41 Gift Ideas for Women Turning 30 Years Old

Shopping for a 30-year-old woman can either be simple, or a little tricky depending on the receiver. When a woman enters her 30’s, often her priorities are shifting from what they were in her 20’s. Perhaps she is a mom now, a busy career-minded individual or she just realizes it’s important to take better care of herself.

As always with the task of gift giving, take her lifestyle into account when brainstorming great gift options. Check out this list for some solid ideas to inspire you.

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Updated Aug 31 2021 Kevin Larue By Kevin Larue

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Designed to be the perfect carry on suitcase. It's lightweight and fits most overhead bins. The built-in USB charger is perfect for the those busy airport lounges where all the outlets are claimed. An interior compression system and hidden laundry bag make packing easy. Plus, let's face it: it just looks great.

These super plush robes are made of combed, long-staple Turkish cotton. She'll feel like she's lounging in luxury every morning. The robe features an oversized fit, wide sleeve adjustable cuffs, pockets, and an adjustable tie waist.

Made of long-staple Turkish cotton in a honeycomb weave, they’re ideal for coffee on the patio or post-shower lounging.

These clean burning Candles are plant and mineral-based with a natural wick and come in a frosted glass container. Wake is the essence of the morning ocean tide. Magic Hour is the perfume of a sunlit rose garden. Dusk is the scent of a cozy cabin in the woods, and Nightcap is a dreamy aroma of bourbon and blood orange.

30’s are said to be some of the best years of our lives, and also the busiest. Draw her a bath and let her have everything within arm’s reach right there with her. Perfect for that glass of wine, tablet that she’s binge watching shows on, or blue tooth speaker. When she’s done relaxing and is ready to get back to work, it also doubles as a laptop desk. It’s adjustable and a smart multi-purpose gift.

How many times do we pour ourselves that fabulous cup of coffee and then get yanked away by work, emails, children and phone calls? Instead of reheating it in the microwave 5 times, consider this gadget to keep it nice and warm for her. She can take it to work because it’s super small and easy to take wherever she is. It’s simple to use and a must for the busy woman without a lot of time on her hands.

With hits like Ted Lasso, Home and The Morning Show, Apple TV+ is becoming one of the most popular streaming services for quality shows and movies.

A watch is an ideal gift for her 30’s because in many ways it’s a transitional time. A time when many women wish to add classic pieces to their lineup of accessories. This gorgeous watch has a leather adjustable strap, with a gold round face and crystal markers for each hour. It’s perfect for every day wear, to the office or at home. It’s water resistant and comes with a display case as well.

This gadget has several unexpected benefits for a woman in her 30’s. First, it’s cute and pink! But more importantly it’s made with rose quartz and is said to improve skins elasticity, circulation and lymphatic drainage. It has amazing reviews from women using it for skin appearance as well as medical purposes. It can reduce puffiness and improve the overall appearance of skin which is always the goal.

Used burlap coffee sacks are a popular ingredient in DIY projects— often used in decor, gardening, apparel and furniture. The Happy Burlap provide a browsable collection of burlap coffee bags so that you can choose which ones to get her.

Never stress about taking a photo or selfie again! This tripod is tiny, portable and genius. It’s got flexible octopus’ legs, making it easy to bend and shape as needed for that perfect shot. The best part is its’ wireless remote, which means she can be up to 30 feet away and take beautiful shots right from her cell phone, and now everyone is included. Included is a 3-year replacement warranty so she will feel comfortable taking it wherever she is headed.

Pandemic got you stuck inside, take care of your mental and physical health by getting into at-home workouts. This 5mm rubber yoga mat will have you melting the mental and physical effects of lockdown away.

Celebrate the new decade in style with this Happy 30TH Birthday gift box, this includes a candle, hand cream, bath bomb and wash bag. Make it personal by adding the birthday girls name.

Forget Netflix and chill this is Netflix and ice-cream time. Super cute silver spoon with engraved “ice-cream, Netflix and couch” tick list on it. Handmade using vintage spoons it comes in a range of sizes.

There’s nothing like listening to your favourite podcast wire-free and with great quality sound. From running to relaxing AirPods are perfect for making sure you never miss an episode of your favourite podcast.

This mirror should be a staple in every woman’s bathroom. She doesn’t need to be a makeup girl either, it’s great for simply paying closer attention to our skin. It comes with 24 LED lights, mimicking the natural light outdoors. It’s great for women that put on their makeup, then get in the car, and notice how off the color or blending is. It offers 3 modes of magnification so she can check out pores, lines, skin tone and more.

Organization is key. She needs accessories and items that have the less is more feel that truly meet her needs! This wallet is available in a variety of colors with a bi-fold design. It has 18 cards slots, and 2 zipped long slots. Made of high-quality genuine leather, for a very reasonable price. Its design helps maintain its sleek look, so she doesn’t have something bulky weighing her down.

For the all-natural woman in your life who swears by essential oils and aromatherapy, this is a great gift. It’s more than just a diffuser, it works with Alexa and Google Home that will respond to her voice to set schedules and more. In addition, it has benefits of a humidifier so she can breathe better, avoid illness and relax all at the same time.

The holder of her all mighty yoga mat. A perfect shoulder strap case and carrier for her trips to the studio or just to store for at home sessions. It’s hands free and made from a durable nylon. It also has a detachable pocket that fits most cell phones and a key ring clip, so she has everything she needs. Might be something she never knew she was missing.

Not into mornings? Help make it a bit easier for her to get up for that 9-5. With the use of light therapy, she can help her mind better adjust to both falling asleep at night, as well as waking up in the morning. Good sleep is so important, and we need more of it once we hit our 30’s. This will awake her naturally just like the sunrise, with several available settings for her liking. On the other hand, it will mimic the sunset and start to shut her mind off more gently.

Pretty sure no one wants to waste time cleaning. If she’s busy with work, kids, and pets then this gift is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. It’s great for hard wood floors as well as carpet and will mark the task of floor cleaning off her list with the push of a button. Compatible with Alexa and Google assistant. You can be sure it actually does a good job with its edge sweep brush and auto-adjust cleaning head.

If she doesn’t have a home assistant, consider the Echo Dot. The newest version of it with the best sound quality yet. She can stream all her music on it, hands free. She can set alarms, ask Alexa questions and control other compatible devices at the same time. It’ll take up very little space which is also a plus. She can even make calls hands free and chat it up while she’s cooking dinner. Anything that helps her multi-task hands free will be a big win.

A woman in her 30’s needs a nice set of luggage for her travels. Perfect for the woman that travels for work or likes to vacay. This one is perfect for women specifically in a rose gold finish. It comes with 3 pieces providing all she needs for mini trips or week-long stays. The manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty. They are convenient and easy to use with multi-directional wheels and 4-wheel spinners. Great for where ever she needs to drag it along, and sturdy enough for whoever else is handling it

Make cooking and eating healthier more obtainable. It doesn’t matter what type of meal plan she is on or if it isn’t one at all. If she replaces carbs with veggies, or just likes the added benefit of more veggies overall. She is sure to actually use this device. This gadget is affordable but oh so valuable. It comes with 5 different blades so she can get creative with her shapes and presentation, lifetime replacement and recipe books included.

Amazon tablets are certainly very affordable compared to some other tablets. With so many options in storage and display, you can find one that fits your gift giving budget. She can browse the web, stream tv and movies, read endless amounts of books and more. They are small, yet sturdy and easy to take along in the car, on a plane or to the park. This one is compatible with Alexa, has a Full HD display and 32 GB of storage minimum.

If she spends a lot of time outdoors, she will appreciate this gift. They are stylish just like all the other “riding boots” but built to stand the actual outdoors and intense weather conditions. They are offered in classic colors like brown but have a ton of other fun prints to match her personality. They are lined with fleece and able to withstand temps of -20 to 50 degrees. They are made to adjust to the shape of your feet for comfort and no blisters!

Makeup brushes are something any woman can use. As we age it is so important to blend, blend, blend and try to maintain that youthful glow that sometimes isn’t as easy as it once was. This is an affordable way to let her do just that. These are super cute with their marble and gold base, adding a sophisticated vibe. They work great with liquid, cream and powder-based make-up products and there are 15 different brushes/sizes available for face, eyes and contouring.

For the one who loves to travel for work or pleasure. Give something fun, cute and personalized to keep her passport in. It’s got a scratch resistant exterior, and a sturdy interior so you can be sure your passport is tucked safely away. It’s available in a variety of different prints and styles, and you can add her name, initials or any other identifier to it.

Flasks aren’t just for men. In fact, this one couldn’t be chicer and more fitting for women. If she’s the type that likes a little somethin’ for herself from time to time, alcohol or not, then grab her one of these. She will love the smooth silver finish and the simplicity in design. She’ll feel classy and vintage with this lil’ hide away.

There’s no better time than now to take moments for herself and reflect on her daily activities and emotions. For the writer in your life, or the woman who’s always go, go, go, encourage a slowdown. This leather journal is beautiful with its’ tree of life design. It is soft and mimics leather. There are 176 blank pages that she can use however she chooses. An elastic enclosure keeps her thoughts and ideas sealed for privacy that is all her own.

Time to upgrade from that pair of headphones that came with her phone, or the cheap one she picked up at the convenience store. A good pair of headphones like these will make a huge difference, whether she uses it at the gym, for work, phone use, or just to jam and zone out. There are a variety of price points for headphones, these are affordable yet made to last. These are wirelessly connected with a 10-hour play time, and there are multiple sizes of wing and tips to actually fit her ear. She will feel comfortable, not restricted and have great sound quality.

If she loves her cup of joe, then this coffee maker will make her heart happy. Most coffee makers are either single serve or a full pot style. This offers the flexibility of both. It’s compatible with coffee pods so she can utilize that future when she is on the run, but when it’s a lazy Sunday and she wants to sip several cups of coffee either on her own or with company, the single serve future can get old. Each option has its own water reservoir, so you can see when water is needed.

Let’s face it sometimes you need to write it down to make it stick or it’s just nice to keep a record. This personalized journal/notebook gives you a chance to record all your life lessons and experiences. Available in a range of colours. Good or bad, make sure your life lessons are remembered.

Gorgeous minimalist gold rings come in a matching best friend set, one spells best the other friend. Designed by Studio Grun these are playful, minimal and subtle.

Help celebrate a fresh start or a new beginning after a break-up with this beautiful gift box dedicated to moving onto bigger better things. Candle, bath bomb, succulent plant and chocolate cookie. Perfect to help move on after a break-up.

Self-care is so vital but so easily overlooked or hard to think of things that you can actually do. This gorgeous self-care bucket list is a box full of fab self-care ideas separated into 3 categories: love, life and laughter. Bring out the best with these 100 self-care cards.

For the first time in forever, there’ll be magic there’ll be fun (sorry not sorry that song is now stuck in your head). This fab pullover is available in a range of colours and features the Disney Castle and song lyrics. For the first time in forever.

Part of mental health is learning to let go of the things you can, it’s not easy but this journal is here to help let that sh*t go and build better mental health. This sweary guide helps cut through the junk and get to what is important in life.

Mask up and spread some joy (not germs). These gorgeous patterned masks will have you spreading happiness even if people can’t see you smile. Cotton blend with black elastic straps these feature vibrant prints by Mckenzie Liautaud.

Call it a night and treat your skin to some luxury care. This Drunk Elephant of a Glycolic Serum & Moisturizer will restore your skin while you sleep. Helps with fine lines, uneven skin tone and hydration.

Summer road trip vibes in this vintage-inspired t-shirt. With great lakes in faded print on the front, this cotton t-shirt is a pullover styled with a round neckline and perfect for summer. Comes in a range of colours.

Perfect for a home and a reminder of just how awesome you are. This “I’m kind of a big deal” will brighten up any space and make you smile. Available in a range of sizes these come printed on card with a smooth matt finish.

This gorgeous gift box is packed with everything to welcome a new baby, from a gorgeous soft bunny rabbit for baby to snacks for mom. Organic tea, a mug, honey, snacks, bunny rabbit, muslin wrap, candle, teether for baby and so much more all beautifully wrapped and packaged. Choose the size and colour of the muslin wrap and wheat bag.

Take your social media level to the next game with this social media bundle, from business to personal grow your social media presence with this huge content planner. With over 140 pages of content and options, you’ll never be at a loss as to what to post.

Add glamour to any occasion with these sliced raw diamond drop earrings. Subtle understated glamour these gold plated drop earrings feature raw uncut diamonds in the middle. Designed by Shana Gulati they’ll add sparkle and glamour to any occasion.

Celebrate career or personal milestones and achieving your goals with this Shatter the Glass Ceiling necklace. This tribute to every one woman who’s smashed a milestone and achieved big goals. Made of sterling silver it is handmade.

While backpacks probably give you high school memory vibes they are on back on-trend. This fringed leather backpack by Day & Moods comes in black or beige and will be perfect for work, casual wear or anytime you need to look stylish. Replace high school vibes with high fashion chic.