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40 Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Girls

Looking for the perfect gift idea for the 6-year-old girl in your life, look no further we’ve put together a list of the best gifts for 6-year-olds. It includes favourite toys, DIY craft ideas, Christmas ideas, outdoor toys, indoor toys and everything in between.

Turning 6 is a big deal and we’ve got an idea for every occasion. From starting Grade 1, fun with friends, dress-up, pretend play and some of this year’s top toys.

By Liz Holt • Published Jan 2 2023

1. Heartlake City Grand Hotel

Lego Heartlake city grand hotel hours of building fun

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This fab 3 story set will ensure hours of building and imaginative play. The hotel includes a piano bar, reception, indoor areas and outdoor areas plus 4 mini-figures and 3 animals included for hours of lego fun.

2. Hatchimals Flying Pixi

A magical flying pixi fairy doll

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Magical flying pixie/fairie really fliers, with spinning wings and super light design. As she flies you can use your hands to guide her. Comes with a base, usb recharging cable. Available in a range of styles/colours.

3. Magical Mermaid Jewelry kit

Make your own jewellery kit with beads, pendants and charms.

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Packed with gorgeous beads, charms and pendants including mermaids, she can mix and match beads to create necklaces and bracelets. Creative, fun and it can be personalized with alphabet beads to make names.

4. 1000+ Cute Stickers

40 pages and over 1000 fun stickers, cute, playfull and colorful.

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Stickers galore with over 1000+ stickers in this huge book. Includes a range of cute themes from animals, food, letters, tropical designs to unicorns. Includes 40 pages of sticker fun, for all her decorating ideas. Also available in a range of themed books.

5. Mermaid Island Board Game

Her and her friends have to rescue the mermaids from the witch

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Help the mermaids swim to mermaid island before the witch gets there! Winner of Good Housekeepings best toy award this board game offers hours of mermaid fun with family or friends. For 2-6 players.

6. Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pet Grooming Truck

Decorate your favourite pets then wash them clean again

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Colour in your favourite pets and then use the grooming truck to wash them with the real spray hose. Includes multiple pets, pens, grooming truck and palace storage castle.

7. Cinderella Castle Light Up Playset

Magical of Disney in Cinderella’s Castle with lights and sounds

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Celebrate her and Disney 50th with this 50th celebration light-up Cinderella Castle playset. It includes Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy & Goofy. Plays music and lights up includes Dumbo & Mad Tea party rides that really move.

8. Elsa Costume

She can become favourite Frozen character in this Elsa Costume

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Every girl's make-believe dream is to dress up like a princess and this Elsa costume will make her feel like the snow queen herself. Covered in glittering sequins with a sparkling snowy cape she will never want to take it off. Other Disney princess costumes are also available.

9. Hello Six T-shirt

The birthday girl will stand out in this Hello 6 t-shirt

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Hello, six! Celebrate her becoming a grown-up six-year-old with this rainbow t-shirt. 100% cotton with Hello Six and a rainbow on the front its super comfy as well as super stylish. Also has a tear away tag for sensitive skin.

10. 6 charm bracelet & necklace

A special piece of jewelery to celebrate 6

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Celebrate her 6th birthday with this special charm bracelet and necklace set. Silver with pink and silver charm it includes a special 6 charm and birthday message both are adjustable lengths.

11. Dimpl Pops Deluxe

Pushing, popping, poking brightly coloured fun. This years hottest trend

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The deluxe version of Dimpl pops. With 4 sizes in a range of colours just waiting to be popped pushed and poked over and over again. Great for on the go or at home, one of this year's hottest trends.

12. Kiwi Co Atlas Crate

A subscription of fun, learning and exploration.

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Want a great gift that keeps on giving? Kiwi Co’s Atlas Crate for 6yrs+ is a subscription-based creativity and science kit that’ll arrive every month. Hours of fun, exploration and learning about the world, different communities and customs. Explore the world without leaving home

13. Unicorn Light

A magical unicorn to light up any room

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This beautiful Unicorn light features a range of led light colour options as well as 2 patterns as well as 4 light modes. Gives the illusion of a magical unicorn flying in the sky.

14. Barbie Dreamtopia Magical Lights Unicorn

Rainbow Barbie and her magical light up Unicorn pet

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Rainbow magical barbie with a matching light-up unicorn featuring a rainbow mane. She will love it, the Barbie Dreamtopia unicorn features lights and sounds as well as matching her Barbie owner.

15. Melissa & Doug Vet Set

Vet in the house with her doctor bag and two plush pets

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Line up the animals because the vet is in the house. This Melissa & Doug pretend play vet set includes everything she needs to fix any sick animal, it even includes a plush cat and dog. Stethoscope, iv bottles, medicine, syringe, thermometer and much more all in a vet carry bag.

16. Galaxy Night Light

Imagine sleeping under the stars every night with this galaxy projector

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Not your normal night light, this will project the galaxy all around her room. Go to sleep surrounded by stars and includes sounds. With 10 colours and 360-degree rotation as well as volume, brightness and timer setting it’s the perfect way to go to sleep.

17. Paint by Numbers Unicorn Kit

Create a masterpiece of art with this paint by numbers kit

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Paint by numbers is a fab way of creating art while working on the motor skills needed to stay in the precise lines and shapes. This great kit comes with 2 unicorn-themed canvas’s, paint, brushes and instructions.

18. Tea Party Set

Anyone for tea? This cute suitcase tea set is ready for tea party fun

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Have a tea party for all her friends or toys with this Daisy Blue Kids tea set, this 15 piece set includes 4 teacups and saucers, a teapot and a tea tray all packed in a beautiful matching suitcase so you can take it on picnics.

19. Magical Snow Globe Kit

Make your own Unicorn Night light snow globe

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The perfect gift is a make your own unicorn light snow globe, this perfect gift includes everything she needs to create her very own night light. Set in a snow globe she can include unions, trees, and tiny statues.

20. Barbie Malibu House Playset

Barbie's Malibu House two stories of barbie fun

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The Malibu Barbie House playset is a Barbie dream come true, this 2 story, 2-foot wide house is ready for imagination and adventure. With more than 25 pieces and 6 rooms to decorate there’s so much to explore and do.

21. 4M Scientific Discovery

Over 40 science experiments to explore.

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With 40 unique projects to explore there’s so much science to spark curiosity and learn all about how different things work and the science behind them. Discover the magic of science.

22. Lascoota Scooter

Get out and explore on this Lascoota Scooter

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The lascoota scooter is a lightweight scooter with two big wheels, a bike stand and folds up so you can carry it. It’ll grow with her as it features an adjustable handlebar with 4 height options. No assembly is needed!

23. Design and Drill Bolt Buddy Rocket

Blast off with this design and build rocket kit

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Get into STEM namely engineering with this design and build a rocket. Snap the main parts together then use the drill to secure the fins. Comes with everything you need to build the rocket including 6year old sized drill.

24. Butterfly Biosphere Terrarium

Grow your own butterfly garden with this biosphere terrarium kit

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The terrarium kit includes a large dome-shaped terrarium, butterfly decorations, sparkly stones, plant stakes and everything you need to grow beautiful flowers. Plant, germinate and grow her very own magic garden.

25. Magic Shell Bath bomb Set

Magic Shell bath bomb set that includes a special gift inside each bomb.

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9 different colour and scented bath bombs in a seashell shape, each one is made from natural ingredients and is a different scent. Inside each bath bomb is a different mermaid bracelet.

26. Hoover board

Ride with the coolest kids on this neon hoverboard with led lights.

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Neon hoverboard with led lights, get ready to roll with the coolest big kids on this neon hoverboard. With built-in Bluetooth speakers, you can even play music while you ride. Available in a range of colours

27. Ariel Classic Doll

She’ll have oceans of fun with her new Ariel Doll

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The iconic Disney Princess comes in her mermaid outfit complete with a hairbrush. She is an official Disney doll and part of the classic Doll collection. Stands 11 ½ high

28. Crayola Imagination Art Set

A deluxe set of drawing and art supplies

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Draw and doodle for hours with this deluxe craft set from Crayola. 115 pieces including Super Tips, Colored pencils, Skinny Markers, crayons and much more. Also includes rubbing plates and a how-to guide.

29. Backpack set

Get ready for first grade with this backpack, lunch bag and pencil case set

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All set for first grade, get into school with this colourful backpack set that includes water bottle space, separate lunch tote bag and pencil case in matching patterns. Available in a range of colours.


Run and play in these Sparkly light-up sneakers with rainbows and unicorns

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Girl love sparkles, fun, bright and vibrant and running around. Combine all those together in these Sketchers Light Up Sparkle Sneakers. Lace-up shoes with canvas soles come in a range of sizes and colour options

31. Remote Control Robot

Dancing, walking, talking remote control robot.

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Robot for kids, this dancing, walking and talking robot is remote control operated. It lights up, makes noise and responds to gestures as well as a remote control

32. Melissa & Doug Design your own bracelet

Fun set to of 4 double-sided bracelets with gems and glitter stickers

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Great for stocking stuffers or small gifts she can make 4 different bracelets with this Melissa & Doug set. 4 double-sided glittery bands and a range of stickers and gems to decorate each with.

33. Spy Walkie Talkies

A set of 2 walkie talkies all ready for spy adventures

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SpyX Walkie talkies, designed for little hands and are easy to use. Comes in a pair ready for fun with friends, features an off button, talk button and call button. Up to 400-foot range.

34. Glow Marble Run Set

Building marble run fun with glow in the dark marbles

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115 pieces including 70 see-through ones this marble run adds an extra dash of fun with 5 plastic glow in the dark marbles. Bright colours complete with all the pieces to build a huge range of marble runs this is a great building toy.

35. Space puzzle

Explore space and the solar system with this 100 piece puzzle

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From the famous puzzle makers Ravensburger, this features all the wonders of the solar system. 100 Pieces made of extra-thick cardboard

36. Glenview Dollhouse

A beautiful wooden dollhouse with 3 stories and a porch.

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This gorgeous wooden dollhouse from Pottery barn is a 3 story dollhouse of dreams. White with black accents it’s open at the back to allow her to fill it with furniture and life

37. Jewellery box

Wooden pink musical jewellery box with a dancing ballerina.

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The perfect place for all her jewels the Abigal Jewellery box is pale pink wood and when opened plays music while the ballerina dances. Inner compartments are lined with soft pale flocking and there are two layers. Locks with a silver tasselled key. Available in a range of sizes and styles.

38. Dance Mat

Follow the beat and dance to the music on this dance mat.

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Dance party! Follow along with the led instructions and dance along with the music. Step on the pictures as they light upon the led screen to follow the dance. Folds up and is easy to store, can be played on any flat surface.

39. Makeup Set

Frozen themed 35 piece pretend play makeup kit with real makeup

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This frozen themed makeup set features everything she needs to pretend to play makeup and dress ups. Real cosmetics with eye shadow, blush, lip gloss and more includes brushes as well. Washable and non-toxic.

40. Hey Clay Animals

Make animals with this clay kit and step by step instructions

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Get her art career started with this clay modelling kit, which includes soft non-toxic clay that will make 6 animals. Download the app and follow the step by step instructions to learn proper techniques and make the animals. Or use the 18 cans of clay to make whatever she wishes.