Gift Ideas for New Parents

Being a new parent is overwhelming, period. It’s easily one of the biggest changes that an individual or couple will ever go through in life.

The best gifts for new parents compliment the sentimental aspect of creating new life, making the transition a teeny bit easier or allowing them to relax and unwind as much as possible in that first year. Take a look at this list of gift ideas to find the perfect gift for the new parents in your life.

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Updated Aug 23 2021 Kevin Larue By Kevin Larue

No doubt a stroller will be 100% necessary at some point. Mom and Dad will need to get out and about and back to the routine soon. One thing to keep in mind is to keep things light weight. There’s the baby, the diaper bag, the bottle, the car seat… you get the point. Having large obnoxious items becomes stressful when travelling. This one is light weight and easy to fold and go. It comes with a basket to store goodies and reclines into 5 different positions for comfort. Suitable for up to 50 lbs so it can be used as the baby grows, unlike others specifically meant for infants only.

Sound machines are a necessity for new parents. It can take a lot of work to get a baby to fall asleep, and once you do, keep them there. A sound machine will help with this process by letting them sink into a deep sleep. With a sound machine you can worry less about the dog barking, company knocking at the door, or vacuuming the floors. This one offers 6 different sounds to fit your baby’s preference. It can be plugged in or battery operated. While you’re at it, grab two to block out the new baby cries for the parent that takes a break with a mid-day nap.

Making dinner just got much more difficult with that new little bundle of joy. Enter the Instant Pot to make dinner in a flash. This pot replaces 7 other kitchen appliances such as the crock pot, rice cooker and steamer. It also has super handy quick control buttons depending on what you are making such as chili, multigrain and porridge. Did we mention it makes dishes up to 70% faster? They will thank you, trust us.

Sometimes a little laughter goes a long way. Being a new parent can be emotionally draining. Lighten the mood a bit with this hilarious book. No, you will not be reading this as a bedtime story. You will read about the number one goal after having a child. Getting them to sleep peacefully, without putting your head into a wall.

Being a new parent really does show you how time flies. Parents will want to write down memories and milestones. Provide a modern baby book that puts it in their hands so that they don’t forget to document it. This book covers the first five years, and helps with birthdays, holidays and space for whatever you want to write specifically. This sentimental choice is not only excellent for parents but your baby will love checking it out when he or she is older too! The woodland theme is appropriate for little boys and girls alike.

Hands free cleaning? Sounds fabulous new parent or not! This splurge is worth the money. Mom and Dad will love cleaning (or not) the hardwood floors and carpet areas using a simple remote. This one also works with Alexa and Google Home for voice command options, and use the app on your smart phone for even more control. It has a self-charging dock station. They can set it to auto clean or to one of the specialized cleaning options such as edge mode to really target the edges.

Amazon truly has it all. This gift is best to let them cash in on when they are ready, as they may not appreciate strangers being all up in their business during the first few weeks. When they are exhausted and overwhelmed, they will be relieved that cleaning their house is being taken care of. Cleaning services by Amazon cover basically everything besides wall and window washing. Just enter the details of the home and let the parents schedule within 90 days of purchasing.

Every parent needs a baby monitor, and a good one at that. This one specifically is high tech and boast more features than most. Not only does it offer the essentials you need around the house, it also gives insight on air quality, humidity and temperature. You can also view live video and talk to your baby from anywhere, not just within the radius of your home. You can shush and comfort her from a far or whisper I love yous as well. Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and more.

Ask any parent that isn’t new to the game and you will most likely hear how beneficial a rock ‘n play is. They are a massive help for naps, or in the beginning stages when baby isn’t ready for the crib. The sweet vibrating sound and motion is soothing for babies and calms those cries that can get chaotic. If you have a baby that has re-flux, the incline is helpful for their digestion as well. It’s lightweight, portable and has some little toys that can entertain as well.

The first-time baby gets sick can really set parents into panic mode. Help them be prepared with an easy to use yet accurate thermometer. It can be used on the forehead or in the ear, and it quickly registers temp with your squirmy and often upset baby. This one lights up red and green so you know when it’s ready to go. You can even save the temperatures to monitor closely how the fever develops, which is very important for small babies.

Consider a Gift Card to eat out or more appropriate, get carry out. Gift cards are perfect for new parents because they don’t love the extra task of preparing dinner. They also don’t like leaving their babies sometimes so they can bring the food back home. You can give one of these gift cards that is valid at several different restaurants, there’s sure to be one nearby that will come in handy for a meal on you!

They will never have flown through batteries like they’re about to now. From all the interactive toys, to sound machines, and swings, they all can run on batteries. One of the best things you can buy is rechargeable batteries and the charger itself. It will save loads of money in the long run because batteries can get expensive. This one comes with AA and AAA batteries.

There should be a lot more time spent at home now days. The TV stick allows for streaming from Netflix, HBO, Hulu, ESPN and more. This one is for the parents to enjoy some adult time and focus on what THEY want, since that won’t necessarily be number one at the moment. All that time spent feeding the baby, rocking the baby, cleaning up after the baby can really call for a change of thought process and mindless entertainment. Its great for portability and you can plug it in wherever you are and pick up where you left off if you get distracted.

This pillow is extremely helpful for new moms. It makes nursing super chill and comfortable. It’s not just limited to nursing though. Both Mom and Dad can sit with new baby and help them grow and strengthen those developing muscles. It can prop them up in the early stages, support tummy time and assist with sitting when they’re ready. There are a variety of covers in different colors and prints that can match the nursery and personal taste.

Let’s not forget to be an adult among the “goo goo ga gas”. If the new parents are winos this gift would be awesome. They offer a variety of options monthly from one bottle only, sweet wines, premium and beyond. There is absolutely no obligation to keep it going and free shipping. How fun to unwind each month and reconnect over a new bottle of wine.

Let’s face it. At some point parents will realize there is something they need or should have registered for. A gift card can help pick up the pieces. Amazon sells everything for babies and toddlers that they might need. There are far too many unforeseen things that parents might need, so Amazon covers a wide variety of options.

Bring on the coffee for the lack of sleep coming from multiple night awakenings. Even if their lucky and have a baby that sleeps well from the get-go, there is bound to be some changes in their own sleep routine. Keurig’s are great because they don’t require an entire pot to be made. New parents typically don’t enjoy the luxury of sitting around and sipping coffee. So, one cup at a time is ideal, and it’s ready in seconds. It’s super easy to just add water and grab your flavor of choice.

Yep, they’re about to be that parent. But seriously, baby carriers are genius. They don’t have to let the baby’s schedule dictate the things they still want to get out and do. Being hands free while you shop, go hiking or prepare meals is super handy. Not to mention babies love being held close to mom and dad. This Ergobaby has excellent reviews and is a brand you can trust. It offers multi position, mesh fabric for optimal air flow and a large pocket for storage for any extras that may be needed. Mom can also nurse easily with this carrier.

A diaper bag for Dad. Mom probably already has something she’s picked out, but Dad most likely hasn’t thought of it. No risk of feeling feminine, just organized and on top of his Dad game. Mom can totally use it as well. It’s got comfy shoulder straps and stroller straps as well. Large mesh pockets and small mesh pockets within for extra clothes and burp cloths. It’s a nice waterproof grey fabric suitable for both guys and gals.

Now that life got messier, smellier and overall more germy, consider this gift idea. This plugin helps purify the air around you and your growing family. It kills germs with the use of UV-C light and Titanium Dioxide helps odors caused by your every day life. The Diaper Genie can only control so much! It also helps with pet odors. This device is filter free and the only replacement they’ll need is a bulb every 6 months or so.

New parents will truly appreciate the chance to visit the spa of their choice and have a little me time. These cards are valid at 1000’s of locations nearby for Mom and Dad to use toward massage services, manicures, pedicures, haircuts and more. They never expire so even if they don’t get around to it right away, they have time to use it when they are ready. Their website lists locations where the card can be used if you know they have a salon or spa that they prefer.

When a baby enters the world, they are so used to be wrapped up tight in mommy that it’s somewhat of a shock when they finally arrive. A sleep sack mimics that feeling and comforts the baby making it easier for them to sleep soundly. This is a big win for mom, dad and baby. You can Velcro him or her in as tight as they like, and transition with arms out as they get older and more mobile. The extra weight alone will help baby sleep and keep them nice and toasty without the safety issues of blankets in the crib.

There are many things new parents will want to keep and remember as their child grows up. A memory book is a perfect keepsake to compile all the bits and pieces of their child's life - from photos to documenting their little personalities taking shape. This beautiful memory book is simple; filled with tons of prompts while still leaving plenty of space to make it their own.

Introducing the little ones to all kinds of perspectives and empowering role models is something every parent aims for. Luckily, we have all kinds of great children's books like Dream Big Little One to encourage them to chase their dreams with inspiration from strong female and BIPOC role models.

This " milk belly " onesie is a great unisex baby shower gift. A ridiculously cute staple item for new parents - you can never have enough onesies!

First Forty Days outlines the best way to nourish and care for postpartum moms. It’s easy to get caught up in the new little bundle of joy, but postpartum mamas need care and attention too! This gift lets the new mom in your life know that you’re thinking of them and want to make sure that they’re tending to their own needs as well as their new baby’s.

Any new mom that’s breastfeeding knows the importance of having great “easy access” wardrobe staples. This leak-proof nursing tank is the pinnacle of nursing wear - stylish, comfortable and easy to pair with anything. A great gift for any new mom.

Chances are the new parents have the diaper changing essentials covered, but this wipes warmer is a nice little luxury they probably didn’t know they needed. This dispenser makes diaper changing more comfortable by keeping the wipes nice and warm and hopefully helps to make diaper changes go more smoothly for the new parents too!

This beautiful wooden sign is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for any mom. A keepsake they’re sure to cherish, this sign is fully customizable; add the names of mom, dad and new baby with the option of adding more names if their family continues to grow!

New parents can never have enough pacifiers, they’re like socks, they always seem to go missing. A trusted brand for decades - there’s a reason these pacifiers have stood the test of time. Made with durable, natural rubber these pacifiers are easy to clean and sure to withstand whatever a baby throws it at!

This swaddle set is perfect for the new parents to bring home their new baby in; with a soft and cozy swaddle blanket and matching hat. Available in all kinds of funky patterns and colours you’re sure to find something that fits every parent’s personality from lemons to pizza slices to neutrals.

Babys (and kids) are messy! Give the new parents one less thing to worry about with this washable rug for their nursery. Great for tummy time, this soft rug is completely washable meaning it will hold up to whatever messes life throws at it and cleaning up is hassle-free for mom and dad.

There’s something special about gifting new parents a high-quality, luxury baby blanket. Great as a stroller blanket or to curl up with your baby during those late-night feedings. This white company blanket is the kind of item that gets passed down through the family for years and generations to come.

Give the new parents a headstart with some great reading on making their own baby food. Learn how to cook and store simple baby food from the introduction phase through to solid foods. This is sure to be a kitchen staple for busy parents as they transition from breastfeeding or formula to baby foods.

A convenient gift for the new parents that they’re sure to be thankful for - this portable bassinet is great for co-sleeping and packs up easily for travel. Whether they need a temporary solution for co-sleeping or caring for the baby post-c-section, want a second cot in another room of the house for convenience or want something that’s easy to take with them on the go this bassinet will be a life-saver.

New parents deserve a bit of luxury too! This super-soft plush robe is a great way to encourage the new parents to spend a little time pampering themselves - even if that means just slipping into this robe after a hot shower and pretending they’ve just been at the spa.

You never quite believe how many diapers a new baby can go through until you’ve had a baby of your own. So, there’s no better gift for new parents than the gift of not having to worry about running out of diapers and wipes. This diaper and wipe delivery service is customizable to their needs and takes the guesswork out of keeping their nursery stocked with these essentials.

Help solve this age-old parenting dilemma and encourage a bit of fun with this diaper change decision coin - flip to see who has to get up for those midnight changes!

Make the new dad in your life feel like the superhero he is with this personalized comic book. A fun Father’s Day gift that may just give that new dad the confidence boost he needs to take on everything parenting throws at him.

Whether they choose to breastfeed or not, having formula around is always a good idea. This high-tech formula dispenser is controlled with their phone and takes the guesswork out of making the perfect bottle for a new baby. They’ll be sure to love this time-save gadget because let’s face it that’s their most valuable resource.

There’s something about a perfectly curated gift box that makes an extra sweet present and this new baby gift box is no exception. This is a thoughtful all-in-one gift for the new parents filled with adorable little animal shoes, wooden toys and more.

Babies can be sensitive, so what you use on their skin is important. This all-natural baby lotion is formulated for sensitive babies and tots and comes with a convenient pump making the one-handed balancing act of baby care a breeze.

Pamper the mom-to-be with these all-natural skincare essentials that target the specific skincare needs of each trimester of pregnancy. This kit has got it covered from belly maks to healing balm, a self-care treat the mom-to-be is sure to enjoy.

This all-in-one night light is the perfect addition to any nursery. With night light, projection and white noise feature the new parents in your life will be grateful for this soothing sleep aid.

There’s nothing worse than finally heading out “into the real world” with a new baby and having nowhere to change them. This portable change pad is the perfect practical gift for the new parents in your life.

The perfect way to encourage new parents to take some time out for self-care. This gift set comes with a set of Mindful Me cards for parents, aromatherapy roll-on, chocolate and tea sachets - everything they need to take a moment of calm and mindfulness for themselves each day.

This super-soft snuggle blanket is sure to bring a sense of security and calm to any baby - which will definitely be appreciated by any new parent.

Equip the new parents with a stylish but functional tote that ensures they can always have everything they need when they head out. For the working parents, this tote can also fit a laptop alongside everything you need for a baby from diapers to toys. They’ll always be prepared with this practical tote.

A thoughtful gift that’s sure to become a keepsake - this puzzle can but personalized with the name of their new baby boy! A great skill-building activity that’s sure to keep them entertained for years to come.

Cloth bibs are practical and all, but this silicone catch-all bib is a real clothes-saver. Easy to wipe clean, this bib collects any dropped food in a convenient little trough keeping it off their baby’s clothes and kitchen floor.

It’s important to take care of the new dads too! This skincare essentials bundle will encourage any new dad to take a bit of time out of their day to take care of themselves. Nothing feels better when you’ve had little sleep and a busy day taking care of baby than taking a nice warm shower and pampering yourself with quality skincare.