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39 Vegan Gift Ideas

If there’s someone in your life that’s new to being Vegan or you’re just not all that familiar with the lifestyle - it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for the Vegan in your life. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up some of the best gifts for Vegans - everything from delicious chocolates to must-have kitchen gadgets. You’re sure to impress with these Vegan gift ideas.

By Stacey McDonald • Published Jan 2 2023

1. Beard Noº 3 Discovery Kit

High-quality vegan grooming products for beards.

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No need to miss out on perfect beard styling and skincare. This Vegan Mia Organics Beard Noº 3 Discovery Kit is vegan and cruelty-free and is sure to impress any vegan with a beard.

2. Gluten-Free & Vegan Snack Box

Mouth-watering gluten-free and vegan snacks!

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Just because your loved one is gluten-free and vegan doesn't mean you're restricted on what treats and snacks you can buy to help stock their cupboards! This gluten-free and vegan snack box is packed to the brim with amazing, delicious snacks that everyone can enjoy!

3. Team Herbivore T-Shirt

Cute tee to show plant-based support!

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Have a loved one that likes to show off their support for animals and the planet? Maybe you want to show your support for your loved one's new vegan lifestyle? This Team Herbivore t-shirt is a super cute way to show what side you're on.

4. Vegan for Everybody Cookbook

Create delicious vegan meals for everyone.

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Getting the hang of cooking nutritious and delicious vegan meals can take a bit of work but this Vegan for Everybody Cookbook makes things simple. Learn to cook amazing plant-based meals that can be enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike.

5. DIY Shitake Mushroom Log

A fun and unique DIY gift.

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A truly unique gift - this DIY Shitake Mushroom Log will allow them to grow their own fresh and delicious shitake mushrooms at home. Complete with everything they need to get started on their journey to cultivating their own fungi.

6. Zero-Waste Starter Kit

Eco-friendly daily essentials.

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Many people choose to be vegan both for the rights of animals as well as the benefits for the planet. So why not help them take their eco-friendly lifestyle to the next level with this Zero-Waste Starter Kit? Everything they need to get started on their zero-waste journey from the bathroom to shopping essentials.

7. First Aid Beauty Gift Set

Discover luxury vegan skincare.

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It can be hard to find good vegan skincare but First Aid Beauty is a cult beauty favorite. This First Aid Beauty Gift Set is the perfect way for your loved one to test things out and find their new holy grail skincare routine.

8. Nooch It! Vegan Parmesan

A must-have vegan cheese alternative.

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It can be hard to find a good Vegan Cheese replacement, but an absolute staple item for any vegan kitchen is a high-quality vegan parmesan. this Nooch it! Vegan Parmesean comes in a giant bag so they always have this vegan cheese alternative on hand for jazzing up their meals or popcorn!

9. Handmade Vegan Chocolate Box

A special sweet treat for any occasion.

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These handmade vegan chocolates are a great way to show your loved one how much you care about them. Made by a small, independent artisan chocolatier these truffles are a thoughtful and nice treat for any special holiday or occasion.

10. Friends Not Food Mug

A cute vegan slogan mug for their coffee.

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The perfect mug for your vegan friend - this friend Not Food Mug is sure to be their new favorite mug for their morning coffee.

11. Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate Set

Comforting warm drink for cold nights.

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No need to miss out on a delicious hot chocolate during the cold winter months - this dairy-free hot chocolate variety set is the perfect indulgence for your vegan loved ones. Pair with vegan marshmallows for the ideal, nostalgic and comforting treat.

12. KVD Makeup Gift Set

Beauty staples for vegan makeup-lovers.

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This Jamie Genevieve x KVD Makeup Gift Set will give any makeup-loving vegans in your life the perfect set of everyday staples. From foundations to mascara and eyeliner, this gift set has everything they need for their day-to-day looks.

13. Dr. Martens Vegan Leather Boots

A vegan take on the iconic boot.

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The iconic Dr. Martens are a legendary staple piece of footwear that always makes a great gift or investment piece. Now, vegans don't have to be left out with these Dr. Martens Vegan Leather Boots in the classic 1460 style. The perfect footwear for every outfit.

14. Oh She Glows Dinner Cookbook

Must-have vegan cookbook.

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Looking to add a few more vegan recipes to their rotation? You can't go wrong with the Oh She Glows Nourishing Dinner Cookbook. Loved by those that eat plant-based or not, Oh She Glows has been a vegan recipe go-to for years and this newest cookbook is no exception; filled to the seams with interesting and delicious takes on classic dinners and staple meals.

15. Favorite Vegan Greeting Card

Send a thoughtful message to your loved one.

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Ever feel like letting your Favorite Vegan know just how much you love them? You're in luck! This You're my Favorite Vegan Greeting Card does just that. Great for holidays, birthdays or just because - let them know how much you love them with a thoughtful note.

16. ShineOn Vegan Lip Balm

Nourishing vegan lip balm.

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Lip Balm makes a great gift or stocking stuffer but finding the best vegan lip balm can be tough. This ShineOn Vegan Lip Jelly is a much-loved product that ticks all the boxes for a nice, small gift for your loved one.

17. Blendjet

For fresh smoothies on-the-go.

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Smoothies are a staple breakfast or snack for many of us but can be a real go-to daily meal for many vegans. The Blendjet makes the perfect gift, allowing them to prep their ingredients and take their smoothie on the go with them for a fresh, nutritious meal wherever they are.

18. Vegan Swaps Snack Box

Vegan swaps for their favorite snacks.

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If your loved one is new to the vegan lifestyle it can take a bit to get the hang of finding new swaps for their favorite foods. This Vegan Swaps Snack Box takes the guesswork out of finding delicious new vegan snacks that satisfy their cravings while sticking to their new dietary choices.

19. Vegan Lifestyle Subscription Box

Discovery great vegan lifestyle brands.

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Being vegan isn't only about food - there are lots of swaps that need to be made to incorporate being vegan into their whole lifestyle. This Vegan Lifestyle Subscription Box is a great gift to help them get started (or discover new brands) with tons of items in each box from new and well-known vegan brands including snacks, clothing and accessories, must-have essentials and more.

20. Tofuture Tofu Press

A must-have vegan kitchen gadget.

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A good Tofu Press is a vegan kitchen essential - it saves you so much time and effort and gives you the best-textured tofu for your recipes. This Tofuture Tofu press is the best of the best. It's simple to use and delivers a great textured, drained tofu in no time. Perfect for recreating non-vegan faves like fried chicken (top tip: freeze your tofu for a more "meat-like" texture!).

21. Purple Carrot Vegan Meals

Easy at home vegan meal kits.

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Meal delivery services are a great way to save time and reduce waste, but not many tailored to vegan diets. Purple Carrot is a great option for quick and easy vegan meals. A subscription to purple carrot is the perfect gift for the new vegan, busy family or anyone that's looking to cook more at home.

22. Zero Waste Essentials Kit

Get started on your zero-waste journey.

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Zero Waste goes hand-in-hand with the vegan lifestyle. Sharing values of helping to reduce waste and be more eco-friendly, being zero waste can also save tons of money when you're on a vegan diet (bulk stores will make your wallet happy!). This zero-waste bundle has everything they need to learn more about going zero waste and take the first steps towards living with less waste.

23. Pocket Farmacy Essential Oils

For daily moments of mindful relaxation.

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Essential Oils have many great uses, including helping you to feel calmer and relieving muscle tension. This Mindful Edition Pocket Farmacy Kit has everything they need to relax and unwind - whether it's in the bath at the end of a long day or taking a breather in their car. It's a compact travel-friendly way to encourage them to take a mindful moment or two out of their day.

24. Misfits Market Membership

To try new things with less waste!

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If they're an avid home cook a Misfits Market Membership is a great gift. Providing boxes of "misfit" produce as well as the ability to add on discounted grocery items it's the membership that keeps on giving. Misfit produce boxes allow them to try all kinds of new produce, and mix up their meals to suit whatever's in the box that week and discounted grocery items mean they never have to worry about running out of their favorite vegan milk substitute or snacks!

25. Nooch Enamel Pin

A cute accessory for the love of nooch.

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Many vegans have a love affair with Nooch, and it's totally understandable. Nutritional Yeast (Nooch) is a magical substance that transforms any dish it gets added to. With a cheesy, salty, and deliciously savoury flavor Nooch just elevates every vegan dish so why not let them shout their love for Nooch from the rooftops with this Nooch Enamel Pin?

26. Vegan Ice Cream Cookbook

Make delicious vegan ice cream at home.

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Vegan Ice Cream is an art form, help them master the art of making vegan ice cream at home with this Incredible Vegan Ice cream Cookbook. They'll never buy ice cream from the store again once they learn how easy it is to make delicious, unique flavors right at home.

27. Instant Pot

Make meals fast with this kitchen appliance.

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Quick and easy meals are something we all want. But when it comes to vegan cooking, if you forgot to soak the beans overnight, well, you're out of luck. That's where the Instant Pot comes in - this easy-to-use pressure cooker makes even the most prep-heavy meals quick and easy (yes, even if you forget to soak your beans!).

28. Louisville Vegan Jerky

A salty, easy, on-the-go vegan snack.

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Jerky is a great healthier snack to have on hand, and yes, that doesn't need to change if you're vegan. The Louisville Vegan Jerky variety pack is a great way to test out all the flavors they have to offer of this handy on-the-go snack.

29. Vegan Butcher Box

Stock up with versatile vegan meat alternatives.

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New Vegans may find it hard to start stocking their kitchen with all the necessary ingredients to make great vegan meals. The Big Box of Vegan Meat Butcher Box helps them stock their fridge with amazing vegan meat alternatives that will help them bulk up and add variety to their meals with delicious protein sources. A great gift for the new vegan just starting to find their footing when it comes to cooking at home.

30. Nut Milk Bag

Make your own dairy-free milks!

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Nut Milk isn't just a vegan staple anymore, many of us prefer to (or need to) consume a dairy-alternative like almond or oat milk. But these milks can get expensive, so why not make them at home? This Nut Milk Bag helps make quick work of making your own non-dairy milks at home with superior straining abilities.

31. Organic Cotton Newborn Romper

An organic cotton romper for new baby.

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Have a new mom in your life? This Organic Cotton Newborn Romper is made by CottonOn a 100% Vegan clothing brand that emphasizes ethical and sustainable practices. A thoughtful baby gift for the vegan family in your life.

32. Stainless Steel Salad Spinner

A time-saving kitchen gadget.

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A salad spinner is one of those kitchen gadgets that can change your life - but you just never think to buy one for yourself. Gift them this Stainless Steel Salad Spinner and you'll be saving them time and prolonging the freshness of their produce - it's really a win-win.

33. Essential Bath Soaks Set

Encourage a little self-care.

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It's important to take time out for a little self-care which is why it's always nice to gift our loved ones something that encourages them to do just that. This Essential Bath Soaks Set is entirely vegan and will help transform their bath into a spa-like experience, perfect for slowing down and taking a few moments to themselves.

34. Vegan Impact T-Shirt

A thought-provoking wardrobe staple.

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This Vegan Impact T-Shirt from Vegan Outfitters is a simple yet impactful wardrobe staple. Available in a variety of wardrobe essential colors, this tee outlines the important impacts going vegan makes on the planet and ourselves in small lettering that serves as a nice reminder.

35. Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag

A stylish and sturdy everyday bag.

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It can be hard to find a high-quality, sturdy everyday bag that not only looks great but is vegan too. This Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag checks all the boxes. A beautiful gift that they're sure to love for years to come.

36. Vegetable Spiralizer

Transform your veggies.

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A Vegetable Spiralizer is a handy kitchen tool that may seem a little unnecessary at first but can quickly revamp your meals. If you struggle to get enough veggies in your day or you want to swap some of your regular pasta for veggies this spiralizer makes quick work of transforming any veggie into thin noodles that can easily be swapped (or hidden) in your usual recipes.

37. Air Fryer

Fast and crispy food in minutes.

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Vegan or non-vegan, an air fryer has quickly become an everyday kitchen appliance and it's no wonder. Cook potatoes in half the time, and make out-of-this-world crispy tofu in minutes, an air fryer is somewhat of a kitchen hack that can take you from raw ingredients to a delicious meal in no time.

38. Vegan Leather Wallet

A beautiful, well-made daily accessory.

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A wallet makes for a great gift for just about anyone on your list. Whether it's for a bridesmaid/groomsman gift, birthday present or Christmas, you can't go wrong with a beautiful wallet. This Vegan Leather Mini Wallet is the perfect size to fit in any bag or carry in a pocket making it perfect for daily use. A practical gift that they're sure to love.

39. Embroidered Cow Keychain

A cute and fun keychain accessory.

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A fun gift or stocking stuffer for the vegan friend in your life. This Embroidered Cow Keychain is beautiful and detailed, they're sure to love it!