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30 Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Time was we would often share our houses with several generations, meaning that grandparents would live right alongside their grandkids. Nowadays, though, this is less and less common in the Western world. As such, it can be hard for grandparents to feel a strong connection with their family’s young ones. Which is exactly where a well-chosen gift comes in.

Gifts are no replacement for the company of a loved one, but when picked thoughtfully, they can often say more than mere words ever could. We at It’s Giftology pride ourselves on our ability to curate gift guides so that you have a wide variety of unique present ideas to choose from. Whether you’re searching for Christmas gifts for your grandparents, or the perfect gift for their anniversary, birthday, or just to tell them you love them, you’ve come to the right place.

Take a walk through our gift guide for grandparents and find your old folks the best gifts on the market in 2023.

By Cal Bannerman • Published Jan 2 2023

1. Family Finder DNA Test

DNA-tester kit so that they can explore their genealogy.

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One of the more unique gift ideas you'll come across, but perhaps one of the best gift ideas for grandparents we can think of. DNA tests have become something of a fad over the past few years, and for good reason. In this globalized world of ours, we have exposure to different cultures and countries everyday, and yet we may indeed have roots in those countries which we're entirely unaware of! This family test kit will allow your grandparents to understand their family history like never before.

2. Family Tree Necklace

Gorgeous arboreal amulet decorated with your family's names.

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If you haven't guessed by now, this list is going to contain more than just a few gift ideas related to the family. After all, grandparents are typically at the proverbial 'head' of at least three generations of your family, and are thus bound to feel a deep connection to it. This is a really lovely gift idea for a grandma, and is available in a range of materials (rose gold, titanium, silver, gold). The tree pendant is personalized gift too, designed with all the names (up to 9) of the family. You could choose to have all the grandkids' names immortalised there, or the offspring of the couple, your choice!

3. Grand Signature Gift Basket

Stunning gourmet food gift basket from Harry & David.

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Grandparents are the wardens of family recipes, but sometimes it's nice to give them a break from cooking for the whole crew! With this foodie gift set from Harry & David, you can give them that well-earned gift. Perfect for holiday gifts, too, since there's no better season to tuck into a wealth of good food and drink than in winter! One of the more luxurious gifts on this list, it's a little on the expensive side, so a perfect gift if gifted from the whole family, or from the grandkids to their grandparents. Cheeses, fruits, relishes, snacks, salamis, you nam it, Harry & David have put it in this basket!

4. Shiatsu Dome Foot Massager

State-of-the-art foot massager for tired heels and old relatives.

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Are your feet sore at the end of a long day at work? Well, just think how the feet of your grandparents must feel after several more decades on earth than you! Granted, a foot massager may not be the first gift idea which springs to mind when shopping for your nana or papa, but that's precisely why it's such a good idea! No one else in the family are going to think of it! Shiatsu are the leading brand when it comes to massagers, and this particular product is no exception. A sleek dome shape has holes for both feet and multiple settings, ensuring comfort and relaxation for those old hooves.

5. Photo Frame Keepsake Box

Oak wood keepsake box decorated with family photos.

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This is a picture frame quite unlike any other. A gorgeous real-oak box has been designed so that you can decorate it on five of its six surfaces (lid and four sides) with photos of family members. What's more, the ability to have the wooden lid engraved with a message makes this personalized gift one of the most thoughtful gifts you could give. Over their lifetimes, your grandparents have probably collected quite a number of heirlooms. This gift gives them someplace special to keep them safe. Show your love with a photo frame keepsake box.

6. WiFi Digital Picture Frame

An endless rotation of favorite pictures on this digital frame.

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And keeping on the subject of frames for a while longer... Your grandparents may not be technologically savvy enough to be living in smart homes, but that doesn't mean a small injection of modernity won't be welcomed! This SkyLight WiFi digital picture frame from Amazon displays a rotation of their very favorite images, chosen easily via touchscreen. It's even easy for technophobe elders to use. Simply email the SkyLight email address the pictures you want to see, and they'll be instantly loaded onto this Amazon digital frame! A great way for grandparents not on social media to stay connected with their families, since the family can email the SkyLight Amazon frame, too!

7. Personalized Afternoon Tea Tray

Engraved wooden tray for grandparents to enjoy afternoon tea on.

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Sometimes the simplest pleasures in life are the most enjoyable. Biscuits, cookies, tea, coffee, a good book in bed or a lounge in the sun, a movie on TV or a radio play on in the background. A grandparent gift designed for grandparents, this tray can be personalized with up to three lines of engraved text. Make it a Christmas gift with a seasonal greeting, a gift for an in-law with an in-joke, or a Grandparents Day present with a message from the grandkids. They'll be soaking up bestsellers in the afternoon glow of a good cuppa served on this beautiful wooden tray.

8. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Affordable automatic vacuum cleaner to ease chores around the house.

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We may gain wisdom with age, but we certainly don't lose responsibilities. In fact, if anything, the chores only mount up. But do you really want your grandparents spending their retirement fussing about the house, hoovering/vacuuming constantly? Presumably not! This automatic robot vacuum cleaner from Amazon does the whole job of vacuuming for them. Just charge it, turn it on, and let it do it's job! It needs the occasional emptying, but aside from that will free up time for grandparents to dedicate to DIY or their favorite hobbies, instead! A great gift that keeps on giving.

9. RHS Garden Tool Set

Flora and fauna-themed trowel and secateurs garden gift set.

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I don't know about you, but my grandparents spend a good deal of every day out in their garden. Pruning, preening, tidying and planting - it's one of their major passions in life! If this is the same for you, then a really considerate, thoughtful gift would be one which served to aid them in their hobby, just like this lovely set of gardening tools from Crocus. Produced in collaboration with the Royal Horticultural Society (of the UK), the tools are perfect for those nitty-gritty gardening jobs. The gift set comes in a gorgeous blue and orange gift box, too.

10. Christmas Candle Gift Box

Bath salts and scented candle for the perfect Christmas present.

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If you're looking for a nice and simple, affordable yet personal Christmas gift for your grandparents, then look no further. This gift box from Etsy comes with a gorgeous personalized candle (your own message on front, and a scent of your choosing from 12 appealing combinations) and relaxing bath salts, all stored in a white Christmas gift box. These are the sort of gifts people just simply don't grow tired of receiving. If you live a long-distance from your old folks, and you know you won't get to visit them over the holidays, then sending a personalized gift straight from an independent Etsy seller is the perfect way to brighten up their festive season.

11. Adults 'Starry Night' Puzzle

Circular wooden 1000-piece puzzle of Van Gogh's 'Starry Night'.

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When you reach the age at which you're a grandparent, life moves at a slower pace. Perhaps you've already hit retirement, or you're at the very least on the way there. Puzzles are a fantastically engaging and attractive means of keeping grandparents occupied and entertained. This wooden 1000-piece puzzle from Etsy is one of those uncommon goods you're unlikely to come across outside of a platform like this - which promotes the goods produced by independent artists and creators. Whilst 'Starry Night' would make a gorgeous puzzle present for any grandpa or nana, you can actually send these puzzle makers a specific picture to be made into a 1000-piece puzzle, if you so choose, making this a more personalized gift instead.

12. Cute Robin Crochet Kit

Wool, stuffing, yarn, hooks and patterns for creating knitted robins.​

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Whilst this gift would, in our opinion, make the perfect stocking stuffers, it could in reality be gifted at any time of the year. Whether your grandparents are keen crochet-ers already or not, this eco-friendly kit from Etsy will give them something wonderful to do with their time. Coming with sustainably sourced British merino wool, bamboo crochet hooks (if needed), and all the other materials, as well as the instructions, needed to create a sweet wee knitted robin. The robin would serve as a great Christmas tree bauble, just as it would be a sweet companion anywhere else in the house. An affordable and unique gift idea for grandparents.

13. Family Surname History Print

Coat of Arms and family Surname framed history print.

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For the amateur historians in the family, this is a present to drool over. Simply enter your grandad's family name, or grandma's maiden name, and the region you believe it to have originated from, and MenKind will do the rest. You'll receive a framed print of the family surname and its Coat of Arms, as well as a comprehensive-yet-condensed history of the family's name, origins, and famous figures. All of this is backed by a watermark of the country the name comes from, and some extra detailing to complete the package. Perfect if you have European roots.

14. Seasonal Flower Bouquet Subscription

Bouquets of fresh flowers sent to their home every month.

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Keep their home bright, fresh, and full of color with a subscription box of flowers sent directly to your grandparents every month (for as long as you like, or just the once, budget permitting). This particular subscription box places an emphasis on the season, so as if it's fall, they'll receive fall flowers, winter, winter flowers, and so on. Who doesn't love a gorgeous bouquet of considerately-curated flora delivered to their doorstep?

15. Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Gift card to Barnes & Noble for buying books, stationary, and more.

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If you're stuck for ideas, then a gift card is always a safe bet. We've chosen to list a gift card to Barnes & Noble. If you've never used the store before, then you'll marvel at all they have to offer. On top of bestsellers in fiction, memoirs, sport, travel, you name it, they carry DVDs, Blu-Ray, CDs and Vinyl, too, as well as stationery and even toys. Whatever your grandparents wants and needs for entertainment and indulgence, a Barnes & Noble gift card will allow set them along the path to contentment.

16. Beetroot Merino Wool Throw

Merino wool throw to warm old bones and beautify homes.​

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The older you get, the colder you get, the more you could use a good weighted blanket to keep you nice and snuggled up. This merino wool throw from Terrain comes in many different colors and patterns. We just happen to really love the beetroot color! Whichever you opt for will, nonetheless, add style and grace to your grandparents home, whilst ensuring that they won't go cold this winter.

17. Kobo Nia Kindle eReader

Nifty eReader to store all their favorite books forever.

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Everyone loves the feel of a good book in their hands, and eReaders (also known colloquially as Kindles) are not everyone's cup of tea. Certainly, we always prefer a good paperback. Nevertheless, there's no getting around the fact that eReaders like this affordable Kobo Nia make transporting lots of books at once a total breeze. If your grandparents like to, like mine, go off on cruises or jet-setting holidays, then a Kobo Nia Kindle eReader is a great gift idea. Show them how to load it with their favorite reads, and set them on their way.

18. Princess Cruises Luxury Trip

Plan your grandparents the ultimate surprise with a Princess Cruise.​

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And speaking of cruises... This is without a doubt the most expensive gift idea in our grandparents gift guide, but it is also without a doubt one that they will never expect. The luxury of planning a trip for grandparents is that, provided they're retired, you can pick pretty much any date and they'll be free to go. Whether it's Asia, Antarctica, Japan, Tahiti, or Hawaii, around the world or a one-stop shop, a cruise is the perfect place for grandparents to unwind and meet fellow, like-minded (similarly aged) travellers.

19. Sony Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable

Turn back the years to their musical youth with vinyl.​

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Most of our grandparents grew up in the age of vinyl, but as vinyl records went out of fashion (in favour of audio cassettes and then CD-ROMs), so too did vinyl players. Their attics or basements are probably full to brimming with their very favorite records on vinyl, but the likelihood they still have a functioning record player to play them on may be slim. Why not give the gift of youth and music with a Bluetooth turntable like this one from Sony. Compliment it with a set of Bluetooth speakers and they'll be over the moon, we guarantee it.

20. Oak Leaf Bird Feeder

Stainless steel hanging bird feeder shaped like an oak leaf.​

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Just as grandparents love spending time out in their garden, so too do they tend to love birdwatching. This bird feeder is made from stainless steel, yet shaped and patinated to resemble an oak leaf. Not only is it therefore attractive, it also blends in nicely to the garden, perhaps attracting even the shyest of winged friends to the backyard. A choice gift for the amateur grandparent ornithologist!

21. Novelty Grampasaurus T-Shirt

Jurassic Park novelty Grampasaurus t-shirt for the cool granddad!​

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Whether your grandad's a Jurassic Park fan or not, if he's got a good sense of humor he's bound to love this funny novelty t-shirt. The t-shirt sports a version of the logo from fictional theme park Jurassic Park, with the word "Grampasaurus" printed across it. You're not saying he's an extinct reptile, you're just saying he's as strong and ferocious as a T-Rex... right? Available on Amazon in a range of sizes and colors.

22. Customized Grandparent Door Mat

Doormat customized with a message for old and new grandparents.​

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Have your mom and pop just turned new grandparents? Why not celebrate this joyous occasion by gifting them a gift that lets the world (or, at least the people who visit their home) know all about their change in title! This simple, functional yet stylish doormat can be personalized with your specific terms for your grandparents/parents-turned-new grandparents. These names will comprise the phrase "There's no place like [Nana] and [Papa]'s House". Inexpensive, yet unique. A great gift idea for grandparents.

23. Moon and Bird Print

Minimalist wall art featuring gorgeous moon and bird design.​

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It's likely that your grandparents' home is already brimming with art, photographs and prints covering lots of walls. But that doesn't mean that they wouldn't absolutely love something new to hang up! This moon and bird print is minimalist and quite stunning. Blue and peachy orange, with black bird silhouettes flying across the frame, it's ubiquitous enough to suit pretty much any taste and any home. Cheap, too, this Etsy seller sells frame and print separately.

24. Oak Personalized Glasses Stand

Personalized solid oak glasses stand for the forgetful grandparent.​

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More attractive than a neck cord, and somewhat more practical, this solid oak glasses stand serves as both a novelty and a functional gift. If your grandparents are forever losing their glasses like ours are, then this cute little holder is sure to solve that problem once and for all! With the color of natural oak, too, it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb, upsetting the feng shui of the home, either. If you're looking for inexpensive, yet unique birthday gifts, or just fancy treating your grandparents to something they could do with, then this is a solid choice.

25. 'Letters To My Grandchild'

Heartfelt letter-writing from grandparent to grandchild, in a book.​

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This gift is so unique and heart-warming we just had to include it here. Perfect for the new grandparent, but ultimately ideal for anyone with children or grandchildren, this book contains 12 fold-and-mail style letters. Each letter prompts the recipient of the gift to write a about a different memory, life experience, or thought. Together, these letters can allow grandparents to give their grandkids the gift of a lifetime - the indelible memories of their youth and life, mementos and heirlooms to be treasured for generations to come.

26. '100 Hugs' Illustrated Book

Children's laureate Chris Riddell's award-winning book of hugs.

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Hugs. The most universal, synonymous, easily-recognisable sign of affection there is, and one which is shared most keenly between a grandparent and their grandchild. This slim, inexpensive book is filled with award-winning illustrator Chris Riddell's drawings of animals, creatures, people and characters giving each other warm, loving hugs. A gentle, tear-jerker of a gift idea if ever there was one. Your grandparents will see the love you have for them in a gift like this.

27. Grandparents & Grandkids TableTopics

Questions to start great conversations between the generations!

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We often get so caught up in small talk, and talk of the present, that we forget about the wealth of stories those who have lived the longest in our families tend to harbour. TableTopics aim to change that. This TableTopics box is designed specifically for grandparents and grandkids to use together. It is jam-packed with tailored questions created to help spark unusual, unique, and insightful conversations between the generations. (It's cheap, too!) A great stocking filler or gift on Grandparents Day.

28. My Life Story Journal

1000+ page diary book for recording life experiences and travels.

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In a similar, yet unique, vein to the 'Letters To My Grandchild' book we listed above, this gift idea from MenKind is a blank black book of over 1000 pages, in which your grandparents can record their entire life story, thus preserving it for grandkids and future generations. There's a map inside, too, so that they can record their travels and all the places they've been. Not only is this a gift which will allow grandparents to experience the joy of nostalgia and recall, it is also a gift which will be enjoyed by many generations of relatives to come.

29. Monthly Classic Wines Subscription

Gift subscription to the original Wine of the Month Club™.

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The Wine of the Month Club™ is a family business, established back in 1972 by the current CEO's father. The principle is simple: two bottles of wine (one red, one white) are sent to your recipients every month. Every month the wine will be carefully curated and something entirely new, that your lucky grandparents will likely have never tried before. (Oh, and if they only like white, or only red, no problem!) What's even better is that there are various gift subscription options to suit different budgets, and if your grandparents should dislike any wine they're sent, they can just say so and receive another completely different bottle no questions asked!

30. Deluxe Truffles Gift Box

12-piece deluxe chocolate truffles box from master chocolatiers Lindt.

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Last, but most certainly not least, a box of exquisitely luxurious chocolate truffles from none other than Lindt - the masters of chocolate-making. Nothing quite beats chocolate, does it? And this gift box is full of no ordinary chocolate either, but breath-takingly delicious chocolate truffles. The perfect gift for grandparents on their birthday, at Christmas, on another holiday, or just when you pop by to visit them. A decent price, too - exquisite chocolates don't have to break the bank!