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30 Funny Gift Ideas for Women

Not all gifts need to be serious, and in fact, they can be a lot more fun when they’re not. You can’t buy a sense of humor, but you can select the perfect gag gift. Your best friend, sister, mom, SIL, or coworker will laugh out loud when they receive any of our funny gift ideas. Whether you’re searching for the best gift for a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, or just for a good laugh between friends, this gift guide will help pin down the most hilarious gag gift.

By Reina Esser • Published Jan 2 2023

1. Dolly Parton Prayer Candle

Because Saint Dolly answers all prayers.

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Religious or not, everyone can agree that Dolly Parton is an absolute saint. This is a fun gift for your bestie who's obsessed with the Backwoods Barbie.

2. Don't Be A Dick Coffee Mug

It's as simple as that!

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This cute and cheeky mug will ensure no one steps on her toes during the meeting. JK, maybe don't take this one to the office. If she could use a little bit of confidence against naysayers and generally rude people, this coffee mug is the perfect gift.

3. 420 Oven Mitt

For the stoners.

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It's funny because it's probably true. If your bestie, sister-in-law, or co-worker gets a little carried away with the ~culinary arts~ she will LOL at this cute and funny gift.

4. F*ck Off Necklace

If you're close enough to read it, you're too close.

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Dainty and dangerous. A great gift for the fiery sister in the family or the friend who's always getting into fights with men at the bar. We love an obscene queen! The best part is, everyone will think it's a delicate necklace until they get in your personal space.

5. Please Leave by 9pm Cross Stitch

No really, that's my bedtime.

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Do you know a gal who's supremely sleepy by 8 o'clock and needs folks gone by 9? This is a perfect secret Santa gift that will make her smile from ear to ear. This cute unoffensive cross stitch can hang by the coat rack so visitors can chuckle and say "that's funny" and she can say "I'm serious."

6. Wash Your Effing Hands

It's nasty!

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You don't need to be a germ freak to like this cheeky hand towel. Afterall, it's pretty gross not to wash your hands after using the bathroom. If you know someone who would appreciate this funny sense of humor, this is a great stocking stuffer or Christmas gift that won't break the bank.

7. Adult Merit Badges

Because some days are harder than others.

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Do you know a lady who's pretty tender? Does she need a lot of support? No problem! Good thing she's got you to always pick up the phone and give her all the validation and good thing you found these adorable merit badges to gift her. She'll be on top of the world and full of laughs as she earns each badge.

8. Delicate Flower Socks

Quirky socks for quirky ladies!

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She is beautiful, fragrant, delicate, and a teeny bit abrasive. The gift of socks is always an honorable one. They're sure to fit and she'll think of you every time she catches a glance of her flamboyant ankles.

9. Eggplant Sauce Bottle

Give it a squeeze if you please.

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This hilarious gag gift will raise the eyebrows of everyone who opens the fridge. Fill it with any sauce you like and please don't ask us why the image shows them putting mayo on fries. It's a prank gift...but is it really?

10. Nice Tits T-Shirt

For the birding babes.

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A different kind of Twitter! If you know a bird lady, she'll appreciate this funny t-shirt. We're thinking Mother's Day because mom would look just perfect in it.

11. Poo-Pourri Gift Box

If she's regular and she knows it.

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Hate to break it to ya fellas, but ladies poop and they even fart! If your woman is know to leave the bathroom smellier than you, then Poo-Pourri will take the gag out of this gag gift. Spray it before you go to conceal aroma of your bathroom business. This set also comes with plantable wildflower seed paper!

12. Get Naked Bath Mat

You heard the bath mat!

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Celebrate a new move or recent home purchase with some funny but useful home décor. This bath mat is sure to get some laughs from the recipient and her visitors.

13. CLUE: The Office Edition

Discover the secrets of Dunder Mifflin

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Ladies who love The Office will flip over this fun gift. It would also make a great white elephant gift that is sure to be fought over.

14. Required Medication Cocktail Napkins

It's sad but it's true (and it's funny)

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Any millennial will get a kick out of these hilarious cocktail napkins. They will look great on the bar cart and make an easy but funny hostess gift.

15. Is You 30? Wine Glass

Don't worry, 30 is new 20.

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Gucci Mane might hate this wine glass, but we don't >:) If you have a loved one who is a wine lover turning the big 3-0, this wine glass will definitely get some laughs.

16. MILF Coffee Mug

It doesn't mean "Man I Like Frogs"

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Say congrats to a new mom with this MILF coffee mug. As she drinks her much needed coffee, she'll be reminded she's a total hottie that created human life. Pretty badass, right?

17. Cat Paw Lip Balm

The purrrfect gift for cat lovers.

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Got a gal pal who's obsessed with cats? We can't blame her, they're downright adorable! What's even more adorable is this cat paw tinted lip balm. Don't let the cute and playful packaging fool you. This is a certified organic lip balm that looks fabulous on any skin tone. It's a funny stocking stuffer that will delight loved ones with it's high quality.

18. Bread Slippers

Absolutely ridiculous perfection.

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Get your bae slippers that will make her salivate. We all want that in a slipper, right? This novelty gift will confuse her while she decides if they are atrocious or sublime.

19. Middle Finger Stud Earrings

She's dainty and she's mean! Best to stay back.

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Give these earrings as a funny Christmas gift or simple stocking stuffer that will get lots of praise on Christmas morning. These cute middle finger earrings look pretty ordinary from afar but up close you'll see that she's a little more sour than sweet.

20. Retro Bob Ross Watch

Arguably the best gift on this gift guide!

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It's no happy accident you found this gift. It's a completely unique gift that any lover of Bob Ross or retro style will LOL at.

21. Stank Prank Candle

A gag gift for sure!

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This prank gift is one that will ruin a dinner party or next family gathering. Convince them to light this candle a few hours before you want to head home and you're sure to have a golden excuse. It begins smelling like an apple orchard and after a few hours of burn time, it will transform into the foul smell of farts. Ruin Christmas, an office party, her birthday, and more!

22. The Hungover Cookbook

For the friend who orders Postmates every Sunday morning.

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Need a gag gift to bring to the party but don't know what? This is a crowd-pleaser. This hilarious cookbook is filled with delicious recipes, quizzes, and stories. Take the quiz at the beginning to hone in your hungover cravings and go from there. DIY your hangover away!

23. Funny Makeup Bag

She's late but she's beautiful!

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Maybe she won't laugh but you sure will! If she's usually changing her mind about her outfit when the Lyft is 4 minutes away, this is the ideal prank gift for her.

24. Nicolas Cage Prank Pillow

It's funny and terrifying all at once.

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We love this conversation piece she'll be forced to find a home for. This prank pillow would make a great graduation send-off as she moves into her dorm or sneak it into her house to truly startle her. Bring this to a white elephant party for major laughs.

25. Personalized Penis Mug

Aww, how thoughtful!

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Spell my name in dicks and we're BFFs forever. Get one for each member of the gang or let your bestie know you'll always be there for her with this hilariously stupid coffee mug.

26. Titty Planter

Fill it a succulent for bonus points!

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This tiny tatas planter is adorably funny and would make a great gag gift for a girlfriend or loved one that enjoys plants but also needs a little humor in her life.

27. Booty Shower Curtain

Praise be to booties of all shapes and sizes.

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Does she have a Tina Belcher thing going on? Obsessed with butts or got a nice one herself? She'll LOL at this funny shower curtain that is actually really cute.

28. Spring Break Bod Swimsuit

Damn girl, your abs are incredible.

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Get one of each 'style' for the spring break squad. She'll love this funny swimsuit if she relishes the attention and is a hilarious lady. Dress up as a sexy lifeguard or turn heads at the pool. It's the perfect gift.

29. Don't F*ck Up The Table Coasters

She's passive aggressive and takes care of her things!

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Does she helicopter around party guests sliding coasters under their drinks? We can't blame her, quality furniture isn't cheap. These cute and funny coasters will make a great gift and work with a budget.

30. Burrito Blanket

For the nap queen.

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She's always sleepy and loves a nap. Roll her up in this burrito blanket for optimal napping conditions. It also makes you crave a burrito which is a gift within a gift.