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47 Gifts for Plant Lovers That Will Grow Your Friendship

If you know someone who cherishes their plant babies above all else, you’re in the right place. Whether they’re obsessed with houseplants, vegetable gardens, or enjoy growing stunning flowers, we’ve selected the most coveted items for all types of plant lovers. Spoil them with something they’ll truly love. If you’re curious about the lavish green lifestyle of a plant lover, fear not, a green thumb is not necessarily required. There are tons of low-maintenance plants for beginners. Once you get the hang of it, a whole jungle of possibilities becomes available to you. Some of our top gifts for plant lovers are for function, some just for fun, and some are a straight-up luxury. The crazy plant person in your life is sure to love any of them! Don’t forget to get a little something for yourself too ;)

By Reina Esser • Published Jun 4 2022

1. Propagation Station

Next stop, more plants.

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What's better than plants? Free plants! Help budding plant lovers maximize their greenery by gifting them this adorable and useful propagation station. Just take a cutting of an existing plant, like a pothos, prayer plant, ivy, zz plant, or string of pearls, stick it in some water, and wait! Patience is required but some plants root within a few weeks. And there you have it, more plants for $0.

2. Succulent Cat Planter

For the woman who can't chose if she wants "plant" or "cat" between the words crazy lady.

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What's that? They love plants AND cats? This trio of kitty plants is sure to delight and excited. Go nuts by choosing a few new succulents for these bad boys and you'll have a wonderful gift on your hands.

3. Pressed Flower Necklace

A timeless and romantic piece of art.

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Capture the feeling of blooming meadows when you gift this beautiful pressed flower pendant. This is the perfect gift for Mother's Day, a birthday, or an anniversary. This Etsy artist hand picks, dries, and creates these necklaces as one-of-a-kind works of art that your plant loving bestie will treasure.

4. Air Plant Hanger

As low maintenance as it gets!

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Air plants are magical bundles of beauty that do not require soil to grow. They will not grow at all in soil! They only need water and sunlight. These hangers are the perfect new home for their precious air plant babies.

5. Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Grow herbs right on your countertop!

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Take the guesswork out of growing and gifting! Plant lovers, chefs, and mixologists will love having a fresh herb garden and more at their fingertips. The 6 pod harvest garden stores easily on any countertop or table without compromising looks. Plants grow naturally in water which means no soil mess. The control panel has indicators when food and water need to be added to make it simple for everyone to use.

6. DIY Terrarium Kit

Low-maintenance and beautiful!

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This desertscape terrarium can go weeks without water, making it the perfect gift for beginners! They can get some hands-on experience planting succulents and only need to water every 2-3 weeks. This gift also makes an attractive centerpiece for coffee tables and window sills.

7. Monstera Earrings

Too many plants? Jewelry will do!

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Maybe they love plants but can't keep one alive. Or perhaps they already have all the plants they could ever need! Either way, these green and gold polymer monstera earrings are perfectly on trend and look great with any outfit. These are a great budget-friendly gift idea.

8. Eucalyptus Shower Bundle

For serene spa-like moments.

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Dried botanicals don't only make your shower look dreamy, but they also create a spa-like experience when met with steam. Give the gift of aromatherapy. Add lavender, rose, or both to this stunning bundle of happiness and win big with your plant lover!

9. Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame all day!

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A macrame hanger makes the perfect companion for any fern, pothos, or string of pearls. Your loved one will adore these bold colors which are very different from the usual beige cord that is used. If they love hanging plants or want to start, this makes a great gift idea.

10. Gardenia Bonsai Tree

Fun and fragrant.

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This gardenia bonsai tree is as beautiful as it is fragrant. This gift is best suited for plant experts. Bonsai trees can be tricky, but they are so worth the reward! If your loved one has a large collection of interesting houseplants, they'll swoon over this unique gift. They may need a small tool kit to trim and replant (when the time comes) which can be scooped up on Amazon.

11. Electric Plant Mister

Give their trigger finger a rest with this electric mister.

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For plant people, misting your babies becomes a ritual. It's when you check in on each plant, dust their leaves, and make sure they're healthy. A spray bottle works fine, sure, but this electric rechargeable mister distributes a burst of superfine mist to keep humidity-loving plants happy as can be. This is a great gift idea for the plant dad with a large collection of dependants.

12. Mushroom Log

An exciting gift for fungi fans.

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No green thumb is needed to harvest delicious shiitake mushrooms. Just dunk this beauty in the water, store it in a dark temperate spot, and wait six weeks. You can repeat the process every six weeks for three years! This is a very unique gift idea and is wonderful for the person who has everything!

13. Modern Sprout Grow Frame

It's more like a shelf, but you get the idea.

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Help them take their indoor gardening to the next level with some this attractive grow light. Plants are a great way to turn an apartment into a an oasis and this frame is just as stylish as it is functional. Plant lovers will easily be able to find the perfect spot for this gift, however they might have a hard time deciding which plants to place in it.

14. Plant Lady Tote Bag

Wear the title proudly!

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When you become a plant mom, you unknowingly join a community of people who also prioritize their plants over their weekend plans. This stylish tote is an identifier that they'll be proud to carry as they fill it with fresh flowers, plant food, and new shears.

15. Plant Daddy Terracotta Mug

He's a father in his own right!

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Heck, if he has one plant, he's earned the title. Keep his hobby going with this cheeky plant daddy coffee mug that looks just like a plant pot. He'll feel like a real tender dude as he sips tea and mists his plants.

16. Ikea Plant Stand

Affordable and stylish.

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This Ikea plant stand makes great use of small space or easily helps fill an empty corner in a large room. With room for multiple plants, choose your line up and set a watering can, plant food, and maybe a few low-light friends on the bottom shelf. This is a great housewarming gift idea, or spontaneous gift for the friend with more plants than counterspace.

17. Bloomscape Gift Card

Let them choose the perfect plant!

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If you're not sure what to get the plant lover in your life, gift them between $50-$200 to splurge on a plant that is perfect for their space! Bloomscape allows you to shop plants based on lighting needs, pet-friendliness, maintenance requirements, indoor, outdoor, and more. If you're not sure if they already have a golden pothos or rattlesnake plant, or outdoor hanging basket, this is a great gift. They can also use the gift card to shop for plant care tools, pots, and other supplies.

18. Cactus Table Lamp

We urge you not to water this one.

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What's not to love about this lamp? No green thumb is needed to add plant-like character to your space. It would be great on any side table, night stand, or dresser. This would be a great Christmas surprise or unique housewarming gift.

19. Anthropologie Grecian Bust Pot

Classically chic.

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Anthropologie has a way of making you desperately need a beautiful item you've never even seen before. This Grecian bust pot is bestowed with that same power. Choose the larger bust for a focal point piece on a bookshelf or mantel, or stick with the smaller size to add to an eclectic collection. Gift this pot to the person who is always looking for an excuse for a new plant.

20. Floral Crescent Bandanas

Wear in the garden or the grocery store.

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A quality bandana serves as a very useful tool for any plant lover. There are several ways it can be used. Wrap it around your head to keep hair pulled back while gardening, dampen it with water and collect cuttings on an evening stroll (don't tell your neighbors), or tie it around your neck to show off how hip you are. There is no wrong choice! We love these fresh colors that bring life to any outfit. These are perfect stocking stuffers!

21. Watering Can

The style and function plant parents deserve.

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Take it from a plant lady, 2-3 watering cans per household is completely necessary. Plants deserve to have a drink handy when they need one and plant parents deserve to have a watering can within an arms reach. This sleep black watering can is perfect for small houseplants like succulents and the long spout makes watering hanging plants a breeze. Fill the watering can with seed packets, plant food, gardening gloves, or better yet, a new plant, for the perfect gift.

22. Budding Artistry Flower Arranging Experience

When they have everything, gift an experience!

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Give the gift of a new passion or honed skill with Uncommon Goods Budding Artistry Flower Arranging experience. Spend 90 minutes learning the ropes from a master floral artist. This is a great gift for an outdoor gardener who has a beautiful flower garden to cut fresh flowers from. Gifting an experience is one of the best gifts in our book.

23. Indoor Jungle

A coffee table book to inspire you!

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If their thumb isn't quite green enough yet, a coffee table book is a great gift to inspire them to hone the skill of indoor gardening. This vivid book offers pages of stunning indoor gardens and design concepts, plant care tips, and more.

24. Disco Ball Plant Hanger

Creates a kaleidoscope in front of a sunny window!

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Disco never dies and this adorable disco ball plant hanger proves it. Choose from a variety of colors and styles from this Etsy creator to customize your gift. It will create little rainbows all over the room when it catches the right light for a super dreamy indoor jungle.

25. Raised Planter Box

Perfect for the apartment gardener.

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If they don't have access to a yard or community garden, a raised planter is the next best thing! This raised planter makes a great addition to a balcony or patio. Create an herb garden, grow vegetables, or fill it with seasonal plants. This makes a thoughtful gift for a loved one who wants to get back into gardening or misses having a yard!

26. Herb Garden Plant Markers

No more popsicle sticks, yay!

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Keep your rosemary straight from your lavender and your mint straight from your basil with these handy plant markers. Great for indoor gardens or outdoor plots. This is a budget-friendly and easy gift idea that will excite plant lovers as they trade popsicle sticks for something much more attractive.

27. Philodendron Sherpa Blanket

Greenery you can cuddle up to.

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Buy this blanket and you'll also plant a tree through the designer's partnership with Trees for the Future. This blanket would look fabulous in an armchair or across the sofa of any plant-adorned home. It makes a great gift idea for Christmas or plant parents who like to chill at home.

28. Little Fiddle Leaf Fig

A status symbol.

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The Sill has changed the game by allowing you to order practically any houseplant online. Ship this little fiddle leaf fig and ceramic planter straight to your loved ones' front door. Fiddle leaf figs of all sizes are a treat to take care of. Their curled-up leaves let you know when it's time to water when they begin to droop. An essential plant for every collection!

29. Terrarium Candle

A work of art.

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A cactus blossom scented candle that is beautiful, sweet, and floral makes a lovely gift for a friend, mother, or co-worker. You can never have too many candles or plants!

30. Plant Parent Tool Kit

It's hard work!

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Keeping your plant babies in tip top shape can be overwhelming, especially as a single plant parent. Gift your plant lover the tools they need to raise healthy children. This kit includes precision tweezers for separating pot bound and handling with care, plant nutrients, a soil scoops, and a dust brush to keep them looking and feeling their best.

31. Plant Paradise Puzzle

Practice mindfulness or enjoy with a friend.

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A puzzle is a great way to unwind after a stressful day. Turn off your mind and focus on piecing together this work of art. This makes a great gift to enjoy on a rainy day or with a friend over some wine.

32. Air Plant Mobile

For plant parents who are also human parents!

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If they have a new bundle of joy on the way, this air plant mobile would look stunning in any nursery. Bonus, it comes with six air plants to display! Just soak these beauties in water 1x per week and dust the mobile for healthy plants. A little one will look up in amazement and maybe grow up to be a plant lover, too.

33. Birth Month Flower Coffee Mug

Start each day on the right foot with this gorgeous mug.

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Searching for the perfect birthday present for mom. grandma, or BFF? This birth flower mug celebrates their birth and the beauty of flowers all in one. Each mug is hand crafted. You could even fill it with seed packets or tasty floral teas to add a thoughtful touch.

34. French Bulldog Planter

We've never seen anything cuter.

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Handmade with coco-coir, this adorable planter is an ideal gift for a dog lover who absolutely *needs* a new succulent. This little cutie will brighten anyone's day with just one look.

35. Plants Make People Happy T-Shirt

It's no lie.

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A comfy t-shirt with a true message makes a wonderful gift for plant enthusiasts. They'll certainly agree that plants make people happy and they'll love that it's from The Sill!

36. Gardyn Home Hydroponic Kit

Only 2 sq ft. required!

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If you're looking to pull out all of the stops, the Gardyn Home Kit 2.0 is the hottest AI hydroponic technology. Grow fresh produce and herbs right inside your home. It can grow 30 plants simultaneously and Gardyn's membership platform shares stats, watering and growth updates, vacation mode, and more. It's not just an indoor gardeners dream, its every plant lover's dream!

37. Stainless Steel Plant Tumbler

Their plants are hydrated, but are they?

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Sip on hot coffee or iced tea in this stainless steel insulated travel mug. The plant pattern keeps it perfectly on-brand with their plant-loving aesthetic and the lid and skinny design make it a great travel companion for the car. A useful and fun gift that can be used every single day.

38. Kitchen Dish Towels

All true statements.

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If their love of plants has seeped into other areas in their home, these kitchen towels will fit in wonderfully. They are playful and cute but most importantly, useful. We like gifts that can be appreciated daily and these will hang proudly and look great!

39. Macrame Car Charm

Bring the comfort of a plant filled home to your car!

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If they love to deck out their vehicle, they'll love this gift. It serves no purpose other than to be extremely cute and we are here for it. Something about a miniature fake plant in macrame is too precious to pass up on and deserves to be front and center in a rearview mirror.

40. Greenhouse Glass Blown Ornament

For a plant themed Christmas Tree.

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A greenhouse-themed ornament will bring warmth during the cold winter months. Start a new tradition by gifting them plant-themed ornaments to decorate their tree or Christmas palm.

41. Wooden Houseplant Bookends

No watering necessary.

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Turn a bookshelf into a work of art with these intricate laser-cut bookends. One less leafy thing to water is always a plus for people who keep busy calendars. Treat your plant-loving book worm to a beautiful addition for their home.

42. Please Don't Die Plant Marker

We're begging you.

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Sometimes you buy a plant that you know is going to test your abilities as a plant parent. We think a little good juju, crossed fingers, and this plant marker should do the trick. If your plant-loving loved one has a fiddle leaf on its last leaf or an overwatered pothos they're trying to save, this is a funny but fitting gift idea.

43. Socks That Plant Trees

Sustainability you can wear.

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Fairtrade organic cotton socks that plant 12 trees per box! A super cool gift for eco-minded plant people. You can give this gift proudly and the receiver will be delighted to know you kept their interest in Mother Earth front of mind. Choose from a three-pack box or just a single pair (still plants 4 trees!).

44. Leafy Throw Pillows

Leaves you can cuddle :)

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Bring greenery into every corner of their home with these tropical and plush throw pillows. Choose from a variety of plants styles like monsteras, succulents, philodendrons, anthuriums, and more. Snag a couple to make the gift POP!

45. Succulent Bath Bomb

A plant inspired spa day.

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Stuff that stocking or include this bath bomb in a plant themed care package for a best friend! They'll get to relax and enjoy succulent suds as they wash the stress of the day away.

46. Plush Flower Slippers

Avoid weekend plans in style.

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These cozy handmade slippers are ideal for lazy mornings and Saturday nights when you put your phone on do not disturb. Afterall, you've got plants to take care of. As comfy as they are cute, you can't go wrong with this adorable gift idea.

47. Ceramic Cactus Jewelry Dish

A prickle-free companion for any vanity.

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Keep rings, necklaces, and earrings close by on a nightstand or by the front door to shed the look of the day with ease. A great gift for the plant lover who enjoys jewelry as much as they do plants!