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39 Gift Ideas for a 4 Year Old Boy

Welcome to fun-filled four!  This gift guide is full of great ideas to celebrate 4-year-old boys with everything from the best gifts, toys, educational games and activities to keep him entertained. The jump from 3-year old to 4 years old includes developing fine motor skills, speech and language and action-packed playtime along with the ability to play independently.

Officially now a pre-schooler and no longer a toddler, this list is full of great suggestions to make playtime fun, educational, supportive and age-appropriate. For little hands and big imaginations, covering indoor play to outdoor play it’s all here. Full of great gifts and the best toy’s this gift guide is all you need to make the 4-year-old boy in your life happy as can be. 

By Liz Holt • Published Jan 2 2023

1. Kiwi Co Koala Crate

Fun and educational activities delivered monthly

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Not just one gift but a monthly box of fun and educational crafting.  Kiwi Co is a subscription box that delivers monthly and inside is a hands-on learning and fun way to encourage budding innovators and creators.  The Koala Crate is aimed at 2-4 years old and they have crates for up to 14years so it’ll grow with him.  

2. Lego Brick and Animal Set

Lego brick basics kit

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Lego is a favourite toy for all ages and 4 years old is a great time to start getting into Lego as well as Duplo. This classic brick and animals set is a great introduction to “little Lego” with a range of bricks and simple clear instructions included to build different animals.  Fun, colourful and full of possibilities he can build anything with it.

3. Camping Playset

Everything he needs for pretend camping fun.

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Get ready to camp!  Indoors or outdoors no matter the weather this camping playset has got you covered. It includes a tent, campfire with real lights and sound, pretend lantern, binoculars and campfire foods.  Camp with friends, family or he can have his first solo adventure.

4. Noodle Knockout!

Get those utensils ready for Noodle fun

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Fine-tune those motor skills, sharing, taking turns as well as colours shapes and lots of fun.  Noodle knockout is a multiplayer game where each player has to use tongs to pick out different noodles from the bowl.  Loads with friends of the family and fine motor skill practice all in one hit.

5. Hungry Hippos

Who's hungry for this fun bored game!

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The classic game is still a huge hit, choose your hippo and see who can get eat the most marbles.  Easy and fun to play with 20 marbles included and one golden marble.  Chomp the most red marbles or the golden marble to win!  Easy to play for little ones and big people and all the hippos and marbles are stored under the game when it’s time to be put away.

6. Paw Patrol Camera

Capture every moment with a Paw Patrol themed camera

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See the world through his eyes, this paw patrol camera is a great way to get them to take notice of the world around them.  Encased in a protective case decorated with Paw Patrol characters it not only takes photos but has games, music plays, takes videos and includes a whole lot of other fun and interactive features.  

7. Melissa & Doug Vehicle & Traffic Sign set

Hours of fun with 6 vehicles and 9 road signs

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He will have hours of traffic fun with this Melissa & Doug set which includes 6 wooden vehicles and 9 traffic signs, including emergency vehicles and common traffic signals.  Build a busy road anywhere and anytime, a fun way to encourage building, independent play and sharing skills between friends. 

8. Monster Truck Lego Set

Lego Monster Truck kit

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Action and adventure on 4 wheels on Monster Truck Fun with this 55 piece lego set that includes a driver and Monster Truck. The perfect gift for Monster Truck and car lovers. Build it together and then drive it anywhere and everywhere.   Classic big monster truck wheels with monster face and spike accents.  

9. Monkey Bag Bundle  

Get ready for school with this bag, lunchbox and waterbottle set

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Get pre-school ready with this great Monkey bag, lunch box and water bottle. For school or daytime adventures, it’s everything he needs for being out and about or going to school.   Designed for 3-5year olds it includes adjustable straps, a long stay put strap, an insulated lunch box with a water bottle holder and a water bottle with a closable lid and strap.

10. Building Block Set

Build a city of imaginations

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This great wooden building block set comes complete with construction themed blocks for hospitals, cafes, homes and other city living icons.  Includes traffic lights, vehicles and various shaped blocks so he can build anything he can imagine.  Wooden, BPA free and includes 115 pieces.

11. DIY Tool Kit

Get ready to build

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Get ready for some DIY fun with this 35 piece tool kit.  All packed into a toolbox this includes a drill that makes noise and moves, tape measure, spanners, screwdrivers and all the other DIY essentials.  Build to last and the perfect gift to encourage helping out and problem-solving. 

12. Wooden Calendar Schedule

Get a head start on days, weeks, months, wather and so much more

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Learn the days of the week, months, weather, seasons and time with this great educational wooden schedule/calendar.   With bright colours, interactive parts and multiple skills covered it’ll give him a great start to learning math’s concepts and his daily routine.

13. Magna Tiles Metropolis

Build a colorful magnetic metropolis

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110 tiles of colourful shapes and ideas including two car bases, windows, arches and even stairs. Make a metropolis or anything you can think of, use them to count, learn colours, lengths or shapes.   The possibilities are endless with Magna tiles.

14. Mickey Mouse Sports Play Set

Let the games begin!

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Roll up and get ready for outdoor fun with the Mickey Mouse Sports playset.  Packed into a handy travel case it includes a mini soccer ball, football, baseball bat and ball and all the parts needed to set up a soccer goal, football goal and kicking or baseball tee.  Endless hours of outdoor fun with the added bonus of Mickey.  

15. Music Jump n Toss

Music, jumping, throwing and outdoor fun

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Jump, toss and play outdoors with your new musical ladybird friend.  This great toy can be a ring toss that spins around at varying speeds or connect the legs to make it long poles you have to jump over as it plays music and spins. Great for coordination, motor skills and getting rid of some energy.

16. Marshalls Transforming City Fire Truck

Get ready for fire adventures with Paw Patrols Marshall

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The excitement of a fire truck that’s no only fun but is Marshalls from Paw Patrol. This Paw Patrol toy is based on Marshall, includes a rotating extendable ladder, two water missiles, Marshall the dog and a rescue net trampoline.

17. Rocket Launcher

Blast off! Rocket powered fun

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Blast off with this foam rocket launcher kit, learn the fun of physics, forces and STEM with this kit.  Easy to assemble and launch, set it up and step/jump on the Launchpad to see how far your rocket flies.  Explore forces, angles and the fun of rockets. Bonus it won’t go too far so you can use it over and over again.

18. 1. Lego Roadworks Set

Build it and then construct your own roadworks

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What’s better than a building set? A lego building set so you get the fun of building it together and then hours of playing construction and building sites with it once it's built. The Lego roadworks set includes a front end loader with a tipping bucket, wheelbarrow, traffic signs, a rat, bricks and the roadworker mini figurine.  A 58 piece building set.

19. Crayola Imagination Art Set

Draw and create for days with this deluxe Crayola set

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The Crayola Imagination Art set is a deluxe set of Crayola offerings, includes 115 pieces and three texture plates it has everything the 4-year-old in your life needs to create, draw, and make art.

20. PJ Masks Dress up

Cat Boy is here to save the day

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It's time to be a hero with this complete cat boy dress-up set.  Includes an illuminating jumpsuit, with a detachable tail, mask and cape.   Everything he needs to become cat boy from head to toe, Owlette and Gecko are also available on amazon.

21. Paw Patrol Figures

Paw Patrols main characters with lights and phrases

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Get Chase Rocky and Zuma together and be prepared for Paw Patrol fun. This set of three figurines includes Rocky Chase and Zuma each one has sounds and catch phrases, press the badge to hear them.  

22. Fire Truck 

Lights, sirens, ladder and action figures fun

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Flashing lights, sirens, extendable ladder and water hose and 5 action figures this is the perfect fire truck for 4 years.  The wheels are friction powered and it's built for play indoors or outdoors.  Has a range of siren and sound effects.

23. Jake & The Never Land Pirates Ship

Jake & The Never Land Pirates Ship Adventure fun from Fisher price

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Jake and The Never Land Pirate Ship Jolly Roger Pirate Ship by Fisher-Price.  This great pirate ship playset includes a Hook figure, onboard canon that launches “water balls” (set includes 3) and pull out plant and trapdoor.  Will Hook or Jake win the pirate battle!

24. Bathtime Disco Fun

Lights bubbles and bath time fun

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Give bathtime that extra fun splash by making it an underwater disco. A kaleidoscope of fun every bath time, this floating battery operated water-resistant toy will make bath time the highlight of the day (or use it in an outdoor paddling pool for fun summers nights). Its small round shape allows the patterns to reach all areas of the bathtub and it has interchangeable patterns.

25. Gardening Kit

Get. out and garden with this full kit including hat and apron

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Get outside and get growing, this great kids outdoor kit will having him growing plants, exploring the garden and into nature.  Includes an apron, hat, gloves, gardening tools, bag, watering can and butterfly net.   

26. Bean Bag Toss Game

Bean bag toss cornhole game

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This cute beanbag corn hole game is great for having fun while developing hand-eye coordination. Easy to set up pops open with 6 small beanbags its available in a range of designs including dinosaur, zoo and farm animal.  

27. Dr Play Kit

Pretend play imagination doctor fun

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Calling Dr 4yr old your patient is ready.   Take imaginative and pretend play to the next level with this Dr’s dress up and cart kids, trolley on wheels includes a stethoscope, x-ray, hammer and full dress-up costume plus much more.  

28. Lightening McQueen & Ralph Carlow Car Set

Disney Cars get ready to race with Lightening McQueen and Ralph Carow

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Two of every kid's favourite car’s.   These two are pullback die-cast play cars from the movie Cars Lightning McQueen and Ralph Carlow.  Die-cast metal will pullback racing action they’ll be hit for car fans of all ages.

29. Leapfrog Preschool Success

Make learning fun with this Leapfrog interactive toy

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Get ready for preschool while having fun and learning independently. The leapfrog leap start preschool success engages your 4-year-old through books and audio, use the leapfrog pen to discover reading and math’s with over 50 key activities from preschool through first grade.

30. Solar System Craft Kit

Create his very own solar system

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Learn all about the Solar System with this great pop stick solar system craft kit. Made with engraved wooden shapes, watercolour pencils and wooden pop sticks you can add extra shine to your solar system with the eco-friendly glitter. Can be personalized with his name on the box just pop it in the instructions when purchasing.

31. Marble Run

Marble run fun hours of colorful maze building marble fun

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Every kid has marble run memories and 4 is a great time to start them.  Build and create your own run with this bright vibrant set of 130 pieces including 6 solid base pieces as well as 19 action pieces and 50 marbles.  See-through so you can watch the marbles as they go.

32. Road Tape and Race Car Set

Get ready to race anywhere with this road tape and car set

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A fun race car and 33m of road tape so you can race it anywhere. This set includes a wooden race car and a roll of road that’s 33 m long and safe for sofas, floors and anywhere else you might want to stick down a road.

33. Ninja Life Hacks Books

Ninja through those big emotions with these how to books

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4 is fun but tricky learning to handle and identify emotions, starting to be more empathetic and going to school.   This set of ninja life hack books introduces the most common emotions to kid’s ad how to deal with them or solve the issues that cause them.  Emotional help and teaching kid how to manage their emotions and feelings is a big part of growing up.

34. Dino Remote Control Car

Remote Control Dino shaped car fun

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This dinosaur-themed remote control truck is ready for action, inside or out.  4 channel remote control car allows it to go forwards, backwards left and right and it comes with an easy to use remote.

35. Scooter

Three wheel scooting fun thats easy to steer

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Great kick powered scooter, three wheels with wide wheels and steering-wheel-mounted system it’s easy to ride, steer and scoot.  Moving it relies on body weight and not just the handles making it easier to balance and the foot brake helps to stop quickly and safely.

36. Lightening McQueen Bubble Wand

Bubbles, lights and Lightning McQueen car what's not to love

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Bubbles, lights and Lightning McQueen what’s not to love about that when your 4.  Everyone loves bubbles and this Lightning McQueen Bubble want will add to the fun and excitement it lights up, is easy to grip and has everyone’s favourite car on top.

37. Build it Blueprint Puzzle

Build a 3D puzzle from blueprint to building

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These 3D puzzles are great fun and also get your 4-year-old into solving puzzles, following instructions and understanding 3d shapes and models.  Push out the pieces and follow the instructions to build your very own 3D puzzle, they come in a range of styles including a farmhouse, cabin, dog house and tractor.

38. Kids First Microscope

Get up close and personal with science and nature with a kids microscope

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Get into science and discovery with his first microscope.  With 8x magnification, extra wide eyepiece and battery light, this also includes some pre-printed slides or discover anything around your house or garden and check out what it looks like under a microscope.

39. Sky Nook

Hang out in this soft swing

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Hang out and enjoy in the sky nook, with a comfortable cushion seat and fabric sides that wrap almost entirely around it can be the centre of pretend play, games or a quiet time out to reset when big emotions hit.  Simply hang from a tree in your garden everyone can enjoy it.