47 Gift Ideas for Men Turning 40 Years Old

When looking for that perfect 40th gift idea, it’s important to purchase something that accentuates his manly traits, geeky habits or whatever is his “thing”. Keep in mind his hobbies, how does he escape from that 9 to 5 or endless hours working from home?

Show your appreciation for the work he puts in day in and day out and think about a gift that gives him what he probably doesn’t have as much time for these days.

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Updated Aug 31 2021 Kevin Larue By Kevin Larue

If he was a gamer at some point in his life, this classic Nintendo System will light his fire. It comes loaded with 30 different games. Donkey Kong, PacMan and Super Mario Brothers just to name a few. Give him some time to unwind and clear his mind with childhood faves that take him back to a simpler time.

This slim, lightweight toothbrush looks and feels great. Plus, timed sonic vibrations coach him to brush better. He'll also love the convenient refill plans for changing the toothbrush head.

A pair of noise cancelling headphones are an awesome gift idea if he likes to zone out and listen to music, work from home, or watch movies with. These ones are wireless and Bluetooth connecting to all of his devices. This set will last 30 hours after being fully charged, so he won’t need to worry about them crashing on long flights or whatever he has ahead of himself.

For the golfer in your life. A new golf set that’s complete with 12 quality pieces will surely make him happy. You can choose from a left or right-handed set, and it’s available in red or blue. Callaway is a well-known reputable brand of clubs, whether he is seasoned or just getting started he’ll be ready for the game.

These little things are a brilliant invention that the forgetful guy and sometimes unorganized man could totally appreciate. Using these tiles in combination with his smartphone, he can find lost items quickly. His keys and his phone will never be misplaced again. Even when the phone is on silent, these little tiles will make it ring when you can’t locate it with a push of a button.

This website offers so many different options for cornhole sets. Its a classic and extremely popular yard and party game that most men love. These ones are well made and completely customizable to fit him perfectly. You can base it on hobbies, career, geographical location and more.

A watch for the birthday guy is always a good gift to consider. What we love about this one specifically is its style and versatility. It can be casual during the day, but transition into nice nights out seamlessly. It’s made from stainless steel, which is a sophisticated and manly approach to accessories.

The expensive and popular Yeti Cooler. It’s definitely a splurge in terms of a cooler, but well worth it. This thing does what it claims, if your guy is always showing up with his own cooler than give him one that handles those beverages like a boss. This one can hold up to 14 cans and is made with 2 inches of PermaFrost Insulation.

Does he always need to borrow a tool from a friend? Consider this gift that contains 4 tools in one. The set includes a drill, circular saw, a sander and an LED work light. They all operate on lithium batteries and are therefore rechargeable. The Black and Decker brand is one that he can trust, knowing that your investment will last for many projects and years to come.

Whether he has his own collection of vinyl records or recently had some passed down to him, this thing is just cool. He can listen to the old school records without a clunky and oversized system. He can take it on the go, and it converts those vinyls into MP3’s. It’s the perfect gift merging vintage with modern style.

Invest in his health. The guy who hits the gym or pavement each day will appreciate this watch and tracker. It gives a much closer look at steps, sleep, calories burned and more. It’s compatible with Alexa as well, so he can control his other devices with the watch. He’ll be able to set alarms, listen to his music and even track his fitness in water.

Cocktail drinkers will love the sophistication of this smoking box that’ll truly take his beverage to the next level. With the use of real wood smoke, herbs and spices he can add new flavors to that whiskey on the rocks and consistently switch it up. He can also use it to flavor cheese and other foods too!

It’s not always easy turning 40, and sometimes all you want to do is secret yourself away in your basement, or on the back porch, crack open a can of sweet, sweet beer, and reminisce about your youth. What better way to facilitate the nostalgic, midlife crisis ramblings of your old man than with an annual beer club subscription? The Original Craft Beer Club sends out 12 unique craft beers per month for the birthday boy to enjoy, helping him soothe his midlife worries.

A gift card to use toward an event he chooses is a perfect gift. If he’s a sports buff or loves music, he can choose when it fits his schedule and find his own ideal set of seats. Tickets are getting more and more expensive to events and sometimes we skip it due to that reason. He’ll feel zero guilt on his next night out with your assistance.

Are you concerned that your dad’s already acting like your grandpa, and he’s only about to turn forty? Is your husband groaning as he gets in and out of bed, does he yell at the TV, complain about the news? Well, he might very well be in danger of turning into a crotchety (i.e. unbearably grumpy) old man! Here’s a funny, light-hearted, pocket-size book poking fun at all the cliches of hitting mid-life. You never know, it might put a smile on his face and make him quit some of those bad old-age habits!

If this doesn’t scream man’s man; we don’t know what does. Let him chill his evening glass of whiskey with bullets instead of watered-down ice. These ones are the only gold ones you can find and the case they come in looks like a revolver. It’s unique, affordable and super cool.

Give this fancy yet simple espresso machine to the coffee guy and Starbucks addict. It may not break his habit completely but it’s perfect to have around the house on those lazy Sunday mornings. It’s available in three different finishes, and has the abilities to make espresso, latte and cappuccino coffee drinks with simple one touch buttons.

Because well, we had to put at least one of these funny gag gifts on here. At least this tumbler is one they can actually use. It’s insulated to keep beverages the temperature they are meant to be and is made with stainless steel. It holds up to 30 oz so he’ll be good to go when he’s traveling, day drinking or whatever he fancies.

Have you ever seen a casual weekend fisherman in their twenties? Yeah… us neither. When you’re young you tend to be too full of energy, too amped up to sit for hours by a river, gazing longingly out at a bob floating in the middle of the water, hoping, praying that you get a bite. Fishing is a game for those of us who have hit middle age: that sweet period in life during which you can indulge in the energies of youth, whilst slowing down to enjoy the simpler things. And it doesn’t get much simpler or more enjoyable than this rustic yet modern, minimalist yet versatile set of fishing rods (one reel, one fly) from L.L. Bean.

Most guys love steak. Many of those same guys love the hibachi art and watching that big chunk of meat cook to perfection right before their eyes. They now can have the experience and ambience without visiting the restaurant. The stone simply goes inside the oven, and when its ready he can cook the meat and veggies right there in his kitchen.

Keep it classy! For the businessman who needs a sophisticated way to stay organized. This one is made from imported goat leather that has absolutely no unpleasant smell. It is compartmentalized nicely and able to hold all of his devices and any extras that might be needed. It’s also available in two smaller sizes so you can decide what’s best for him.

NWA Fan? Have him rep this shirt at that surprise party coming his way. It’s funny, and something the hip hop fan or not will likely wear more than once. It’s available in several different colors, fabrics and sizing making it easy to fit his style perfectly.

A pocketknife is always a good thing to have on hand, but this knife takes it to a better level. It’s made for emergency situations with the ability to break glass and cut seats belts. It’s made from stainless steel and is super lightweight. It’s also got a safety lock and spring assist. Cater it to his tastes with five different finishes including military and fire department red.

This one is for the guy who loves meat and grilling. He will love the art of creating that smokey barbecue flavor right at home. It’s made with a heavy duty, cast-iron burner and can smoke up to 100 lbs of meat at one time. He can choose his favorite wood chips, with the traditional charcoal flavor for a taste that’s all his!

Ever talked about being a biker? This is a great way to start him off and provide a fun ride he can take solo to clear his mind. It’s affordable, easy to use and dependable. No need to worry about safety with its wide tires and great traction. It also comes with a chain guard; exhaust heat shield and engine stop switch.

If he has a sweet tooth, he will love this “old school’ gift. It’s customizable so depending on the year he was born, a collection of popular candy from that year will be put together in a fun box. Not only will it make him remember those fun childhood days, but he will love filling up on treats that aren’t as readily available or that he doesn’t typically enjoy as a grown man.

The family man who wants to keep an eye on his home and family at all times will love the piece of mind he receives from this system. This four-camera and 8 channel system has night vision and monitors movement both inside and outside the home. It pairs with Alexa so he can ask her to show him what he wants to see in a matter of seconds.

The outdoorsy one’s who love to be in nature and explore everything it has to offer need these boots. They are available in two basic colors, are waterproof and provide major comfort with their Vibram rubber soles. Their exterior is made from nubuck leather that is made to last, while being breathable simultaneously.

Turning 40 doesn’t mean that the man in your life isn’t still a kid at heart. The 80s was an era of glitzy arcades, home consoles, and the birth of the gaming competition. Give your man an injection of youth, and remind him of his gaming past (or present) with this cool retro t-shirt, featuring a console controller and the words: “Level 40 Complete”.

Hitting the proverbial halfway point can be the perfect time to reflect modestly on one’s life up until that point… or it can be the perfect time to throw caution to the wind and get a sports car. Either way, men in their middling years tend to start pimping up their cars, and whether it’s a seven-seater sedan they’ve got, or a gas-guzzling Porsche, a customised gear shift knob (suitable for Automatic and Manual cars) is an affordable way to let the man in your life turn his car into his kingdom. Here’s a really cool Magnum-replica chamber with a secret compartment.

The temptation when anyone hits a milestone as monumental as 40 is to tease them about it, and hey: whilst we’re not saying it wouldn’t be funny to, why not give them a laugh that’s not at their expense? Moonpig has a whole host of customisable birthday cards, but here’s one with a bit of gentle humour. “40! Still rocking it” is written on an old audio cassette, reminding the aging man in your life that whilst they might be as old and obsolete as this tape, they’re still cool in your books.

For the refined man with a refined palette (and a thirst for the best beer in the land!), Spiegelau (one of the world’s oldest glassmakers) have designed these beautiful craft beer glasses and mugs to elevate the drinking experience. Guided by master brewers and beer experts they have created four distinct glasses suited for drinking IPAs, American wheats, stouts and barrel-aged beverages. A classy present for a classy man.

If the man in your life is hitting the big four-oh in the 2020’s, then it’s safe to assume that his childhood was dominated by one franchise, and one franchise only… we’re talking about Star Wars, of course. No other trilogy in the history of science fiction has had quite the impact on the collective cultural consciousness that the Skywalker trilogy did. Here’s a fun Star Wars 40th birthday crossover mug to remind him of the first time he saw a lightsaber on screen.

Sometimes working out how to get the balance between personal and quality just right is really hard, but then sometimes something comes along that hits the perfect sweet spot. Have a look at this retailer on Etsy, who turns your favourite, most cherished photos (in this case of your dad, brother, husband) into stunning, colourful, lively watercolour paintings. Immortalise your favourite memory with the 40th birthday boy for an affordable price, and give him something he can hang up at home or in the office, reminding him always of the love that surrounds him.

If there’s anything 2020-21 has taught us, it’s that working from home is just as viable an option as working from the office; even more so for the man with his own business. Middle age is a fantastic time to be thinking about (or already involved in) the development of your own business, but being a business owner is tough. We think that those hours spent working late into the night, or topping up the workload whilst in bed, should be spent in comfort and style. Introducing the LapGear® Home Office Pro Lap Desk - a sleek looking lap-top counter with space for your phone, mouse, and laptop (and a cup of coffee, if you’re careful!). For the work-conscious man who’s always on the go.

Just because you’ve reached the top of the proverbial hill and shall soon be over it, so to speak, doesn’t mean you have to look like you are. Beards are all the rage now, and have been for some time. But they’re no longer just a young man’s game. Dads and granddads are getting their facial fuzz on in ever-increasing numbers, but may not yet know quite how to groom their beard in keeping with the youthful style. Start your grizzled man off on the path to contoured perfection with this rich, deeply-scented sandalwood exalted beard grooming set, comprising beard & face wash, beard & hair conditioner, beard butter, beard oil, and beard balm.

Forty might sound old to whoever’s buying the man his present, but let us assure you he still feels every bit the teenager he once was. As such, he’s probably quite interested in social media and creating content, just like you are. Why not help him along the way with this incredibly sophisticated, lightweight, intelligent HD camera from DJI. Shooting film in 4K Ultra HD video (at 60 frames-per-second), with an intuitive LCD touchscreen and minimal fuss means your old man can start churning out the highest quality content on his Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or YouTube channel. (Of course, if you don’t want to encourage him to follow you on social media, we won’t tell.)

Nothing marks a milestone birthday quite like reflection; in this case, reflection on the year in which the birthday boy was born! This highly-stylised framed print would be the perfect addition to any newly-40 year old’s office, home-gym or bedroom. Packed full of fun facts, figures, and statistics relating to life 40 years ago. Give the man in your life a little trip down memory lane, teach him something he didn’t know about his birth year, and make him ponder all that’s changed since with this inexpensive yet stylish “year-you-were-born” print. (This is a UK version, but there are US and other versions out there on Etsy.)

When men are boys, one of the first milestone gifts they’ll likely remember getting will be a wallet (their first wallet, in fact). A nice wallet says a lot about a person, but wallets don’t tend to last. After a decade of wear and tear (if that), they can start to look raggedy. Problem is, by the time you’re forty, no-one thinks to buy you something as staple as this. Turn that around and gift your dad or granddad something he might once have gifted you: a quality leather bifold wallet. Give it that extra personal warmth with a personalised engraving, too, saying absolutely anything you want: it could be a funny saying of his, a shared quote, or a kind message from you to him. Affordable, attractive, and useful, you can’t go wrong.

Many men reach middle age as fathers, and even if not, finding time for yourself can be difficult. A fantastic and budget-flexible gift option for those men in your life who could use a little “me time” is a cinema gift card. At Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas (situated throughout the US), the experience is second-to-none, and the choice of films available wide, varied, and unexpected, featuring movies he may well not have heard of, but is guaranteed to be excited about. Gift cards can range from $25 to $150, making this the perfect choice to suit anybody’s budget.

Now, this may not be the gift you’d want to get a friend, but for those family members close enough to their father/husband to know how he feels about his hair loss, a luxury hair thinning treatment set can be a sensitive, thoughtful gesture. It may well be the type of present that the man in your life would be too shy or embarrassed to purchase for himself, and with the proven results from this particular brand we know he’ll be happy with the results. Whether framed as a light barb or even a gag present, or as a genuinely compassionate gift from one partner to another, think outside the box with this luxury hair loss treatment kit.

There’s a saying that goes: “It’s the little things in life…” Well, if the man you’re buying for is in any way an outdoorsman, you can be sure that one of those “little things” which makes life so enjoyable is a good camping trip. Whether it’s a camping trip for you and he to enjoy, or you’d like to encourage him to go with his best bud, buying the birthday boy a quality 2-person tent from a quality outdoors supplier is one surefire way to appeal straight to the heart. With this present, you’re not just gifting a thing, you’re gifting an experience, and many more experiences to come. There’s really few greater joys in life than sitting by a campfire with a buddy, exchanging stories and watching the sun set (knowing you’ve got a comfortable, secure tent to retire to).

You know the old cliché that men can’t cook? Well, thankfully it’s a little outdated these days, but whether the man you have in mind is a Michelin chef, or can’t heat up a can of baked beans to save his life, the gift of a unique, worldly food subscription box is always a treat. Try The World offers a quality monthly subscription service, each month choosing a country from around the world and packing a box full of food and drink from that country. Whether it’s Nordic fudge, Spanish tapas, Swedish meatballs or Steak au Poivre from France, a gift subscription to Try The World is the gift of cultural exploration and taste profile expansion, enjoyed from the comfort of the birthday man’s home.

If you weren’t already aware of the fire pit trend, you are now. With the last couple of years showing us how important it is to be able to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere at home and in our own gardens, sales of fire pits have gone through the roof. Create a romantic or familial, friendly or adventurous fireside ambience wherever you are - even transport this fire pit to the beach for the perfect evening trip, it’s lightweight and easy to manage. Give the gift of garden transformation, and help the man in your life take a much needed break by the fire.

Does your old man drone on and on about how he could have been a rockstar? Is there a glimmer of hidden talent there, just waiting to be unearthed? Has he always wanted to play the guitar but never learned, or has it just been a long time since he strummed away? Whether he’s got just an inclination toward music, or is a full-blown guitar hero, it would be just about every middle aged man’s dream to receive this absolute beauty for his birthday. A Fender Stratocaster designed in the 1960s, during Fender’s ‘Golden Era’, this baby blue metallic Vintera is a stunning guitar with a roar and bite.

Too often overlooked as a gift idea is a classy, attractive artistic print. We often feel like it’s too difficult to get someone’s taste just right, and as a result sadly we shy away from this gift idea. Well, we’re here to help. This is an undeniably stunning shot of oasis town Huacachina in Peru, taken by freelance travel photographer Luke Gram. It is super reasonably priced (unlike a lot of modern art), and as such can present as a really luxurious gift at a totally affordable price point. Have a look through Luke’s collection of photographs, and choose the style of print that suits your budget; you’re guaranteed to find something you like.

Think that chocolate as a gift should be restricted to the women in your life? Step into the 21st century! Guys love sweet treats, too! And when it comes to sweet treats, we think there is no one who can quite match the luxurious velvety-ness, the praline perfection, the gooey gumption, no one cocoa-cavalier as the master chocolatiers at Lindt. Lindt has been making chocolate since 1845, and you can genuinely taste the level of expertise in each bite. This signature chocolate gift basket is a fine way to show the newly-40 year-old man in your life that you love him, and think he deserves some serious indulgence.

Treat your man to “the airborne experience of a lifetime” by giving them a trip up into the skies on a Virgin hot air balloon. With tons of starting points and journeys to choose from across the UK, you can give the man in your life a chance to kick off middle-age in literally the coolest way imaginable: soaring the currents of the air in a mode of transport they will probably never again have the chance to enjoy. With various trips to suit various budgets, you’d be surprised at how affordable this experience is to gift.