The 59 Best Basketball & NBA Gift Ideas

With the NBA growing in popularity, the number of global basketball fans is swelling. If you don’t have a hoops-crazed friend or loved one in your life already, you likely will soon.

They say the beauty of the sport is that all you need is a ball and a basket to play. Maybe so, but when it comes to great gifts for the basketball fan in your life, there are many options. Here are some of our best basketball gift ideas.

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How exactly are you supposed to shoot if you don't have the right kicks? Fresh footwear is an essential part of any baller's game. Sneakertub, the world's first and only Sneaker subscription service, helps keep it very fresh. Delivering curated packages of awesome sneakers from Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Puma and others every month, the packs include some very cool sneaker accessories.

Sure your friend or loved one could get some shooting tips from that dude who is always hanging around the neighbourhood court. Orrrrr you could have two-time MVP and the high king of splash, Steph Curry, give them the lowdown into how he does it. Steph's session includes ten different skills. Options include bonus access to the full Masterclass stable of lessons.

Ball never stops. Give the gift of finally being able to play with one's food. This mug brings a whole new meaning to dunking cookies in coffee. Putting the rim to good use by draining some mini marshmallows through it is sure going to make a hot chocolate more interesting.

One from our own selves here at Giftology. This booster pack turns the classic board game into an NBA contest with the biggest names in the game today going head to head.

A 2006 column from Sports Illustrated writer Rick Reilly about the lethal dangers still posed malaria in Africa led to the creation of Nothing But Nets, a global grassroots campaign to raise awareness, funds, and voices to fight the disease. Since then, with the help of a raft of the biggest names in basketball, the foundation has raised $70 million. As far as sporting charities go, it's among the most worthy.

Help get that hoops lover in your life get a better handle on things with this great training tool. The SKLZ stick helps improve hand positioning, stance, and speed with the ball. Easily adjustable arms enable a wide variety of drills for ball control, speed with the dribble, plyometrics and agility. Get ready for some hot hands!

For the friend who considers himself your beer league Steve Kerr or the basketball coach who treats every Fourth Grade game like he's manning the bench in NBA Finals Game Seven, the most important coaching accessory — the clipboard. Hell, even if your loved one isn't a coaching mastermind-in-training, they'll get a kick out of just rocking around the workplace with this one.

Sometimes it's just a good idea to swap the jumpshot for the joystick. 2K make the essential basketball game for Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. The Legend edition lets players take control of over 100 of the most legendary teams in league history. Let's roll.

There are so many page-turner classics when it comes to charting the history of the court. But it's hard to go wrong with this great dive into the mind of the man who won more NBA Championships than any other. Phil Jackson's 'Part sports memoir, part New Age spirit quest' (according to the New York Times) delivers just as impressively as his Bulls and Lakers dynasties did.

If all the game really needs is a ball then why not go for the very best ball of all? Spalding's official ball is cut from Horween leather (the Chicago company that remains the exclusive supplier of NBA and NFL game balls). If you want to play like the pros, you may as well be dribbling with their equipment, right?

Even the most casual hoop dreamer finds their competitive senses kicking in when standing in front of a pop-a-shot. And it's low-key a pretty good way to keep your shooting form from going totally stale while stuck indoors. Just get ready for everyone to get Jordan-style competitive.

Think your special someone literally couldn't get enough hoops? Why not put that theory to the test. The league's official streaming platform is an all-you-can-eat basketball buffet that's tailored to whichever chosen device is being used with a tonne of special features for watching all 30 NBA teams.

So, maybe your loved one's dream of actually hitting the floor in the big leagues has long since died (and they've finally come to terms with it). Doesn't mean they can't wear game-quality jerseys. Grab their favourite player's name and number or for a bonus: let them live their dream getting it personalized with their name and number.

Keeping your head up is pretty damn important on the court. But so too is dribbling. These goggles are a great way of forcing a player to keep their handles clean while having his or her head up to survey all around them. They're also a great tool to improve reaction times. Defenders watch out.

The most stylish pro sports league in the world, the NBA's transition into a sporting runway continues apace. These days you're likely to catch as many of the game's biggest names at Paris Fashion Week as the All-Star Game. James Harden, Dwyane Wade, Serge Ibaka, LeBron James and Russell Westbrook have been at the forefront of the full couture press, with Westbrook's own Honor The Gift brand winning rave reviews.

With all these awesome accessories, carrying everything around takes more than deep pockets. Great time to up your basketball fan's backpack game too. This Nike design, under two-time Finals MVP Kevin Durant's branding, has room for everything you need to bring to the court, including a special top compartment for headphones.

The basketball world lost one of its all time greats in early 2020 when Kobe Bryant died much, much too young. Bryant was an icon and this tribute puzzle features some of his most memorable moments in a very cool collage. Make sure to bring that Mamba mentality to the task!

Brought to us by the master of mastication himself, Steph Curry. Has any athlete done more to mainstream those of us who have weird, kinda icky habits than the Warriors wonder? But if chewing on his drool-filled mouthguard during free-throws has helped promote better dental care for ballers, then we're all for it. A functional as well as fun gift.

What's better than going to see the game's best in the flesh? Well, not much actually. The fun, frenzied atmosphere of a top level NBA game remains one of the best live fan experiences which is why getting your hands on some seats is a real treat. The hardest part? Deciding what game to gift your lived one

Whether new fans or old, there's still something joyous in throwing it all back with a bit of nostalgia. The retro jerseys, the iconic old names, the, ahem, experimental colour schemes, it's always fun. Mitchell & Ness are among the best purveyors of the old school styles, including this epic Raptors basketball team throwback.

Hollywood has hit the court with some really great results over the years. From Coach Carter and He Got Game to the devastating backcourt combo of Michael Jordan and Bigs Bunny in Space Jam, there's a glut of basketball classics to take in. And that's before you get to the terrific documentaries like The Last Dance, which brilliantly chronicles Jordan's final season as a Chicago Bull.

The clue is in the product name with this one. A pump is a pretty essential — but so often overlooked — part of the game. Which makes it a great useful gift, saving your friend or loved one all those deflating moments when they arrive at the court only to find their ball doesn't have nearly enough bounce.

Can't ball without a basket and if you want to really splash out on that special someone then this is a go-to. While there are numerous options for portable hoops, if the spaces allows it, this in-ground design trumps them all. Height adjustable, super durable and with a pro standard tempered glass backboard, it's a slam dunk.

Clean kicks are important but that doesn't mean the styling stops there. In spite of the jokes about them being a grandad gift, socks are always welcome. And these vibrant designs are a great addition to any baller's wardrobe. If you're going to have your ankles broken by a quick-stepping opponent, you may as well look good.

No sport blends beats into its business like basketball. From a solo workout to a group shootaround to a full-blooded NBA contest, a deep hip hop soundtrack just seems to help the game...flow. Jay Z, J. Cole, Drake, Kanye and Kendrick Lamar are a good foundation to build any hoops playlist.

The official headphone supplier of the NBA, Beats By Dre have lots of great options for getting your groove and your game on at the same time. But these Powerbeats are particularly perfect for the hoops lover in your life. Completely wireless, reinforced sweat and water resistance and a battery life that can go to any number of overtimes. Swish.

The NBA's rocketing popularity across the globe — it's growing almost four times as fast as the NFL — likely has plenty to do with the off-court action as much as exploits on the court. Basketball breeds drama. Some of the most in-depth coverage of the league's comings and goings is done by the army of reporters at The Athletic, led by Shams Charania.

Basketball's beauty lies in how easy/rewarding/therapeutic it is to get the work in solo. But chasing all those missed shots yourself can get tiresome. This foldable net saves so much of that lost time, rebounding wayward shots back into play. Also a good option to save any landscaping/windows from particularly errant players!

No ball games in the office? No problem. If you klnow someone who'd like to take their fadeaway jumper to work with them (and who doesn't!?) then look no further. Just make sure they're prepare for colleagues to get competitive. Watch out for the IT guy, always a dark horse red-hot shooter.

Why oh why didn't they just call it Eau De GOAT? Anyway, if you can forgive them the branding misstep the extensive Michael Jordan aftershave range is one way to help a hoops lover to ever so briefly smell like His Airness, even if they can't float anything like him.

Headbands are so 2018. You want to get a sweat-soaker that's in step with the modern game of basketball? Then the Karate Kid-esque head tie is the way to go. Sported by the likes of Sacramento Kings livewire point guard DeAaron Fox, it's the coolest piece of headwear in hoops.

The bimonthly bible of basketball, SLAM has been chronicling the explosion in hoops popularity since its first issue in 1994. With a deep roster of great writers, SLAM digs into the culture of the game like few other publications and leaves readers hungry for the next issue.

Every famous NBA player starts at a gym or backyard with a basketball hoop, and the Lifetime Adjustable Basketball system is a great choice for a starting fan. As the name implies, the system is designed to last a lifetime or a few years at least. It's sure to hold strong as your b-ball loving friend gets better and polish their skills.

Books have proven to be one of the best ways to master the timeless skills of a sport. Therefore, this book of Basketball will come in handy for that friend of yours who loves playing basketball and reading books but has never gotten around to reading this basketball classic. Why not help combine both passions with The Book of basketball? Your friend will thank you for it.

Help your near and dear practice even when they're off the court. The NBA Jam Over-The-Door Mini basketball hoop lets your friends work on their three-pointers from the comfort of their rooms. It shares the same scaled-down dimensions of an NBA official backboard and bears the logo for extra motivation.

Nothing says high quality like a reliable Spalding NBA Official Game Ball. It’ll remind your beloved of their time playing high-school basketball, and arm them with a comfortable, microfiber composite basketball to train with.

Every basketball player needs water to cool off in between practice drills. So, why not go for a Nike Hyperfuel bottle? They could grab a drink with a squeeze through the fast-flowing nozzle and take it with them everywhere.

Get your friend this simple, yet versatile ball-handling tool, and help them take their training to the next level. Disc cones are great for agility, dribble, ball handling, and plyometric training. Your friend will surely thank you for this gift.

Ed O'Bannon's book takes aspiring NCAA stars and fans along a journey as he battles exploitative NCAA practices in a class-action lawsuit. He was one of the biggest drivers of reform in college sports, and he paved the path for younger players. It is a page-turner, and your hoop-loving friend will love it.

The rotating keyring could be a constant reminder of the sport they love so much. And of course, the person who bestows the gift on them. The tiny basketball inside actually spins. This extra detail adds so much nuance to an already interesting personal gift.

Add a bit of colour to your friend’s wardrobe by gifting them this colourful, nostalgic-inducing tie and dye shirt. It makes a great party shirt. Moreso, it’s unisex. So, anyone can wear it.

Gift your friend the best backpack Nike has to offer. The Nike Elite Pro has everything an elite-level athlete needs in a great backpack- dedicated compartments, good design, and materials.

Help a friend who sucks at basketball but loves it, all the same, get better by handing this book to them. It has tons of images and contains everything from technique to the mindset professional athletes cultivate.

A few things inspire more confidence than a lucky basketball charm. The J&M Dangle Basketball Shot charm pendant is an excellent companion off the basketball court. It gives the holder the confidence to play hard and worry less.

A pendant is a perfect gift to tie all their basketball-themed clothes, gear, and accessories together. This pendant is available in rose gold, yellow gold, and sterling silver.

What does a basketball player need after they already got a great ball and a hoop? The perfect pair of shoes. The Nike Lebron Witness IV basketball shoes have excellent ankle support, Nike’s signature cushioning technology, and a flexible rubber outsole. They are perfect for all types of players.

You can say so much with something as simple as a braided basketball bracelet. The Sportybella Basketball bracelet is a functional, stylish and constant form of encouragement and support for up and coming players and fans of the sport.

Every basketball fan needs an awesome basketball hoodie in their wardrobe, whether for sports, watching basketball, or hanging out with friends. The Astronaut basketball league pullover hoodie is a great choice for every occasion.

Most professional athletes keep practising even after the sun goes down, whether it's at the gym or home. The KNOG Run lamps ensure your hoop-loving friend can keep working on their skills at their local court, even at night.

Stand out in a sea of sameness with this amazing stainless steel basketball ring. It is functional and not quite like anything you’ll find on most basketball players and fans.

Bring the NBA games to your friend’s cave and experience what it feels like to dribble, play, and dunk like a pro player. It’s an excellent gift for your friend passionate about basketball and has always been a gamer.

Every homeowner should invest in some modern basketball art. They tie a room together, and this basketball-themed one will remind your friend of the game they love.

Keep the basketball handy with the Fo Rapid Size 7 Basketball case. It is lightweight and features a side compartment where you can store water bottles and other personal effects.

Gift the Everyday Crew socks to your hoop-loving friend and give them the support and comfort they need to power through games on the court. These basketball socks are available in different colour schemes, and they feature a ribbed arch that wraps around your midfoot for additional support.

A clever spin on the timeless ugly Christmas sweater, this awesome shirt is anything but ugly. It features an awesome picture of Santa taking a shot, and your basketball-loving friend is sure to appreciate the creativity. Perfect for a Christmas gift.

When you're out playing with your friends on an outdoor court, the right ball can make all the difference. The Wilson NCAA Game Replica Basketball features the same moisture-absorbing cover used in the NCAA official games.

Get your drink on after a serious game, and cool off with the boys. Joyclub basketball tumbler is a simple stainless steel tumbler that completes the basketball player’s lifestyle. Striking a balance between hard work and play

When a baller plays a Wilson Evolution Game basketball, they have one less thing to worry about on the court. High schools trust the Wilson Evolution basketball all over America for a reason. They have the right mix of durability, grip, and control. And your friend will never take this one for granted.

Professional basketball players love compression sleeves because it keeps their hands fresh, and ready to perform. The spandex compression keeps the blood flowing and keeps the arms at peak performance when you play. Your friend will welcome them and tell you about how well it improved their game.