Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

It’s time for a retirement party. Retirement is a long-awaited moment that everyone looks forward to and should certainly be celebrated. There are few things quite as lovely as the idea of no alarm clock, no boss and no set schedule to oblige by.

So what are the best retirement gifts? Well to start, think about her personality. Would she appreciate a funny retirement gift? Or something thoughtful? Our gift guide covers a wide array of hobbies and interests that she might enjoy with the days ahead and includes special gifts of appreciation for all that she has done.

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Updated Aug 23 2021 Kevin Larue By Kevin Larue

Help send her on a trip! If she has already been talking about her first travel plans, she will greatly appreciate this gift. You can set the budget that you would like to contribute to whatever you are comfortable with. These never expire so even if she doesn’t book it right away, that’s okay! It’s easily redeemed online through their website, or she can call and apply it to the trip too.

A camera is a great gift for a few different reasons. Maybe she has always been interested in taking up photography as a hobby. Or maybe she just simply wants to document the places she will visit, or time spent with family. This camera is great for beginners. Not only are you getting a solid Canon camera, you are getting the accessories with this kit. Taking the brain work out of it for you. Between memory cards, stands, battery chargers, extra batteries, it can be overwhelming initially. Grab this gift and give her everything she needs to get going.

Talk about relaxation. Don’t we all envision resting in a hammock with a cool breeze, potentially falling into a nap? This one comes with a space saving steel stand. She can move it depending on where she wants to use it, sun or shade. If she wanted to bring it on a vacation, she can use the convenient carrying case to bring it along. It’s offered in 4 different color options to match her outdoor furniture. Made from 100% cotton for amazing comfort.

There are many people that have the goal of travelling in mind once they retire. If she is one of those people that you think will truly act on it, then how about this scratch off map. This one specifically is black and gold with a glossy finish. Underneath that finish is vibrant colors for each location that she visits. She can scratch off places around the world that she has already visited and add to the map as she goes. It measures 35 x 35 and is sure to motivate her to take those trips when she sees it up on her wall daily.

A beautiful simplistic piece of jewelry with special meaning is always a hit. This one is sterling silver and symbolizes to enjoy the journey you are about to take flight on. This company will adjust the length of the necklace if it is not to her liking for free and comes with a 5-year guaranty warranty. The metals are also lead free, nickel free and hypoallergenic. She will appreciate the femininity and reflect daily on her special place in life.

Perhaps she is a fitness enthusiast and would like to pay closer attention to her health. She can track steps, heart rate and even manage her schedule with this one. It’s available in a few colors aside from basic black. Another bonus is tracking her rest as it can monitor how well she is sleeping at night too. All of these things are very important for her as she ages, and she can pay better attention to how she takes care of herself now that she’s not as distracted.

Adorable and stylish suitcase that can accompany her on her many adventures be it a weekend or a whole week away. This suitcase is super feminine and original. Made with oxford and genuine leather on the handles with rose gold accents. It has TSA locks which mean they can access your luggage without ruining the lock. Send her on her way feeling organized and chic.

If she loves crafting, this will provide her a new space to work on that hobby in an organized way. The table adjusts from flat to a 45-degree angle and has a comfy footrest while she works. There are 4 removable side trays to stick her supplies in as well. It has wheels, so she can easily move it wherever she is in the mood to get crafty. She will love the fact that she finally has the time to do the crafts she couldn’t with her 9 to 5 in the way.

Four!!! If she loves golfing occasionally or is a part of a league, she will appreciate this set. Available in both left and right handed, with 11 pieces. Callaway is a well-known reputable brand, so you can have confidence in this set and the longevity it will have. Head covers are included for each piece. It comes with a stand, and 5 pockets, a cooler pocket, rain hood and even a backpack strap.

Maybe she hasn’t even thought much of where she’d like to visit after retirement. Encourage her by giving this book by Kath Stathers. There are locations and ideas that branch from nearby to far. She can take ideas that appeal to her and add them to her own personal bucket list. This guide is something she can refer to for years, complete with 496 pages and 1000 adventures of fun!

Chocolate fan? Keep it simple with a gift basket that she can indulge in. This basket has premium chocolates, an upgrade from what she picks up at the store from time to time. If you aren’t seeing her you can have it delivered and include a special message and congrats on her retirement. It’s a beautiful presentation of treats within a basket she can reuse tied with a ribbon. Add ice for delivery to ensure it stays in tip top shape!

If the retiree loves sipping tea, consider this set as a nice gift. It’s beautifully made with glass and includes the stove top safe teapot, 4 glass teacups, and warmer. Also included is 12 special flavors for her to enjoy during her peaceful day or meet with friends. The glass is made to handle extreme hot and cold temperatures for a long lasting, truly unique gift set.

Endless entertainment comes with this tablet. If she enjoys reading, she can download ebooks with one click and get lost in a story. If she wants to stream movies and browse the web, she can do that too. If she happens to be a prime member, she has access to tons of free entertainment as well. Alexa can help her if she’s new to the tech game, by simply using her voice and asking for help. It’s super thin and lightweight too which she will love.

Rest and Relaxation should be on the daily schedule of every new retiree. This pad sits on wherever she takes a break be it the couch or a chair. It has a variety of options to target her stress areas from the neck to shoulders down to her lower back or all simultaneously. It has a gentle vibration option with heat if she wants to keep it low key and less intense. It’s not an obnoxious piece of furniture, so she can pull it out when wants and easily store it away when she doesn’t. This one comes with a 90-day guarantee and 24 month warranty.

This coloring book is not only relaxing to color, but entertaining and comical at the same time. Certainly, more of a gag gift but if they have a sense of humor then why not? It has rave reviews on Amazon and each page is a new one filled with laughter. A conversation piece that the artist will get a true kick out of. 78 pages are included to keep her busy.

These subscriptions are awesome and allow her to be a more well-rounded wino. They offer a variety of options monthly from one bottle only, sweet wines, premium and beyond. There is absolutely no obligation to keep it going and free shipping! Feel free to set it up based on what you know she likes and allow her to make changes as she goes.

She will love the chance to reward herself for that hard work and visit the spa of her choice. These cards are valid at 1000’s of locations nearby for her to use toward massage services, manicures, pedicures, haircuts and more. They never expire so she has time to use it when she’s good and ready. Their website lists locations where the card can be used so she can check out her options and reviews of salons and spas.

If you want to let her choose how she’d like to spend some reward money, then check this out. The tree holds money for you, so you can fill it up with both small and large bills. Better than a traditional card with the gift of money slot. It has 12 branches that can be bent to your liking, and you could add gift cards as well if you prefer to mix it up. You can’t go wrong with the gift of choice.

For the woman who loves to be outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. This set is super chic and has everything she needs for a quiet lunch in the park, on a hike or out with the grandkids. Complete set with waterproof blanket, cooler, cutlery and even salt and pepper shakers. It’s both stylish and organized, lightweight and compact.

For the gardener who now has the time to devote fully to it. This set is beautiful with it’s feminine prints, but gets the job done all the same. It’s a 9-piece set that includes a weeder, fork, hand rake, bag and more. Tools are equipped with rubber handles, hanging holes and safety clasps. Let her grow her garden of vegetables and flowers and truly enjoy the fruits of her labor! She will love the tools that are all her own.

Warm, cozy mornings are in her future. Give her something to feel luxurious in and enjoy the calm. This one is a long, plush fleece robe perfect for winter mornings. There are several different colors to choose from. What’s nice is that it’s warm enough for cold months, yet lightweight enough for warmer ones. It has two large pockets and a string within to tie it shut so it doesn’t slide open on its own. Even comes with a hood which isn’t standard on most robes.

No need for takeaway sit back and enjoy a morning coffee with these gorgeous Fotini Tikkou Visage Mugs. Hand-painted stoneware that’s dishwasher safe, choose from 1 of 4 colours or splash out and get all 4!

Wine glasses dedicated to strong women, these hand-blown wine glasses feature a swirling colorful pattern on the bottom of the tulip-shaped glasses. Buy one or as a set, they are handmade with love and come beautifully packaged including a poetry card with each glass.

There’s no time like retirement to get into cooking, this 3-piece stainless steel Cusinart knife set will be the perfect addition for any kitchen. Includes a chef knife, serrated utility knife and paring knife made of textures stainless steel with a textured grip. Perfect for any skill level

Rocking the retired life t, this t-shirt says it all. Handmade these t-shirts come in a range of colours and sizes all with the “Retired and loving it”s slogan. Vintage-styled t-shirts made of 100% cotton.

Beautifully packaged this retirement gift box has everything to start retired life luxuriously. With a soy candle, bath bomb, lip balm, body lotions, healing Agate Stone you can add your personalized message to the included card. Choose from small or large and a range of candle scents.

What else could a wine lover need? A gorgeous printed wine sarong. Made from 100% cotton in a beautiful blue or pink pattern this set of 4 wine sarongs allows you to dress your wine as well as your table. It also keeps it condensation free.

This set of 6 bath bombs are ideal to provide some relaxation and luxury. Containing Shea Butter and a range of essential oils these create the perfect bath time for soft skin, relaxation and indulgence. Contains 6 bath bombs all beautifully packaged in a gift box.

Go out with a laugh with this great funny retirement gift. A hand-poured soy candle with “ congrats on perusing your dream of not working here anymore” on the front. Available in a range of sizes and scents.

What better way to celebrate retirement than a gift of retirement ideas. The perfect happy retirement gift this gorgeous box features 25 fun activity cards and 5 blank ones so you can add your own in. Beautifully packages you can choose the colours and style.

To remind her of all the amazing work she’s done. This trinket dish is a gorgeous place to store jewellery or trinkets as well as a daily reminder of the work she’s accomplished. Glazed ceramic with a golden edged and black inscription on it’s a perfect keepsake.

Give her a symbol of good luck and a reminder of how she was a wonderful co-worker with this silver keychain. Features a tiny four-leaf clover and round disc inscribed with a message its available in a range of styles so you can make sure you choose one that fits her best.

Who doesn’t have a book list a mile long waiting for them, with the Kindle Oasis she can get reading. Adjustable light, inbuilt wifi and cellular data its also waterproof. Light and ergonomic design it feels like real paper with the latest e-ink technology.

If you need a personal retirement gift from her loved ones this gorgeous necklace is perfect. Handmade in sterling silver or yellow gold it features a delicate chain with leaf pendants inscribed with the initials of family or close friends. Comes beautifully packaged in a box with a lovely note about retiring.

A new chapter of life means a new adventure and what better way to plan one than Lonely Planet. This ultimate travel guide is the 500 best places to see, there’s something for everyone! Get stuck into travelling or just daydreaming.

Give her a beautiful personalized tote bag to celebrate a happy retirement. Choose the theme from a range of options and add a message to make this canvas bag unique to her. Available in a range of themes and colours it's perfect for all her new retirement hobbies.

Give a gift that keeps growing with an iconic Pandora charm bracelet. Beautifully designed and it can be added to for every memory and celebration-worthy event. Choose from a range of styles and materials or stick to the original sterling silver.

Get into DIY projects with this Macramé Hanging kit, which comes with everything she needs to create her own Macramé plant hanging kit. Available in a range of colours and with a note included. For an added bonus include a plant that can be hung in it once finished.

Sit back and stitch, retirement means lots of time and space to start new hobbies. This embroidery kit for beginners is perfect, it’s a full kit with everything included needle, hoop, threads, pattern and instructions. All she has to do is start stitching. Available in a range of designs.

This cute little ceramic balloon dog figurine is perfect for any home, simple and stylish it’ll fit into any décor and bring a smile to everyone who sees’s it. Available in white & gold, silver, rose gold or a vibrant blue.

No longer is work taking up all the time it’s a whole wide world of free time! But having said that you need things to fill up that free time. This gorgeous candle making kit comes with everything needed to pour and set 2 scented soy candles.

Get into some serious gardening time with this toolset. Including 8 pieces all stored in a handy rubber bag and with gloves it’s the perfect set to get out and garden. Stainless steel tools with rubber handles, designed for garden work and comfort.

Need a new hobby for the retire? DIY Watercolor painting kits are the perfect way to introduce a new hobby without needing to buy all the extras. Comes with 4 design options it includes everything a beginner needs to create a watercolour picture.

These modern silver wall picture frames are the perfect size and style for any home, simply included a picture of all your favourite colleagues and it’s a wonderful retirement gift. Available in 2 sizes.

This gorgeous spa gift set includes everything needed for an at-home spa day. Bath salt, hand cream, body bar, massage oil and a scented candle are all packaged into a beautiful gift box. All-natural ingredients and scents.

This binge-worthy bestseller is the real-life story of Tara Westover. She went from living in Idaho with her family who didn’t believe in education or modern to obtaining her PhD from Cambridge and a fellowship at Harvard. Awe-inspiring and gripping it’s an up all night read.

This vibrant lemon halves wall art will add a fun pop of colour to any home. By artist Tali Yalonetzki it’s a fun contrast of colours and shapes in bright vibrant colours. Framed and ready to hang you just need to choose lemons or apples, or both!