Gift Ideas for Men Turning 60 Years Old

The 60th birthday— it’s a turning point for many. It’s likely about time for more relaxation and less work. A 60 year old man may be on the verge of retirement, or a workaholic who’s still on the go. Either way, check out these gift ideas that’ll be a hit at any 60th birthday.

Some are gunny gifts, some are unique gifts to help him unwind and some will make his life a lot easier overall. You can also check out our gift ideas for women turning 60.

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Updated Aug 23 2021 Kevin Larue By Kevin Larue

There’s just no need for coffee that gets cold, or cold drinks that get warm. The Yeti brand comes through and delivers on its promises. It’s stainless steel, dishwasher safe and has 18 different finishes. It holds up to 20 oz and is double insulated making this tumbler worth the investment.

Go Blue! (or whatever color!) He may have a bit more time these days to get season tickets or just relax and watch the game. With this tailgating set he’ll be a die-hard fan that can take a load off and pregame. Two comfy chairs and an end zone table come with the package, complete with cup holders and a canvas bag for easy carrying.

This decanter just screams sophistication. It’s beautifully detailed and would be perfect in an office or his man cave. Made from stained wood and comes with two glasses and whiskey stones. Bourbon, Whiskey, Wine or Scotch can be enjoyed and shared with friends in style. The ship within the globe is an excellent accent for the men who love to sail, travel and explore.

The gift of warmth and style in one. The Carhartt name is known for its durability and rugged vibe. This quilt lined jacket is made from 100% Cordura Nylon great for repelling water and staying warm. We also like this one because it’s stylish as well and can be worn on other occasions besides just when he’s hard at work around the house.

If he loves wine and appreciates unique flavors, he will love this wine subscription box. It’s customizable by asking a series of simple questions to cater to his taste buds. Each month something new will be delivered, or if he finds a specific wine he prefers, he can stick to that as well. It’s also great because if he hasn’t gotten around to drinking last months wine, he can pause the subscription.

What man wouldn’t like high quality meats delivered to his doorstep every month? The Butcherbox Subscription is ranked one of the best for its 100% grass-fed range of beef, chicken and pork. Boxes come with a whopping 8-11 lbs of meat which equals out to be as many as 28 meals. This totally tops the local grocery store meat section. You can even order one-time gifts for holiday meals as well.

Something special for his man cave? Keep his beer cold and ready to drink be it a weeknight or hosting with friends for the big game. It’s a bit of an investment but he deserves it right? A few could go in on it together if needed. It’s available in black or stainless steel and holds standard ¼ and ½ size kegs. Check out it’s awesome reviews for a perfect mid-range kegerator.

There are so many massagers to choose from. Some aren’t worth it; some are too intense. This chair is the perfect addition to his living room, and it won’t break the bank. It comes with an ottoman and remote. It also has 5 different heat options as well as massage modes. Its simple leather finish and petite frame won’t be an eye sore either.

Smart Home devices don’t have to be complicated and they really can be useful for so many different things, especially simply living easier, which he is most likely due for at this point. The Echo Dot works with Alexa and will allow him to listen and stream music. But way beyond that, he can control things within the home like turning lights on and off, locking doors and making hands free calls.

It’s time to travel! If he’s talked about wanting to visit somewhere special, chip in on the airline tickets. These gift cards do not expire, and he can use it wherever he wants to go. They say the best gifts are experiences, so give him just that. There are never any fees and he can book online or call southwest direct.

Fishing is a relaxing hobby that allows him to clear his mind and be in the great outdoors. Give him this awesome organizer for all his fishing rods so he can take proper care and organize. This one holds up to 24 different rods. Made from lightweight aluminum and sturdy with amazing reviews, it’ll hold any kind of rod and give enough space so they don’t overlap or get tangled up.

This tool organizer is such a fantastic idea for the tool man that needs to keep his workbench straight. If he’s a handy man at heart, keep it all in line so he doesn’t lose each valuable piece. The organizer is made from stainless steel, is magnetic and has TONS of hooks and slots for storage. It’s also rust resistant and much more durable than your standard peg board.

This website features truly authentic sports memorabilia from every type of sport or activity you can think of. Aside from basketball, football and soccer they even have boxing and even horse racing autographed items. They also sell beautiful cases to display pieces. It’s a unique and special gift idea for super fans.

A Kayak is a relaxing and affordable way to enjoy the water. They can be used in any body of water such as lakes, oceans and rivers. It can be low key and relaxing, or he can get more aggressive in rapid waters. The high back on this one will support his back, and it’s got storage to bring along snacks, drinks or whatever else he needs.

We love this gift idea for his sweet tooth. No, it’s not healthy or organic, but back in his day it was a simpler time. A simpler time that he can be reminded of from this old school candy box. There are 30 different candy varieties that are included. Made in Woodstock New York once it’s ordered, so it’ hand selected and “freshly” made.

Get him prepared for his next vacation. This set is legit and made by Kenneth Cole in charcoal, though it comes in many different colors. Three pieces are included that lock and will be secure up against any beating it receives during traveling. Pieces come in 20”, 24” and 28”, have 4 wheels, and are lightweight.

You can’t really go wrong with a new set of clubs if he’s a golfer. You’ll improve his game and give him 12 new shiny clubs to hit the course with so he can fully commit to the hobby. It includes head pieces and the stand bag. All of the clubs are lightweight and provide aerodynamic features, so his swing combined with this set are a recipe for a great game.

With age comes forgetfulness. Now he can have a backup plan when he needs to find his phone, the remote or keys. Once these gems are set up, he can use his phone to find the items he’s lost with a press of a button. The item will ring, and he can track it down. It works in reverse as well if he loses his phone, he can press the tile and locate it. This is a 2 pack, but he can purchase more if desired.

If he spends a lot of time in his garage, give him a comfortable space to be in. It can heat the space within seconds, has 4 simple buttons and a remote to easily operate. What’s really great is its overheating protection, an automatic shut down method when it gets too hot. He’ll be comfortable without the worry of the dangers that come with other heaters.

21 pieces are included in this ultimate grill set. Perfect for the man who loves to BBQ. They come neatly organized in an aluminum case and include everything he could possibly need. A meat thermometer for that perfect steak, tongs, spatula and more. This is a nice, heavy duty set made form stainless steel, complete with a 2-year warranty.

For the guy who likes to keep his yard in shape. A leaf blower will simplify his clean up and make his tasks much more efficient. This handheld blower is lightweight and full of power. The 20-volt battery is rechargeable, and the blower has a “boost” button to maximize power. No more tedious hours spent raking leaves every fall.

If he is a hunter, or likes nature and hiking, both he and you will love this GPS location finder. He will never have to worry about getting lost during his adventures and this gives everyone piece of mind. It’s easy to use and has a worldwide map. It’s resistant to the elements and made for outdoor usage so he can be safe and efficient.

He totally deserves more mid-day naps right? This 14-foot hammock is great for one person but can certainly fit two. Whether he wants to close his eyes, read a book or listen to music, he will love being able to relax outdoors with some fresh air. It’s made from Textilene material which dries quickly, resists UV Damage and is also comfortable.

All those vinyl records laying around will find their place in this super cool entertainment center. What’s great about this one specifically is that it doesn’t just play vinyls. It’s ready for CD’s, has Bluetooth capabilities and can play cassettes. Not to mention the radio! It also has a cable for Apple Devices. It’s available in several different finishes and will be perfect for the man that loves music.

This fun little book will bring him a little laugh and fill up his spare time. The book has quizzes, puzzles and other brain challenging exercises that will keep his memory in tip top shape. Reviews state that it’s pretty intense, so someone who shares a passion for history and education in general will be the best fit for this.

Famed author and soldier Ernest Hemingway was rarely (if ever) found without a cigar clamped between his teeth. This signature box of 25 cigars from Arturo Fuente recalls Hemingway’s preferred smoke: a zesty, medium strength, hand-rolled and 6-month aged cigar, perfect for sharing with one’s best friend. Buy the birthday man a box of these, and he’ll soon be whiling away the evenings with his best friend, a fine cigar, and (we doubt not) a glass of whisky.

What’s better than a pack of the finest golf balls on the market today? A customised pack of the finest golf balls on the market today, featuring a custom number on each one (why not make it ‘60’ to celebrate the milestone!). Not only will customising these Titleist balls make the gift all the more heartfelt, it’ll also ensure he’s got less chance of losing them on the course!

We don’t mean to be disparaging, but chances are it’s been a while since the soon-to-be sixty-year-old updated his wardrobe. Are we right? If so, gifting him a quality, stylish t-shirt from fashion brand Brooks Brothers is a way to both show your love, and help elevate his style. In our opinion, a mariner stripe is always in fashion, so if he doesn’t change out of this for the next twenty years, no worries! Available in red-navy, or blue-white.

Turning sixty is a milestone to remember, something which should be marked with a keepsake which the birthday man can look back at in years to come, and think of his sixtieth year with a smile. Traditional keepsakes aside, we love the idea of gifting something with a little more practical use than your typical trinket. This bee-print lavender tie from The Tie Bar will make a stunning addition to his wardrobe, whilst being unique enough to serve as a keepsake - a piece he can don only when in the mood, and when he wishes to keep his sixties in mind.

Lagavulin is one of the most famous distilleries on the already-famous isle of Islay, off Scotland’s west coast. Known around the world for the distinctly smoky, peaty whiskies this island produces, the Lagavulin 12 year old special release is surprisingly fruity, with minerality worked into the smokiness, too. A truly exceptional bottle of scotch, giving this to the birthday man is arguably the only way to do proper justice to a milestone birthday as important and impressive as 60.

So he’s turning 60, that’s no excuse to get complacent about appearance! In fact, many men enjoy using the extra spare-time one’s sixties presents to start changing up their style; begin taking a little better care of themselves. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but with this handsome clipper gift set from Wahl, you most certainly can train them to keep themself well-groomed! This gift set comes with mains-plug hair clippers, battery-powered beard clippers, and the all important nose-hair trimmer.

Nothing quite screams retro like a diecast collectible model of a blue D-100 Dodge towing a Gold Airstream camping trailer. Straight out of the late 50s and early 60s, this gorgeous model will take the birthday boy right back to childhood, and may even inspire him to start his own retro road tripping adventure.

What about giving the gift of a trip down memory lane? The 1966 Batman movie succeeded the 1960s TV show of the same name, both of which will rank highly in the childhood memories of just about any western man turning sixty today. This diecast model of the iconic red and black ‘60s Batmobile comes complete with Batman and Robin diecast figurines. This gift is sure to give the birthday man a trip down memory lane which he won’t soon forget.

Not all old men are grumpy, but then again, many have had the time to overcome their initial mixed feelings about turning 60. Put a smile on the old man’s face, and let them relive their fifties just one last time with this novelty coffee mug.

If the old man’s worrying about hitting the big six-oh, why not lighten the mood with a funny birthday card. Family-friendly, this humorous card reads “sixty” in scrabble letters, and then below: “Don’t worry... you’re only 15 in Scrabble!” A little bit silly without being crude, this is just about the perfect funny birthday card for any sixty year old.

Whether he’s retired already or soon to be, more free time means plenty of time to go camping. This gift basket from Battlebox is a fantastic present: equipped with all of the fundamental tools and supplies the birthday boy will need to take themselves (and a friend or two, should they wish) for some survivalist camping in the woods. Free their inner-child with a gift basket camping box from Battlebox.

If the birthday man’s a soccer fan, then a perfect way to celebrate him reaching his 60th year would be to buy him a vintage soccer shirt from his favourite team. We’ve highlighted a particularly attractive 1979-82 Liverpool strip here, but on this website you can find vintage strips from just about any soccer team in the world (national, regional, and international). Prices range well enough that you can find something to suit your budget.

Many personalised wall prints can be tacky and cheap-looking, but not this one. Stylish, minimalist, and well-designed, this gorgeous wall print can be personalised with the birthday man’s name and the role(s) they play in your and your family’s life. Available in a range of colours, and is affordable, too.

If you’re looking for the perfect small, gag gift to give your dad, husband, friend or colleague, you can’t go far wrong with this humorous badge, reading: “21,915 days old, but who’s counting?” Cheap, funny, and the perfect accompaniment to any 60th birthday party (after all, when was the last time someone got you a badge to wear at your party?) this is a gag gift to inspire laughter in all who see it.

When life starts to slow down, it becomes more and more enjoyable to take one’s time to familiarise oneself with one’s surroundings. At sixty, you find yourself spending more time looking out the window, spying the birds, butterflies and flowers, or gazing into the night sky. With this cool ‘stellarscope’ constellation finder gadget from MenKind, the birthday man can now fill his evenings by identifying the stars and constellations from his backyard.

Finding something appropriate to gift your loved one on his sixtieth birthday can be quite the daunting task, especially if you already struggle to come up with gift ideas for regular birthdays. Fear not, however, for we have the solution. If you’re looking to show your loved one how much he means to you, and gift him something he’ll absolutely love, you can’t go wrong with a pair of supreme quality cufflinks from Ox and Bull. These Lapis Lazuli cuffs are stunning, but there are plenty more to choose from on the site

We know that choosing a gift for a co-worker can be hard, especially on a birthday as momentous as their sixtieth. A birthday-themed gift voucher from Savile Row - Britain’s premier gents outfitter - gives you and your fellow co-workers the flexibility to set a price limit you’re comfortable with, whilst giving the birthday man the gift of style. With this voucher, the newly-60-year-old can kit himself out with a shirt, pair of pants, or full suit from this classy establishment.

For the refined man ready to fine-tune his mind, his patience, and his poker-face, this stunning wood chess set from The Chess Store will keep him and you, his friends, or the grandkids entertained for long hours on end. It’s everyone’s dream to own a gorgeous, all-wood chess set; make his dream come true this birthday.

Fishing gear is expensive, and not always the most practical of purchases when it comes to buying birthday gifts for a fisherman. Here’s a fabulous alternative that won’t break the bank, but is certain to excite any keen fisher on his 60th birthday. A 12-pack of stillwater flies hand-picked by the team over at Fishwest.

He may be turning sixty, but boys will be boys, and boys - by and large - love shooting stuff. If they can shoot each other in a safe, non-violent fashion, then they will. Why not give your soon-to-be sixty-year-old a gift voucher for the paintball experience of a lifetime. With options for charging the voucher to suit all budgets, this gift gives the birthday man the freedom to organise a day out for him and his mates which none of them will soon forget, with plenty of opportunities to prank each other just like they used to back in the day!

Pocket watches are old-school, just like the birthday boy. This gorgeous skeleton pocket watch (named for the unique design, allowing you to see the mechanical inner-workings of the watch) can be engraved with a message of your choice, to make it an even more personal gift. The watch comes in an attractive blue gift box, and will give your sixty year old something truly special to remember their birthday by.

This isn’t any wine glass, this is the sort of wine glass which speaks of finesse, royalty, maturity and wisdom. It’s the sort of glass you can imagine a sixty year old man sipping a nice Beaujolais or Carménère from, whilst waxing lyrical on his youth. Give the gift of elegance and class with a set of these stunning, Italian-made Cristalleria wine glasses from House.

It’s frustratingly rare to find whisky glasses which stand out as truly unique, but that is in fact exactly what this whisky glass is. With a stunning, minimalist leaf motif set on the side of this handmade tumbler, the glass is set apart from all others. This is a unique whisky glass gift, and not one we think many other people will ever think of.

Technically called a ‘stein’, this giant beer mug can hold up to one litre of ice cold beer. Typical of German drinking establishments (especially during Oktoberfest), this dishwasher-safe glass beer mug is the perfect companion to any man’s evening (especially a sixty year old with little better to do!)

Bonsai trees - the classically-Japanese miniature trees - are joys to behold, but their growth requires careful nourishing, patience, and pride. This ‘grow your own bonsai tree’ set from MenKind is an affordable gift which might give the man in your life something calming, peaceful and solitary to enjoy in his retirement, or after a long day at work.

You can’t really go wrong with the classics, can you? Packed with goodies, this thirty-six piece gift box from Lindt - Switzerland’s world-famous chocolatiers - would put a sparkle in anyone’s eye. Whilst this box features just one variety of Lindor’s many goodies, there are plenty of other gift boxes to choose from on the site.

So, he’s sixty... It's about time he started reading some of the classics, don’t you think? He’s almost certainly seen one of the many musketeers movies, but has he ever read the book? A rip-roaring tale of swashbuckling adventure, macho romance, and bad behaviour, Dumas’ 1894 classic is reimagined with gorgeous illustrations in this special hardback copy.