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30 Gift Ideas for Your Dirty Santa Gift Exchange

Whether you live for the holidays or are a bit of a bah humbug - a good Dirty Santa, Yankee swap or white elephant gift exchange is always great fun. Dirty Santa gift exchanges add another layer of entertainment to your typical secret Santa by focusing on gag or novelty gifts (with a few “good” gifts thrown in too). It’s an excellent way to spread a bit of holiday cheer amongst your friends, family or co-workers.

By Stacey McDonald • Published Jan 2 2023

1. Put Out For Santa Mug

Perfect mug for the one that goes all out for Santa.

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Bring a bit of dirty Santa humor to their morning cup of coffee with the "I Put Out For Santa" coffee mug. A great gift for those that love spreading the Christmas spirit (maybe a little too much).

2. Flannel Burrito Blanket

A fun blanket to wrap up in.

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Who doesn't love wrapping themselves up in a blanket burrito and relaxing in front of the TV? This flannel burrito blanket with a tortilla printed design takes the idea of a blanket burrito and makes it's literal. Who needs a boring old throw blanket when being a burrito is an option?

3. Potty Putter Golf Game

Improve their crappy putting with this game.

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Do you have one of those co-workers or friends that seem to spend more time on the green than at home? Feed their golf addiction with this potty-putter golf game! The perfect gag gift for those looking to perfect their putt.

4. Roll the Dice Game

Make your gift exchange more fun with this dice game.

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For certain groups, pulling names for a gift exchange can be a bit difficult - that's where the Roll the Dice Gift Exchange Game comes in. Everyone contributes a fun dirty Santa party game gift and then you just let the dice tell you what to do! Will you get to open the biggest gift in the pile? Maybe you get to steal that box you were eyeing? Roll the dice and find out.

5. The Office Princess Unicorn

Dwight approved gift for your office exchange

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Why wouldn't you look to one of the greatest comedies of all time - The Office - for your dirty Santa gift? This Dwight-approved Princess Unicorn is sure to be the most sought-after gift in your dirty Santa gift exchange.

6. Dirty Santa Gift Box

A great wrapped gift ready for giving

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Looking for a great gift without having to worry about the fuss of wrapping it? This Dirty Santa Gift Box is a pre-wrapped gift filled with festive as f*** bath products that are sure to get a laugh out of whoever chooses your gift!

7. 5-in-1 Tool Pen

A handy 5-in-1 gadget that everyone needs

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Gadgets are always a great choice for stocking stuffers and gift exchanges and this 5-in-1 Tool Pen is no exception. This tool pen features a screwdriver, stylus, level, ruler and pen - all the things they always seem to need but can never find in their junk drawer or toolbox.

8. Dot Dot Dot Party Game

A text savvy party game for your next get together.

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The gift exchange itself doesn't have to be where your dirty Santa party ends. This Dot Dot Dot Party Game makes the perfect dirty Santa gift that you can put to good use as soon as they open it! Create the dirtiest, funniest or just plain ridiculous text conversations with this fill-in-the-blank style game.

9. Bathtime Essentials Wine Holder

A wine-lover's essential bath accessory

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Every group has a wine-lover or two, so if you're looking for a gift for a dirty Santa party with your wine-loving friends this Bathtime Essentials Wine Holder is it! I mean, who can pass up a relaxing bath and a glass of wine? Never worry about knocking your wine glass off the edge of the tub again with this fantastic gift idea.

10. Insignia Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A portable speaker for home or on-the-go.

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Looking to contribute a gift that anyone is sure to enjoy? This Insignia Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a great choice. Home, office, or on the go they can easily set up or hook up this speaker on tables, to backpacks and more and always have high-quality music nearby.

11. Spruce Springsteen Coasters

Punny and festive table decor

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What's Christmas without a good festive pun? These Spruce Springsteen Coasters make for a great dirty Santa gift. Make them laugh and protect their furniture from all those holiday drinks - it's a win-win!

12. Funny Bathroom Storage Jars

Funny storage to help you organize your bathroom

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If there's one thing that Etsy is especially good at - it's unique gifts that are perfect for a dirty Santa gift exchange. These Funny Bathroom Storage Jars will be the gift that keeps on giving when they have both the funniest and most organized bathroom of all their friends.

13. Phony Lottery Tickets

A fun prank to play on your friends

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Want to prank your friends or co-workers with your dirty Santa gift? These Phony Lottery Tickets look like the real thing and will have them convinced that they just hit it big! Something you'll be sure to joke about around the water cooler for years to come.

14. Korean Chopsticks & Spoon Set

Portable and reusable utensils for your lunches

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Want to keep your dirty Santa gift a little more PG? This adorable stainless steel Korean chopsticks & spoon set is a great gift for your co-worker or friends so they always have the utensils for every packed lunch or meal.

15. Scalp Massager Brush

Scalp massager to bring the spa experience home

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Help them recreate that salon scalp massage at home with a Scalp Massager Brush. Perfect for turning every shower into a spa experience - and it's great for beards too.

16. Snowman Ice Cubes

A festive way to chill your cocktails

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They'll be able to create festive drinks from just about anything with these adorable snowman ice cubes! Perfect for popping into a festive cocktail.

17. World's Smallest Monopoly Game

The ultimate portable board game

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Looking for a great stocking stuffer or dirty Santa gift for a board game lover? The World's Smallest Monopoly Game is a great novelty gift that's 100% playable. Easy to pack for trips, lunch break games in the office and more. They may roll their eyes at first, but they'll soon come to love this tiny game.

18. Die Hard Christmas Sweater

The best Christmas sweater for your holiday parties

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Die Hard is the ultimate Christmas movie, don't @ me. If you know someone that shares that same opinion - this Yippee-Ki-Yay Motherf***er light up Christmas sweater is sure to be a hit. Why have a boring old Christmas sweater when you can have this?

19. Unisex Jersey Knit Beanie

Stay warm with a cozy unisex knit beanie

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Looking for a dirty Santa gift that anyone in your group can enjoy? You can't go wrong with a Unisex Jersey Knit Beanie is a variety of fun colors!

20. LED Christmas Lights Charger

A phone charger to recharge your holiday cheer

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This super fun and festive LED Christmas Lights phone charger is a great dirty Santa gift or stocking stuffer. Bring the festive cheer no matter where you are just by plugging in your phone to charge!

21. F*** Off, I'm Coloring Book

Blow off steam with a swear word coloring book

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Coloring books have become a popular way to relax and engage in a bit of self-care and this Fu** Off, I'm Coloring Book takes that catharsis to the next level. With a ton of fun and intricate swear word drawings they're sure to have tons of fun coloring these in.

22. Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

An iconic Christmas tree for their desk

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The classic Charlie Brown Christmas tree is sure to be loved by any receiver whether they're crazy about Christmas or more of a scrooge.

23. Saje Plum Fairy Duo

Luxurious body care in a festive scent

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Essential oils are a nice way to bring a bit of that classic Christmas smell to a home or office with the added benefits of being soothing and relaxing. This Saje Plum Fairy Duo features luxurious body care items with the Christmassy scent of cinnamon and orange.

24. Grogu The Child Snowglobe

Celebrate the season with Grogu on snowy Hoth.

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As one of the most popular TV show releases of the last two years, you're bound to know a Star Wars fan that would love a bit of holiday cheer featuring their favorite adorable Mandalorian character.

25. Starbucks Gift Card

For the person that's hard to buy for, a coffee on you.

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Doing a dirty santa gift exchange with coworkers or a group of new friends you don't know too well yet? You can never go wrong with a Starbucks gift card - especially during red cup season! They'll be happy to have a few festive drinks on you!

26. Crochet Toilet Paper Ornament

A custom DIY ornament for their tree

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Looking to DIY your dirty Santa gift? This pattern for a super cute crochet Toilet Paper Christmas Ornament is a great choice. Complete with year and an adorable little Santa hat this is sure to make a funny and memorable gift.

27. Light Up Turkey Hat

A silly festive hat for their holiday parties

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Get them ready for the holiday season with this festive Light-Up Turkey Christmas Hat. Perfect for Christmas morning, family dinner, or your work Christmas lunch.

28. If Animals Could Talk Calendar

The gift of laughs and organization all year long.

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Who said calendars have to be boring? The perfect gift for your co-worker; this If Animals Could Talk Calendar is a great addition to their desk at work or home. Filled with funny animals and quotes it'll keep them (and everyone in the office) laughing all year long.

29. My Bleeping Family Mad Libs

A fun activity for your family get togethers

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If you're doing a dirty Santa gift exchange with your family members - this is the perfect gift. My Bleeping Family Mad Libs will have you all laughing out loud at all your upcoming family dinners.

30. Jackbox Party Game Pack

The perfect party games to liven up any gathering.

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Looking for a gift that you can all enjoy at a your dirty Santa gift exchange party? The Jackbox Party Game Pack is great for entertaining groups of all sizes and is available across multiple platforms so everyone can join in on the fun.