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32 New Job Gift Ideas

Scoring a new job is a big deal and deserves a little celebration. If a friend or loved one has just landed their dream job there are more ways to toast to this next chapter in their life than just a bottle of champagne. Here are 32 of the best gifts to celebrate a new job.

By Stacey McDonald • Published Jan 2 2023

1. Homesick Let’s Toast! Candle

A celebratory toast, without the champagne.

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Say congrats with this homesick candle with a scent reminiscent of a glass of champagne or prosecco. Customize the box with the recipient's name and what you’re celebrating for the perfect toast to a new job, graduation or just because!

2. Cheers to You Box

Curated celebratory gift box for any occasion.

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Whether you build a custom box or go with this beautifully curated celebration box - a gift box from the happy box store will be a welcome surprise. Let your loved ones know you’re proud of them landing that new job with a curated gift box complete with everything you need to make a delicious celebratory drink.

3. Rocketbook Reusable Notebook

Smart, practical, eco-friendly stationary.

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This eco-friendly reusable notebook is the perfect new job gift. Great for on-the-go, zoom meetings or in-office notetaking they can jot down everything they need, save it using the handy QR code and app before “starting a new page.”

4. Tower Succulents Trio

Cute office-friendly plants.

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Let your best friend know you’re excited for their new chapter with a special delivery of these adorable succulents. This trio of succulents comes in the perfect planter for a desk, bookshelf or office window.

5. Ember Coffee Mug

A mug that keeps their drink warm all day.

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This Ember temperature control coffee mug is the perfect gift for anyone that has trouble drinking their morning coffee while it’s still hot. Stuck in a meeting? Distracted by a long to-do list? No problem. The Ember mug will ensure their drink is at the perfect temperature whenever they get a chance to take a sip.

6. Bright Cellars Wine Subscription

Perfectly curated wine for celebrating.

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What better celebration gift than a box of curate wine? Help them celebrate landing their dream job, their first day of work and more with a bright cellar wine subscription featuring three expertly chosen wines.

7. Customizable Leather Briefcase

Stylish and functional leather briefcase.

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There’s a reason this is a bestseller on Etsy. This stunning handmade leather briefcase is the perfect combination of modern, sophisticated and classy. A great gender-neutral office wear staple. The best part? You can make it a truly special gift by adding a custom monogram.

8. Nespresso Essenza Mini

Easy and delicious espresso drinks at home.

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Help streamline their first day at their new job (and every day after) with the Essenza mini Nespresso machine. Make delicious espresso with the touch of a button - great for a morning cup or mid-day pick me up.

9. F. Scott Fitzgerald Motivational Print

A motivational print adds inspiration to any office.

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Everyone needs a little pick-me-up now and again. This F.Scott Fitzgerald motivational quote print is the perfect bit of inspiration to get them through their first day at a new job and any hard days after.

10. Effy Standing Desk

An ergonomic desk for home or office.

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Looking for the perfect gift for someone that just landed a new work-from-home job? The Effy standing desk is the ideal sit-to-stand desk for anyone looking to create a more ergonomic and healthy office space.

11. Hugo Boss Ballpoint Pen

A luxury refillable pen.

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Nothing says “serious businessperson” as much as a luxury ballpoint pen. This beautiful Hugo Boss rose gold pen is refillable and writes like a dream, meaning it’ll be their go-to pen for years to come.

12. Clean Slate Necklace

A minimalist necklace with a beautiful meaning.

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How do you celebrate your bestie landing their dream job? With something special that they can keep with them like this clean slate minimalist gold-plated necklace. A beautiful piece of jewelry with a message for exciting new beginnings.

13. MYRON Vegan Backpack

The perfect professional backpack.

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They’ll be prepared for their first day at their dream job with this classic and functional backpack. Great for carrying all their essentials to and from the office. The professional look makes it perfect for the office, work trips and more.

14. New Job Gift Basket

A sweet treat for celebrating a new job.

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This new job gift basket is the perfect thoughtful gift to send your friend or loved one that just landed that awesome new job. A great gift option when you don’t live in the same place - send this perfectly packaged gift right to their door. Complete with a sweet treat, tote bag, sticky notes and more.

15. Starbucks Gift Card

A thoughtful coffee gift card.

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Help fuel their first day (or week) at their new job with a Starbucks gift card. You can’t go wrong with keeping someone caffeinated - in fact, it’s essential to functioning so you’re doing them a favour. After a morning cup of coffee, they’re sure to impress.

16. Personalized Foil Stationary

Beautiful stationary for their office.

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Wish them luck at their new job by setting them up for success with this stunning personalized, foil design stationary. All their important notes, thank you’s and more will look extra professional and put together on this eye-catching stationery.

17. Greetabl Graduation Gift

A small but thoughtful surprise gift.

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Looking to send something small but special to let your loved one know you’re proud of them and wish you were there to celebrate? Greetabl does great custom gift boxes complete with a photo collage box, personal message and your choice of a small gift. A fun way to send a token of your love for a graduation gift, celebration of a new job, birthday and more.

18. Trailblazer Necklace

Beautiful necklace for your loved one.

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Let your loved one know just how much of a trailblazing badass they are with this beautiful but simple trailblazer necklace. The perfect addition to any outfit, it can serve as a small token of confidence as they step into their first day at the new office, or whenever they need a little reminder of just how amazing they are.

19. Solo Adventure Challenge Book

A book of new adventures to explore.

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Landing a new job can be an exciting new adventure, but that doesn’t mean the adventure has to stop there. This solo adventure challenge book is filled with all kinds of great ideas for little adventures they can explore on their own or with friends. Keep that new chapter excitement going with these bite-sized adventures.

20. The Transport Tote

The perfect everyday commuter tote.

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A new job requires a new bag. The transport tote is the ideal professional-looking bag that can easily go from workwear to running errands. This tote can easily fit all your essentials for a streamlined commute.

21. Video Conference Mute Button

A handy shortcut for video meetings.

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Looking for a truly unique but useful gift? This video conference mute button is the perfect shortcut for anyone that gets stuck in back-to-back zoom meetings for work. If their new job involves endless video conferences, this button may be their new best friend.

22. S’Well Water Bottle

A water bottle that keeps their water cool all day.

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It’s easy to forget to stay hydrated when you’re caught up in learning the ropes at your new job. This S’well water bottle is the perfect size to fit in any backpack or tote, comes in tons of fun colours and patterns, and will keep water cool all day - meaning no excuses, they’ll always have fresh, cool water at hand.

23. Baxter Blue Lola Glasses

Cut down on eye strain with blue light glasses.

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Help protect their eyes from eye strain with these stylish Lola blue-light-blocking glasses. Great for anyone with a job that requires lots of screen time, these glasses look great and will help with eye strain and sleep issues associated with computer work.

24. Personalized Business Card Holder

A customized business card case.

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A new job means fancy new business cards, and if you’re going to be handing them out to potential clients or colleagues you want to ensure they’re always looking their best. This beautiful rose gold business card holder can be personalized with its name, logo, and more and fits perfectly in any bag or pocket for easy access while networking.

25. Airpods

High-quality mid-range wireless earbuds.

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Whether they’re commuting to their new office, or taking business calls on the go - a good set of earbuds is essential. The Apple Airpods are the best of the best when it comes to mid-range wireless earbuds, so you really can’t go wrong if you’re looking to surprise a loved one with a special celebratory gift.

26. Gold Wire Desk Organizer

A stylish way to keep things organized at the office.

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Keeping a clean and organized desk can go a long way in helping you stay productive. Celebrate their new job with this beautiful set of gold wire desk organizers. The perfect office-warming present that will keep things neat so they’re always ready for another productive day.

27. Anker PowerPort Charger

Charge all your devices in one place.

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Finding enough outlets and USBs to charge all your tech is one of the most frustrating things about moving into a new office or space. With this PowerPort Charger, all you need is a single plug and you can power all your devices at once. The slim design makes it easy to mount to the top or side of your desk for easy access where you need it most.

28. Good Luck Keychain

A good luck keychain to carry with them.

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They did the thing, they landed their dream job, but who doesn’t need a bit of good luck going into their first day? This good luck keychain is an adorable token that they can carry with them whenever they feel like they need a bit of extra luck. Perfect for keeping track of their new office key too!

29. Herschel Spokane Laptop Sleeve

A bestselling case to protect their laptop.

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Herschel laptop sleeves are known for their simple, but functional design and fleece-lined protection. Help them keep their laptop safe on their daily commute or when they head to a coffee shop to take a quick meeting. The streamlined design of the Spokane sleeve makes it easy to fit in any bag without sacrificing protection.

30. Custom Walnut Nameplate

A custom nameplate for their new office.

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This stunning handcrafted walnut nameplate is the perfect way to help them make their new office their own. With their name and title carved out of beautiful walnut wood, they’ll instantly feel more professional and more at home in their new office.

31. Yeti Tumbler

The perfect travel mug.

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You can’t go wrong with the perfect travel mug. Great for grabbing coffee on the go and ensuring it stays warm when you head into your early morning meeting.

32. New Job Wine Label

A personal touch to some celebratory bubbly.

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If you’re looking to add a bit of a personal touch to that celebratory bottle of champagne you bought them, this sleek new job wine label is a great way to do so. A thoughtful way to mark a milestone with a little bit more than just a toast.