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40 Gift Ideas for a 40th Birthday

Celebrate your loved ones, family and friends turning 40 with this great gift guide. Full of perfect gift ideas we’ve gathered up everything from thoughtful gifts to gag gifts. Turning 40 is a milestone to celebrate and we want to make sure your gift makes for a wonderful special day. With ideas for everyone from loved ones, family to friends and co-workers you are sure to find the perfect 40th birthday gift.

By Liz Holt • Published Jan 2 2023

1. 40th Birthday Card

Send congratulations in style and hilarity with a David from Schitts Creek Birthday Card

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This great birthday card celebrates a 40th in the best way, with David from Schitts Creek. Complete with party hat and iconic ewww quote. Available in a range of styles and themes, guaranteed to make the birthday celebrant laugh.

2. The 40th Birthday Game

A great card game to share some laughs and fun about turning 40.

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Enjoy some laughs and fun with family and friends while playing this great card game. 150 questions on 80 trivia cards designed for turning 40, full of funny, interesting, strange and wonderful things about being 40.

3. Golden Vinyl Record

Celebrate 40years of milestones and memories with this golden vinyl pic full of the important dates of your friendship.

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This framed photo print of a golden record can be personalized with names, birthdates, favourite songs and a message from you to celebrate your best friends birthday.

4. Scratch Map

Scratch off all the amazing places they’ve been in 40years and plan for adventures ahead.

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This beautiful black map allows you to scratch off each country you’ve visited revealing gold underneath. Great for creating a map of where you’ve been in the past 40 years and where they want to go. A great gift to inspire future plans of adventure and wanderlust.

5. 40 Things to do when you are 40

Celebrate this milestone with 40 fun activity ideas for 40-year olds

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The pack includes 36 fun ideas and 4 blank cards to add your own, 40 ideas of things to do when you're 40. Celebrate the entire year of turning 40 with this great set of cards. Can be personalized

6. Best of 1981 mixtape t-shirt

Celebrate 40 with this mixtape inspired t-shirt

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Super soft unisex cotton blend t-shirt features a vintage style mixtape with Best of 1981 printed on. Choose from a range of colours and sizes to make sure this great gift fits the birthday person perfectly.

7. Candy Gift Box

Relive childhood again with this candy gift box, stuffed full of candy from 1980’s

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This great selection of candy is all from the 1980s, re-live childhood memories and the nostalgic moments of 1981. Fun-filled and with something everyone will enjoy this will be a huge hit.

8. Wine Glass Set

Fusion Air by Wine Enthusiast Go-To Universal Wine Glasses - Set of 4

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This set of 4 luxury wine glasses are elegant and the perfect glass for any wine. Designed to be a universal glass this elegant set is a great gift for any wine lover and you don't have to worry about knowing their favourite drop.

9. Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch

Pyper watch by Michael Kors, a stunning three-hand stainless steel rose gold watch the perfect personal gift.

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Celebrate this milestone birthday with a gift that will be worn and loved. The Michael Kors Pyper watch is timeless elegance in rose gold, with three hands and a rose gold stainless steel face and band this is a classic timepiece.

10. Nintendo NES Classic System

Re-live childhood gaming with this reimagined retro Super NES system, hours of fun-filled gaming.

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For those of us turning 40 now or within the next few years we grew up on Super Nintendo and the classic games. This re-release of the classic console includes all the classics including Super Mario Kart and Street Fighter II. Nerd out with this retro-inspired gift.

11. 40th Birthday Poster

Create a thoughtful gift full of personal memories and details with this memory poster.

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This great chalk style poster allows you to celebrate a 40th in style. Fully personalized with the birthday persons photo and details about their favourite things. This thoughtful gift allows you to celebrate a family member or friendship by celebrating them. Comes as a download or unframed print.

12. 40th Birthday Essential Party Pack

All the essentials you need for a great 40th birthday party.

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This great pack includes everything you need to serve 30people for a 40th birthday party to remember. Black, gold and silver themed it includes plates, cups, birthday banner, cake toppers, photo props and table covers.

13. Riedel Amadeo Fatto a Mano Decanter

This Riedel Amadeo Fatto a Mano Decanter is a masterpiece of hand blown art and will be perfect for a wine lover.

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Celebrate the 40th with this gorgeous decanter. Made of crystal this decanter is beautifully hand-blown and designed with a black and white ornamental line. This gorgeous decanter fits 1 bottle of wine.

14. St Ives Seaside Town by Hebe Studio Paint

Everyone needs an escape, this grown-up paint by numbers is the perfect way to relax.

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We all need some time out and a bit more colour in our lives, so why not DIY a fab new print for home or work. This paint by numbers kit by Hebe Studio is based on her original art and includes everything needed to paint a vibrant picture and add some colour and relaxation to life. Available in other prints

15. Custom printed toilet paper

The ultimate gag gift customized toiled paper with the poo emoji and personalized message

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Nothing says gag gift like toilet paper and this is the ultimate version. Have it customized with Happy Birthday or any message you want! Printed on 2ply the images go the whole roll through.

16. Amazon gift card

Not sure what to get, an amazon gift card is perfect for everyone.

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Amazon needs no introduction so if you aren’t sure what to get or need a gift idea that’s easy to send and doesn’t require delivery times amazon gift cards are perfect. They can be used for a huge range of things allowing the recipient to get whatever suits them. Add a video to personalise it.

17. Solaris Face Massager

Solaris Its Lit Gua Sha Face Massage

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A perfect gift for women, or men this Solaris Its Lit face massage is based on the Chinese tradition of Gua Sha. This three in one tool include pulsing vibrations, detoxifying heat and collagen-stimulating red LED light treatment.

18. Monogram signet ring

18k gold or rose gold monogram signet ring perfect for a loved one's milestone birthday.

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Perfect for a loved one this 18k gold or rose gold signet ring is the perfect milestone gift for a loved one. Custom made you can have up to 3 initials engraved in a monogram style font on a range of different sizes. It’ll be a gift that’s worn and treasured.

19. Personalized champagne vase

A stunning vase made from an upcycled champagne bottle with a personalised inscription.

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This beautiful upcycled vase is the perfect keepsake gift. Made from an upcycled champagne bottle you can add a personal message, name or milestone so every time it is used they’ll have a timeless reminder of this milestone birthday.

20. Agate Crystal Bookends

Two stunning blue agate stones shaped into bookends they'll add style and beauty to any bookcase.

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The perfect unique gift for a birthday, this stunningly blue set of bookends is made from natural agate polished and shaped into two bookends. Not set is alike creating a unique gift that adds the style and power of crystals to any home or office.

21. Chill Pills

Chill pill bath bombs, for anyone who needs to relax and chill out

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These fizzy jasmine scented chill pills will be perfect for the day after the big 40th celebration or any day that’s just been a bit too much. Includes 6 bath bombs that are vegan, paraben-free, cruelty-free and sulphate free. Chill man

22. Grilljoy BBQ kit

For the serious bbq’s this will be the perfect 40th present. 24pieces of BBQ grilling equipment

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This Grilljoy set includes 24 pieces of equipment to ensure the bbq food is grilled to perfection. Includes spatula, tongs, meat thermometer, injector and so much more for that world-class grilling experience.

23. Apple Airpods

All the audio you love on the go, with apple AirPods.

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With their sleek design, Bluetooth connectivity and great sound quality who doesn’t want air pods. Take the music and leave the wires, great for on the go or when you want time out.

24. Personalized Gin & Prosecco set

This great gift set includes a bottle Gin and 2 bottles of Prosecco personalized with the year and name of the recipient.

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Great gift for a co-worker or friend, this personalized set includes a bottle of gin you can choose from 4 flavours and 2 mini bottles of prosecco. Personalize each with a date of your choice and name.

25. Amsterdam Whisky Glasses

Set of 2 personalized glasses with sand etched initials on the base.

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Whether you love fine bourbon or scotch drinking out of these stylish personalized Amsterdam glasses will add to the experience. Available in 2 styles both can be personalised with the initial sandblasted onto the bottom of each glass.

26. Jo Malone 5 fragrance set

An iconic Jo Malone 5 piece fragrance kit with 5 mini bottles of fragrance for men or women.

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It’s hard to go past Jo Malone as a creator of luxury fragrances and scents, this beautiful gift set includes 5 mini bottles of her iconic fragrances. For use by men or women, this will be a hit for everyone.

27. Coffee Gift Set

Celebration coffee gift set with 4 different blends to enjoy.

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Let's face it we all need a coffee at 40, life is busy. Celebrate this milestone birthday with a beautiful celebration set of coffee. Includes 4 blends, 3 of which are pre-selected and you can add the last one based on preference. Beautifully packaged and delivered at peak freshness.

28. Diptyqe Candle Set

Classic set of 3 mini candles by luxury French Brand Diptqye.

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This gorgeous set of 3 mini candles by Diptqye can be burnt as stand-alone candles or all 3 together to combine the rich scents. Includes Baise (berries), Figeur (fig) and Roses.

29. Tivoli Serving Set

Stylish and elegant this sterling silver serving set is an asset to any kitchen.

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This beautiful serving set will make any meal feel like a special occasion. Sterling silver with brass handles to give that vintage heirloom look, the perfect gift for anyone who loves to share a meal with family or friends.

30. Stainless steel aeroplane cocktail shaker

Add an element of extra style to cocktail hour with this aeroplane cocktail shaker.

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Soar into next level cocktails with this great cocktail shaker. Aeroplane shape shaker is designed in stainless steel with a nickel finish. To make cocktails simply remove the body of the plane from the wings and stand.

31. Black and leather jute tote bag

We all need an extra bag and this black and leather jute tote bag is stylish, practical and can be personalized.

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For the farmer's markets to all the essentials this tote bag will come in handy on so many occasions. High quality and stylish it’s made of jute and leather and comes in a range of colours. Up to 10 characters can be added to give it a personal touch

32. Ceramic Latte Tumbler

For the coffee or tea love, these wheel-thrown ceramic tumblers are perfect and eco-friendly.

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Beautifully crafted these wheel-thrown 12ounce cups are stylish, practical and will keep your drink warm while on the go or sitting and relaxing. Handmade in the USA choose from aqua swirl or espresso swirl.

33. "40 Reasons We Love You" poster

Turning 40 years old should always come with 40 reasons I love you poster!

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Celebrate and share the 40 reasons you love the person in your life turning 40. This poster comes in a range of colours and sizes, all you need to do is upload the 40 reasons and add any extra personalized you want. Digital download so it’s ready in no time and can be framed if wanted.

34. Monogram Duffle Bag

Monogram duffle bag for weekends away, work trips or a gym visit.

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Lovely canvas duffle bag, the perfect size for a weekend away, quick work trip or just a visit to the gym before work. Monogram with a single letter so it never gets lots, available in two colours.

35. Epic Hikes of the World Book

For those that love adventure, this epic hike of the world book will inspire them to get out and hike new places.

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With 50 incredible stories that cover 30 countries around the world, Lonely Planet has collected some epic hiking ideas. For those that love adventure or those just beginning to travel this book has something for everyone.

36. Lego Star Wars: A New Hope Imperial Star Destroyer

Lego is now for everyone, grown-ups included. For the Star Wars lover, this 4,784 piece kit will be a building project of epic proportion.

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Part of the ultimate collector series the Imperial Star Destroyer is an epic build. With 4,784 pieces it’s a huge undertaking and will be a piece to be proud of and displayed once done.

37. Birth Month Flower Glass

Celebrate their birth month with these beautiful flowers printed glasses, each month has a different flower.

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To celebrate turning 40years commission one or a set of these gorgeous glasses. Each one has the flower of the recipient’s birthday month printed around the curve of the glass. Made in the USA.

38. Cheese Board and Knife set

For the cheese lover this beautiful Monique Lhuillier marble cheese board and knife set. Includes 1 board and knife.

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Stunning round cheese board made of white marble with gold-finished handles on either side. Stainless steel knife, fair trade certified and lead-free. Perfect for entertaining friends or just adding some luxury to your own meals.

39. iPad mini

iPad Mini. Versatile, easy to use and a great piece of tech. Mega Power Mini sized

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For a high-end special present, Apple is always a tech win, the latest iPad mini will be a huge hit. Includes all the features Apple are known for as well as the latest tech updates.

40. On Being 40ish

15 Anecdotes from powerful women and writers on getting older and life at 40ish

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Funny, witty and profound this collection of stories and anecdotes ruminates on life at 40, friendship, partners work and life in general. Well worth the re-read and in fact more than one, it's a great read for everyone, not just women.