t be more fabulous. A true statement piece for her very special birthday. This gorgeous pink wristlet is the perfect clutch without the annoying task of carrying it. Made from calfskin leather, it will be the gift she always wanted but never took the time to buy for herself. It’s perfectly unique, just like her.

This cute gold little printer works with her phone to instantly print off pictures. We all snap away on her camera phones, but we often forget to print them for the memory to view years from now. Now she can instantly do this in a matter of minutes using an app. Now she will have the moments forever as opposed to lost in a cloud somewhere.

The outdoorsy woman should be able to hit the trails and then follow it up with some relaxation. If this sounds like your lady, then consider this easily portable hammock. Weighing just 16 oz, she can grab it and go and search for the perfect spot in the woods to hang it. She can easily hang it herself and take a much-needed snooze with nothing else but good ole nature in her view.

This gift couldn’t get any more adorable and is sure to be one of her favorites. The company takes a beautiful piece of glass and within it they make soundwave art featuring any sounds close to her art. This could be a saying from someone she loves, her favorite song or a song that takes her back to a special time in her life. It’s different, and thoughtful.

Does she like to go to concerts and other special events? Travel often? It’s very possible that she’s already been saving ticket stubs to events and memories she’s created, and this is an awesome way to organize it all beautifully. If she hasn’t been saving them, this will encourage her to do so. The chic book is available in black or gold and holds 100 normal size tickets.

Love this idea for its simplicity, but also for its oddly sentimental properties. Make her feel like a kid again, with all the wonderfully delicious candies that made her younger years go round’. Complete with 40 different types of candies, it’s sure to make her smile and bring back some super special times.

Cappuccino and specialty drinks should be available for her every day. Give the coffee loving lady an Espresso Machine and forget the local coffee shop, likely spending her a lot of time and moula. This one is reasonably priced, and offers an espresso maker, cappuccino maker, and latte maker all in one. It has super simple buttons that make it easy and not at all confusing during that morning fog or afternoon energy dip.

Genius Device! It’s a magnetic grocery list maker that will attach directly to her fridge. No more forgotten items at the store. As soon as it comes to mind, she can tell it and it will record it. There are 2500 preloaded items and it will print off just like a receipt with all the needed items. It’s smart, fun and totally worth the money!

It’s been 40 long years…and no matter her lifestyle be it a stay at home mom or busy career woman (or both) she deserves to relax. She may not have the schedule that will allow her to visit the spa each week, but she can certainly soak in her own tub more often. This tray adjusts to any size tub, looks chic and can hold everything she needs. Devices, books and that sought after glass of wine will now be easily accessible.

Give her the option to either take a little getaway on her birthday or whenever the time if right for her. She can browse tons of locations and unique homes to stay in and choose exactly what she wants based on her personal tastes. Another option that really requires no brain work, because well, who doesn’t like to get away occasionally?

Aromatherapy combines with heat for a wellness gift that can be used over and over again. The rice filled therapy pillow smells of relaxing lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus instantly putting her into relaxation mode. The heat is perfect for aches and pains she may have, and the size and shape makes it adaptable to the entire body. She can use it on her head for soothing headaches, around the neck for neck and shoulder pain, on the abdomen and more. Just a short time in the microwave packs heat for 45 minutes.

Whether she likes cooking or is just a total foodie, give her the gift of a private cooking class for the very first time! The Chef and The Dish is a popular company offering classes virtually from around the world. She will love to learn about different cuisines from cultures ranging from Thailand to Turkey. After choosing the type of class, it's simple. From the privacy of her own home, alongside friends or solo, she will connect via video call from her kitchen and learn from an expert chef. Some of the chefs have even been featured on the food network.

If she hasn't already, encourage the 40 year old lady (no pun intended), to celebrate this milestone with a strong drink and a good laugh. Everyone loves these on the go tumblers so she'll never lose a drop of that wine or cocktail. And there's no such thing as too many tumblers. We like this one for its' light-hearted and slightly inappropriate saying, but at this point in her life... she likely won't mind.

At 40, the woman deserves to have her hot drinks hot and her cold drinks cold. This is the perfect gift for your coworker that is always running on caffeine. She will be grateful for the Yeti splurge. No more cold coffee, or reheating her cup over and over. This 20 ounce cup comes in just about any color you can think of, has double wall insulation and is dishwasher safe making this her new favorite mug.

The Homesick branded candles have really made a unique reputation for themselves. This one is perfect for the woman that grew up in New York, lived there at one point or still does today. The New York City candle is a fresh mixture of lemon, grapefruit and jasmine scents. She will love basking in her favorite New York memories time and time again with the 60-80 hour burn time. These high quality candles are hand made in the USA and have a ton of positive reviews.

As a busy woman in the 21st century, practicing self care can be a real challenge. But as she continues to age, it becomes even more important for her to do. This gift idea is the ultimate bucket list for practicing different forms of self care. And we don't mean mammograms and yearly check-ups, but simple and enjoyable to-do's. These ideas are 100% doable, and don't require her to spend money. The goal is to have her slow down, be more mindful and enjoy life. Examples include taking a walk in the rain, cuddling someone she loves and more.

This high capacity, on the go power bank is perfect for the social media fanatic that is always on her devices. Even better if she travels often and needs accessible power. Running out of battery is frustrating and a back up option is important. This one stands out due it it's ability to charge four devices all at once. One full charge to the bank gives her multiple charges to her phone, ipad, kindle and more. No matter what her social media platform favorite is, she'll never miss a beat.

Over the last few years, the health benefits of Vitamin D have finally been given the credit they deserve. These include physical and mental well-being. This light therapy lamp is highly rated on Amazon for it's ability to safely provide necessary Vitamin D, right from within her own home. These therapy sessions have been known to increase happiness and decrease depression, they also can improve her immune system and energy levels. The gift of Vitamin D and light therapy is a unique idea that she didn't even know she was missing.

Why not give her something delicious like gourmet chocolate covered almonds that come in a beautiful gold box? Andy Anand uses only premium chocolate to cover these California grown almonds, and include a 24k Gold Rose to add a luxurious touch to the gift. Not only is this a decadent treat for her to enjoy, it also provides a ton of nutrients that are good for her. Almonds have more calcium than any other nut, giving her bones some love too!

This retro bike is so cute and perfect for her to get outdoors. A bicycle is a great way for anyone to stay active because it's so easy on the body. This one has a basket attached so she can bring along a drink, set her phone in it or anything else she may need. The 26 inch bike is made from high-quality, high-carbon steel. So even though it's retro in appearance, the bike is built to last. Grab one for her in beige and rusty red, teal blue or white.

This customizable gift doubles as birthday party décor that will make her smile. Simply submit information to the etsy seller from her childhood. Choose from the year she was born and find an adorable (or hilarious) photo for the newspaper front page. This is a digital file creation, meaning they will provide the file and you can print it where you wish. Add a frame to it and you've got a conversation piece perfect for the party.

This hilarious gift by Frankie and Myrrh should only be given by a fellow female so men, don't even consider it. But the aromatherapy gift is meant to add a comical touch to the dreaded menopausal years. Sage, geranium, and lavender combine to create calm for all those estrogen and progesterone fluctuations. It can be sprayed onto linens, as a light perfume or as an air freshener. Its' said to be an instant mood booster and is available as a spray, a roller or stand alone essential oil.

This portable neck fan just feels like something everyone should have. Its low profile is perfect for working out, hot flashes, and travel without feeling or looking ridiculous. The 60 twin turbine blades make it more powerful than the average fan, and it has three different settings to cool her off no matter what. The rechargeable battery provides 4-16 hours of power depending on the speed she is using it at and we love the pale pink color!

Life Reimagined: The Science, Art, and Opportunity of Midlife is written by Barbara Bradley Hagerty and takes a different look at midlife and the common midlife crisis. It's almost as if we were raised to think life ends as you grow up. In this book, she can find a new outlook on the second half of her life. Viewing midlife as an opportunity rather than a curse, is the best gift you can give her, because happiness and positivity is what we all want and need.

The Hatch Restore device just might be her new best friend. It's much more than just an alarm clock, it helps her gracefully fall asleep as a calming bedside lamp. It also helps her when waking up using light similar to natural sunlight. With the use of light and sound, it can help her feel more rested overall by relaxing both her body and mind. It's also a sound machine, making sure her sleep is free of disruptions and full of quality.