Gift Ideas for 2 Year Old Boys

They call it the “Terrible Twos.” Whether or not your little boy fits this description, this is the age for learning, exploring, and fun! The act of “terrible” behavior can come from the inability to communicate all that he truly understands at this age.

There are some great gifts that will be a blast for him to play with while he learns how to communicate and better handle his new emotions. This is our list of the best gifts and toys that allow his imagination to run and his mind to expand!

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Updated Aug 28 2021 Kevin Larue By Kevin Larue

There’s never been a child that doesn’t like to play dress up! This set comes with 3 costumes. One to play firefighter and put out flames, a police man to keep things in line, and a Dr. to play checkup. This costume is a one size fits all and will grow with him throughout the next few years. There are over 15 accessories including handcuffs, fire hose, and stethoscope making it easy to commit to the task at hand. There are no buttons on any of the costumes, just Velcro. Making it easy for him to switch it up as often as he’d like.

As a parent, this may not be YOUR favorite gift as I’m sure it’s loud enough in your home already, but it truly is a great one. It’s both educational and fun. Music has been shown to help development in many ways. Let him create his jam and get familiar with different instruments and their names. There’s a xylophone, maracas, triangle with striker and more. This set includes a backpack to keep all pieces together for whenever and wherever he wants to play.

Who doesn’t love Elmo? He’s friendly, adorable and ready to teach! Your 2-year-old boy will love the ability to cuddle this Elmo, but also interact with him and learn his ABC’s. He also speaks 14 additional phrases. Snuggles with their buddy teach empathy and affection. ABC’s teach the basics for his bright future. Educational, fun and entertaining. Done!

His own little world brought to life. This play house really lets him have that independence he craves. Great for indoors but even better for outdoors. He will have loads of fun with the realistic features that this has. Exterior has a doorbell, flower box and a mailbox. Interior comes with his own sink, phone, fireplace and more! Bonus is that there are so many accessories you could eventually add to this to accommodate his interests as they change.

We’ve all seen a version of this one. There’s a reason they’ve been around for a while because kids loving using their feet to go go go. What’s great about this one specifically is the dinosaur design. It’s also got a working horn, working wheel that spins 360 degrees, and gas cap. It’s a nice upgrade from the original. It has the removable floor so that if you choose to push them in it for more of a ride along approach you can. It also has a cup holder for that sippy cup!

Can you really go wrong with Play-Doh? All kids love Play-Doh and your little boy will love this cement mixer construction truck set. He’ll be on the job site making all sorts of creations. This set comes with 5 different cans of Play-Doh, but you could certainly load him up with additional colors. Now that he’s done shoving everything in his mouth, you can rest assure he will be using the Play-Doh in its rightful state too!

This gift is perfect in so many ways. It’s educational, fun and mess free. This large mat allows for a ton of fun creations, all you need to supply is water. Includes pens, brushes, design booklets, drawing molds and stamps. There is enough room for you to lay with your boy and really be hands on with his imagination. It’s extremely affordable and can be reused over and over again.

It’s a scooter, and then it’s a bike. It’s the best of both worlds and so easily convertible. With the click of a handle you can make it into which ever they are in the mood for. Its great for ages 2-5 years and has an adjustable stem to accommodate whatever height he’s at too. It promotes exercise and being outdoors, while meeting safety standards. You can sit back and relax, or ride along with them on their journey.

If your little guy likes to follow Dad around and help him with his to-do list, then this work bench is for him. It will allow him to build, take apart and recreate the vehicles included! It’s super realistic being that it’s interactive and comes with battery operated tools. Really making him feel like a big boy. There are 40 plus accessories and it doesn’t end there. There’s also an app that allows for more sound and interaction for whatever he’s doing like car engines. It’s large enough for a friend to help and will grow with him for the next few years.

These are some great books to start reading to your little man. They teach some very important lessons he may need help with or reminders of. Being that his vocabulary is still developing at this point, help him learn how to use those words in a kind and loving way. There are 8 books included in the set that touch base on sharing, being a friend, feelings and saying please and thank you.

How fun is this? Instead of renting a huge bounce house, you can buy this little set and let him bounce and play daily (during warmer months of course). The stakes make sure the bounce house is firmly put on the ground, and it has the side rails and mesh for safety. It’s easily blown up with the blower that is yes, included with the item. A great way to play and exercise handling up to 160 lbs.

He’s a lean, mean, cleaning machine! This set is wonderful because he will have his own set of tools that will help him do the things that grown ups do. He will love to trail behind you and sweep the floors, vacuum the crumbs, and dust the furniture. It’s a great way to instill great habits that can be fun from a young age. This is a high-quality set that will withstand the rough play little boys can sometimes partake in with toys.

It’s game on for this little learning sponge. If you haven’t been practicing with him already, these puzzles will engage him and teach the essentials. Each puzzle piece is pegged making it easy for his little hands to pick up and match into its’ place. This set includes the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes. The Disney theme will reel him in with his favorite characters.

This magnetic fishing game will help his hand eye coordination while sitting still. He can play with others which helps teach the basics of sharing and social skills that will help him on play dates, childcare visits and school. It contains 26 sea animals all with letters of the alphabet. It’s an affordable option that he can truly learn so much from be it counting, sharing, ABC’s etc.

Keep him outdoors and let him learn the early fundamentals of riding a bike in a new and unique way. These bikes teach children to balance and direct the bike without training wheels and without being intimidating. They can ride by pushing off with their feet and balancing until they are comfortable enough to move on up to a big boy bike. Its great for 18-months up to 5 years of age. A long-lasting gift that looks cool when he’s tagging along with big brother or sister.

Sports are always great for kids of all ages to get involved in. It helps with concentration and discipline. Show him the ropes at home and let him see how fun it can be. This Basketball Hoop is great because it is kid-friendly, adjustable in height and age, and easily portable. It grows from 30 inches up to 48 inches. It’s lightweight but can be weighed down with sand or water to help stabilize it. He shoots, he scores!

He will love to do what you do and have his own little laptop. This mini laptop has music, letters, games and more. He can even customize it to learn how to spell his name. It’ll keep him busy for hours with the amount of activities available. There’s a ton of animation that will keep him engaged and holding on to new material. He can even send pretend emails to his closest business associates. (AKA Mom and Dad)

Turn your basement or living room into an all-around playground. Feel free to leave it up daily or for special events only. With 7 pieces that can easily be taken apart and put back together, it’s simple to use only parts of it if you choose. Add some play balls and make it a fun ball pit for your little one. He will love to crawl through the tunnels, play hide and seek and create his own unique games. Great for rain and snow days when children need to burn that energy off.

These are said to make the kids go wild. Really taking things up a notch from plain old stacking blocks. These colorful tiles encourage math, science and creativity at a young age. The possibilities are endless. They are safe and durable. Aside from what they can physically make, he can take the idea of using flashlights, window light and projectors to accentuate the creation. It’ll really wow your 2-year-old now and will entice him as he gets older as well.

Prep him for all the future rides with family and friends. This Quad is perfect. No worries as far as safety goes, it only goes forward at a slow but steady pace of 2 mph. It’s extremely toddler friendly with a push button to start and to stop. It can be used both indoor and outdoors, his choice! He will love to cruise around in the yard, side walks and parks. It’s lightweight enough to take wherever he’d like the entertainment.

The Duplo train set is a bright, colourful and fun train with 3 carriages and includes the numbers 0-9 as well as two figures and a dog Duplo piece. Easy to build and drive around once built, learn building skills, numbers and colours all in one set.

This great wooden dump truck by Melissa & Doug combines the fun of trucks with shape sorting. Complete with 9 different shapes to sort this will help children develop fine motor skills and learn about shapes and colours. Sort them in, drive them around and dump them out. Hours of fun.

Pizza Party and everyone’s invited with this pretend play pizza set. With a wooden pizza base, utensils and 54 different toppings that attach with Velcro there’s enough pizza for everyone. Great for pretend play, sharing and developing minds.

Make learning fun with this Vtech 100 words book. This bright colourful book features 100 new words in different categories. Touch each word to hear it read, play music, sound effects and fun facts. Interactive, fun and education all in one go. Words, songs and fun facts can be set to English or Spanish.

his two-sided playset features a garden on one side and a kitchen on the other. Full of interactive parts and play ideas it’ll keep him entertained for hours planting plants, stirring honey and creating food in the kitchen. Including learning for multiple stages including, colours, numbers, shapes, healthy eating and sharing.

These 10 plant-based natural crayons are the perfect green toy for eco-conscious families. With 10 colours made in block shapes allowing little hands to hold and draw easily, they’ll be a hit with everyone.

Keep him occupied in the kitchen with this yellow bus phonics set. With tiles for each letter of the alphabet, each one plugs in to play the sound and a fun learning song about each sound. Get a head start at phonics and fun.

The iconic cozy coupe has had an upgrade to the Cozy Truck, ride around in rugged style with this durable ride-on truck. Removable foot panel so you can push them or they can “drive” themselves. The gas cap opens and has a working horn for the complete driving experience.

What child isn’t into opening things?. Give him something he can spend hours figuring out how to open and close with this wooden activity latch board by Melissa & Doug. With numbers and shapes, it’ll help with gross motor skills as well as concepts like numbers, shapes and opposites.

Perfect for little hands this Thomas & Friends train set included everything you need. Thomas & Bertie plus 2 figures and a figure 8 train track with crossing gates and a drawbridge that can be lowered and raised. Easy to fit together.

This 3 in 1 Trike can have pedals or remove them to make it a balance bike. Adjustable seat, non slip handlebars and airless tires so they’ll never go flat. Adjust the height to grow with him you can also fold it up so when you are done riding it’s easy to carry.

This lightweight balance bike is too cool for school. Lightweight with adjustable handlebars and seat and puncture-proof tires it even has an inbuilt handle for carrying. Available in a range of colours.

Monkey is ready to go for some undersea adventures in his yellow submarine. Just pull the string to wind the propeller and watch him go, great for the bath or pool this will make every bath time a fun time.

This 10inch CAT construction dump truck has everything the real ones have. Working parts, sturdy build and build for anywhere. Inside or outside play this dump truck will be hours of fun.

Tonka might force and sounds fire truck. With a light-up cab, working ladder and sound effects it's everything a toddler could want in a fire truck. Hours of rescue fun and play.

Get a jump start on learning with this daily calendar, this great educational toy covers not only the calendar basics but also emotions, weather and seasons. In bright colours this magnetic calendar lets you pick and place the different days/weeks/dates etc. Give him a head start

The ultimate in imaginative toys this set of colourful magnetic tiles provides endless possibilities. Colourful tiles in a range of shapes have magnets In each side allowing you to build endless combinations of shapes, towers, and pictures. Use them flat or make 3D creations it’ll stretch the imagination as well as gross motor skills.

Not just one toy but a monthly arrival, KiwiCo’s Koala Crate is a monthly subscription for 2-4years that sends a box with a different toy/creation/craft activity each month. Focused on fun and learning this is a great gift that keeps on giving.

This Montessori inspired stacking dinosaur kit is great for building motor skills, numbers, colours and shapes. Balance as many dinosaurs as you can on the balance place or stack the dinosaurs any way you want, create a trail of dinosaurs or line them up in colours, by size or any way you want.

Hours of playtime bubbly fun will be had with this push along with bubble-blowing lawnmower. Push it along and it plays music and blows bubbles, comes with additional bubble blowing toys and best of all it's easy to wash. Simply hose it down once you're done.

This great fox xylophone includes a full scale of notes on a bright and colourful xylophone and most importantly the mallet is attached so it can never go missing!

This great farmhouse little people set is a complete farm with animals, barn and farmhouse as well as little people to care for them. Explore a farm and the animals who live there with this wonderful fisher price set.

All the fun of Duplo and a tropical island combines, this Duplo kit includes your basic Duplo blocks, mini-figures and a range of jungle animals as well. Build it per the kid or make up your own jungle city.

My first remote control car, a great first remote control car set that includes 3 removable drivers, lights, sounds and a steering wheel-shaped remote with 2 buttons for ease of use. Safely built with non-toxic materials it includes rounded edges to keep everyone safe while driving.

This mini trampoline is a great first trampoline set up, includes net and foam covered pole and springs. Big enough to include friends but not too big it’s perfect as an indoor or outdoor toy.

Crayola’s my first markers are the perfect drawing gift, a wide shape that promotes correct grip and in a range of fun colours get ready for an art attack. Best of all they are completely washable so no need to worry about drawing that strays outside the lines.

This great set includes 100 blocks in 4 colours and 9 different shapes allowing a world of block building fun. Solid but lightweight they are the ideal shape for little hands to grip and build, they also introduce the idea of colour and shape.

The wooden wobble board is whatever you imagine it to be, a bridge, balance board, rainbow, slide, seat and anything else you want. Build cities on it with blocks, use it to balance the possibilities are endless. Made of high-quality wood this toy grows with them and their imagination.