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43 Going Away Gifts That Show How Much You Care

Say farewell to your favorite co-worker, best friend, loved one, or recent grad with a thoughtful gift that shows just how much you’re going to miss them! Whether they got a new job, bought a house in a new city, or are headed off to university, saying goodbye is never easy, and offering a meaningful farewell gift to wish them good luck on their new adventure makes it a little easier. Check out our gift guide for tons of going away gift ideas for every scenario.

By Reina Esser • Published Jan 2 2023

1. Long Distance Coffee Mug

We didn't know a coffee mug could make us cry!

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A going-away present that says something you might be struggling to say is a perfect choice. This sentimental coffee mug ensures you never go a morning without thinking of each other. Customize it and make it personal for you and your bestie.

2. Neighborhood Map Coasters

For remembering their stomping grounds or celebrating new adventure.

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Give your departing friend something to remember their time in a particular city or celebrate their new adventure into unknown territory. These wooden neighborhood map coasters are a great way to celebrate a new home and make a fabulous going-away present for any guy or gal.

3. Long Distance Envelopes

A romantic way to say "see you later."

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This gift isn't just for the lovebirds. If you have a very best friend, sibling, or family member that is moving away, make it a little harder by writing them thoughtful letters to fill these heartful envelopes from Etsy. Your loved one will get to open and read your kind words whenever any of the scenarios strike. This gift will make anyone in a long-distance relationship feel a little closer to each other.

4. Cleansing Smudge Kit

No room for negative energy in those moving boxes.

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This gift allows your friend or family member to cleanse their body to reduce the stress that comes along with making significant life changes. They can also smudge a new home or apartment to remove any negative energy that may be lingering. This ritual has ancient roots. The smoke from the sage or cedar is used to bless, cleanse, and heal the smudged person or object. If they like unique gifts and have an open heart, this is a beautiful gift idea.

5. Hanging Macrame Photos

A stylish way to share your favorite memories.

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Another picture frame that collects dust will do, but a fun piece of wall art that displays your favorite memories with your best friend is a better way to do it! Highlight your most fond moments while giving them some home decor for their next chapter. Looking for an easy last-minute gift idea that doesn't look rushed? Simply send photos off to be printed at a nearby drug store and get quick shipping from Amazon!

6. Homesick Candles

That smell you can't put your finger on is homesickness.

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Smell connects us to significant and meaningful memories—a scent for every state, celebration, and room in the house. A Homesick Candle will give your loved one comfort and familiarity while making a life transition.

7. Friendship Lamps

You'll both feel and see the love from thousands of miles away.

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Ever wish you could let your loved one know you are thinking about them without having to send a generic "thinking of you" or "miss you" text? This lamp lets you show your affection effortlessly. When you touch your lamp, your partner's lamp will light up, too! This is a special going-away gift that might get a few tears.

8. Friendship Picture Frame

A picture perfect gift idea.

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From the maker of the Friendship Lamp, this picture frame features the same technology. When you tap your frame, it will light up using wifi magic. It will also tell the matching frame to light up any color you choose. Buy the frames in pairs or add additional frames to get a group of friends in on the action.

9. Home State Coffee Mug

A great goodbye gift.

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Moving away from friends and loved ones is challenging enough, add in a new state, and the thought is just about unbearable. This home state coffee mug will give a co-worker, friend, or partner a small piece of home. Each mug features something symbolic of each state to make the sentiment even sweeter.

10. City Map Rocks Glass

Toast to new beginnings.

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Celebrate the time spent in a memorable city or commemorate their new journey with these map etched rocks glasses. Choose from tons of cities on Uncommon Goods and give them something to show off on their bar cart. These glasses are a bittersweet goodbye gift that shows your shared excitement for their next chapter.

11. Money Tree Plant

Low maintenance, good luck.

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Lucky and low-maintenance, this plant makes the perfect gift idea to send that sweet best friend off with warm wishes and good luck.

12. New Job Wine Bag

Say congrats with a festive bottle.

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Sometimes a simple bottle of wine is the best gift! This wine bag dresses up your favorite wine to share with a departing co-worker. Celebrate their new job with a toast!

13. The Mountains Are Calling Decanter

An epic going away gift.

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Life has many peaks and valleys and is all about the climb (am I right, Miley fans?) This beautiful decanter brings stunning mountains right into your home. This gift is perfect for a whiskey or bourbon enthusiast moving to a higher altitude. Elevate your gift-giving game and show your loved one that just how much you care.

14. Shower Steamer Gift Set

Life changes are stressful. It's time to relax.

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Treat a friend to a shower that will make them feel like they've had a spa day. No long soak in the tub is required because we know they're busy making big moves. This self-care moment is a great going away present for a friend who is always treating others.

15. Water Bottle Bluetooth Speaker

Yeah, we said it!

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It's exactly what it sounds like! A water bottle with a Bluetooth speaker for the most fun filled afternoons in the park or backyard. If you're saying farewell to a friend that loves the outdoor and a good time, we think this water bottle is a stellar going away gift.

16. Engraved Compass

So they can always find their way back.

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Make them tear up with this thoughtful and beautiful gift. This Etsy artist engraves stunning designs and messages into high quality compasses that actually work! If you've got someone special who is being deployed, moving for work, or are in a long distance relationship, this gift will melt their hearts.

17. Connected Co-Workers Necklace

For the person in the office who just gets you.

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Saying goodbye to your office bestie is the absolute worst. You're not sure who you'll sit with at lunch or gossip with in the break room. Let them know they're breaking your heart with this thoughtful necklace.

18. Matching Coffee Spoons

For your favorite coffee date!

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You'll think of each other every time you stir your cup of joe. This gift is great for a work bff who you'll miss having coffee with in the break room or your partner who is moving away.

19. Handwritten Letter Blanket

Cue the tears.

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Sending a high school grad off to university? They'll have a little piece of you every time they cuddle up with this cozy blanket. This gift is unique and thoughtful, making it perfect for a warm send off.

20. Beer Cap State Map

Gotta Cap 'Em All!

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Help your friend fill each spot with a local brew from your old stomping grounds or plan a trip to their new state to aid in the cap collecting process. This gift is a top choice to celebrate a housewarming or job relocation.

21. Funny Farewell Tumbler

Jokes make it easier to say goodbye.

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Can't look a co-worker in the eye and tell them how much they mean to you? Give them a passive-aggressive tumbler instead! This funny gag gift will get good use at their new job and is sure to let new co-workers know that your friend is simply the best. Bonus points, it also comes with a keychain!

22. Friends Themed Wine Glass

For the Rachel to your Monica.

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Know a Friends superfan who is moving away? Customize this adorable wine glass for big-time "awws" from the studio audience. They'll feel like a regular Rachel Geller every time they take this out of the cupboard for a glass of wine.

23. Birthstone Retirement Necklace

Reward years of hard work with a beautiful necklace.

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Maybe your favorite co-worker or BFF is retiring and moving away somewhere sunny and warm. This elegant and personalized birthstone necklace shows your excitement for this next chapter. This necklace is handmade, featuring 14kt gold to really impress them, and makes a beautiful retirement gift.

24. Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Pretend you're in Mad Men with this classy move.

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If your friend is catching a flight to their new home, give them a little something for the nerves. Once they board the plane, they'll become a top-tier mixologist all thanks to your great gift. This Craft Cocktail Kit is the perfect parting gift for their carry-on.

25. Spa Day Wellness Kit

A little bit of "ahh" mixed in with the "AHH!"

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Saying goodbye to your job, town, friends, and family is a hectic time in your loved-ones life. Make sure they are taking some time to relax. This makes a great housewarming gift as they settle in and will definitely be appreciated.

26. Ember Smart Mug

Temperature controlled luxury.

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A unique gradution gift for the teen headed to university. Do you ever sit down at your desk to work or study and all of the sudden your day takes off at lightspeed? You're being so productive that there isn't much time to enjoy your coffee or tea while it's hot. The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug keeps your beverage of choice at the temperature of your choice for 1.5 hours or all day when paired to the smart charging coaster!

27. Film Roll Keychain

Memories on demand!

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Reminisce on the good times with this customizable film roll keychain. Share your fondest memories spent with your bestie or partner for them to hold close throughout the day. Being apart is never easy but little moments spent thinking about all the laughs and love shared make the long distance more bearable. A small gift goes a long way

28. Men's Weekender Bag

For quick trips to see their favorite folks.

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Whether they are jet-setting or road-tripping their way for a visit, a perfect carry-all bag is a must-have item for every busybody. Give them a gift that will get tons of use and lots of miles.

29. Custom Face Pillow

They'll never forget your face!

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Don't let your girlfriend or boyfriend move away without a pillow of your face! They won't see this silly gag gift coming and won't want to live without it.

30. Trinket Dish

Can you ever have too many?

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Don't know what to get the lady making big moves? A trinket dish with a kind message looks great on an entryway table, nightstand, or desk. Send them on their new adventure or welcome them into their new home with this thoughtful budget-friendly gift idea.

31. Brooklinen Gift Card

The gift of comfort.

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Whether they opt for new sheets or a well-made duvet cover, the choice is all theirs when you gift them some cash to spend at Brooklinen. This option is a wonderful last-minute housewarming gift to celebrate a new home. The E-delivery also makes it sustainable!

32. Home Address Plaque

New address, who dis?

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Buying a new home is an exciting time and having friends and neighbors that are excited for you makes it extra special. Custom house numbers show just how proud you are of your friend's life accomplishment, even if you are sad they're moving away.

33. Flower Delivery

Flowers never disappoint.

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Send flowers to that special co-worker, graduate, partner, or friend saying farewell. They will feel and smell the love and have a stunning bouquet to display.

34. Standing Oak Picture Frame

Just upload a photo and it's ships picture perfect!

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Want to send a thoughtful gift fast? Don't give printing photos a second thought, Framebridge has you covered. Simply choose your frame, upload your photo, and they will ship it to you or your gift recipient! This frame will perfectly complement your favorite photo and makes a sentimental going-away present.

35. Call Your Mom Pillow

Just a subtle reminder!

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You can say farewell to your daughter or son but be sure to remind them that the phone works both ways. This gag gift will look great on the sofa and guests will be reminded that they owe their mama's a call too.

36. Custom Map Key Holder

Choose a sentimental spot where great memories are shared.

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This custom map key holder lets you choose any address in the U.S. and add a cute label like "Our First Home" or "Our First Date." Anything you'd like! Whether it's a ski lodge where you first laid eyes on each other or the primary school where you became best friends, there are tons of options for being as mushy gushy as you can.

37. Home Sweet Home Cookie Bouquet

Who doesn't want fresh baked cookies to welcome them home

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If you're struggling with gift ideas for a friend or neighbor that's moving away, cookies are always a crowd-pleaser. Send a tasty bouquet of edible treats to their new address to wish them tons of happiness and love in their new home!

38. Weekend Getaway Experience

Plan a trip, on you!

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You might talk about making plans, but where's the follow-through? Commit to a weekend in Europe or any of the incredible experiences available on Tinggly. Meet somewhere epic to catch up and reconnect with a family member or BFF. Tinggly lets you choose from hundreds of experiences and takes care of the details. All you have to do is pack a bag!

39. Road Trip Snack Box

Fuel for the road ahead.

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Nothing pairs with mmiles on the road quite like snacks. If they're making a road trip out of their move, save them time and money at rest stops along the way with this care package of salty and sweet treats.

40. Good Luck Bamboo Plant

It can't hurt to have luck on your side!

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Give them a gift that symbolizes good luck and positive energy to take with them into their new adventure. Bamboo is a low-maintenance plant that adds a touch of serenity to any space.

41. Why I Miss You Fill in the Love Book

Spill your heart out.

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Thre's a million and one reasons you'll miss your loved one or bestie but this little book makes it easy to vocalize and gives them something to treasure when the distance is difficult.

42. Hungryroot Meal Delivery

The gift of groceries never goes unappreciated.

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It's hard to get back to a healthy diet after a job switch or big move. It feels like fast food and frozen dinners are the easiest things to manage when our normal routines are interrupted. Hungryroot makes healthy meals possible with minimal effort. When you gift this, they'll get to choose from a variety of dietary options for a customizable experience.