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30 Music-Themed Gift Ideas

Everybody loves music, right? But there are those of us for whom music is life. Whether they’re a musician, songwriter, guitar player, or concert-goer, we’ve got a gift guide packed full of the very best gifts for music lovers.

From gifts to elevate their musical vibes, to presents that will help them in their musical careers, and even the odd stocking stuffer designed solely to put a smile on their face, there’s something in this gift guide for everyone, and to suit every budget.

Birthday presents to Christmas gifts, here are our top 30 gift ideas for music lovers:

By Cal Bannerman • Published Jan 2 2023

1. JBL Flip Bluetooth Speaker

Exquisite-sounding, waterproof and affordable portable speaker from JBL

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JBL have been manufacturing and designing portable Bluetooth speakers for over a decade now, and with the Flip we think they've peaked. Some of the Bluetooth portable speakers on the market are crazily expensive, but the JBL Flip keeps costs low, whilst maximising quality. This thing has fantastic, high-fidelity sound quality, with 10+ hours of playtime on a full charge. It's even IPX7-rated waterproof, meaning it's perfect for pool parties, too! A great birthday gift for the person in your life who likes to take their music listening on the go.

2. Pro-Ject Primary E Turntable

Stylish, minimalist vinyl turntable from legendary makers Pro-Ject

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Vinyl records are finally making the comeback they well and truly deserve. After decades of compressing music files into shoddy cassette tapes, compact discs (CDs), and then mp3 files, we are realising at long last that there simply is no higher-fidelity sound than that of the vinyl turntable. The Pro-Ject Primary E is the turntable I myself have at home, and I don't have a single bad thing to say about it. Just be aware that the turntable requires amplifiers and speakers before the Hi-Fi setup is complete.

3. Engraved Guitar Pick Holder

American-made, hand-stitched, customized guitar pick buddy

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Is there anything more frustrating than dropping your one and only guitar pick mid-practice (or worse, mid-performance!) without any easy access to a replacement? Well, with this custom made guitar pick holder from Etsy, the music lover in your life never needs to worry about this happening ever again! Select a custom color, and choose an engraving (such as their name) to personalize this with; then they'll have something cool and personal to keep their picks in, attached to their guitar's head, so that the picks are always within reach! A great stocking stuffer, or small gift from one friend to another.

4. Vinyl Record Label Coasters

Hundreds of customized record coasters to pick from on Etsy

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And speaking of stocking stuffers... Here's another great gift idea for any music lover. Simple, affordable, cute and unique, this Etsy seller is offering a pick'n'mix lot of coasters for mugs designed to look like miniature vinyl records. You can pick any number of coasters featuring album artwork from musicians, bands and artists as diverse as Amy Winehouse to Slipknot, Green Day to Taylor Swift. These coasters would surely make a great addition to any coffee table.

5. Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

State of the art Bluetooth Active noise cancellation headphones

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Just like a good Hi-Fi system is what's needed for home listening, or a good portable speaker for taking the party elsewhere, a top-quality pair of wireless headphones are exactly the ticket when it comes to listening to music on the go. To really appreciate the complexities of a song, you need a proper pair of headphones. The MW65 headphones from Master Dynamic come with 40mm Beryllium Drivers for excellent sound quality, 12+ hours of battery life on a full charge, and a mic which filters out external noise for clear calls and recordings. The Bluetooth headphones are also noise cancelling for calm, tranquillity, and focus - ideal for music players as much as for music listeners.

6. Fender Musician Ear Plugs

Protective ear-inserts for the musician who plays loud

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Might not seem like the coolest present on this list, but it's one of the most practical gifts for a music lover we can think of! Playing in loud settings constantly, or attending concert after concert where the music is played at ear-bleeding levels, can damage your hearing over time. These earbuds from Fender are specifically designed for musicians and music fans to reduce noise by up to 27 decibels. A perfect stocking stuffer or last minute addition, these ear plugs will help your loved one to enjoy live music safely, whether from the stage or the crowd.

7. Ringo Starr Drum Lessons

Masterclass course on drumming from Beatles legend Ringo Starr

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Believe it or not, the name of this great gift idea is no lie. You can actually give someone the gift of a masterclass with Ringo Starr, drummer of rock 'n' roll legends The Beatles. Ringo's online video tutorials will guide your music lover through the basic principles of drumming, the passion behind it, and the art of creative collaboration (for which The Beatles were renowned). Masterclass is an online tutorial directory of lessons and courses provided by some of the world's leading voices in a range of categories. If your music lover isn't a drummer, but a guitar player, DJ, singer or producer, there is a masterclass for them.

8. "The Storyteller" Dave Grohl

New York Times bestselling memoirs from Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl.

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From one legend to another, Dave Grohl (drummer for Scream and then Nirvana, lead singer and founder of Foo Fighters) has just released his long-awaited memoirs entitled 'The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music'. Grohl is one of the biggest names in rock and roll history, selling platinum albums, touring more than perhaps any other living rock star, and generally being an all round great guy. His book is bound to inspire and excite any music fan, whether or not they have much of an interest in reading.

9. Record Player Coffee Table

Handmade wood and metal record player stand for turntable and vinyl

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If you really want to treat the person you have in mind to something extra extra special, then something like this would be a wonderfully unique and unexpected gift idea. Handmade by a DIY Etsy seller, this reclaimed wood and metal side unit is perfectly designed for the vinyl enthusiast. It has an open-fronted storage space for records, a slim area above for pre-amplifiers and amplifiers, and then the surface to proudly display a turntable up top. More expensive than most items on this list, it would be the perfect gift to anyone interested in collecting and playing vinyl.

10. Classical Piano Sheet Music

Print and downloadable sheet music from the Twilight movie franchise

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'River Flows In You' by Yiruma is one of the most beautiful pieces of modern classical piano music, and here is the Music Notes sheet music with which any budding musician can learn to play it for themselves. We've elected to choose the Yiruma track as an example of the sheet music you can buy on Music Notes since not only is it beautiful, but it also appeared in the astoundingly popular Twilight movie franchise. Nevertheless, there is a huge range of sheet music available on Music Notes, from vocal to guitar to piano and beyond, and from classical music to modern pop songs. A super affordable yet thoughtful gift idea.

11. Jimin BTS Pop Figure

Funko Pop! Vinyl figurine of Jimin from K-Pop sensation BTS

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BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is one of the biggest pop groups in the entire world. Founded in 2013 in South Korea, they (and their brand of music, K-Pop, or Korea Pop) have essentially taken over the globe. If you're shopping for a young, teenage music fan, who's into pop, then look no further. Funko Pop! Vinyl figures have made cute and quirky additions to teenage bedrooms since their very first inception, and this likeness of Jimin from BTS will take pride of place in any K-Pop fan's house.

12. Spotify Custom Music Plaque

Scannable Spotify music plaque customized with song and photograph

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These days, the vast majority of us get our music through Spotify. As such, it's Spotify we turn to when we need a musical pick-me-up, it's Spotify we turn to for a song to share with friends, and it's Spotify where we build playlists and mixtapes for friends, family, and partners. Many happy memories are formed around the world's favorite music streaming app, and this gift commemorates those memories. Choose a song the recipient loves, or one which means a lot to the both of you, and finish this customizable gift off with a picture of them, you, or you both together. A truly unique present no one else will have thought to buy them.

13. Inspirational Music Slogan T-Shirt

Simple plain tee with writing reading: "Music Is The Answer"

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Is music the answer? We certainly think so, as does the maker of this t-shirt! Instead of wracking your brains trying to come up with the t-shirt of a band or artist they're guaranteed to love, why not opt instead for a chic, minimalist tee with a general enough message that no one could argue against. Available in black, grey, white and multiple different sizes, a t-shirt this straightforward will never go out of fashion.

14. Lil' Kim Music Autobiography

Autobiography from genre-defining hip-hop rap legend Lil' Kim

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Lil' Kim was the only female member of The Notorios B.I.G.'s Junior M.A.F.I.A before breaking out on her own with double-platinum debut album Hard Core, now widely deemed to be one of the greatest hip-hop records of all time. This, her first ever autobiography, sheds light on a long and storied career - the perfect gift for anyone interested even in the slightest with rap, hip-hop and black culture in the USA.

15. Flight: NUS200 Soprano Ukulele

Perfect beginners ukulele made from locally sourced Meranti and Teak

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The ukulele is the favoured instrument of Hawaii, where its light, trickling chords make the perfect accompaniment to sun, sea, and good vibes. As an instrument in the professional musicians world, it is too often overshadowed by larger guitars, basses, pianos and drums; too often it is viewed as a gimmicky instrument. In truth, a ukulele offers the budding musician the versatility of an acoustic guitar, but in a novel, miniature form. A worthy addition to any musician's war chest, and inexpensive at that.

16. 70’s Inspired Wall Art

Retro wall art inspired by the groovy, hip, rocking 1970's

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The 1970's were, in many people's minds, the greatest years in music history. Disco, punk, rock 'n' roll, R&B, psychedelia, jazz... the 1970s had it all. This wall art print is inspired by that era, and pictures a girl dressed in colorful 70's garb with a turntable for a head. A little whacky, a little cookie, it's quite a striking image and one which would look great on any music lover's wall. Available in multiple sizes, be aware that this print doesn't come framed.

17. Full Electronic Keyboard Set

Electronic keyboard, stool, headphones and music stand in affordable set

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The keyboard is the original affordable way to play piano, and is an underrated-yet-fundamental part of many a rock 'n' roll group. Internet comedians like Bo Burnham have rose to stardom off the back of their keyboard antics posted to YouTube, whilst still more musicians use the keyboard to compose their future chart topping hits! This set from Instruments 4 Music has everything they could possibly need to get started, including a stool, headphone set and sheet music stand, all for an attractive price label.

18. Vinyl Moon Club Membership

The membership for audiophiles: new vinyl music monthly

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Vinyl Moon is a monthly record club and store which does something pretty unique: each month they compile a mixtape of the greatest and most contemporary up-and-coming musicians and press this mixtape onto colorful, patterned vinyl. These records are then shipped to your house every month, alongside record artwork, lyric books, and more. Gift the audiophile in your life a 1, 3, or 12 month membership package to the coolest subscription service around.

19. Ticketmaster Gift Card

Gift card to the world's largest online ticket directory

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With a Ticketmaster gift card, the opportunities available to them are endless. Ticketmaster sells tickets to the world's hottest events, from local concerts in small bars, to the World Series, there's simply something there for everyone. Sports, music, comedy, drama, you name it. But hitting up every music venue in town can become quite expensive, so a little help along the way is always appreciated. You set the value you want to spend on them, and they get to go to more concerts. It's as simple as that!

20. "Yellow Submarine" The Beatles

Psychedelic animated journey through the funkier end of Beatles music

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The Beatles famously produced not only some of the world's most ground breaking music, but also some of its funniest and most surreal feature films. Yellow Submarine is one such work of art. An animated and colorful journey into the warped and weird minds of the Beatles, the movie features psychedelic music videos to accompany the Beatles record 'Yellow Submarine', released in 1969. No rock 'n' roller's shelves are complete until they contain a DVD copy of the Beatles' strange movies, and 'Yellow Submarine' is a great place to start.

21. TapTape Re-useable Mixtape Gift

Scannable laser-cut wood retro digital-physical mixtape gift

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This is straight up one of the coolest gifts we've come across on the internet. Create a unique, personalized mixtape on your favorite music streaming app (be it Spotify, Apple Music, or whatever) and send this Etsy seller the link to it. The seller will then laser-cut a retro mixtape from wood, including cutting a scannable NFC link into the tape itself. You can change up the playlist as often as you like and the link will always take your friend, partner, or family member there. The best way to give someone the gift of shared musical listening in the digital era!

22. Orangewood Guitar Accessory Kit

Everything a guitarist needs to shred the stage

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Buying musical gifts can be difficult and expensive. Instruments alone tend to cost quite a bit, as do concert tickets and the like. Finding something practical, exciting, and affordable can be rare. This guitar accessory kit from Orangewood is the exception! Super affordable, it comes with every accessory a guitarist could ever need. Whether they play electric guitar or acoustic, this kit is for them. It comes with a guitar tuner, strap, capo, a selection of guitar picks, a string winder, chord chart and even a cloth for keeping that guitar neck dust free!


Drum kit to ignite the inner John Bonham in children

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Drumming is an incredible skill and requires immense hand-eye coordination, best fostered from early childhood. Especially useful for children with autism, or children with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), drums can be an outlet for nervous energies and can help focus youngsters from an early age. This junior drum set comes with drumsticks, a 16" bass drum, 10" tom drum, 10" snare drum, and a 10" cymbal, as well as the stool. With this luxurious music gift idea, your child, grandchild, niece or nephew will have the time of their lives thrashing along to their favorite song!

24. CD Karaoke Sound System

CD-playing karaoke machine for fun with the whole family

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Karaoke is one of the world’s favorite ways to unwind, have fun, and show one’s musical talent, but it’s not usually something you can enjoy at home. With this CD-playing karaoke sound system from Hammacher Schlemmer, you get a pair of satellite speakers, two microphones, and a main pedestal that contains a built-in 7" LCD and CD player. Simply pop a CD into the player and sing along to your favorite tracks. Thankfully, it also comes with Bluetooth enabled so that you can connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop to the system and play songs through Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music or the like. It’s got a good mid-range price mark too, making it ideal as a birthday present or Christmas gift.

25. The Clash Gift Card

Pop art green and pink gift card featuring Clash iconography

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The Clash were (and remain) one of the most influential punk rock bands of all time. Their infamous London Calling LP featured on the cover bassist Paul Simonon bringing his electric guitar down over his head, milliseconds away from smashing it on stage. Here, this famous photograph is reproduced in striking lime-green and neon-pink on a pop-art gift card, perfect for any rock ‘n’ roller, punk, or music lover of any kind, on their birthday, Christmas, or just to say a friendly ‘Hi!’

26. Woodcraft Violin Construction Kit

Cheap yet quality, beautiful little DIY kit for wooden violin

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A very simple, no frills gift, this kit comes with the cut-out wooden pieces necessary to make up a miniature violin complete with bow. Essentially a 3D puzzle, this construction kit costs less than $5 and would make a brilliant holiday gift, or just a little everyday gift to remind the classical music lover in your life how much they mean to you. The kit comes flat-packed, with no glue is required to put it together. This particular model is suitable for ages 5 and up.

27. “West Side Story” DVD

The classic NYC musical on DVD for its 50th anniversary

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Fifty years on from the release of the ground breaking, heart wrenching modern Romeo & Juliet musical about life, love, and the nation, West Side Story is released on a special edition 50th anniversary DVD. Director Robert Wise would go on to direct such classics as The Sound of Music, too - yet another iconic film in the pantheon of feature musicals with great music designed to inspire the next generation of players, performers, songwriters and singers. This would make a fantastic gift for any aspiring singer who could use a touch of classic musical education.

28. “1001 Albums” Book

Modern music history in one book to guide music listening

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When we’re in our teens, the world of music seems like a never-ending source of inspiration, energy and entertainment which we can indulge in to our heart’s content. We are eager to listen, excited to explore, and have both time and youth on our side with which to do so. As we grow older, however, our tastes become more entrenched, and it becomes less likely that' we’ll branch out and listen to new music. “1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die” is an incredible source of renewed inspiration. Taking you on a guided tour of the biggest and most important albums of modern music history, it is guaranteed to awaken any reader’s mind to a cornucopia of new and unexpected music.

29. Musicians’ Chocolate Gift Set

Two guitars and a treble clef of delicious artisanal Chocolate

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The ultimate Valentine’s Day gift from one music lover to another, this Amazing Chocolate gift set can be personalized with a number of different stock messages. It comes with two edible chocolate guitars (one acoustic, one electric) as well as a chocolate treble clef in a tastefully presented gift box. The company (Amazing Chocolate) is a small, independent British business that puts a lot of care and effort into their gift sets, too. Affordable and tasty, a great gift for a hungry musician.

30. “Recording” Decorative Light Box

Recording studio light box sign for home and studio decoration

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Whether the person you have in mind is a podcaster, a musician, a DJ, a radio host or simply a music fan, this “Recording” light box would make a fantastic addition to their space. Luminant enough to serve as a light, it also has an undeniably attractive aesthetic quality and would be a brilliant practical application for use in home studios to warn people against interrupting a broadcast or recording session. The light box can be made to order with a pine or black wood finish, as well as a number of light options (warm, yellow, bright, white, remote control or no).