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30 Gifts Ideas for a 30th Birthday

There are many important milestones in life, but a 30th birthday is surely an extra-special occasion. Turning thirty signifies a shift in how people see you, and how you see yourself. Gone are your teens, and now so too are your twenties behind you. A 30-year-old is looking to the future and excited about what they might find there.

But buying a 30-year-old the perfect 30th birthday present is not always easy, whether you’re on a budget or not. We’ve scoured the internet and found the perfect gifts for any 30th birthday party. Treat your best friend, sibling or child to a great gift with which they can commemorate the day. You’re sure to find something on this list of creative 30th birthday gift ideas.

By Cal Bannerman • Published Jan 2 2023

1. A Skydiving Experience

Give them a day they'll never forget, with tandem skydiving!

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Surely there's no better way to wish your bestie a happy birthday than by inviting them to jump head-first out of a plane flying at 15,000ft... right? Milestone birthdays are all about creating memories that will last a lifetime, and there's no way the birthday boy or birthday girl is going to forget the UK's highest tandem skydive. Of course, if you're not in the UK, don't worry! There are centres all around the world offering skydiving days for beginners.

2. Personalized Metallic Watch

A gorgeous charcoal and white watch, personalized with an inscription.

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Having something personalized is a sure fire way to ensure that yours is a unique gift for the 30-year-old's special day. This stunning stainless steel watch from Menkind has a mesh metal band of light charcoal, complimented with a crisp white clock face. You can add an inscription of up to five lines on the back, to turn this watch into something they'll cherish forever.

3. Friends-Themed Mug

'The One Where [They] Turn Thirty' - a fun novelty mug.

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If your bff is turning thirty, then there's one thing you can be sure of, and that's that the hit TV sitcom Friends was a huge part of their childhood. This fun mug from Etsy is a personalized gift just waiting for you to add their name into the inscription. A play on the unmistakable episode-naming format of Friends, this is novelty with class. In our opinion, this is one of the best 30th birthday gift ideas for those of us on a budget.

4. Bleu de Chanel Perfume

Bottled opulence for the 30th birthday man or woman.

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Chanel have been producing some of the world's finest fragrances for decades now, and one of their most popular perfumes is undoubtedly Blue de Chanel. Whilst perfume might seems to you more suited on a list of gifts for women, remember that we all like to smell nice, and feel fancy from time to time! In fact, whilst Blue de Chanel is marketed towards men, it's beloved by all genders. A classy idea for a 30th birthday present.

5. Usual Wines' Sparkling Brut

A box of sparkling wine, bottled by the glass.

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For some, turning 30 is an occasion for celebration. For others, it's a painful reminder of aging. If your loved one falls into the latter category, then why not get the a gift box that will allow them to celebrate their birthday by themselves in style, and drown their sorrows at the same time. Usual Wines have made a name for themselves by bottling their carefully crafted wines with just enough for one large glass in each bottle. An unusual gift box, but one a disgruntled 30-year-old-woman or man is bound to thank you for.

6. Sterling Silver Bracelet

A gorgeous silver bracelet with a ring for each decade.

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Sterling silver is the way to anyone's heart, and this bracelet from Etsy is designed with a delicate silver ring for each decade the birthday girl (or boy)has lived. The bracelet comes presented in a beautiful gift box, with a 30th birthday backing card included. The best thing abut this jewelry is that whilst it might look a million dollars, it sure doesn't cost it.

7. Sweet Treat Gift Box

A personalized gift box full of sweets for their 30th.

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This (totally inexpensive) gift box from Etsy can be personalized with the name of the soon-to-be 30-year-old, and is packed with treats for them to gorge on. You can choose between 'retro' sweets, 'fizzy' ones, 'chocolate' or (our personal favorite), the 'super mix'. With the 'super mix' the box is filled with the very best of all the treats from the other three options! Save yourself the hassle and have this sweet treat gift set sent directly to the recipient, with your name attached to it.

8. 3D Pen Bundle

A gadget straight from the 22nd century!

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Menkind have kind of blown their competition out of the water with this incredibly cool gadget: a 3D pen which allows you to literally bring your imagination to life. Powered by a USB-C cable, this pen uses colored plastic filaments a fuel, with which you can design any 3D object you can dream of. This gadget bundle from Menkind comes with everything they will need to start creating, right out of the box. Let your 30-year-old re-invent their childhood with a veritable piece of the future.

9. 1991 Vintage Beer Glass

Beer can-shaped glass with custom 1991 vintage print.

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If your twenties are shaped by alcopops and vodka shots, then your thirties are most definitely shaped by beer. This novelty beer glass from Amazon is shaped like a beer can, and is printed with classy white designs and text. On the front of this Amazon glass is a stamp reading "Vintage 1991: Aged to Perfection / Limited Edition". And then, on the back is found a host of interesting facts and figures pertaining to that sainted year, 1991, when your thirty-year-old was born. A genderless gift for the beer drinking friend, from Amazon.

10. Three-Wick Yankee Candle

Give the gift of soothing vibes with a Yankee candle.

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Yankee candles are renowned the world over as some of the highest quality candles your money can buy. And candles are versatile, too, especially for a 30th birthday. This long-lasting, three-wick mountain air-scented candle may be too big to sit atop the cake at their 30th birthday party, but it will be perfect alongside a relaxing bath, or in setting the vibes for a romantic evening (or an evening to one's self!). A great gift for those on a budget.

11. Bath Bombs Gift Set

Relaxing aromatherapy with a 24-piece bath bomb gift set.

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And speaking of setting the vibe for a soothing bath... What better way to show the birthday person that they're worthy of love and relaxation than with this beautifully-packaged set of 24 therapeutic bath bombs from Amazon? We all need a bit of self-care from time to time, and dropping one of these bombs into a fresh bath does wonders for the mind and body. A perfect gift for a 30th birthday, just as much as it would do well as a 50th birthday gift. Everyone loves a calming bath.

12. Spa Day & Afternoon Tea

A classic experiential gift to make a 30th birthday luxurious.

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This is actually one of my very favorite go-to gifts for any big birthday occasion, and I'm yet to find someone whose eyes don't go wide when they see it. In the crazily hectic modern world, we far too rarely allow ourselves a break. Thankfully, by giving your 30-year-old a ticket to a spa day and afternoon tea retreat, you don't give them much of a choice! Trust me, they'll be talking about this present for many months to come.

13. Special Edition Fiction Book

A luxury edition of bestseller sci-fi novel Dune by Frank Herbert.

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'Dune' by Frank Herbert is one of the all-time greats in science fiction, and has appeared on countless bestseller lists; not least most recently, with the theatrical release of a new film adaptation (2021). Your thirties are the perfect time in life to slow down and appreciate the small things which make everyday so enjoyable. A good book is one of those small things. Treat the birthday person to a book they may never have considered reading before, on their birthday.

14. Brazilian Lime Body Wash

Pamper them to perfection with some ultra-luxurious body wash.

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Let's face it, by the time we reach our thirties, our skin has taken a beating after years of boozing, partying, and generally just being too young to care. But skincare is important, and everyone deserves to feel pampered on their birthday. This delicious Brazilian lime, fig leaves and tea body wash from Beauty Pie is the perfect gift to help a newly 30-year-old feel fresh and invigorated on the morning of the big day.

15. Nordstrom Wine Bottle Cooler

A fancy cooler to keep a fancy bottle of wine cool.

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Something tells me the soon-to-be 30-year-old in your life is going to be consuming a fair amount of wine over the next decade... Help them along their way with a gorgeous and effective wine cooler from Nordstrom. Simply pop a bottle of chilled cava, champagne, white or rose in this vacuum-insulated, stainless-steel canister, available in a range of finishes.

16. Screen-Printed Tote Bag

A unique screen-printed tote with a funny frog character.

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Now here's a gift you're unlikely to find on many other gift guides. A handmade, screen-printed tote bag (which, as I'm sure you'll know, are very 'in' right now), featuring a hilarious little frog character on the side. Personally, we think that the frog's expression encapsulates what it feels like to turn thirty, but your recipient can be the judge of that... Tote bags always make affordable and fun gifts, and Etsy has loads of lovely ones to choose from.

17. Harry & David Gift Basket

A gift basket full to the brim with delicious treats.

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Harry & David put together some of the most incredible gift baskets you'll ever set your eyes on. This particularly one - the "Deluxe Favorites" - can be shipped directly to your intended recipient in its attractive packaging. It includes pears, popcorn, cheese and crackes, galettes, relish, cherries, truffles, mints and more! A really special idea, especially if you live too far away from the birthday person to visit them, but still want to shower them with treats.

18. Le Creuset Wine Glasses

German wine glasses designed especially for red wine.

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Okay, we know we might be overdoing the point, but fact is thirty year olds drink a heck of a lot of wine! These glass wine glasses from Le Creuset were manufactured in Germany with a wider, shallower bowl to allow rambunctious red wines to breathe, and thus become even fuller bodied. Turning thirty means taking a turn for the sophisticated; show them just how sophisticated with this set of four wine glasses from Le Creuset.

19. House Plant & Decorative Pot

Brighten up their thirties with a flash of verdant greenery.

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Houseplants are so popular now they have become synonymous with the millennial generation. More conscious of environmental matters, and less likely to have children in their twenties than any generation come before, millennials have instead populated their homes with lots of plant babies! This succulent is originally from South America, and on top of being easy to look after, it comes in a gorgeous decorative metallic pot, perfect for gifting.

20. Audible Audiobook Gift Card

Give them limitless listening with an Amazon Audible gift card.

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Audible has carved a path as one of the world's most popular audiobook streaming services, one which you can access on almost any device. Why not give your birthday celebrant a gift card to Amazon's Audible, with which they can access a library of countless fiction classics, contemporary biographies, and children's fairy tales (and so much more!). You can choose to gift Audible to your recipient for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or even a year.

21. Supercar Driving Day

Let them loose on the track in a supercar for a day.

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When it comes to gifting experiences, none are quite so adrenaline-fueled as a day at a sports track. Often reserved for the middle-aged men in our lives, a thirty year old roadster would absolutely love this gift, too. Based in Canada, these tracks offer experiential outings in exotic cars and supercars, where the birthday person can put some serious pedal to the metal. Various options to suit various price budgets!

22. BrewDog Beer Making Kit

Craft beer is never cooler than when home-brewed.

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BrewDog are notorious as the punks of the beer-brewing world. With this Beer Making Kit from the company, you can give the guest of honour the chance to DIY their very own batch of ale, from scratch! Will it kick-start an annoying new habit where they start talking about craft beer whenever they get the chance? Sure! But will it also make them the happiest 30-year-old on the planet? You bet!

23. Mini Retro Games Console

A throwback to simpler times: the C64 Retro Games Console.

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Just like the 'Friends' mug earlier in the list was all about nostalgia, so too is this C64 mini retro games console from MenKind. This is an accurate replica of the original 1982 Commadore 64, and with it the birthday girl or boy can play classic games such as Speedball2, Hawkeye, Boulder Dash and California Games in 720p, directly on their TV. One of the most awesome, affordable, and fun gifts you can give. When everyone else is gifting serious things, be the person to inject some fun into their life!

24. The Simpsons T-Shirt

Hark back to childhood Treehouse of Horrors in a t-shirt!

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The Simpsons was a huge part of growing up for anyone born in 1991 or later. Whilst there are t-shirts out there with corny slogans about turning 30 on them, we thought we'd do one better. This cool, custom Simpsons t-shirt features the happy family on their couch... as skeletons. Your birthday celebrant is unlikely to have seen anyone else ever walking around with one of these on, and so they're sure to fall in love with it at first sight!

25. Rude 30th Birthday Card

A humorous 30th birthday card to make their grandparents blush!

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Turning 30 isn't everyone's cup of tea. Whilst some embrace the change, others would rather pretend that they can stay 29 forever. Well, with this novelty card from Etsy, they can! 29 and a flipped bird warns all who approach not to mention the dreaded 3-0. It's funny, relatable, and on the acceptable side of rude. If you're looking just to send a card for their 30th birthday, then this is a great one to choose.

26. 30th Birthday Makeup Bag

Cute and funny makeup bag celebrating being fabulous at thirty.

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Does the unicorn dancing round the pole on this cutesy makeup bag remind you of someone? The birthday girl (or boy) perhaps? It certainly reminds us of plenty thirty year olds, not ready to give up their days up on the nightclub podiums with a drink in hand... A gift for all thirty-somethings who want to feel fabulous when applying their makeup!

27. Birthday Party 30th Headband

A headband so the world knows who just turned thirty!

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If you've planned a big 30th birthday party for your bestie, but you haven't thought about getting them a novelty 30th birthday headband, then have you really planned a party? This rose gold headband reads "30 Today", making sure that everyone at the party knows who to shower with love and celebration!

28. Porcelain 30th Heart Dish

A porcelain trinket dish to send them your love.​

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Trinket dishes are so versatile - they can be used for keys, rings, watches, chargers, necklaces, knick-knacks, you name it. And this one, imprinted with the word "thirty" in deep blue on white porcelain, is a really lovely example. From Etsy, the seller sends it in a little keepsake box. Heart-shaped, this trinket dish will show the person you love just how much you love them.

29. Hotel Choclat Dipping Adventure

Gift box from the world famous chocolatiers, Hotel Chocolat.

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This isn't just any box of chocolates. This gift box from world famous Hotel Chocolat features four different pots of chocolate dip, into which your recipient can plunge a range of sweet and savoury treats. With all the luxury of a chocolate fondue on the Swiss Alps, brought to the comfort of the home, this is a gift that anyone, regardless of age, would die for.

30. Personalized Birthday Keepsake Box

A personalized wooden chest for 30th birthday keepsakes.​

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Life is full of precious memories which are too-easily forgotten. Thankfully, with this stunning, rustic wooden keepsake box, your thirty year old birthday person can stow away all those memories whenever they experience them. You can personalize the box by having the birthday person's name printed in gold between the wreath on top, too, just to make a gorgeous gift extra special.