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31 Gift Ideas for Minecraft Fanatics

Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time. If you’re searching for gift ideas that will make every Minecraft fan explode with excitement, this gift guide will show you the way. We’ve selected the best Minecraft gift ideas specifically for gamers and lovers of creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration.

By Reina Esser • Published Jan 2 2023

1. Lego Minecraft Farm Set

Build an IRL Minecraft world.

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Take the adventure of Minecraft offscreen with this Minecraft Lego set. Grow crops and raise farm animals, but watch out for skeletons! Combine this world with other Lego sets to expand the adventure.

2. Minecraft Creeper Water Bottle

Quench your explosive thirst.

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This is a creeper you'll want to keep nearby. This water bottle is 36 oz. for maximum hydration throughout the day.

3. Xbox Series S

For the console gamer.

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While this Xbox's smallest console yet, it doesn't skimp on power. With 512 GB of storage for digital gaming, this disc-free console is a great gift for the Minecraft lover who likes to play on a console.

4. Steve Plush Toy

All hail Steve.

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Make Steve tangible with this soft and cuddle Steve plush. He comes with a felt pickaxe in tow for realistic effect. He will perfectly compliment any Minecraft themed bedroom, playroom, or night time routine.

5. Enderman T-Shirt

Glows in the dark, just like Enderman's evil eyes.

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Watch out once all the lights are off. Glow in the dark Enderman will be illuminated and ready to strike. This villain t-shirt is sure to spark a conversation or let kids on the playground know that they can handle the bad guys.

6. Creeper Hoodie

sSSss Boom!

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Become the creeper with this full zip hoodie. Putting the FUN in functional. Your Minecraft lover will stay warm and cozy while looking cool and having a blast in this hoodie.

7. Mob Comforter Set

For the coziest respawn zone.

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Comfy and cool. This bedding set will be the building blocks of a whole new bedroom aesthetic for your Minecraft lover. The mobs featured are Creeper, Enderman, Zombie, Skeleton, Zombie Villager, and Chicken.

8. Ultimate Ender Dragon Figure Set

Misty dragon breath INCLUDED!

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Help Steve suit up to battle this large scale Ender Dragon. Steve comes with armor, weapons, and a pumpkin helmet. The Ender Dragon has misty breath that changes color. This is a must-have for game collectors and toy lovers.

9. UNO Minecraft Card Game

Draw the creeper and your cards get steeper! ssSSss

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Special Minecraft edition UNO features a Creeper rule card. If drawn, the other players have the draw three! Ouchy. This is fun for the family, sleepovers, and all-around a good solution for reducing screen time.

10. Pixel Diamond Sword Earrings

Make your passion fashion.

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How cute! We love these diamond sword earrings for Minecraft lovers. Earrings are a great gift, stocking stuffer, or just a little something small to let a friend know you were thinking of them. There's always room for another pair.

11. Minecraft: Builders & Biomes

Board Game for 10+

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This is an easy to learn, strategy board game for players 10+. Turn their favorite board game into an experience they can share IRL with friends and family. This game will take you on a new adventure each time you play for never ending fun.

12. TNT Cube Cushion

Comfort that goes BOOM!

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This TNT cube cushion will make the perfect gift and addition to any playroom or bedroom. Get cozy for movie night or gear up for a night of gaming with buddies online.

13. Nintendo Switch Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition

Includes the base game and all seven DLCs

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This Ultimate Edition for Nintendo Switch includes the base game and all six DLCs: Jungle Awakens, Creeping Winter, Howling Peaks, Flames of the Nether, Hidden Depths, and Echoing Void for endless fun and creation.

14. Bee Planter

The perfect gift for the gamer who loves plants!

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If they love gameplay farming, give real-world gardening a try with this adorable Minecraft bee planter. Fill it with a succulent or use it for your keys, either way, it's the perfect gift.

15. Real Life Diamond Pickaxe

Have fun with friends or use for a stellar Steve Halloween costume.

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Kids will love this gift for running around the yard or sharing with friends. Mine in the real world for all kinds of hidden resources. It would also make a great addition to a Minecraft themed Halloween costume.

16. Pickaxe Mug

Just for kids? We think not.

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A coffee mug can say a lot about your personality. Maybe it has Garfield on it saying something snarky about Mondays, or perhaps it carries a title naming you the worlds best. This Minecraft pickaxe mug goes one step further by being the hands-down coolest coffee mug ever.

17. Block Building Light Up Set

Customizable lighting for the coolest bedroom.

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Rearrange this light up block set however you'd like! Stack it high or leave it low. Use it on your desk or make a nightlight. This lamp is loads of building fun and compliments other Minecraft game room décor for a cohesive aesthetic.

18. Minecraft Lunchbox

Give the gift of trendiness.

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Let schoolmates know you're a big time fan of Minecraft with this creeper lunchbox and make new friends to game with! Guaranteed to make lunch time more fun.

19. Apex 3 Gaming Keyboard

Level up their PC gaming experience!

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If you know a Minecraft lover who plays on a PC, the Apex 3 gaming keyboard is an awesome gift. It is water resistant for protection against inevitable spills and has advanced features like a magnetic wrist rest, multimedia controls, and anti-ghosting. Not to mention, it looks way cool.

20. Rival 3 Wireless Mouse

Industry-leading gaming mouse for better than ever building.

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Pair this bad boy up with the Apex 3 gaming keyboard and your game lover has an impressive new setup. This mouse battery lasts for 400+ hours and its wireless design doesn't hold back from providing the best ever gaming experience.

21. Arctis 1 Gaming Headset

These double as headphones!

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Compatible with devices across the board from PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. This headset with detachable microphone allows players to talk to friends online and discuss their game.

22. Minecraft Guide: 4-Book Boxed Set

Become an Minecraft expert with the help of these popular guides.

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A detailed guide to four different features of the game. Each book will give you tips on surviving, creating, navigating alien terrain, battling mobs, finding rare items, and making working circuits. The Minecraft guide collection includes guides to Exploration, Creative, Redstone, and The Nether and The End.

23. Pickaxe Bottle Opener

21+ friendly gift idea!

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If you're searching for something suitable for the adult Minecraft lover (we exist!) this is it. A bottle opener that looks like the 8-bit pickaxe we all know and love. It's sure to come in handy. Throw a few cold ones back while stirring up some trouble with mobs! Its harmless fun.

24. Potion Night Light

Fresh off the brew stand.

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Keep mobs away with this potion bottle night light. It even changes colors and looks like it came right out of the game.

25. Blue Light Glasses

Protecting your eyes so you can play on!

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Prevent eyestrain with these handy gaming glasses. They'll protect little ones eyes from harmful blue light that can cause fatigue and eye dryness. These glasses also reduce glare from screens which can be helpful when gaming.

26. Armored Alex Pajama Set

Making dreams 8-bit sweeter.

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Your Minecraft fanatic will be cozy in creative mode with these cute pajamas. They'll go to sleepovers proudly or even wear them on Christmas morning as they open more Minecraft-themed presents from this gift guide!

27. Sword Sensory Fidget Toy

Great for the busy body type.

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Sensory toys are all the craze among parents and youngsters and these Minecraft swords check all the boxes. They aim to increase concentration and attention by giving their hands something to do. They are great for kids with anxiety, ADHD, and Autism.

28. Minecoin In-Game Currency

Buy skins, maps, textures, and more!

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Skip putting money in the card and instead opt for in-game currency. Minecoins are linked to a player's Microsoft account for spending on any items they wish.

29. Personalized Door Sign

This is a sign that you've found the perfect gift.

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They'll excitedly enter into a world of their own design with this cool personalized door sign. This gift is definitely the precursor to an entire Minecraft themed bedroom or playroom.

30. Ender Dragon Costume

The only way to defeat your enemy is to become them!

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The baddest boss in the Minecraft universe just got a lot scarier as soon as your little Minecraft fan steps into this dangerously cute costume. This fun costume is officially licensed so you know it's the real deal.

31. DIY Pixel Block Figurines

Bring your avatar to life!

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Paint your dream Minecraft avatar with this DIY wooden figurine kit. This is a great gift for a birthday party or something fun to share with a friend.