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38 Gift Ideas for Grandpa

Need a gift for grandpa? We’ve rounded up the best gifts into this ideal gift list. With a range of occasions, interests and types of gifts there’s sure to be something here granda will love. From holiday gifts, family gifts, gifts from the grandkids to everything in between. You can spoil grandma with the perfect gift for his birthday, Christmas or just to celebrate being a wonderful grandpa. We’ve made celebrating grandpa easy with this great gift list stuffed full of the best gift ideas.

By Liz Holt • Published Jan 2 2023

1. Life Story Journal

Share Grandpa’s life stories with this wonderful journal

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This journal from Amazon is packed with questions, prompts and ideas to make sure you can learn everything from Grandpa about his life and experiences. Get him to write it all down or chat it out using the prompts, starting with childhood right up until now it covers every major moment and memory. Keep it safe for the grandkids and future generations to share and enjoy.

2. Shiatsu Massager

Give the gift of relaxation

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Neck and back massage with heat and deep kneading functions. Give grandpa the gift of relaxation after a busy day with the grandkids or just working on his hobbies he can sit and relax with this neck massager. Wraps around the neck, shoulders and back it features a range of functions and customizable settings. It also works as a leg and foot massager to keep grandpa on his feet after running around with the grandkids.

3. First Grandad Christmas Decoration

A personalized ornament for Grandpa’s first Christmas.

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Celebrate the first Christmas as a grandpa with this personalized Christmas decoration. Inscribe a personal message, name and date on this gold Christmas decoration and gift it before Christmas so it can be hung up for Grandpa’s first Christmas as a grandad. The perfect gift to celebrate the first grandkid.

4. Grandpa Leather Photo Keychain

Keep the keys and those you love close to you.

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Never lose the keys again and keep a reminder of the grandkids all in one place. This leather crafted keychain includes a photo holder to always keep those closest to you with you. Available in a range of colours, monograms and photo options find it on Etsy here.

5. Around the world brainteaser puzzles

Keep the mind agile and hands busy with these brainteaser puzzles

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For the puzzle-loving problem-solving grandpa this set of 5 brainteasers is perfect. Physical puzzles/problems to solve including the mystery of Chinese Tea, the Aztec Passionflower and the Roman Keys. Made from metal and wood they are shipped as a set from Uncommon goods, solve them with family members or as a solo mode of relaxation this unique gift is fun for everyone.

6. Best Grandpa Sweatshirt

Great crew- neck sweater with Best Grandpa Ever on

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Grandpa will be stylish, warm and everyone will know he’s the best grandpa ever in this sweatshirt. Super soft and warm, this crew neck jumper is a cotton blend with personalized embroidery on. Choose your custom text, size and colour to make sure you’ve got a sweatshirt grandpa will love. Find it on etsy here.

7. Grandpa Family Tree Wood Cut Picture

Wood hunting family tree memories just for Grandpa

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This unique family tree features up to 25 family members and can be customized with any names and titles you want. Made from 3 laser-cut layers of wood each one is cut, sanded, stained and engraved to bring this wood print to life. Hunting themed with forest and deer motifs and each name engraved on a star. The perfect family keepsake to display in grandpa's house.

8. Swiss Army knife

The ultimate original gadget, the swiss army knife.

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A gadget every grandpa needs, the classic Swiss Army Knife. This multi-tool pocket-sized gadget features a range of functions including blade, can opener, Philips screwdriver and so many more. Iconic and durable the perfect gadget for every grandpa. Also offers hours of amusement and curiosity from the grandkids (just make sure grandpa's in charge of operating!))

9. Gramps hat

Adjustable cap with Gramps on for every cool grandpa.

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Gramps unite this is the cap for you, adjustable snapback cap it features gramps embroidered on the front. Available in a range of colours. Keep gramps safe from the sun, look cool and own his gramps status. Great for a grandfather's day gift or birthday gift.

10. Diecast Model Car

For the model collector a diecast model vehicle gift certificate

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If your grandpa is a collector give him the gift of choosing a diecast model vehicle. Diecast Models have hundreds of die-cast models and he can choose his favourite or any model missing from his collection, the gift certificate means the choice is his.

11. Mollky

Wooden Pin & Skittles Game to play with family or friends

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For holiday fun the whole family can join in gift grandpa this great holiday gift. Mollky, the wooden pin and skittles games that test your skill and throwing accuracy ( as well as maths skills as you’ve got to add the numbers on the pins you knock down or the total number of fallen pins). Fun for everyone and every age.

12. Ugg Ascot Slipper

The perfect moccasins for every grandpa

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Made from supple suede, lined with wool and with a rubber sole these are the perfect moccasins. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use they’ll keep grandpa warm and dry as well as stylish. Available in a range of colours and sizes.

13. Buddy Digital Photo Frame

The elegance of a traditional photo frame with the capability of a digital one

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This sleek classic photo frame displays more than just one memory, give grandma the gift of a beautiful frame with all the memories you’ve captured loaded on. An ambient light sensor adapts to the light in the room and it plugs into a wall socket so no battery replacement is needed.

14. The Grandfather t-shirt

As a nod to the famous movie and grandpa this great t-shirt will be a hit.

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This crew neck t-shirt is super soft and features The Grandfather logo on the front in reference to the movie and grandpa. Available in a range of sizes, colours and font options you can personalize it to make it truly his.

15. Personalized buffalo leather wallet

Embossed with his initials this leather wallet is a lovely thoughtful gift

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This classic leather wallet embossed with grandpa’s initials or grandpa makes a lovely gift. Made from beautiful buffalo leather it’s available in a range of colours and with 7 letters of personalization possible. To add an extra thoughtful touch don’t forget to include a family photo inside.

16. Mosaic Weighted Blanket

Anxiety reducing, relaxation all wrapped up in cozy blanket.

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This therapeutic weighted blanket will help sleep, reduce anxiety and offer comfort like no other. Covered in super soft grey flannel it’ll be perfect for a full night’s sleep or relaxing in the couch. Available in a range of styled, colours and sizes. Made in the USA.

17. Echo Dot 4th Gen with Alexa

Help is on hand with the Alexa echo dot

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From quick questions to household functions Alexa is the helper Grandpa never knew he needed. Play music, stream audiobooks or make calls with the echo dot and Alexa. Set reminders, stay in touch with family and friends or just use it to find the answers to whatever questions he may have.

18. Audible Membership

Get grandpa the gift of a library full of audiobooks with audible

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Audible membership will give him access to a world full of books, podcasts and audio programs. He can listen while gardening, model building or just sitting and relaxing. Link it up to the kindle to sync spoken and written versions of the same books.

19. Tailgate Foodie Grillmaster blends box set

For every grill loving bbq cooking grandpa a box set of bbq spice blends

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With 6 different handcrafted spice and seasoning blends, there’s one for every grilling occasion and meat. For the grandpa that loves bbq’s and outdoor grilling this box set of blends will take cooking to the next level.

20. Walnut Cutting Board

Virginia Boys Kitchen Walnut cutting board with grooved edge

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Made in the USA from 100% sustainable walnut wood this cutting board is a sturdy, reversible cutting board. Made from porous soft grains it won’t dull your knife and the grooved edges will catch any juices before they hit the floor.

21. Rustic Wooden Family Photo Collage Frame

Frame all the family members in this rustic wood floating wall frame.

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Handcrafted from recycled Barn wood this floating photo frame adds a rustic touch to any shed, study or lounge room. Choose from 2,3,4,5,6 or 9 photo spots and fill them will all your favourite family photos.

22. Custom Logo Golf Balls

Add a custom logo/initials to grandpas golfing game.

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With this box set of Mizuno RB Tour Golf Balls, you can choose to upload an image to be added to each ball. One dozen custom balls that are soft and responsive on the green as well as wind drag-reducing. Available in a range of quantities simple upload your logo and purchase.

23. Premium meat and cheese gift hamper

This gift box is packed full of delicious premium meat and cheese

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Perfect for a birthday, special occasion or just thanks for being a great grandpa gift. This gift hamper is full of premium meat, cheese and crackers for grandpa to relax and enjoy. Sweet or savoury there's something for every taste included.

24. iPad

Give Grandpa the gift of tech on the go.

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For long-distance grandpa’s keep in touch with an iPad. Stay connected over facetime, photo sharing and email with the latest iPad. Amazing video, picture and storage capability long-distance won’t seem so far away with daily facetime catchup.

25. Mans best friend bottle opener

This great dog shaped bottle opener won’t be grandpa’s best friend

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Crafted from wood and metal it’s easy to use, great to look at and will keep the bottle caps in his magnetic mouth so they don’t go flying away. If Grandpa is a dog lover this is sure to be a hit.

26. Kindle ebook reader

Kindle with built-in front light for easy reading

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Open a world full of words without the need for shelves full of space. The Kindle e-reader is lightweight, compact, and easy to use. The best feature for grandpas includes backlit and front-lit reading and the adjustable font size (for those grandpa’s not quite ready to admit they need glasses). Saves your page so no need to worry if you fall asleep halfway through.

27. Nostalgia Candy Gift basket

Take Grandpa back to the good old days with this gift basket of nostalgia cand

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This vintage candy gift basket is perfect for revisiting old times or sharing memories with family. Packed full of candy and sweet treats from past decades you can choose the decade you wish and sent it to Grandpa to enjoy.

28. Lego Nasa Space Shuttle Discovery Set

For that unique gift this hard-to-find NASA Space Shuttle Discovery kit

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Retirement and becoming a grandpa can often mean lots more time is free, keep grandpa busy and building with the Lego NASA Discovery Kit. Older grandkids can join in and help the building process. With 2354 pieces of Lego to build, he’ll be busy for weeks!

29. NOISZ Robot Vacum Cleaner

No one loves vacuuming so give grandpa one less job to do.

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The Noisz robot vacuum cleaner will take the vacuuming off grandpa’s hands. Automatic, self-charging and easy to operate its perfect for keeping everything clean and tidy.

30. Personalised measuring tape

Make sure Grandpa's measuring tape never goes missing

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For the grandpa who is good at fixing things and handy around the home, this personalized measuring tape. 16’ tape that you can add a personal message to so he won’t forget his family loves him.

31. Lure Making Kit

For the grandpa who loves fishing, this lure making kit.

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Make sure grandpa has the most alluring lure possible by gifting him this build your own box set. Includes everything he needs to craft his own lures making sure his next fishing trip is sure to land a big one.

32. Knife Making Kit

For the grandpa who loves to craft useful things

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This knife making kit is perfect for the handy grandpa who loves to spend time in the shed making stuff. Packed with everything needed to craft his own knife including a leather sheath for when it's finished.

33. Bachmanns Train Set

For the model train lover and enthusiast railway loving grandpa.

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This 130 piece Freight train set comes with everything needed to get grandpa’s model railway setup up and running. Powered by an EMD GP40 diesel locomotive it features operating headlights, hooper car, gondola car, signal bridge and so much more. HO Scale 1;87

34. Outset Apron & Glove BBQ Set

Suede apron and gloves for all those grilling occasions.

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The ultimate in grilling or BBQing apparel this Outset apron and gloves are for the serious griller. Made from brown leather suede it’ll protect grandpa and his clothes. One size fits all with adjustable neck, waist and wrists. Two large pockets to store spices, cooking tools or whatever grandpa needs.

35. Cuisine Art Smoker

Vertical smoker for all those cooking needs

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For the grandpa who loves food and has some time on his hands this Cuisine Art Vertical Smoker. Two stainless steel racks offer 510sq inches of space while the top and bottom vents allow air through. Grandpa can smoke his favourite foods and everything aside from charcoal or wood chunks are included.

36. Novium Hover Pen

For the grandpa who loves to write

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Keep in touch with handwritten letters from grandpa, or just the daily shopping list. This great eye-catching pen offers a luxury writing experience with no spills or spots as well as a futuristic hover design that’ll be the talking point of his desk (one little grandkid may not be able to resist touching).

37. Wine of the month classic gift box subscription

A monthly subscription of wine and wine guides

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Gift grandpa the gift of a wine subscription box, a monthly delivery of wine as well as information about food pairings, a newsletter, a cheese pairing guide and so much more. Choose from a range of subscriptions levels and delivery options

38. National Parks Monopoly

For the outdoor lover and game player this National Parks edition of Monopoly

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Enjoy as a family or over drinks with friends’ monopoly can be a make or break game but is always worth playing. This is a special National Parks of the USA edition and features everything from the Grand Canyon to Yosemite.