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35 Gift Ideas for Hunters They Won't See Coming

Whether you’re looking for a Christmas stocking stuffer, birthday gift, or something special to give your hunting buddy to kick off the hunting season, look no further. Giftology has curated a gift guide of hunting essentials along with a few luxuries that make life more fun.

By Reina Esser • Published Jan 2 2023

1. Buck Vanguard Fixed Blade Knife

A hunting knife designed for big game hunters.

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This beautiful knife with a Walnut Dymondwood handle comes with a leather sheath. It is attractive, functional, and will surely come in handy in the woods.

2. Redhead Camo Silent Stalker Parka

To stay warm and dry in brutal weather.

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The TrueTimber camo pattern will ensure your hunter goes undetected while staying warm during cold conditions. This parka is windproof, waterproof, and has a removable hood and fleece-lined pockets. Best of all it's machine washable after a successful hunt. Throw it on over any hunting clothes and you're good to go.

3. I'd Rather Be Hunting T-Shirt

For the Huntress.

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Know a fierce huntress? This shirt is the perfect gift if they already have every hunting gadget there is. She'll get to let the public know she's got game come hunting season.

4. Zippo Refillable Hand Warmers

12 hours of warmth on cold days.

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Every hunter knows how important it is to stay warm and keep your hands ready for anything. Available in Realtree camo, this refillable hand warmer is rugged and durable and keeps you focused on the sport.

5. Jerky Dynasty Ammo Can Gift Box

Hand curated jerky subscription box. Yum!

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A unique gift and delicious treat for any hunter. This authentic military ammo box makes great decoration in the man cave once the tasty jerky is gone. Included are three bags of Jerky Dynast's old fashioned jerky, and one bag of exotic jerky such as elk, buffalo, or venison. Maybe they'll get inspired to make their own!

6. TideWe Hunting Rangefinder with Rechargeable Battery

Offers 6x magnification and scanning to get the perfect shot.

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Get precision range data with this easy-to-use camo rangefinder. Its ergonomic design and advanced features make it the perfect hunting buddy and an even better gift idea.

7. Petzl 350 Lumen Headlamp

RGB mode to protect nigh vision.

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Waterproof, lightweight, and night vision are the key factors of any hunting headlamp. This particular headlamp is exactly what every hunter needs and is an essential piece of hunting gear.

8. Shotgun Shell Coaster Set

For the hunter who has everything.

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Maybe they work at Bass Pro Shops or just treat themselves to the latest and greatest gear, don't worry! Surely they don't have these fantastic 12 gauge coasters. A great gift for the hunter who has it all.

9. Ammo Gift Card

Something every hunter needs more of.

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If you have no idea what type of ammo your hunter needs, let them decide with a gift card to Sportsman's Warehouse. They might even find something else that's on their wish list. Ammo is a great gift because it doesn't go bad and will most certainly be useful on their next hunting trip.

10. Yeti Whitetail Antler Tumbler

A personalized tumbler to make the gang jealous.

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Add a personal touch to the well- know, tried and true yeti tumbler. It can store a hot cup of coffee or a cold beverage. The stainless steel Yeti tumbler is versatile to accommodate any circumstance and makes a unique gift. Many colors and designs are available.

11. Kuiu Peleton 97 Fleece Hoodie

Lightweight but warm mid layer for mild days.

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This extremely lightweight fleece hoodie will surprise you with its unexpected warmth. It is highly breathable, moisture wicking and will keep odors at bay. Get it in camo or a variety of other colors. This makes a great gift for all types of hunters, from bow hunters to duck hunters.

12. Mossy Oak Dinnerware Set

A great housewarming gift for any hunter.

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Know a bachelor who could use some real dinnerware? This set screams manly while also sparing tons of Styrofoam plates. It's the gifts they don't know they need that are always the best ones.

13. Bradley Meat Smoker

Smoked meats galore!

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Talk about a wish list item. This meat smoker has four racks for maximum meat smoking capacity. Turn the products of your latest hunt into a delicious meal. Use as a smoker, slow roaster, or food dehydrator. Jerky anyone?

14. Night Vision Goggles

Provides clarity for hunting at night.

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Night vision goggles are extremely useful for night hunting. Whether it's hogs, bobcats, or coyotes, night vision goggles will aid you in your hunt. The goggles can get fairly expensive, but Amazon works within a budget and makes a great gift for any outdoorsman.

15. API Outdoors Tree Stand

Easy to set up and comfortable for long days.

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This tree stand from Cabela's is easy to assemble, lightweight, and quiet. It has a comfortable mesh-style seat and a footrest for added support. It also has backpack straps making it simple to transport from spot to spot. The aluminum frame means no rusting and it is sure to hold up for many seasons.

16. Cabela's Trail Cameras

Two is always better than one.

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This pair of high-quality trail cameras from Cabela's records video and snaps pictures quickly. It uses an infrared flash that won't startle animals and reaches 75'. They run on 8 AA batteries and include a 16B class 10 SD card. Make your hunter smile when they open this gift.

17. Crap Taxidermy

A hilarious book perfect for every coffee table.

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This book of taxidermy fails is a surefire conversation starter and all-around funny read that hunters of all types will bond over.

18. Antler Mounting Kit

Show off that big rack.

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If your hunter has antlers laying around that are begging to be mounted, this easy-to-use kit makes quick work of the job. Having one of these on hand is useful and makes it a great gift idea for hunters.

19. G5 Montec Broadheads

The perfect gift for bowhunters.

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Broadheads can become pricey quickly. If you're looking for some bang for your buck, these broadheads have a cut-on-contact development system and a tough design that won't disappoint.

20. Mossy Oak Hunting Field Dressing Kit

All the tools needed to process your kill.

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Whether you're processing fish, deer, waterfowl, or small game this is a great starter set for hunters who are learning the skill of dressing an animal. The 10-peice kit includes all the tools needed for detailed work.

21. Dead Down Wind Ozone Combo

Don't let your scent ruin your game.

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This scent control combo kit will cover your scent to make sure you don't blow your cover. The ozone generator uses enzymes to break down odors and uses a UV light to double down on its scent-killing power. The generator can be connected to the weatherproof gear bag to treat clothes before the hunt. It is powered by a 12V rechargeable battery or 110V outlet.

22. Darn Tough Socks

quick drying and breathable for all day comfort.

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These naturally antimicrobial socks will keep your feet dry, warm, and comfortable for long days strapped into boots. The wool is breathable and has premium cushioning. Not to mention, they're darn tough.

23. TideWe Women’s Lightweight Heated Vest

Temperature control in the elements for up to 10 hours.

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Let's not forget about our lady hunters out there. This lightweight heated vest means you are focused on the hunt and distracted by the cold weather. It comes in camo, making it the best gift for hunters. When they're out in the cold, they're sure to remember who gave them this cozy vest.

24. 737 No. 1 Acrylic Duck Call

Loud and effective duck call trusted by duck hunters.

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This versatile duck call is super loud and can effectively travel through wind and other noisy conditions. Duck hunting will be a breeze with this call's comfortable design and top-notch sound. It has a raspy bottom end for softer calls and confidence quacks. Duck hunters will recognize this call and look forward to using it out on the marsh making it the perfect gift.

25. Gun Cleaning Kit

Everything needed to maintain your firearms.

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This universal kit comes with 62 pieces to maintain a variety of firearms from handguns to black powdered rifles. Be sure your favorite hunter keeps their guns in working order.

26. Deer Hunting Poster

Décor for the man cave.

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Useful and vintage looking, this deer hunting knowledge poster will make for great art in their favorite space.

27. Muck Boots

Sturdy leather boots for bird hunting or walking the dog.

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This was L.L. Bean's first-ever product. Introduced in 1912, it has been a staple item ever since. These waterproof boots are great for everyday wear or for getting down and dirty in the woods. The flexible sole and improved traction make moving around easy and comfortable.

28. Garmin inReach Explorer+

For peace of mind while they hunt.

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No cell signal? No problem. The Garmin inReach Explorer can send GPS location to emergency services and allows the user to message you no matter the place. You'll both rest easy knowing help is always within reach and your hunter can focus on having a good time.

29. Reflective Dog Collar

Because Fido and his human are one in the same.

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Your hunter's dog is an extension of them. They'll be so happy to receive a gift that was selected just for their favorite hunting buddy. This reflective collar ensures your dog is easy to see when hunting and can be personalized for an extra special touch.

30. Blaze Orange Beanie

An absolute essential for staying stafe.

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A blaze orange hat is a must-have when hunting to protect yourself and abide by the rules. If you're unfamiliar with the sport, most animals see the color as brown or grey. This waterproof and reversible beanie is great for cold weather hunting. A beanie is the perfect stocking stuffer or small gift that works with your budget.

31. Hunting & Fishing Scratch Map

Gotta scratch 'em all!

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Create a new ritual for your favorite hunter. If you know someone who enjoys taking hunting trips around the country, this scratch map will be the best gift ever. They'll get to make the fun last as they scratch away each state.

32. Tennessee Whiskey Gift Set

The Heaven's Door Trilogy

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A strong drink after a long day of hunting is part of the deal, right? Make sure they're drinking the good stuff. Heaven's Door was co-created by Bob Dylan and this gift set includes three distinctly delicious and award-winning Tennessee whiskeys.

33. Coffee Mug

Stuff that stocking with this cute and funny mug.

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This mug is not just for grandpas. You can choose for the designer to list another name, so everyone can be the bucking best!

34. Leather Duck Hunting Wallet

Rustic, stylish, and on brand for duck hunters..

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It's almost a shame this genuine leather wallet will spend much of its life in a back pocket. It is handmade and personalization options are available for an extra special touch. Duck hunters will love the emblem across the front and cherish it for years.

35. Funny T-Shirt

Hunting is serious but hunters are fun.

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Toss on this funny t-shirt to relax after a long day of successful hunting or wear it to the local watering hole for some laughs. The hunter in your life is sure to chuckle when they open this great gift.