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46 Gift Ideas Your Brother Will Cherish

Having a brother is the most fun and most annoying honor any sibling could ask for. Maybe you gained a brother-in-law recently and are just catching on, or perhaps you’re like me and have been dealing with two of them your whole life. Either way, when searching for the perfect gift to impress your brother, brother-in-law, or best friend that’s basically your brother, be sure to treat them to a unique gift they will cherish long after the holiday season has ended. Keep scrolling to find the perfect gift ideas for last-minute birthday gifts, father’s day gifts, or something on-trend for your little brother.

By Reina Esser • Published Jan 2 2023

1. Victrola Record Player

Get 1 free album with purchase!

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A top-of-the-line record player is what every cool brother needs. This Victrola Empire 6-in-1 (!!) Bluetooth record player will make their vinyl collection sing. The mid-century look will perfectly accent his cool guy aesthetic and even better, you get a free album with your purchase!

2. Dyson Vacuum

They won't remember life before this spectacular gadget.

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If your brother is a clean freak, loves his home, or has a furry pet, this vacuum is life-changing. The cordless design allows you to grab it off the charger and quickly tidy any space. It offers 40 minutes of high suction battery life and makes hard-to-reach spots easily accessible. The interchangeable attachments convert the vacuum into a handheld cleaning machine quickly and effortlessly. While it may not be the gift they were expecting or even asked for, it makes a perfect gift for a housewarming, big move, or celebrating a new phase of adulthood.

3. Dollar Shave Club Subscription

A smooth shave, all thanks to you.

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Give the gift of premium shaving products and razors delivered to their mailbox monthly. If your brother, brother-in-law, or best bro likes a close shave, this gift won't disappoint. They're buying this stuff anyway, so make it a convenient and luxurious experience by gifting it to them. Dollar Shave Club lets you gift any amount between $25-500 or offers premium gift sets to show your love.

4. Nintendo Switch

Perfect for the gamer on the go.

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Before you go heckling your little brother for time spent gaming, read the research that shows just how great it is for our brains. Among the best handheld gaming devices, the Nintendo Switch has established itself as a worthy member of every gamer's collection. With 3 play styles including TV mode, tabletop mode, and handheld mode, the versatility and portability of the switch make it an awesome gift for gamers of all types. 4.5-9 hours of battery life means tons of time immersed in a world with their favorite characters. Connect multiple controllers for multiplayer or connect via wifi for online or local play.

5. Cheers to You Brother Whiskey Glass

Celebrate friendship and your close bond.

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Add something special to their barware collection with this thoughtful rocks glass from Uncommon Goods. Throw in their favorite bottle of booze to make the gift even sweeter. This glass reads "never stopped looking up to you. p.s. lucky you're my brother" Pretty gushy, and pretty cute, especially when gifted from little brother to big brother.

6. JBL Xtreme 2 Bluetooth Speaker

For the fun brother!

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Equipped with a strap for portability, 15 hours of battery life, and covered in durable waterproof fabric, this speaker is built for brothers who like to have a good time by the water or are likely to spill their beverage. If he's the family member that's the go-to DJ, this gift is the perfect companion.

7. Brickell Skincare Set

You only get one skin, take care of it!

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If your brother has already caught on that skincare for men is not only necessary, but highly attractive, healthy, and satisfying, then spoil him with the Men's Daily Advanced Face Care Routine from Brickell. Brickell uses the highest grade natural ingredients that are 100% certified organic. You can trust that you're gifting him the best. Buy in a bundle to save $16!

8. Socks That Save LGBTQ Lives

The perfect choice for the family activist.

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Conscious Step partnered with the Trevor Project to bring you socks that save LGBTQ lives. The Trevor Project provides suicide prevention and crisis intervention for LGBTQ youth. Whether your brother or brother-in-law is a member of the queer community or is an avid ally, these socks are a feel-good stocking stuffer that anyone would be happy to receive. Celebrate pride month with a purchase that matters!

9. Home Brew Starter Kit

He can create his own signature brew.

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He can get the real craft beer experience when he brews one of his very own. This homebrew starter kit includes everything your brother needs to make 5-gallons of a delicious amber, IPA, or hefeweizen. This is a great gift that is interactive and yields delicious results.

10. Weekender Duffle Bag

A durable and stylish duffle for tons of adventures.

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This clean minimalist duffle bag is a great gift for any guy. Having a go-to bag for the gym or a weekend trip makes life so much easier. This weekender duffle by Bellroy has water-resistant ripstop fabric, a lockable main zipper, and plenty of pockets for the long haul or quick trip.

11. Star Wars Yoda Best Mug

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This personalized gift is perfect for your Star Wars obsessed brother to let him know Heda Best Brother. It's a funny gift that you should fill with hot cocoa or maybe a small bottle of Baileys if your bro is 21+.

12. TheraGun Elite Massager

Life changing sports recovery.

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If you're related to a gym buff or an athletic guy, a massage gun is perfect for post-sports recovery. The powerful foam attachments deliver deep tissue treatment that you can't get from your normal foam roller. He'll drool when he opens this massager and maybe let you use it from time to time (probably not).

13. Solo Stove Smokeless Fire Pit

This gift is on fire!

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Choose the Solo Stove that's right for him, from the ultra-portable Ranger to the Bonfire backyard staple, this is the hottest gift of 2023. The Solo Stove gives you a classy, smokeless, and stainless steel fire pit in any space. A great gift for Father's Day, the Solo Stove is completely contained while the efficient design and exceptional airflow make starting a fire easy for anyone! Your brother, brother-in-law, or best friend will love adding this to his space or taking it on his next camping trip.

14. BBQ Grilling Tools

Treat the Grill Master to fine tools!

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Your bro will feel like the boss of the grill with this 13-piece set of wood-handled grilling tools.

15. Weber Original Charcoal Grill

You can't compete with a classic.

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You can't get the BBQ tools without the BBQ! The Webber Original Kettle 22-Inch Charcoal Grill is a backyard staple that every brother needs. It's time to replace dad as grill master and learn how to feed the people who matter most. If he loves hosting family and friends, this gift is perfect and is one of the best father's day gifts for young dads.

16. Hatch Sunrise Alarm Clock

For that deep sleeper in the family.

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We've all got one (sometimes two), that family member who could sleep through anything. Luckily, the folks at Hatch have created a device a pot and spoon can't compare to, an alarm clock that mimics the sunrise on your bedside table. No more torture from Apple's harsh selection of alarm tones. This sunrise-simulating alarm clock will gently wake up deep sleepers with a gradual sunrise and gentle sounds. Customize the features in the Hatch app for the perfect early morning experience. This gift is great for your brother who just graduated college and is getting a heavy dose of the real world.

17. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

This gift brings the heat!

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Any self-proclaimed hot sauce king or foodie is destined for this gift. This kit has everything he needs to make and name six varieties of hot sauce. Turn it into a family competition and create categories like best flavor, spiciest, and Grandma's favorite.

18. Sandalwood Shave Kit

The Art of Shaving always gets it right.

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Upgrade your brother's shaving set up beyond a $5 razor and some Gillette shave gel. If he enjoys self-care time and a clean shave, he'll love this full-size shave kit from The Art of Shaving. The kit includes pre-shave oil, sandalwood shaving cream, a shaving brush, and sandalwood after-shave balm. If your brother has sensitive skin, opt for the unscented gift set that they offer to ensure no irritation!

19. Personalized Golf Balls

The best gift for your golf-loving brother.

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Gift your golf-loving brother-in-law a set of 12 personalized golf balls. You can say *almost* anything on them. We think this makes a great option if the creativity isn't flowing: "You're a top-rate Brother and a mediocre golfer!" Just kidding, but if you have's funny.

20. Bowflex SelectTech Kettlebell

The gift-giving slam dunk!

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If your brother has a home gym, whether it's big or small, this gift fits perfectly into every workout routine. While some of us have minimal space to work with when it comes to storing equipment, the Bowflex SelectTech Kettlebell is a 6-in-1 adjustable weight that ranges from 8-40lbs, making it easy to store and to get a great full-body workout. If he loves fitness but is hard to shop for, this is the best high-quality gift for him!

21. Pit Viper Sunglasses

Perfectly on-trend for your little brother.

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Retro is back! Pit Vipers are the self-proclaimed "jock jesters" of the sunglass world. While they are not only very high-quality shades, their retro 80's ski vibe is loved by people of all ages. From NFL and Nascar athletes to hip-hop artists and mountain bikers, Pit Vipers are certified cool and make a perfect gift for your brother who is totally rad.

22. Comfy Brooklinen Robe

A cozy staple.

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Everyone should own a soft and comfortable robe that makes them feel like they're at a fancy hotel. Brooklinen has nailed that feeling with their 100% linen, breathable, and soft robe. This is a thoughtful gift that your brother won't be expecting but will enjoy every day.

23. Charging Dock

A sleek spot for all his devices.

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Keys, sunglasses, gizmos, and gadgets, the items that rule our lives! If his pockets are full of stuff, this stylish charging dock will organize the chaos and give it all one singular home. The wireless charger can accommodate 3 devices and has useful features like a key hanger, glasses hanger, watch holder, and more.

24. FluidStance Balance Board

Upgrade his work from home set-up.

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The FluidStance balance board is the perfect companion for a standing desk. The balance board strengthens your body, keeps fluidity in your joints, burns calories, and keeps you engaged while increasing focus. If he doesn't have a standing desk, no sweat! This gift idea makes a great alternative to sitting anytime. Users rave about the comfort and productivity of this product and 83% felt happier when using it! They have a variety of options, price ranges, and weight thresholds to consider, but the Level is perfect for most!

25. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Give the gift of hydration.

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A Hydroflask is a high-quality water bottle that wants to be your brother's best friend. From the grocery store to the gym, take it anywhere for big gulps of refreshing water. If you leave it in the car, no worries, this water bottle can withstand high temperatures and still keep water ice cold.

26. DJI Mini Drone

Super lightweight for extended flight time!

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The tech-loving brother will flip out over this gift. Weighing about as much as your smartphone, this mini drone still packs a punch when it comes to power. With 30 minutes of flight time with a fully charged battery, you can also take 2.7 HD aerial photos and videos. Gift this gadget to quickly become his favorite sibling!

27. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

The world's most effective noise cancelling earbuds.

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Bose isn't playing around when they say these earbuds are noise cancelling. The QuietComfort technology allows the user to enjoy high-fidelity audio wirelessly. The noise rejecting microphones limit background distractions when taking a call in transit and the weather and sweat resistance makes them a great choice for working out.

28. Recycled Ski Bottle Opener

Upcycled straight from the slopes.

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Apres-ski never has to ends when this stylish and repurposed ski is displayed in your brother's home. We can only hope his beers are as cold as that fresh powder on the mountain top. Mount a can with the included Velcro for catching caps. Conversations will be easily started around this unique gift!

29. DIY Whiskey Infusion Kit

Hands on fun you may or may not remember.

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If whiskey is his thing, he'll get a kick out of this great gift idea. We've featured it on other gift guides because it's so fun and creative. You'll want to throw in a bottle or two of a neutral alcohol to infuse, or let your brother make the selection. This kit features six herbs and spices and three types of oak. He can make up to three special batches of custom whiskey to enjoy with friends and family members.

30. Rothy's Sneakers

A classic look that doesn't compromise comfort.

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Perfect for the guy who loves fashion, or has a simple understated style. These minimalist shoes look great with a t-shirt and jeans or paired with chinos. 28 plastic bottles are involved in the making of these sneakers and we love a gift that recycles and repurposes! Rothy's well known for their eco-friendly and machine washable shoes, but these RS01 have recently been upgraded to be more comfortable than ever.

31. Chums Orbiter Float Sunglass Strap

Never lose another pair to the water.

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The amount of sunglasses lost in the ocean, river, lake, or even pool is a thought too tragic to ponder on for too long. If your brother has fallen victim to this crime, he's entitled to a Chums Orbiter Float strap. He'll never morn the loss of another pair again once he experiences the magic of Chums. The stainless steel monofilament won't fall prey to sweat or dirt, and the low-profile float is removable for times when you're certain there is no water to fear.

32. Mancrates Gift Box

When you're stumped, Mancrates to the rescue!

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Don't miss out on their annual Papa-Palooza Sale where you can 20% on the best father's day gifts. If you have a new brother-in-law or step-brother and haven't gotten the chance to figure out their interests, Mancrates offers hundreds of gift boxes ranging from DIY, grill master, exotic meats, lazy daze, sports, and more. There are is no wrong choice. You can even have gifts personalized to add an extra special touch. Check out their wide array of awesome crates!

33. Travel Toiletry Bag

Convenient hygiene for your busy brother.

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Does he spend more time collecting skymiles than he does hanging at home? If so, a toiletry bag you're not embarrassed to leave on the bathroom counter or pull out at airport security is key. Oh, and it needs to be functional

34. Cremo Beard and Scruff Softener

For the brother with an epic beard.

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If your brother has a beard that is his entire personality or a scruffy face either intentionally or not, he'll love this cedar-scented conditioner. This is a perfect stocking stuffer gift idea.

35. Chubbies Swim Gym Hybrid Short

One pair of shorts for endless activities.

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Your minimalist brother needs these shorts. One pair, dual purpose. Swim AND gym! He can head straight from the gym to the pool or take a dip in the ocean right after a sunset run. This is a great gift idea if he never knows where his day is going to take him.

36. Upcycled Vinyl Album Cover Display

Uncommon Goods never misses the mark.

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This gift idea would look perfect hanging above the Victrola record player on this gift guide to display his currently listening selection. The upcycled record will perfectly cradle his beloved vinyl and as a bonus, he'll get to show folks his superb taste in music.

37. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

No more $5 cold brews!

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We all love a tasty cold brew coffee and gifting the OXO Good Grips cold brew coffee maker means your brother won't have to wait in line at an overpriced coffee shop. Open the fridge to pure magic when you stop by for a visit at your dear old bro's.

38. Bespoke Post Subscription

For the brother who has everything

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Searching for the perfect gift is stressful when you're shopping for the person who has everything. That brother that just buys anything he covets. This makes holiday gift-giving an impossible task for any family member. Bespoke Post takes the thought out of gift-giving without compromising thoughtfulness. A tricky thing to manage! The gift box subscription service delivers a personalized mix of unique products each month. Your brother can redeem the gift card and choose his gift based on his personal preferences. Win-win!

39. Resin Wallet Money Clip

Perfect for the minimalist in your life.

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If your brother needs a wallet upgrade, gift him this slick resin money clip. It holds all the essentials so he can finally part with useless business cards and receipts stuffed in his bi-fold. Each money clip is a handmade unique creation. The slim design makes it easy to take anywhere and the durable material means it can withstand most treatment

40. Leather Airpod Case

Put and end to the quest for the other AirPod.

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If he's always rummaging around the bottom of his briefcase or through his pockets for his AirPods, an attractive leather case is a gift your dear brother needs. The case supports wireless and wired charging and keeps those pesky little escape artists in their place.

41. Knockaround Sunglasses

A summertime must have!

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Run, jump, swim, party! Do it all in these durable and high-quality sunglasses. Knockaround's mission is to deliver affordable sunglasses that are durable and stylish. A cause we can all get behind! If you're looking for a gift in the $30 price range, this gift idea is perfect for you.

42. Weighted Blanket

Tons of benefits in one gift!

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Weighted blankets are taking off as a tangible way to deal with anxiety and improve sleep quality. A good weighted blanket will also alleviate OCD, and PTSD symptoms, and promote melatonin production. If your brother is a night owl that needs some soothing, a weighted blanket is a wonderful and thoughtful gift idea.

43. Teva ReEmber Slip-Ons

Go straight from the couch to the grocery store

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These Teva slip-ons are great for lazy days around the house, perfect for gamers or sports fans, or chilly evenings around a campfire. The camp bootie goes beyond a slipper as a functional shoe when taking out the garbage or venturing to the grocery store. Comfort, style, and function are perfectly aligned regarding this great gift idea.

44. GoPro Hero9

Capture the action!

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Never miss a moment of fun and adventure seeking! If your brother loves to take life off-road, a GoPro is ideal for sharing crazy adventures that would only be remembered by memory without the help of this nifty gadget. The GoPro Hero9 takes 5K video, has a 20-megapixel camera, and is waterproof up to 33ft. It features a rechargeable battery with 100 minutes of battery life and a front camera for selfie moments. Your brother will love sharing his highlight reel with the family around the holiday season and on social media.

45. Bucket List Coffee Table Book

1,000 Adventures Big and Small

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Inspire your brother to live his life to the fullest with this awesome gift idea. Throughout the pages of this book, your brother can imagine and plan his ultimate dream adventure. The book features a variety of experiences across all seven continents.

46. Guncle T-Shirt

Let the world know how proud you are of this Uncle!

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What's a Guncle? A Gay-Uncle, duh! This t-shirt is the perfect gift for the guncle in your family that goes above and beyond. Being a guncle is like being a much cooler uncle. Your brother will adore this funny t-shirt and other queers will know he's a family man.