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30 Fishing Gift Ideas

When it comes to buying gifts for the fishers in our life, it’s not always easy to know where to start. Do they already have all the fishing rods they need? What’s the difference between fly and bait fishing? Would they appreciate fishing-themed gifts? Do they need more fishing rods, fishing lures, or gadgets? What are the best fishing gifts you can buy?

Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about any of that, because we’ve done the research, found the very best fishing gifts on the market, and have compiled a list of gift ideas to make any fishing trip an exciting adventure. Read on to find the perfect present for your keen fisherman or fisherwoman!

By Cal Bannerman • Published Jan 2 2023

1. Walleye Fish Can Cooler

A hilarious novelty can cooler to keep drinks fresh.

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Let's face it, a major part of all fishing trips is spent waiting around for those elusive devils to bite. What better way to pass the time than with a nice cold can of beer or pop? And when you've been out in the field for hours, up to your thighs in freshwater, the last thing you want is a warm beer! This walleye-styled double-walled can cooler will not only keep your angler's drinks cold for longer, it'll put a smile on their face whilst it does. A great gift for any fisher, or even the perfect father's day gift from a kid who cherishes memories of going fishing with their dad.

2. Mystery Tackle Box

A mystery box filled with tackle goodies!

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If you're struggling to find something to buy for your angler friend or relation, you can't go far wrong with this mystery tackle box, which is different every time you buy it! A unique gift, the fishing accessories contained within these boxes are expertly crafted and will provide exciting new chances for catching fish on the recipient's next fishing trip.

3. Fish Grillin' Apron

A novelty apron for barbecuing the day's catch.

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If there's one thing better than fishing, it's cooking up the day's catch over the barbecue. Whether you're smoking some salmon with a little applewood, or grilling your trout with some lemon and thyme, this novelty apron makes the perfect accompaniment. It's a fisherman's gift with a sense of humour any fisher can easily relate to. Affordable too, this is a great option for the angler who already has everything else.

4. Bluetooth Speaker Cooler Bag

Cool your beers and blast some tunes!

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Over the top? Yes. Versatile? Yes. The perfect gift? Just about! This cooler bag can keep your angler's lunch (or their beers...) fresh on long fishing trips, whilst the bluetooth speaker attached to the side can pump out their favorite music whilst they wait for the bite or celebrate their catch! The American flag decal is simply the cherry on top. There are few better ways to put a smile on a patriotic loved one's face than with the stars and stripes, a cold beer, and good music.

5. ANGLR Bullseye Fishing Tracker

A digital fisherman's logbook and fish finder.

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This is easily one of the coolest fishing tools on this list, and would make great stocking stuffers thanks to its pocket-size. Instead of having to manually keep a log book of your each and every catch, the weather, location, date and time, and then get the logbook out every time you want to reference a past catch, the ANGLR app and Bullseye fish tracker does it all with just the click of a button. The Bullseye can be attached to any fishing hat, shirt or lanyard, and when clicked once will record your catch alongside weather, water, and location details. You can click the Bullseye twice to drop editable waypoints with fishing notes, photos, and GPS coordinates, which you can then share privately or publicly with the free ANGLR app. With two years of battery life, there is no charging required, and the Bullseye is weatherproof (IP54), and saltwater resistant. All of this for less than $30, you might just want to buy yourself one, too!

6. Rapala Fisherman's Multi-Tool

A multi-tool for a fisherman's every need.

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This sleek, modern-looking combo-tool from Rapala comes with a carabiner clip so that you can hook it to your keychain or trousers. On top of a handy "beverage wrench" (that's a bottle opener to you and I), it has a pair of retractable fishing line scissors, a retractable jig eye punch, and a multi-size line threader. In other words, all of the gadgets an angler could need, contained within one comfy grip, die-cast metal frame!

7. Rapala Digital Fish Gripper

Weigh monster catches on the spot with this digital scale.

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Whether your angler is into fly fishing, ice fishing, bass fishing, bait fishing, freshwater or saltwater fishing, you name it - ultimately, they're going to want a way to measure just how record-breaking (or not!) their most recent monster catch is. This fish gripper from Rapala makes it super easy to weigh a catch on the spot - just turn it on, clip it onto the fish's jaw, and record its weight (up to 50lbs). Operational for up to 600 hours on just two AAA batteries, this digital scale even has an automatic turn-off feature to preserve power. Perfect size for good stocking stuffers as a Christmas gift.

8. Karl's Club Fish Decals

Cool, colorful, and funny fish-themed decal stickers.

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We're guessing that the fisherperson you have in mind likes to talk about their hobby... a lot. Why not give them a gift with which they can brag about their love of fishing without having to say a word? We know, win-win, right? These colorful sticker decals from Karl's Club are super cheap, and super rad. With stickers to suit just about any angler's personality, we guarantee a few of these decals will make a thoughtful, affordable present.

9. Bass Fish Sandals

Make your fisher-friend laugh with these novelty bass sandals.

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Now, here's a gift idea you won't find on many gift guides... a pair of sandals shaped like bass fish, with the holes for your toes in the bass' mouth! A little ridiculous, sure, but if you know anglers like we know anglers, then you'll know that they can all be a little ridiculous when they feel like it. These sandals are inexpensive and silly, perfect for a fisherman or woman with a sense of humour!

10. Witch's Tooth Fillet Knife

A beautiful, hand-crafted, collector's fish filleting knife.

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Plenty of anglers love nothing better than to camp by the river and cook the catch of the day for their supper. But cooking fish is impossible without a good fillet knife, for descaling and slicing large catches into perfect portions. This fillet knife from Rapala is exquisite, a thing of true and rare beauty. According to Finnish folklore, there's a witch's tooth inside the handle, which protects the user from harm. The knife has a hand-ground stainless steel blade and a handle of rare Finnish curly birch and reindeer antler. It comes packaged in an heirloom wooden gift box.

11. Charge 'N Glow Rod Mount

Quickly charge glow baits for ice fishing.

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Ice fishing often requires use of glowing baits, to attract fish which are used to bioluminescent prey. However, in order for baits like these to glow long and true, they must be charged with LED lights. This clip-on rod-mounted LED light charges glow baits quickly and conveniently, making ice fishing more efficient.

12. Inflatable Pedal Drive Kayak

Fish the river in luxury on this inflatable kayak.

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On the higher-end of our gift guide's price range is this incredibly versatile inflatable fishing kayak from Austin Kayak's. Compact and easily-transportable, this inflatable kayak comes with a rod holder, box for bait and catches, a movable chair, pump, carrying bag, and paddle leash. The most affordable inflatable fishing kayak on the market, the Riot Mako 9 is built with a catamaran design to insure stability. They can be out on the water and ready to fish within minutes of parking the car with this incredible gift.

13. Waterproof Stowaway Utility Box

Water-resistant utility box to keep lures and lines dry.

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One of the most popular ways to enjoy a fishing trip is out on the open water, but as with any water activities, the risk of damaging your equipment is real. That's why this water-resistant utility box from Plano makes a great gift: compact enough to be stowed-away, it is sealed up tight against any corrosion from exposure to the elements, keeping your fisherperson's bait, tackle, lures and line nice and dry and ready to use at any moment.

14. Hobie Kayak Live Well

Keeps live bait healthy and accessible at all times.

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When fishing on the open water in a kayak or boat, or even fishing on land, keeping live bait healthy and out of those hard to reach places can be a real struggle. This live well, designed specifically to fit on a range of Hobie kayaks, is easy to maintain and control, will "plug in and play" with most Hobie kayaks, and guarantees to keep live bait fresh and healthy for the duration of the fishing trip.

15. Mustad 'Inkvader' Octopus Jig

The best-selling soft lure for deep sea fishing.

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If the monstrous fish your angler likes to fish for enjoy octopus as bait, then this soft jig from Mustad is the closest you can possibly get to fishing with live octopus. Not only does it look the part, the Mustad soft lure can even squirt water-soluble, non-toxic 'ink' thanks to little capsules you can load the jig with. Whether bouncing this off the bottom, slow trolling, or slow pitch jigging, this gift is bound to catch some beautiful fish. Comes in three different sizes, each with ten 'ink' capsules.

16. Frogg Toggs Waders (Unisex)

Breathable, waterproof waders to keep any angler warm and dry.

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Fly fishing requires the angler to spend long hours up to their chest in river water, which can be both freezing and unpleasant if they're not properly equipped for it. These attractive waders from Frogg Toggs are made with breathable nylon. They've got reinforced knees and and shins, and come with a custom chest pocket with expandable fly box pocket and zippered security pocket, to ensure that your angler can keep everything they need on them at all times. An essential piece of fishing gear for any fly fisherperson.

17. Bass Pro Shops Gift Card

Gift card for America's best-loved fishing and outdoors shop.

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You really can't go wrong with a gift card, and with this gift card the recipient can treat themselves to absolutely any fishing gear or fishing accessories they need, from fishing line, fishing rods, fishing poles, and fishing pliers to a whole heap more. With denominations available from $25-$100, this is a budget-friendly idea, too. Check these gift cards out on Amazon!

18. Funny Fishing T-Shirt

100% cotton novelty fishing t-shirt with a hilarious slogan.

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Most fishing-themed or fish-pun t-shirts are a little cheesy and a little cheap, so here's a great alternative from Amazon. 100% cotton and available in a wide range of colours to suit any keen fisher, this is a genuinely great quality t-shirt with a funny quip on it that doesn't look tacky. "I can't work today, my arm is in a cast!" surrounds a silhouette of a man mid-cast with his fishing rod. Whoever came up with that one, we salute you!

19. Fishin'-Opoly Board Game

You guessed it, it's Monopoly but for fishermen and fisherwomen!

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They say a bad day fishing is still better than a good day at work. Well, when you've finished work but you can't go fishing, what could be better than still indulging the hobby habit with a fishing-themed board game, based on the much-beloved classic: Monopoly. Fun for all the family, give them the gift of enjoying their hobby with their loved ones.

20. Double Rod Reel Case

Crush-proof, weather-resistant case for two rods and reels.

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Transporting rods and reels can be a real problem if you've got far to go or the conditions are poor. This double rod reel case allows the owner to easily transport two fishing reel rods in the one lightweight case. The case is both crush-proof and weather-proof, meaning that their fishing rods will never be safer than when they're locked inside this dry bag.

21. Dry Creek Dry Bag

A dry bag to keep fishing gear safe and dry.

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It only takes one rainy, sodden, soaked-through wading experience to appreciate that dry kit makes an all-round more enjoyable experience. This heavy duty dry bag from Simms (also available in sizes small and large) is specifically designed to be completely watertight and water-resistant, allowing you to transport your gear from car to favorite fishing spot, even if its miles up river, without any of your kit getting wet.

22. Fly Fishing Fisherman's Vest

An attractive vest for all the fly fisher's needs.

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This fly fishing vest from Simms is ingenious and attractive. It has specially-made pouches with outer-material designed for fishing flies to be hooked into, so that even if you're thigh-high in rushing water, you still have immediate and easy access to all the gear you need to fix your line and get back to casting. A fantastic gift for any fly fisherman, whether new to the game or an old hand.

23. Simms Superior Guide Plier

The ultimate guide plier: corrosion-resistant and perma-sharp.

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Guide pliers are a truly invaluable tool in the fisherperson's tool chest. They can be used for any number of things on a fishing trip, including but not limited to: bending wires, retrieving hooks, cutting fishing lines, and splitting rings. However, cheap and inexpensive guide pliers can quickly rust, become dull, or fall apart after a few trips. Every seasoned angler knows that the better quality the guide plier, the better quality the fishing experience. This guide plier from Simms is the best of the best. It is corrosion-resistant, with 17-4 stainless steel jaws, Type II anodized aluminum arms, a tungsten carbide cutting blade, and comes complete with a Kydex holster & utility leash, so they'll never lose it.

24. Trout Face Mask

Protects the fisherman from pollution and pandemics.

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In this day and age, face masks have become a staple of daily life, but they don't have to be boring, muted, throwaways... Here's an affordable, hand-crafted trout watercolor facemask for the fishing fan who wants to stay safe from the harmful effects of pollution, whilst also protecting themselves and those around them from the transmission of deadly viruses.

25. Common Carp Keyring

The perfect keyring to compliment any angler's keys.

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So they're not catching much of late, why not get them a fish that will never jump off the line? This common carp keyring will keep them company even when all the other fish are swimming in the opposite direction. Cheap, cute, and fun, this is a great gift for any occasion, though might go well alongside your other stocking stuffers, too.

26. Fishing-Themed iPhone Cases

A range of funny, artsy, fishing-themed cell phone cases.

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Here's a wonderfully eclectic range of cell phone cases for just about any model of iPhone, some with whacky and weird, hilarious cartoons on the back, others with sentimental, artsy or cute images of fish and fishing. There are plenty of fishy designs to choose from, one of which is bound to suit the angler you have in mind just perfectly.

27. Leather Fly Fishing Wallet

Hand-carved wallet for storing a fisherman's flies.

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This stunning, hand-engraved fly fishing wallet is made from vegan leather and faux-wool, perfect for keeping flies safe and accessible at all times. Engraved with the image of a wild brown trout and traditional wet fly, the wallet is held closed by a leather cord. As standard, it comes engraved with the initials LB (leather bound), but these initials can be customized through the Etsy buyer's site.

28. Chocolate Fishing Gift Box

A tasty treat for long hours by the river or on the boat.

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Here's a fun, affordable gift for an angler on literally any occasion: a box of gluten-free, vegan chocolates in the shapes of a spinning reel, spool, fish and hook. Whether the fisherperson in your life makes a catch or not, they'll always have something tasty to end their trip with if you buy them this gift box of chocolates.

29. Pop-Up Gift Card

A fishing-themed gift card with a surprising pop-up twist.

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We always like to include a gift card in our gift guides if we can help it, since sometimes you're not looking to get the angler in your life anything too big or expensive. However, we never thought we'd come across a gift card quite as clever and ingenious as this. Once opened, the attractive navy and silver design on the front (of a man fishing from his boat) comes to life with a pop-up! Brighten up any angler's day with this thoughtful card.

30. Waterworks-Lamson Rod & Reel

Superior quality rod to start any ambitious angler out right.

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We would be remiss if we finished this list without including a fishing rod and casting reel! This particular model from Waterworks-Lamson is a sterling middle-of-the-road reel and rod combo, featuring a lightweight aluminum reel precisely aligned with the graphite rod for optimal balanced casting. Just remember, that this is a rod for fly fishing; if you're looking to buy for an angler who likes bait fishing, you'll need to look for a rod with a spinning reel (Sierra have plenty on their website!)