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30 Gift Ideas for Anime Lovers

If you’re not already aware, anime is hand-drawn and computer-generated animation from Japan, and it’s what the person you’re here to buy for just will not stop talking about. (There’s even a word in Japanese for anime-obsessives: otaku!) Anime, whilst popular in Japan for a long time, has exploded in popularity around the globe in recent years. As streaming services grant ever greater access to Japanese animation, the genre has accrued millions of diehard fans.

But buying for an anime fan can be really difficult, let alone finding the perfect gift for them. With so many different anime shows out there, and no clear way to know which is your recipient’s favorite anime, it can be a little overwhelming. Thankfully, we’re here to help you find a great gift which is sure to earn a special place in your anime lover’s heart. Read on to find the perfect gifts for anime lovers.

By Cal Bannerman • Published Jan 31 2022

1. Sailor Moon Board Game

This board game pulls fans into the Sailor Moon universe.

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Here's a really well thought-out and high-quality dice-based Sailor Moon board game from expert board game makers Japanime, on Amazon. Amazon customers rave about it, and applaud the game mechanics, which are faithful to the Sailor Moon manga and anime series source material. This would be a fantastic gift for a family or friend group of Sailor Moon lovers, or for the lone fan looking to play with others at a games workshop or convention. The box from Amazon comes with twenty-four die, character cards, tokens, and two custom lanyards for social portable play, which are ideal for playing at conventions or in other large groups.

2. Studio Ghibli Guide Book

A guide book to Studio Ghibli from acclaimed podcast Ghiblioteque.

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What better place to start, on a list of the greatest anime gift ideas, than with an unofficial guide book to one of the most renowned and beloved anime production companies of all time: Studio Ghibli. With films like Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, and Kiki's Delivery Service clinching awards and recognition around the world, if your intended recipient loves anime, you can guarantee that they also love Studio Ghibli. This unofficial guide book from the acclaimed Ghibli podcast Ghiblioteque is a stunning hardback full of original artwork, reviews, insights and fan reactions.

3. Yu-Gi-Oh! Figurine

Stunning collectible statue of Blue Eyes White Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh!

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Growing up in the 90s and early-00s as an anime fan meant two things: Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! The idea that you could, like the heroes in your favorite animes, collect and foster a relationship with incredible, fantastical creatures was almost too much to bear. With this truly gorgeous large PVC collectible statue of the most powerful monster in the whole Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series (Blue Eyes White Dragon), your anime fan will be transported right back to childhood. It's retro, it's cool, it's going to take pride of place in the recipient's home or bedroom.

4. My Hero Academia Figure

Funko Pop! Vinyl figurine of Mei Hatsume from My Hero Academia

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If there's an anime show which has been trending strongly for a while now, it's My Hero Academia: a show about a world in which superhero powers have become commonplace, and about a boy who still wishes more than anything to become a superhero. You've already seen one collectible figurine on this list, and now here's another. Let us be the first to tell you: there are plenty more to come, for if there's one thing anime geeks love more than anything, it's a collectible figurine. Mei Hatsume is one of the coolest, most resourceful students at the the My Hero Academia high school, and this Funko Pop! Vinyl figure of her captures her character perfectly.

5. Dragon Ball Replicas

Authentic dragon ball replicas from the hugely-acclaimed anime series.

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Dragon Ball Z was (and still is) one of the most globally-popular anime series on TV. It has garnered fans from all walks of life, and across all age groups, and we can guarantee you that they are all super fans of the show. Here is a satin-lined box containing replicas of all seven of the eponymous 'dragon balls' - these acrylic orbs feature the star marks from the series, and measure about 2-inches in diameter. Artifacts of immense magical power, once all seven dragon balls are collected together, the user can summon the Eternal Dragon to grant them a wish. The perfect gift for just about any 90s kid.

6. Full Metal Alchemist Boxset

The complete DVD boxset of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

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Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is another major addition to Japan's finest export: anime. One of the major difficulties when it comes to anime, however, is sourcing it to watch. Whilst speciality streaming services do exist, with even mainstream streaming services like Netflix hosting a range of anime series from time to time, these cannot always be relied upon. What's more, as a general rule of thumb, anime series are huge and very long. Thankfully, affordably-priced boxsets like this one exist, allowing you to gift an anime fan everything they need in order to enjoy one of the best shows out there, whenever and wherever they like.

7. Naruto Ramen Bowl & Chopsticks

Slurp noodles alongside Naruto with this anime-themed ramen set.

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We're convinced that nothing looks tastier or more appealing than anime food. There's just something so wholesome, colorful and inviting about a well-drawn meal, and when you watch Naruto slurping down his favorite ramen, you always wish you were sat beside him doing the same. Well, with this Naruto Shippuden bowl and chopstick set that's exactly what you can do. The bowl features an innovative, in-built chopstick holder, with the picture of Naruto eating on one side, and the Ichiraku Ramen logo (Naruto's favorite restaurant) on the other. Anime fans tend to love Japanese food, as well as Japanese animation, so this seems like the perfect gift for any fan.

8. Demon Slayer Earrings

Replicas of Tanjiro's earrings from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

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Based on a beloved manga series, Demon Slayer follows Tanjiro as they strive to become a demon slayer, following their sister's transformation into a demon. Throughout the manga and the anime series, the protagonist of Demon Slayer wears a beautiful pair of silver earrings featuring 'The Breath of the Sun'. Here, Tanjiro's earrings are replicated in resplendent silver-tone as perfect copies of the original. Surely this would make one of the best anime gifts for any pierced Demon Slayer fan.

9. Pikachu Pokémon Exclusive Crewneck

An electric yellow crewneck sweatshirt with Pikachu front and center!

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Pikachu is Ash Ketchum's (the protagonist of Pokémon's) eternal sidekick, and as such is probably as well-known and recognisable as some of the world's most important historical figures. Without a doubt, Pikachu is not only one of the cutest anime characters around, but is almost certainly one of your intended recipient's favorite characters, too. Of all of the items on this anime fan gift guide, this gift has arguably the most universal appeal. Made of a high-quality cotton/polyester blend, it would look as good on the streets of New York, Mumbai, Glasgow, or Lagos as it would on the streets of Akihabara, Tokyo.

10. Dragon Ball Gaming Chair

Play favorite video games from an awesome anime-themed chair.

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Whether your intended recipient is a fan of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super or Dragon Ball Z, and no matter whether their favorite character is Vegeta, Goku, or Krillin, this incredibly cool, sturdy, and ergonomic Dragon Ball Z-themed gaming chair is the perfect gift for any gamer anime fan. The Dragon Ball anime and manga series have been accompanied by some of the greatest fighting games on the planet. The experience of playing these games would surely be enhanced tenfold if played from the comfort of a chair like this. A great gift for a young gamer and/or Dragon Ball fan's birthday.

11. Spirited Away Vinyl Soundtrack

Be spirited away with this stunning 2LP soundtrack on vinyl.

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Studio Ghibli's movies are not loved solely for their characters, nor their stories, nor their incredibly fantastical worlds. They are also enchanting thanks to the immersive scores, crafted, composed and performed in large part by resident composer Joe Hisaishi. His gentle piano and soaring orchestra whisk the listener away to worlds with a deeply emotional core. This 2LP Spirited Away soundtrack on vinyl would be the perfect gift to any lover of music, let alone any anime fan.

12. Collectible Death Note Figurine

Terrifyingly-realistic collectible PVC statue of Ryuk from Death Note.

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This scary-looking character is one of Japan's most popular creations. Death Note is a sinister show about a young boy's discovery of a mysterious book, and the creature (here pictured) to whom the book belongs. Manufactured with incredible detail, this Ryuk figurine would sit pride of place on any Death Note fan's collectible shelf. If you're unsure whether your recipient likes Death Note or not, rest assured that a recent live action remake of the anime series proved a colossal hit in Europe and the Americas.

13. One Piece Omnibus Edition

The first three volumes of hit manga One Piece, in one book!

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Many have watched and fell in love with One Piece the show, with its adorable and hilarious characters like Luffy the pirate, and Zolo the greatest swordsman in the world. And yet, not as many people (at least in the West) have enjoyed the manga. Give your One Piece fan a look at where it all started with this reasonably-priced omnibus edition, collecting the first three volumes of the manga in one book. (We recommend having a sneak peak at the artwork included within before you give this book away, it's revolutionary and pretty awesome stuff!)

14. Luffytaro One Piece Figurine

An armored Luffytaro stands swords-drawn, ready to fight!

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And speaking of One Piece... we thought here would be a good place to include this high-quality PVC figurine of an armored Luffytaro from One Piece: a collectible figurine which very few anime fans will have, no matter how dedicated to One Piece they are. Bandai have really pulled out all the stops to deliver this exquisite action figure, perfect for inspiring the gift-recipient's next cosplay venture, or protecting their bookcase!

15. Mystery Anime Gift Box

Packed full of anime goodies from a range of popular series.

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With stickers, postcards, prints and bookmarks from a wide range of the most popular anime TV shows and movies out there, these mystery anime gift boxes are one of the perfect gift ideas for those who aren't exactly sure which anime is their intended recipient's favorite. You can buy a small, medium, or large gift box, starting at a very reasonable price point, and have it delivered directly to the recipient from Etsy. The bigger the box, the more goodies hidden inside!

16. 16. Anime Bucket List Poster

Track your anime bucket list with this scratch-off poster!

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You've probably seen these sorts of posters in relation to classic literature or film, but here's an anime-themed one from Etsy, which can keep track of any anime fan's watch list as they go. Attractive and affordable, this poster features one-hundred classic Japanese animations from long-running TV series to modern movies. The owner simply has to scratch off the foil of the anime as they watch it for the first time, revealing a unique illustration underneath each square, and keeping tabs on their progress along the anime bucket list as they do so.

17. Customized Etsy Naruto Portrait

Place your family in the Naruto anime with personalized portraits.​​​​

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This is without a doubt one of the coolest finds on Etsy: the ability to place yourself, your family, or the intended recipient inside the show they love so much! In this case, you can customize a classic setting from Naruto with a portrait of one or several characters, drawn in the style of the show, but based on photos you send the Etsy artists! These drawings can be printed for an additional cost, or sent to you as a high-quality digital PNG file, for you to use on your phone, computer or tablet, or print and frame for your friend or loved one.

18. 18. Last Airbender Night Light

Keep safe at night with an Avatar-themed night light.

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This cute mood light, which may also be used as a night light for those younger anime fans, is shaped like Aang's loyal sky bison from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Appa. The light cast by Appa is calming enough for you to meditate and enter the Spirit World, or be lulled softly off to sleep. About 5.5 inches tall, it requires 3x LR44 batteries (which are included), and is turned on and off by a switch on the underside.

19. 19. Pokémon Gift Box

A goody box packed with Pokémon-themed surprises.​

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Japanese and Korean sweets, Pokémon cards, customized fire-type Pokémon notebooks, and stunning, artistically illustrated card sleeves to protect those ultra-rare shiny Pokémon cards, are all included in this handmade Pokémon gift box from Etsy. Customize the gift with a message on the front of the box, and have it delivered straight to your intended recipient to minimise all hassle. A great gift idea if you're stuck for something more specific.

20. Kawaii Japanese Snack Box

A snack box jam-packed with treats from the land of anime!​

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This gift set of Japanese snacks and drinks from Kawaii is just so... kawaii! (which means 'cute' in Japanese!) Vacationing in Japan is rarely a possibility, given how far away it is and how expensive travelling in the country can be. As such, most anime fans will never get the chance to visit the land which spawned their favorite TV shows, movies, and manga. So why not bring Japan to them, instead? This gift set from Kawaii is packed full of Japanese snacks and other goodies that will transport them to the Land of the Rising Sun with every bite.

21. Haikyuu Character Personalized Letters

A personalized letter and gift set from a Haikyuu character.

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This is one of the most unique gift sets we've ever come across. This ingenious and innovative Etsy seller sends you (or your gift recipient) a personalization form so that you can introduce yourself, choose the Haikyuu anime character you'd like to receive a letter from, and then send 'them' a message. Haikyuu is a popular volleyball/high school-themed anime, and its fans are as adoring as any others, if not more so. Each personalized letter comes typed in that character's specific handwriting, in a personalized envelope, and bearing a small gift which that 'character' feels would best suit the recipient.

22. Sailor Moon Funny T-Shirt

Cotton t-shirt with Sailor Moon saying "Boys are the enemy".

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Here's a hilarious, pro-feminist, tongue-in-cheek t-shirt for any anime lover, Sailor Moon fanatic, or indeed anyone who also thinks that "boys are the enemy!" Reasonably priced and handmade, this high-quality cotton t-shirt comes in a range of sizes.

23. Choose Wisely! Pokémon Keyrings

A lasercut, hand-engraved Pokémon-themed keyring and holder set.​

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"Choose wisely!" These words have been engraved onto the brains of every child who ever played the Pokémon games, read the manga or watched the anime series. Now, the saying is engraved onto this cute, pixelated, lasercut keyring holder and keychain set. Your whole family or household can choose which of the classic starter Pokémon to make their key-set companion on their outdoor adventures!

24. Attack on Titan Print

Artistic print featuring the eyes of Attack on Titan's protagonists.​

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Nerds love art, too, you know! Attack on Titan is one of Japanese animation's finest creations, and with several movies, series, live action adaptations and an immense library of manga behind it, it's no wonder its fans feel so precious about its many colorful characters. Here, on this wall print from Etsy, the piercing eyes of Attack on Titan's protagonists peer out at you, almost daring you to jump into their world (or at least turn the TV back on and watch some more of the show...)

25. Cosy Jujutsu Kaisen Hoodie

Super cosy hoodie featuring the Divine Dogs of Jujutsu Kaisen.

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Jujutsu Kaisen is a relatively new manga series (first serialized in 2018), but has one of the most inspiring, unique storylines of all manga. Highly-stylized, here the 'Divine Dogs' of Jujutsu Kaisen are represented with an illustrated wolf shadow puppet logo, featured on the breast of the hoodie. These hoodies are affordable, made from 50% cotton 50% polyester, and available in a wide range of colors and sizes on Etsy.

26. Akira Blu-Ray

Watch the ground-breaking anime film in remastered HD.

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Akira is one of the all-time greats of film. That's right, I said it: film. Not just anime, but in all cinema; it really is that good! First released in 1998, Akira is the shocking tale of a nuclear future on the run-down streets of Tokyo, featuring one of the most incredible soundtracks ever, and scene after scene of jaw-droppingly beautiful artwork. Brought to life in remastered HD for Blu-Ray, this film has never looked so good. Would make a perfect fit on any anime fan's shelf.

27. Kiki's Tapestry Throw Blanket

Intricately woven, one-of-a-kind Kiki's Delivery Service throw.​

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You literally will not find this anywhere else but here, on BoxLunch, as it's an exclusive gift created specifically for the pop-culture gift site. You can relax in comfort with this delicately designed, beautiful and warm throw blanket designed with Kiki from Studio Ghibli's Kiki's Delivery Service flying across the front. The blanket is surprisingly affordable, too, and a good size at 48"x60".

28. Unisex Ditto Pokémon Ring

A cute, funny, highly-stylized ring featuring the Pokémon Ditto!

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If you felt the other jewelry included on this list wasn't quite to the taste of your intended recipient, we think we might have the perfect answer for you here. Ditto is a classic Pokémon, one of the original 151, and is rendered here in beautiful swirling purple, clinging to the topside of a unisex, adjustable-size, silver ring. Cleverly-designed, this is one of the rather more stylish gifts on this list, yet still with a real nerdy underbelly. We think your anime fan is going to love it!

29. Attack on Titan Keyring

Take on any titan with this Levi Ackerman sword keyring!

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One of the most stand-out features of beloved anime Attack on Titan is surely the swords, which the famed Scout regiments use to fell the giant titans threatening their way of life. Here, protagonist Levi Ackerman's sword is reimagined in miniature as an interactable keyring. Unsheathe it and fight off miniature titans anywhere, anytime!

30. Jujutsu Kaisen Cosplay Costume

Everything necessary to cosplay as Kugisaki Nobara from Jujutsu Kaisen!

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Just in time for Halloween, here's the last item on our gift guide: a beautiful, authentic and faithful-to-the-anime cosplay costume for you or your intended recipient to dress up as Kugisaki Nobara from Jujutsu Kaisen. Of course, this cosplay can be worn outwith Halloween, too. Perfect for themed parties, conventions, or just exploring the realms of your imagination at home, the costume comes in sizes small to extra-extra-large and is made of 80% polyester.