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30 Gift Ideas for Photographers

Do you have an iPhone or professional photographer in your life? Finding the perfect gift for any photographer can be difficult, especially if you have no knowledge of the art. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up some of the best gifts for photographers from the beginner to the expert.

By Stacey McDonald • Published Jan 2 2023

1. Canon EOS M50 Mark II

The perfect beginner DSLR camera.

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For the budding photographer or up-and-coming vlogger, the Canon EOS M50 Mark II is the perfect beginner DSLR. A great gift to help step up their camera gear and help them hone their photography skills.

2. Manfrotto Pro Camera Bag

Keep their camera gear safe while on the go.

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Any professional photographer needs a functional and protective camera bag to tote around all of their camera gear. This Manfrotto Pro Camera bag is on wheels and fits standard carry-on sizing - perfect for daily jobs or jet-setting around the world.

3. Sigma 18-35mm Lens

A must-have lens style of every photographer.

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A good quality 18-35mm lens is a must-have for every photographer from the beginner to the pro. This sigma lens is a compact, lightweight high-quality lens option for any Canon camera body.

4. ​Personalized Leather Camera Strap

A stylish camera strap with a personal touch.

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A thoughtful, and affordable gift for your photographer friends, this personalized leather camera strap is beautifully designed. A functional and stylish gift that they can use for years to come.

5. Bi-Colour LED Light Set

Highly customizable, affordable studio lighting.

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This set of two LED studio lights with stands allows for complete control over the colour and temperature of your lighting. An affordable option for studio lighting that allows for customization to suit every type of photoshoot from portraits to food photos.

6. ​Canon G7x Mark II Kit

The top choice for vlogging and amateur digital photography.

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Budding vlogger and amateur photographer on your hands? The Canon Powershot G7X Mark II is an industry staple point-and-shoot camera. Set them up for success with this creator kit featuring everything they need to get started - camera, battery, SD card and tripod.

7. ​Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

A fun instant camera for capturing and sharing memories.

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It's a cult favourite for a reason - the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 is a fun, compact instant camera perfect for capturing and sharing any moment.

8. ​Extreme Pro SD Card

A high-performance memory card.

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Any photographer will tell you that there are two things they can never have enough of - camera batteries and memory cards. This SanDisk Extreme Pro SD card combines the best in performance and storage to meet the needs of any photographer.

9. ​Nikon AF-S 85mm Telephoto Lens

A versatile lens for all types of photos.

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A telephoto lens is useful for any photographer to have in their arsenal. Great for capturing artistic portraits, long-distance events or weddings, and wildlife. This Nikon AF-S 85mm Telephoto is a great medium telephoto that is much easier to master and more versatile for the everyday photographer.

10. Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription

Digital photography essential software.

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A must-have for any digital photographer is high-quality editing software and nothing quite compares to the adobe creative suite. Featuring photoshop, lightroom and everything else you need to create beautiful photos.

11. Rollei Lensball Set

A gadget for experimenting with fun and artistic photos.

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Have a photographer in your life that loves to experiment and try something new? The Rollei Lensball is a fun gadget that can be used in endless ways to great one-of-a-kind, artistic photos.

12. iPhone 13 Pro

The best on the market cell phone for photographers.

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Whether they just love getting the perfect Instagram shot or they're a professional that loves to have a more portable option for capturing beautiful photos on the go - a cellphone with a great camera is a must. The iPhone 13 Pro can't be beaten when it comes to high-quality cell cameras and editing capabilities.

13. Exo Cinemaster 2 Drone

For high-flying professional photos and video.

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Looking to take their photography to the next level (literally)? Drones are the new must-have gadget for techies and photographers alike. Take high-flying, high-quality photos of stunning landscapes, capture their travels or use it for their work in real estate photography. You can't go wrong with an Exo Cinemaster 2 Drone.

14. ​Revo Adjustable Selfie Stick

Take perfect selfies every time.

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Stop, let me take a selfie! While it's useful for taking selfies, the Revo Adjustable Selfie stick also comes in handy for all kinds of other cell phone photography from landscapes to capturing that perfect moment on a trip with your besties.

15. White Balance Filter

Set the perfect light and tone quickly and easily.

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Help them save time perfecting their camera settings to get just the right white balance for the ideal shot. This White Balance Filter helps photographers achieve the perfect colour matching no matter the setting or light.

16. ​Vortex Lens Cleaning Kit

Essentials for cleaning and maintaining their gear.

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Lenses and camera tech require careful maintenance and that means regular cleaning but you can't clean your lenses with just anything. The Vortex Lens Cleaning kit features everything they need to keep their camera in tip-top shape.

17. Shh, I'm Editing Mug

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For those long hours at their editing desk, this Shh, I'm Editing coffee mug will be their new favourite way to keep their caffeine at hand.

18. Agfaphoto Reusable Film Camera

Making traditional photography accessible.

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Have they mastered digital photography? or maybe they're just looking to learn a bit more about the skill they love so much? The Agfaphoto reuseable film camera is the perfect entry-level film camera for those looking to try their hand at more traditional photography.

19. ​Fujifilm Instax Mini Rainbow Film

Add personality to every instant photo.

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Looking for an affordable gift or a small stocking stuffer? Fujifilm Instax Mini features all kinds of fun films and this rainbow-bordered film is no exception. Help them jazz up their instant photos and make sharing their pics even more special.

20. ​DSLR Snap-on Lens Cap Bundle

Handy lens caps for every style and size.

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Know a photographer that's always losing their lens caps? Don't we all. This DSLR Snap-on Lens Cap Bundle is essential for anyone with lots of different sized lenses, or the forgetful photographer. Featuring a variety of different sized lens caps made to fit a variety of camera brands, it's a great accessory to have with any camera bag.

21. ​Fujifilm X Pro3 Mirrorless Digital Camera

A great mid-range mirrorless camera.

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If they're looking to move on from DSLRs and try their hand at the mirrorless camera's the Fujifilm X Pro3 Mirrorless Digital Camera is one of the best in the class. A great mid-range mirrorless that's ready for the everyday or professional photographer.

22. ​Loupedeck Photo Editing Console

Make editing a breeze with easy automation.

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Editing is a major part of digital photography and is by far the most time-consuming aspect of the art. This Loupedeck Photo Editing Console allows photographers to assign shortcuts and quickly adjust settings helping to cut their editing time in half.

23. Joby Gorillapod Tripod

The most popular tripod for every use.

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The quintessential tripod for everyone from daily vloggers to travel photographers. The Joby Gorillapod is super versatile and easy to transport.

24. Sekonic Litemaster Light Meter

Capture the perfect light and tone every shot.

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A light meter is an important part of professional photography - helping them to capture the perfect tone in photos.

25. ​Digital Photographer Magazine Subscription

All the latest news, tips and tricks in digital photography.

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Looking to help them stay up to date on all the latest editing and digital photography tips and tricks? A subscription to a digital photography magazine is a great gift that will keep on giving all year long.

26. Collapsible Reflector Set

A variety of easy-to-carry reflectors.

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Reflectors can help capture the perfect photo and adjust the lighting to eliminate unwanted shadows. This set of collapsible reflectors is great for carrying from set to set and is simple and lightweight to use.

27. ​Photographer T-Shirt

A funny t-shirt perfect for any photographer.

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Even the most elite photographers can't pass up a good graphic tee and this Choose Your Weapon photographer tee is sure to be appreciated by any camera lover.

28. ​HP Envy Pro Printer

A must-have at-home photo printer

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A great at-home photo printer is a staple for any photographer looking to sell prints of their photos online. The HP Envy Pro Pinter is a great mid-range home printer that has high-quality colour-matching, can print a variety of sizes, a must-have for detailed art and photos.

29. RGB Selfie Ring Light

Experiment with light and effects for selfies or portraits.

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Ring lights are super handy for everything from taking the perfect selfie to lighting portraits. This affordable ring light comes with the ability to adjust to any colour on an RGB grid making it fun to experiment with different lighting and effects in your selfies or photography.

30. Collapsable Black & Gray Backdrop

Collapsible backdrops for easy portrait photography.

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Backdrops are a must-have for portraits but large static backdrop rigs can take up too much space, and be difficult to manage, not to mention expensive. These collapsable backdrops are great for keeping a variety of different options at hand and for travelling to different sets or locations and are easy to store and use.