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30 Gift Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

With the internet, pandemics, and travelling for work making it more common to find love outside of your neighbourhood, chances are you or someone you know is in or has been in a long-distance relationship. While it’s wonderful that we’re no longer limited to finding love in our hometowns; long-distance relationships are tough! So for those of you celebrating your love across state lines or oceans, these gift ideas are the perfect way to feel closer to your partner and let them know you’re thinking of them.

By Stacey McDonald • Published Jan 2 2023

1. Love Box

Stay connected with this fun wifi connected device

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Stay connected to your significant other in a fun and thoughtful way with the Love Box. Connected to an app on your phone, you can send messages, pictures, drawings and move to your partner's Love Box no matter how far away they are.

2. Do One Thing Every Day Together

Fun journal to document your relationship

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This couples journal is a great gift to help document your long-distance love. With new prompts every day for both of you to answer separately or together, you can create a new ritual during your daily phone calls that help create a time capsule of your relationship while you're apart. It's available on Amazon too, making it super easy to ship to them wherever they are in the world.

3. Personalized Audio Soundwave

Unique soundwave art that you can listen to

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Leave it to Etsy to bring us a truly unique gift idea that they're sure to love. This Personalized Audio Soundwave allows you to choose a song or voice message and personal pictures to create a piece of beautiful glass soundwave art that can be listened to by your partner via QR code whenever they're missing you.

4. Matching Personalized State Keychains

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Keep a small reminder of your long-distance love close, with these Matching Personalized State Keychains. Keep each other's state keychains to remind you of your loved one throughout your day.

5. Personalized Wallet Love Note

Easy to carry love note

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A long-lasting love note for them to carry with them in their wallet. This Personalized Aluminum Wallet Card sits perfectly in the card slots of their wallet and can be customized with your own quote or message to remind them of your love for them.

6. Custom Reel Viewer

A nostalgic toy with a personal touch

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This unique gift is a fun nostalgic item, customized with all your favourite pictures and moments together. A fun way for you and your long-distance partner to flip through photos when you're missing each other.

7. Apple iPad Mini

The latest tech to keep you connected

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Upgrade their tech to make Facetiming easier. Make sure your facetime experience is high quality and smooth with the newest Apple iPad Mini, making it easier for you to feel connected and have your date nights over skype.

8. Homesick Location Candles

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A perfect gift for your long-distance boyfriend, girlfriend or BFF, these Homesick Location Candles will remind them of visiting you in your city, country or state. Light the candle whenever you want to feel close to your best friend.

9. DIY Printable Care Package Labels

Create your own custom care package with fun labels

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DIY your own care package for your loved one with these DIY Printable LDR Care Package Labels. Use these labels to fill your care package with things that remind them of you, things from where you live, and their favourite treats to let them know that you're always thinking of them.

10. Message In a Bottle

A romantic way to send a message to the one you love

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Nothing says I love you or is a more romantic gift than a love letter in a bottle. This beautiful Message in a Bottle allows you to customize a love message for your sweetie that comes in a beautiful bottle filled with rose petals - a special gift for the one you love.

11. Royal Treatment Gift Box

Everything they need for a relaxing date night

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Whether you want to treat them like royalty just because, or you want to send a nice gift to prepare them for date night the Royal Treatment Gift Box has everything they need. Filled with a variety of wine and treats, they'll be all set for a romantic night in.

12. However Far Away Pillowcase

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A sentimental pillowcase to remind them of your long-distance love. A great way to feel close to your partner when you're apart.

13. Lovesense Lush 3

Take intimacy long distance

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The Lovesense Lush 3 is a great Valentine's day gift or any occasion for long-distance couples. Keep the intimacy alive no matter the distance with a wifi app-controlled vibrator.

14. Nintendo Switch

Play games together whether you're together or apart

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A great Christmas gift or birthday gift the Nintendo Switch allows you to create more ways to spend time together - whether you're in the same place or miles apart.

15. Disney+ Subscription

Streaming service for date night

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When you're limited by distance for what you can do on date night, spending the night in watching a movie or starting that new TV series everyone's talking about is a great choice.

16. Fill In the Blank Love Book

A book that lets them know just how loved they are

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This Fill In The Blank Love book is a cute way to send sweet messages to your loved one. Answer the prompts on each page before you send it off for your partner to enjoy. They're sure to feel loved when they read through this cute book of messages.

17. Long Distance Personalized Keepsake

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This beautiful personalized keepsake box can be engraved with any two countries, states, etc to represent your long-distance love. A great gift all on its own to store mementos of your relationship or use it as a box for your gift.

18. Better Together Pop-Up Greeting Card

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Send them a special card for any occasion. The Better Together Pop-Up Card is a cute way to send a sentimental note to your long-distance love.

19. Open When Envelopes

Thoughtful notes for every occasion

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A quintessential long-distance relationship gift idea - the "open when" note cards. These simple envelopes and blank notecards give you prompts to write out sweet memories, things to cheer them up and more to help them feel closer to you when they're going through something.

20. Custom Heart Puzzle

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This personalized gift idea allows you to add your favourite picture of the two of you or just a picture of you that they love to a heart-shaped puzzle. A fun activity for them to do in their downtime, that reminds them of you when they're finished.

21. Kate Spade Picture Frame

A high-quality frame to keep your favourite moments

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The Kate Spade With Love Picture Frame is a special way to display your favourite pictures of the two of you together or send them a framed photo of you that they love. A simple but thoughtful gift made even more special by a high-quality frame.

22. Away Large Everywhere Bag

The best tavel bag

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For the couple that spends a lot of time travelling to see one another, the perfect Everywhere bag is a thoughtful gift that will make travelling so much easier. The Away Large Everywhere Bag is the ideal size for any trip, from short weekends away to weeks-long vacations.

23. Love Knows No Distance Art

A bautiful custom art print

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This custom art print details your long-distance love or long-distance friendships in a beautiful piece of art that you can display in your home.

24. Facebook Portal

The ultimate video chatting device

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When video chats are an important part of your relationship, you want the best experience possible. For those that use Facebook, WhatsApp or Zoom for video calling, the Facebook Portal with built-in Alexa will give you the best quality experience - all hands-free.

25. Bond Touch Bracelets

Stay connected by touch even long-distance

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If you want to feel close to your significant other even when you're miles apart - the Bond Touch Bracelets lets you transmit the feeling of your touch so you can let them know you're thinking of them or comfort them in those moments that need that extra bit of connection.

26. Long Distance Coffee Mug

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These matching coffee mugs feature both sides of a very real text conversation for many ldr couples. A cute way to remind them that you miss them, but it will all be worth it in the end.

27. Friendship Lamps

Wifi connected lamps let them know you're thinking of them

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A nice gift for long-distance relationships and friendships alike, these friendship touch lamps light up both your light and the other persons using a wifi connection. So when you're thinking of your loved one, touch your lamp and theirs will light up letting them know that they're on your mind.

28. I Miss You Notecards

Confess your love the old fashioned way

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These simple but cute notecards are a great way to bring back the art of letter writing. Whenever you miss them write them a physical letter letting them know how you feel. Having physical love notes to hold on to over the years is a great memento for any relationship, especially one with lots of time spent apart.

29. HelloFresh Subscription Box

Make and eat dinner together with a subscription box

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A great date night idea - gift them a subscription to HelloFresh, choose the same means and make and eat dinner together over facetime. A fun way to do a shared activity and have a romantic meal together even when you're apart.

30. Heart & Home Necklace

A beautiful necklace to keep them close to your heart

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This Heart & Home Necklace would make a lovely Valentine's Day Gift for your significant other. A little reminder of your love that they can always keep close to their heart.