55 Unique Gift Ideas for Couples

Couples can be more difficult to buy for than others simply because there’s two personalities and two sets of interests. The trick to it is looking at their relationship and finding what hobbies they share so that it’s enjoyable by both parties. On this list, you’ll find ideas fun, usable and encouraging. Remember to keep in mind what will make their lives easier and push them to do the things that they love together!

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Updated Jul 25 2021 Kevin Larue By Kevin Larue

It’s one of the most popular gifts choices for anyone, and for good reason. It provides peace of mind for them while they’re at home and away. Not too mention, makes it much easier to ignore unwanted solicitors. Check out this option that’s compatible with Alexa and allows you to not only see visitors, but to speak to them as well from any of your smart devices.

Frequent travelers or those that hope to be will adore this gift. They’re both bound to have specific locations they’re dying to visit, and this scratch off map will encourage them to visit. More importantly it’ll promote them doing it together. Add a nice frame to the map and they will love having it on display for guests and it’ll give them that extra push toward future vacations.

For the Espresso Fans in your life, this is a fantastic gift! Perfect for shots of espresso and cappuccino drinks made right at home just like the popular coffee shops. What’s perfect is that it can make two cups at once! Add in some flavored coffee accessories and they’ll be in caffeinated heaven.

Cooking in the kitchen should be a fun experience! If it’s just the two of them in the house, then this gift is perfect for those who love to cook or are interested in learning how to do it better. There are over 650 different recipes in this book in addition to other tips and tricks that will make the act of cooking for two simple, fun and with appropriate portions.

Couples that love parties and socializing will have a blast with this hysterical game. Those who play together stay together right? Suitable for adults only, it’s got some raunchy possibilities that only those with a good sense of humor will get a kick out of. Similar to Cards Against Humanity but taken up a notch with images.

Music lovers and sentimental couples will appreciate the thoughtfulness of this gift. If you know of a song close to their hearts such as a wedding song, or one that reminds them of where they met, then turn it into art! Using the sound waves, it will come to life on canvas. There are a couple different size options to choose from and several different colors to match their home décor.

I mean, who doesn’t basically live their LIFE on Amazon these days? A Prime membership has so many amazing perks beyond two-day shipping and free returns. They can use it for free books, free music, and streaming a ton of other entertainment for free. And yes, they can both take advantage of its’ benefits!

For the outdoor lovers, hiking fans or summer canoe trips. This tent is perfect for when they choose to “rough it” for a few days. It’s affordable for you but has awesome reviews. It holds 6 people so there’s plenty of room if it’s just the two of them or if they have other family and friends that want to tag along. It’ll keep them dry with its’ water resistance and pop up in a jiffy.

A perfect addition to their bar or office. Its sleek design can hold up to 120 standard sized cans for both his and her choices. Temperature controls and automatic defrosting features ensure the perfect temperature for their favorite beverages. It’s sure to be a hit and something they’ll be truly grateful for.

Family of two or family with children, they will love this unique piece of wall décor. It’s personalized with names of course, but also with colors so that it will match the colors of their home. It’s high quality and hand made from real barn wood that will stand the test of time. They’ll feel proud of their family no matter how many members make it complete.

Does the couple love a night out and trying new cocktails? On the nights they are unable to hit the town, try this monthly deliverable box instead. They’ll receive new cocktail recipes each month, every 3 months or 6 months. Within the box is everything needed from syrups to mixers. All they need to buy is the liquor. It’s a fun and unique way to mix it up. (no pun intended)

This idea is perfect for the couple that loves Sunday mornings, or binge watching they’re favorite shows from their cozy bed. This all season down comforter is made from 100% goose down, with 1200 thread count and lovely Egyptian cotton. Great on its own, or to fil up a duvet. Either way, it’s super cozy, comfortable and perfect for year-round luxury.

Bring the theater to them! Do they love watching a good flick? This one is great for both indoor and outdoor use and possesses awesome picture quality. Compatible with almost any of their media devices. It’s lightweight and super portable so they can take it when and where they want to enjoy the show.

They need to spend less time cleaning, and more time together having fun! This is totally worth the investment. Among many other brands trying to duplicate these, the Roomba just can’t be beat. It actually does a good job, handles pet hair with ease and works on both hard flooring and carpet. No need for them to even remember to charge it, the Roomba will handle that itself.

This is such a cute and unique gift for a couple. This version is so much cooler to hang on the wall than the one’s they get from a theme park. It’s great for the creative couple and can include just the two of them or add in their children both furry and human. This one is a digital download created by sending in a picture of them. Once received, print if off into any size and add the frame!

A luggage set that is large enough for them BOTH to use and in basic black, which is gender neutral. It’s a great option because it’s affordable yet durable. Regardless of if they travel often, or barely have the time, they have it there when needed. The 5 large pieces will be enough for them when travelling together or split it up when solo.

A couple’s massage is luxurious and entirely necessary for the busy, overworked couple. The Spafinder Gift Card allows you to choose the amount of money you’d like to spend. They, however, get to choose from a variety of different spas that they are most interested in trying. It’s the prefect date for those who just want to enjoy each other’s company without the chit chat.

Give the couple the opportunity to snag tickets to the next event in town. Think of options such as comedy shows, music, theater or sports. Not only does it give them a night out, it gives them an actual experience. Experience gifts are much more fun to receive than any material item according to most people when asked this question.

Do they love long walks on the beach? Or less cliché hikes in the park? When their ready for a break and need to have a drink or share a snack, give them a super simple and romantic way to do so! This mini table is perfect for two with a spot for a bottle of wine and 4 divots ready for wine or champagne glasses. It’s lightweight, simple to unfold and simple to break down!

Some nights we just don’t want to cook! A gift card for food catered in is always appreciated. Check out what’s available near their location specifically prior, but Grub Hub is growing rapidly so there will surely be something available from their favorite restaurant soon. Place orders online or by phone, delivered right to their doorstep ASAP!

Kayaking is a nice, relaxing, and quiet time for two. If they live near a body of water, they will love sneaking on the water early in the morning with a cup of coffee and just coast together. They can bring the rods and catch some fish too! This one features convenient rod holders and storage for small can’t-be-without items.

Music lovers? A home speaker system might be perfect! Forget the small blue tooth speaker that always dies, give them maximum entertainment power with this set that features a wireless remote and sound you can really feel. They can connect up to 6 different devices with this system so that they can easily transition from shows to music.

Everyone needs a home assistant. The Echo Dot is one of the most popular due to its compact size, affordability and efficiency. With this little gadget, they’ll be able to turn off lights, set alarms, lock doors and more. Alexa will also help them with miscellaneous questions and controlling music hands free.

Who wouldn’t want a warm luxurious towel to hop into after a shower, specifically in the cold, chilly months? Something they would never likely buy themselves. Made from stainless steel and temperature controlled, it helps keep damp smells at bay and provides a little slice of heaven to their daily routine. It’s the little things in life, right?

Take them on an adventure with this scratch-off book including 50 extraordinary date ideas! Whether they’ve just started dating or have been together for a while now, this is one of those gifts that keeps on giving. They’ll get to explore their relationship and grow together as they embark on some fun (and mysterious) activities.

If only there was a way to keep those special moments in one place and hold onto them longer… Believe it or not, there is! This keepsake memory box is perfect for all occasions, whether that’s a wedding, engagement, or anniversary. It even comes with personal engraving as a nice final touch.

Never underestimate the importance of a good quality cutting board. In this case, 3 cutting boards! This bamboo set is strong, natural, and a better alternative to wood, making their everyday cooking routine much smoother and easier.

There’s a good story behind every wine cork. Put those wine corks in one box and you’ve got yourself a fun rustic memory box… with a twist! Partners in wine will love to tell their house guests all about it!

Looking for a way to commemorate their special day? Why not create a star map for the newlyweds in your life! The star map print can capture how the sky looked on the day they said their vows to each other so they’ll get to keep that moment on their wall forever.

Awaken their adventurous side with this one-of-a-kind bucket list. These 100 fun things are actually 100 new experiences they get to do together. On top of that, it’s such an exciting feeling to scratch things off the list as you go. They’ll look forward to each and every one of them, trust us!

Are you looking for a memorable Christmas gift for the couple in your life? Check out these personalized ornaments that can give a more personal and special touch to any Christmas tree. Whether you’re getting them for newlyweds or long-term couples, one thing’s for sure: they’ll be eager to decorate their tree this year!

Every couple needs to spend quality time together but let’s face it, it’s not always easy coming up with date ideas. This card game is guaranteed to get the sparks flying between any couple. They’ll talk, laugh, cry, and enjoy each other all night!

One of the best ways to surprise them during a regular night-in is to send them a movie night snack box. You can even customize it and include a mix of treats you know they both love. This thoughtful gift can make their day better and dare we say more delicious!

What a wonderful way to celebrate love and show your favorite couple how much you care! Our Happy Place metal sign is a perfect addition to any home filled with love, joy, and happiness.

Nothing says ‘welcome to our home’ like a personalized doormat. Not only will it serve its purpose in making guests feel welcome, but it’ll also put a smile on their faces already at the doorstep.

Yes, life can be a movie sometimes. With this personalized movie marquee print, you can pay tribute to their love story by turning it into a movie - their movie!

This cheese and tapas board is the ultimate gift for couples who like to entertain and host events. Let’s just say they’ll be serving cheese like pros in no time!

A timeless gift for couples and a great addition to any home bar or tabletop. The glamorous glass engravings make it perfect for weddings and anniversaries. You certainly can’t go wrong with this decanter gift set.

Here’s another classic gift for couples. The gin-making kit is a fun way to spend time together and enjoy a glass of quality homemade drink. Easy to use and delicious to drink, this kit will allow them to play around with flavors and ingredients.

A lovely gift idea for newlyweds or any married couple. These cute pillowcases will make them feel special and even more excited for the new chapter in their life.

The secret to a happy marriage? Love, respect, and… well, we’d say loads of coffee too. Get them this cold brew coffee set for a nice, professional cup of coffee at home. They’ll be delighted to try it on a hot summer day.

What better way to show your love for them than to commemorate the most important moments in their relationship? This personalized photo print is a perfect gift idea for the couple in your life that’s about to start their walk down the same road. Celebrate their most important day with this unique photo print.

What’s a living room without a bookshelf, and what’s a bookshelf without some good-looking bookends! For a couple that’s just moved in together, these modern acrylic bookends are great living room addition. On top of that, they have multiple purposes as they can hold any number of papers as well as spice up the interior decor.

Long-distance couples know how to appreciate the little things in their relationship, whether that’s a good morning text or a cozy night in with their significant other. Help them stay connected with this long-distance touch lamp that will light up at the same time no matter where they are. What a great way to nurture a long-distance relationship, right?

Sometimes all you need is a Netflix and chill night. If they are TV shows fanatics, surprise them with a Netflix gift card so that they can stay on top of their favorite shows together.

Couples that travel together stay together and this personalized luggage tag set is the best way for them to show off their love in all airports of the world. It’s also quite practical and stylish. The personalized luggage name tags are less likely to get lost so you’ll do them a huge favor as well.

Wall art is always a good gift idea, but custom-made wall art is an even better one! This personalized illustration is a unique way to capture the couple’s vibe and turn it into art. They’ll love seeing themselves in this new artistic light.

Let’s face it, you can never go wrong with an Airbnb gift card. It will allow the couple in your life to travel anywhere they want in the world so they’ll be immensely grateful to you for that.

For couples that love to wrap up the day by sharing a glass of wine or whiskey, this elegant bar cart is a must-have! Rustic and modern at the same time, the Ermont Bar Cart is the perfect addition to any home.

They say one glass of wine per day is good for you. We say two glasses are even better! And we bet the couple in your life will agree. Create custom-made wine glasses for them to give their wine nights a fresh twist.

Aren’t these kissing mugs the cutest?! If you find them adorable, just imagine the looks on your favorite couple’s faces when you give these to them.

If you want to get them something to help them relax and unwind after a long day at work, we have the perfect gift idea for you! Check out this couple spa box filled with eco-friendly and vegan products to create the perfect luxurious pamper.

Cooking can be so much more fun with a personalized cutting board. Whether you need it for a housewarming gift or a wedding anniversary, you can’t go wrong with this unique and specially engraved kitchen addition.

A picture frame is a classic. And let’s face it, it’s always needed! But why not add a little twist to it? Carve the couple’s initials into this oak frame to create a personalized and unique gift that will leave them speechless.

Are they travel enthusiasts? Then, they definitely need these matching tumblers! Laser engraved and very sophisticated, these tumblers will get them excited about their next trip together!