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39 Tween Girl Gift Ideas

Have a tween girl in your life? Then you’ve probably realized that they’re quite possibly the hardest group to buy for. That’s because their interests bounce back and forth between the stuff they loved as kids and the stuff they want to love as teens (and don’t get me started on wanting to look cool!). Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up some of the top gifts for the tween girl in your life to make your shopping just a little bit easier.

By Stacey McDonald • Published Jan 2 2023

1. Fuzzy Animal Sleep Masks

Cute sleep masks, perfect for slumber parties!

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A great multipurpose gift for the tween girls in your life! These adorable fuzzy animal sleep masks are perfect for stocking stuffers, sleepovers and more.

2. Nintendo Switch Lite

Handheld Portable Game Console

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What tween can pass up the fun and portable Nintendo Switch Lite? Perfect for their bus ride to school, long family road trips and more. They’ll always have their Animal Crossing Island and favourite games in the palm of their hand.

3. DIY Unicorn Latchook

A magical and cute DIY project.

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This Unicorn Latch Hook Kit is the perfect DIY for every tween girl. It’s super easy to do and the end result is a colourful and fun mini-rug that is perfect for hanging on their bedroom wall.

4. Donut Bath Bombs

Instagram-worthy bath bombs.

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Bath bombs are a tween girl’s self-care essential, and these just take the cake (or donut!). This set of donut-shaped bath bombs is super fun and sure to impress the tween in your life.

5. Sony Bluetooth Speaker

Great sounding music anywhere you go.

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We all know just how essential creating the perfect playlist (or mix CD) was to our tween years and there’s no way to blast those songs than with this adorable portable Bluetooth speaker. Perfect for home or on the go.

6. Pipsticks Sticker Subscription

High-quality sticker subscription.

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What tween girl doesn’t love stickers? They’re great for decorating agendas, notebooks, crafts, water bottles and more. So why not give them the gift that keeps on giving with a subscription to Pipsticks - a monthly sticker subscription!

7. Tattly Temporary Tattoos

Fun temporary body art.

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Buy yourself a few more years before they’re begging for a real tattoo with this super cute tin of dainty temporary tattoos that look just like the real thing. A great small gift for stocking stuffers or party favours.

8. Mini Brands Surprise Ball

The hottest new collectibles.

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There’s something about Mini Brands that has taken the internet by storm - so that probably means your tween is looking to collect them all. These Mini Brands Surprise Balls make a great small Christmas gift for stockings or any occasion.

9. S’Well Water Bottle

A stylish water bottle that'll keep things cold all day.

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Want to make sure your tween drinks their water? What better way than with a stylish water bottle like this S’well Azure Forset one? Aside from looking cute, it’ll keep their water cold throughout the school day.

10. Trek Wahoo Bike

A brand new, high-end bike.

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One of the best gifts you can give your 12-year-old - a bike! This Trek Wahoo 26” bike is perfect for your tweens - it’s stylish and cool and will give them a fun way to exercise and get to school or friends’ houses without the need for the parental taxi!

11. Apple Airpods

High-quality ear buds for a better listening experience.

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Every kid wants a good pair of headphones to listen to the new Olivia Rodrigo song or watch Youtube videos on the bus and you can’t get any better than the Apple Airpods.

12. STEM DIY Light-up Headband

Beginner Electrical Engineer Set

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Have you got a beginner STEM major on your hands? Encourage their interest in the sciences with this fun electrical engineering kit that allows them to make their very own light-up headband!

13. Tween Dream Gift Box

The perfect ready-made tween gift box.

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Looking for a ready-to-go tween gift idea? This Tween Dream Gift Box is full of fun things every tween girl will love from bath bombs to the super popular (pun intended) pop-it bags!

14. Color-changing Name Sign

Cool customizeable room decor.

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Help jazz up their room with this super cool custom LED color-changing name sign. Perfect for their desk or bedside table, it can be used as a nightlight or just as fun decor for their bookshelves or wall. What tween doesn’t want to see their name in lights, right?

15. Wonder Woman Oodie

Cozy Wonder Woman Loungewear

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The ultimate comfy loungewear - The Oodie. Perfect for cozy nights watching movies with the fam or sleepovers with her friends. With a Wonder Woman print that every tween girl with love. Who said girl power can't be cozy?

16. Harry Potter Loungewear

Cute loungewear for the Harry Potter fan.

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If your tween can’t get enough of the magical world of Hogwarts - we don’t blame them. Feed their fandom with this cute and comfy Hogwarts loungewear set.

17. Instax Mini

For fun, shareable physical photos!

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While it may not have all the cute filters for their selfies as Instagram does, this Fujifilm Instax Mini is sure to be a hit. Encourage them to take photos they can print and keep forever or gift to their friends and family because nothing beats having those physical photos to look back on and share.

18. Selfie Ring Light Set

Everything you need for the perfect selfie.

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Looking to help them up their selfie game or level up their TikToks? This Selfie Ring Light Studio Kit has everything they need for taking photos or shooting their latest dance vid.

19. Floor Lounger

A comfy floor lounger for better sleepovers.

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Sleepovers are great, well, until you get to the actual sleeping part. Make her slumber parties just a little bit more comfortable with this great sleepover lounger. A plush and portable pillow-style bed in tons of cute colours and patterns.

20. Tie-Dye Gift Bundle

The ultimate DIY project for tweens.

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Tie-Dye never goes out of style and this Tie-Dye Gift Bundle will let them create groovy designs on everything from t-shirts to shoes to totes. A great summer DIY project for your tweens and their friends!

21. String Light Photo Clips

Light up all your favourite photos.

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Nothing says Best Friend when you’re a tween than a wall of all your favourite moments together! This LED Photo String Light Set is perfect for decorating any tween girl’s room with photos of her BFFs, celebrity crushes and more.

22. Animal Face Masks

Tween girl friendly self-care.

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Throwing a tween girl's birthday party? Make it a spa day with these fun animal sheet masks. Perfect for a bit of birthday self-care and they’ll make for great photos too!

23. GirlTalk Board Game

An updated version of the classic board game.

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The iconic 80s board game is revamped and ready for you to share with the next generation! The perfect tween girl board game filled with fun truths or dares that you complete to gain the most points. Great for sleepovers and birthday parties.

24. Woodland Animals Craft Kit

Create cute crafted creatures!

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This Woodland Animals Craft Kit is the perfect gift for tween girls. Not only do they get to great tons of adorable little animal friends to keep or gift to friends, but they’ll get to learn some basic sewing skills along the way.

25. Disney’s Turning Red Mug

A cute Red Panda mug from the tween hit movie.

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All anyone can talk about is Disney’s Turning Red, and for good reason - it’s the perfect representation of the tween girl experience. So, if your tween wanted nothing more than the Red Panda merch Mei and her friends were selling - look no further than this adorable kawaii turning red mug!

26. Kawaii Doodle Book

Learn to draw cute characters!

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If you have a tween that loves to draw, this Kawaii Doodle Class book is a great guide for creating adorable characters and items.

27. Target Gift Card

Choose their own gift on a Target shopping spree.

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Tweens are just getting to the age where they’re so hard to buy for. So, take the guesswork out of what to get with a Target gift card and take them on a trip to buy whatever their little hearts desire from new clothes to toys or videogames!

28. Singsation Karaoke Machine

Create the perfect tween party at home.

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Great for birthday parties, sleepovers, and just weekend hangouts with their friends - the Singsation Karaoke Machine will be a hit with any tween. Quickly turn any room into a full-blown karaoke dance party with a mic, Bluetooth speaker, and voice, light and sound FX!

29. iPad Mini

The perfect tech for school and fun.

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Every kid wants the latest tech. The iPad Mini is perfect for tweens - great for schoolwork, watching Netflix, or filming a new TikTok. And it comes in cute colours too!

30. Hello Kitty Vanity Mirror

Cute, rechargeable vanity mirror.

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This adorable LED Hello Kitty Vanity Mirror is perfect for the tween girl that just started experimenting with makeup or loves to style their hair. It’s the perfect size to fit on any vanity, bathroom countertop or dresser for easy use.

31. LEGO Dots Pen Holder

Create fun LEGO decor.

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Everyone loves LEGO but why not turn your LEGO into cute and useful decor? This LEGO dots set lets your tween create their own cute pineapple pen holder for their desk!

32. NailsInc Nail Polish Duo

Create salon-quality nails at home.

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This Nails Inc. Feeling so Fly Duo is a great small gift for the tween girl that loves to have her nails done. Not only do you get two stunning nail polish colours to work with but the set also comes with super cute butterfly nail decals for a straight from the salon look!

33. Retro Daisy Print

Retro-inspired art for their bedroom.

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The retro-style seems to have made a comeback, especially when it comes to decor. If your tween loves the retro 70s style look that’s all over Instagram, this Retro Daisy Framed Print is sure to be a hit!

34. Scrunchie Set

Cute hair accessories for every look.

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Scrunchies are a fun way to add a bit of personality to your look and this set of handmade scrunchies will give them the perfect accessory for any outfit. With a combination of solid colours and cute floral patterns, there’s a hair tie for every occasion.

35. Sock Panda Subscription Box

Fun new socks in the mail each month.

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I’m of the belief that everyone should wear fun socks, and this Sock Panda subscription box is the perfect way to supply your tween with new whimsical and fun patterned socks each month!

36. Nike Air Force 1s

Trendy take on a classic shoe.

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Shoes have always been the trendy thing for tweens, but nothing beats a classic. These Nike Air Force 1 Impacts are a fun take on the classic Nike that never go out of style.

37. Custom Name Necklace

A special custom nameplate for your tween.

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If you’re looking for the perfect custom gift, Etsy has always got it. These beautiful nameplate necklaces come in a unique stylized font with options for plating, name and chain length. A special gift for your tween.

38. Spotify Premium Gift Card

For creating the modern-day equivalent of mixed CDs.

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Gone are the days of mixed CDs, now tweens just spend hours curating the perfect playlist on Spotify to share with their friends or crushes. Gift them Spotify Premium so they can listen to their masterpiece from start to finish without all the ads.

39. Olivia Rodrigo Phone Case

Protective phone case featuring Olivia Rodrigo.

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One of the best parts about having a phone is getting to customize it to suit your personality (at least when you're a tween). This Olivia Rodrigo phone case will not only look cool and show off their love of OR, but will also help protect their phone (because we all know what tweens are like).