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30 Funny Gag Gift Ideas

Does someone really need a reason to give a gag gift? Maybe you’ve found yourself here for fun or maybe it’s Christmas, the time of the year when you’re obligated to be funny AND give a gift. Whether it’s for a co-worker, family member, or friend, the pressure to deliver the perfect gift can be immense. Don’t let it stress you out. Tons of the best prank gifts are available right at your fingertips because we’ve done the work for you. Let this gift guide aide you in finding great stocking stuffers, white elephant gifts, birthday gifts, and more!

By Reina Esser • Published Jan 2 2023

1. Prank Gift Box

Fill it with another gag gift from the list for double the laughs!

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A prank gift box is a great gag gift idea because you could be nice and put something they actually want in the box. On the other hand, you could fill it another gag gift >:) They'll be able to pass on the laugh when they reuse the box.

2. Bulk Cereal Marshmallows

A funny gag gift that is magically delicious.

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It's funny but who doesn't secretly, or publicly for that matter, want tasty cereal marshmallow bits in...everything? Eat an entire bowl over milk or toss them in your coffee or hot chocolate if you're a real monster. This is a funny gag gift that anyone with a sweet tooth and sense of humor will appreciate. 2.5 pounds of dehydrated goodness. You can truly buy anything on Amazon.

3. Wine Glass Drinking Buddies

The gang's all here!

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Chad, Josh, Ryan, Cody, and the rest of the gang are all here to help you and your friends keep track of your drinks. Hilarious and useful, these little hunks put in the work to ensure you have a good time. This is a budget-friendly gag gift idea for wine lovers.

4. Poop Bath Bomb

It's gross, but it's funny.

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This bath bomb puts the gag in gag gift for sure. While it perfectly resembles human feces, this product is a skin-softening apricot kernel oil bath bomb that is vegan and cruelty-free. It comes in cheeky packing with "sorry for the sh*t gift" plastered across it, making wrapping a breeze.

5. Dutch Oven Fart Blanket

A cozy throw blanket and farting weapon.

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If you know someone who loves a potty joke a little too much, this is the perfect gag gift. The flatulater in your life will LOL when they read the Dutch oven recipe card that weaponizes this huge throw blanket. Farts not included. Funny stickers also come with the blanket because who doesn't love free stickers?

6. Nice Tits! Coffee Mug

We're talking about birds, duh.

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The best gag gift for bird lovers is this hilariously cute coffee mug. They'll get some confused looks at the office drinking out of this one but fellow bird loves will get the joke immediately. This would make a great gift for a family member or mom on Mother's Day.

7. Cat Butt Coloring Book

Cat lovers are all too familiar with the poses in this book.

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Even if you're more of a dog person, you'll find this coloring book hilarious. It's the best gag gift for cat lovers and the recipients are sure to think of you as they find the perfect shade of pink for these cat butts.

8. Burrito Necklace

"Babe, I got you jewelry this year."

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It's not the jewelry she had in mine, but it is a hilarious and adorable gift. Wrap this necklace to look like its an expensive pendant necklace and get a good laugh at the look on her face when she opens it to find her favorite food attached to the chain. It's not nice, but it is a funny gag gift.

9. Meme Cat Sticker Pack

Because no one wants to spend a fortune on a white elephant gift.

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You don't have to be a cat lover to enjoy a good cat meme. This sticker pack compiles some of the internet's best memes for you to plaster them on your laptop, water bottle, or car. It'll be the gift everyone is fighting over at the office white elephant exchange.

10. Useless Box

The real gag is that you still have to dust it.

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Have a grumpy co-worker or family member that always prefers to be left alone. This useless box can relate. As soon as you flip the switch the box opens and flips the switch the other way, closing itself. There is a latch feature so you can actually store something in it, but we like it nice and useless.

11. Booty Benjamins

Flushing money right down the toilet.

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This money-printed toilet paper will make anyone feel rich as they finish up their business. It's a funny gag gift that doesn't need to be specifically tailored to an individual's interest because everyone needs a roll of toilet paper.

12. Crap Taxidermy Coffee Table Book

Flip through this book and try not laugh.

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People might think you're mental when they open this gag gift, making it even more perfect. As soon as you flip to the first page, the entire room will erupt with laughter. This book features taxidermy fails that should be gathered and displayed in a museum for being so bad they're good. If you know an oddball, they'd appreciate this wonderfully funny gift.

13. Virginity Rocks Fanny Pack

Whether they're actually a virgin doesn't matter.

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Poking fun at the virgin in the group is a right of passage. Even if they're not a virgin, this is a funny gag gift that I'm sure they will (not) wear proudly. If they have a sense of humor, this is sure to be a hit.

14. 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings

For someone special in the office.

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This is a white elephant gift that the entire office will enjoy. It falls within the lines of appropriateness so you don't have to be that person. You can each pick a tactic from this book and try to spot them in your next meeting, just don't let your boss in on the joke.

15. Beard Ornaments

Who says men can't accessorize?

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One of the best gag gifts for men, these beard ornaments will bring holiday cheer wherever he goes. And honestly, his beard is looking a little drab.

16. MILF Hoodie

Frogs are the only dirty thing about this hoodie.

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Do you dare gift this mom on Mother's Day? We think yes. If you don't have the guts, this is still a great prank gift for anyone, because who doesn't love frogs?

17. Toilet Night Light

It's a rave for your potty.

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The hottest new gadget in the universe. Turn any normal trip to the toilet into a full blown party. You'll get lots of laughs with this gag gift that is perfect for anyone with a toilet.

18. Chicken Wing Soaps

Please don't eat them.

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Chicken wings are enjoyed by all and these realistic chicken wing soaps are straight-up perfect. Fear not, they don't smell like chicken. These are a great prank for the guest bathroom or to give a wing-loving friend.

19. Jedi Name Plate

The best secret Santa gift for the Star Wars lover in the family.

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Know a Jedi Master or someone who fancies themselves as one? This name plate for their desk will let co-workers know they are in fact a huge Star Wars geek and they shall not be shamed for it!

20. The Office Scented Candle

Definitely better than Jan's.

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"Serenity by Jan is kicking ass and taking names. Do you remember last week when that girl went missing? Guess whose candles they used for the vigil?" Know a super fan of The Office? If you drew their name for secret Santa, they'll love this gag gift because it's simply a work of pop culture art.

21. Face Socks

Hilarious for humble folks and spectacular for those who love their reflection.

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You've got a nice face, let's put it on your feet! Okay, so you aren't limited to their face. You could use a picture of their dog, YOUR face, or maybe the face of someone they can't stand...Pete Davidson anyone?

22. Ben & Jerry's Combo Lock

Paws off my Phish Food

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Some of the reviews claim it saved their relationship. Real monsters will cut the bottom of the pint, but this is purely for fun. If you lack self control around your dad's midnight ice cream or your wife's pregnancy craving snack, gift them this ice cream lock so you can think twice about your thievery.

23. Bubble Wrap Calendar

For the ASMR type.

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This bubble wrap calendar from Uncommon Goods appeals to bubble wrap lovers of all ages. Its practicality cannot be argued, as U.S. holidays are marked (you just have to guess which holiday it is).

24. Wacky Wavy Inflatable Tube Guy

But make him mini!

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Kids and adults alike will enjoy the chance to have their own hype man (guy?) cheering them on throughout the day. This is an amazing gift to bring to a gift exchange where you don't know anyone because who won't love the little cutie?

25. Laptop Cat Scratching Pad

That's enough screen time today, Felix.

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Uncommon goods coming through with the laugh out louds. Cat owners probably can't justify shelling out $35 for a cat scratcher, but you can! Make their dreams (and their cats) come true with this truly amazing laptop cat scratcher. This is a slam dunk secret Santa, Christmas, birthday, or just because gag gift that will elicit hours of good times and great content.

26. Prank Jigsaw Puzzle

Can't write a funny gift guide without throwing in a pooping dog.

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Dibs on putting together the piece of poop. This little cutie is begging for you to gift them to a friend and puzzle fiend.

27. The Office Novelty Pillow Case

It's Prison Mike!

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Everybody likes The Office and if they don't appreciate this perfect gag gift, you reserve the right of take-backsies. A gold sequin throw pillow looks good anywhere and so does prison Mike.

28. Mopping Slippers

It's just a joke....sheesh (kind of)

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This tops the list of hilarious gag gifts for men. Does he have a dog he never sweeps behind or just need to show his floors some TLC? These mop slippers will slip him the hint.

29. Tortilla Blanket

A napping essential.

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Every felt as snug as a burrito all cuddled up on the couch? Well, now you can share that experience with a friend when you gift them this novelty but excellent tortilla blanket.

30. Wine Bottle Beanies

An adorably funny gag gift.

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Don't force the old cork back into the bottle. instead, treat your open bottles to a little seasonal beanie. This is the perfect gag gift for wine lovers or an easy stocking stuffer for your wine-loving friend.